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  1. Take that piece of shit punk out and stone the allah bred bullshit right out of him. Than of course, stuff a BLT up his ass.

  2. Muslime pukes should NEVER be allowed in any organized sporting event such as the one in this video! In cage matches, “Ultumate Fighting Championships” where a slime bastard muslime would likely get the living sh– kicked out of him and NO ONE could enter the area and come to his aid from outside the cage?!….Hell yeah!!

  3. For muslim savages of islam, lying, called taqiyyah and deceit or ambush to win a battle is taught by the coran and brings glory to their lunartic, moon god allah. This is how mohamed, their pedophile, mysoginist lunatic leader, won his way with lies, terrorism, deceit, pretending to be friends until the chance was there to murder and so on. All muslims are taught to ambush, cheat, lie and so on to win. We call these types of people bullies and cowards. This coward must be charge by the legal system and sued by the person attacked. When found guilty the coward must be deported.

  4. They are ‘SAVAGES’ because the Golden Rule is found NOWHERE in Islam.

    Our Western culture is built on the Golden Rule (from Leviticus) and Critical Thought (from Greek philosophy).

    Islam is built on Authoritarian Thought and Dual Ethics (both from Mohammed, the savage pedophile pirate).

    There is no communication between the two. The Western view is straightforward and depends on tolerance.

    The Islamic view is devious and depends on INTOLERANCE.

    A supremacist never says ‘sorry’.

    Islam is tribal savagery…uncivilized.

  5. update video
    “number 1 milad ashna kicked down his opponent Fredrik Nielsen outside the mat area”. Nielsen was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Malmo and is ok now, still using pain killers. “milad claims he had not realized that the match was over despite the fact that both of them were outside the mat area.” Fortunately the World Tae Kwon Do association is taking this very seriously and Nielson will be filing a complaint with the local police for assault. Given the location, Malmo, there is ample reason to doubt a fair resolution to Nielson’s complaint. It would be satisfying to learn the World Tae Kwon Do association bars this pathetic enricher from future competition and removes his title permanently.

  6. Saxon, it appears the blow we witness is not the first. Watch the video again. The victim is stumbling already when he comes into view of the camera shot. It’s not clear that only one of Sweden’s new ‘enrichers’ attacked this unsuspecting contestant who was geared up for sparring on the mat. If my suspicions are correct, this victim was attacked by the opposing team (how many members of the opposing team are cultural enrichers?) attempting to weaken their opponent prior to meeting on the mat.
    It’s not clear . . . Was the attacker thrown off the team? was the other team disqualified? If not, why not? The attacker should be prohibited from ever competing again. His team should be banned from martial arts competitions permanently.

    • Yeah!

      Cut off his credentials.

      BTW, investigate his club/organization, their leadership and funding.
      Follow the imams and the money.

  7. The victim took a full kick to the neck and was taken to the hospital, most likely he will suffer from whiplash if not more, the victim did lay charges against this coward muslim piece of shit, hopefully he will be banned from the sport or at least banned from competition.
    Yeah, one round is all i would need with this fucker, never seen anything like it in 30 years of MMA, disgusting and eyeopening at the same time…

  8. The tactics used, like this one of attacking from behind, are the tactics of crime, of organized crime. There can be no question of legitimate grievance from anyone who engages in such tactics. And they engage in them as a matter of course. It is the most despicable cowardice.

  9. Australia
    SHOOTINGS, extortion and general violence is so out of control in south-west Sydney that residents and children are seeking medical help for post-traumatic stress disorders.

    Gangs from opposing religious sects are also extorting money from restaurants in the area with at least three premises fire-bombed or shot at in the past few weeks

    One group made up of Muslim men contacts restaurant owners and says they “don’t want their type” – a Shia – operating in the area and try to intimidate them into handing over their business…


    • The best treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder is to beat the hell out of the Koranimals rather than take their shit sitting down. What in the hell has happened to the Western world? You go to a shrink or you cry to someone rather than go militant on the asshole who is ripping you off.

    • @ Saxon,

      That is how the Muslim men roll.

      If they know they can’t take you on successfully or outnumber you by volume, hence they reason they travel in packs.

      It is sucker punches and dirty all the way.

      Never, ever trust a Muslim.

      Remember it takes an entire village of Muslim men to have one set of balls.

      • BNI how true and I think exactly the same and have zero sympathy to the dumb idiots that put themselves in a bad situation and piss and moan “poor me im a victim”. Comes under the category of “too bad”.

  10. Color me not shocked. Muslims cannot be perceived as less than infidels or weak losers (as they rightfully are)…sportsmanship is an alien a concept as freedom and democracy are. Violence is ALWAYS their first instinct, cheap shots their expertise. Caught on camera, prepare for this savage to be defended by the left while we are accused of being racist and intolerant.

    I have a black belt, would love to fight this inbred POS… I would never turn my back on the enemy.

    BNI, any update on the status of the victim?

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