What else are most of the media refusing to report about the MUSLIM terrorist who bombed the Social Security building in Arizona?

Another case of Muslim ‘workplace violence?’ Right after the bombing, we heard that Abdullatif Aldosary, the Iraqi Muslim who remotely detonated a bomb at the Casa Grande Social Security Office, would NOT be charged with terrorism due to ‘political sensitivities’ (a.k.a. Obama’s Muslim brothers’ sensitivities) After all, we have real terrorists who need to be watched, like those evil Tea Party conservatives and veterans.

Aldosary’s arrest had received local news coverage, but there was a virtual blackout by the national media on the Iraqi refugee’s identity. Only the bloggers reported the truth. arizona-what-a-surprise-suspect-in-custody-for-the-bombing-of-the-social-security-building-is-a-muslim

PJ Media Now it’s come out that in a search of the bomber’s home, the FBI found  a bomb-making manual that had been hidden behind a photograph on the wall. Also discovered were an AK-47 and a 9mm Ruger handgun, along with more than a thousand rounds of ammunition.

Kerry Picket at the Washington Times also reported that they recovered several gallons of chemicals typically used in bomb making, including materials and equipment needed to make RDX…homemade nitroglycerine, ammonium nitrate from homemade chemicals, how to make a bomb from homemade chemicals, and recipes from the Anarchists Chemical Cook Book,” the complaint says. There were also handwritten notes labeled “Materials Needed,” which included a list of things included in the aforementioned recipes. Additionally, investigators found receipts for a nitric-acid solution, and a scale from a chemical-supply store in Phoenix.

When authorities checked Aldosary’s bank statements, they found he had more than $20,000 despite the fact that he was a convicted felon, only worked as a day laborer, and had no visible means of supporting himself sufficient to warrant having that kind of balance.

But a bombshell report came out today based on information obtained by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who had received a request from Aldosary in November 2011 for assistance in obtaining a “green card.”

According to today’s news report, the Department of Homeland Security responded to Gosar’s request on behalf of Aldosary last year by saying that he was ineligible for a change in status because of “terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility”:

“Gosar said DHS responded by saying Aldosary was not eligible for a permanent change to citizenship “pursuant to the terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility, and that “individuals who engage in terrorism-related activity … are barred from receiving various immigration benefits.”

DHS did not elaborate on what the activity was. Gosar wrote that to be barred from permanent status, under federal law the immigrant must have engaged in activity “indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily injury, a terrorist activity; to prepare or plan a terrorist activity; to gather information on potential targets for terrorist activity” or belong to “a terrorist organization” among other actions.

In light of the Casa Grande bombing, Gosar questioned why Aldosary was not detained and processed for deportation in November 2011, after it was determined he had engaged in terrorism-related activity.”

Gosar sent a letter to Homeland Security yesterday raising concerns about Aldosary being ruled ineligible for citizenship, but then not being detained and processed for deportation.

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  1. Every Goddamn Muslim has a terrorist connection:
    3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

    Expel & Exclude!!!

  2. “individuals who engage in terrorism-related activity … are barred from receiving various immigration benefits.” What, they won’t get their food stamps?

    The “law of the land” is you cannot say muslim and terrorist in the same sentence and never can you accuse a muslim of terrorism. It is totally unthinkable that those savages could commit such acts of violence!

    I’m so sick of them and how all governments cuddle them..because they don’t want them to be outraged over a damn thing! It’s so much deeper than that, and we won’t find out until it is to late!

  3. All terrorists should be exiled following jail sentences. Their entire family should also be exiled if they did not report the terrorist to the authorities.

    Terrorists are NOT afraid of jail or death…they are ONLY AFRAID OF EXILE from Western countries.

  4. Sorry storys in the Daily mail more or less the only paper in thr Uk to reports such crimes suppresion and freedom of information are controlled well in islamic britian

  5. off topic B not sure if your aware story from the Uk taxi driver driver mows down 8 pedestrians using car like a bowling ball can anyone guess what religion said lunatic belongs to answers on a post card please

  6. Another fucked up misguided muzzie. obama and his clowns are really kissing the ole muzzie bum. It is what it appears to be, terrorism you assholes.

  7. Unbeliveable!!! This man should be arrested and jailed and then deported. And all news organizations should make a big splash about it. To ignore this incident is encouraging more.

  8. He could not live off the fat of the infidel so he attempted to strike terror in their hearts. Why he cannot be charged with terrorism is beyond me and only shows how sick political correctness is. It is a cancer in our society that must be ended.

  9. Cannot understand why a muslim would want to bomb a social security building.
    If anyone was killed/maimed it would most likely be one of his co-religionists.
    Mind you they’re not very smart, could be centuries of in-breeding, or continual banging of the head on hard surfaces.

    • Paris, ah did the thought ever occure to you he may have had a beef with these people for un-paid taxes? or maybe, they’re just infidels and in all the same manner are targets of muslim enough participents.

  10. As usual, here is another case of the “right hand not bothering to tell the left hand” what was going on with this demon pocessed and trained brother from their hood, islam. It is not unusual for the dipsticks at DHS, ICE, or other affiliated security dept. to let it go, read” negligent in their duties, because in this case political considerations, and or negative public opinion, or the most feared incident of all, another who sucessfully managed to out smart the wiz kids of smarts of this regime by staying under the radar, think “lone wolf” as we are always reminded as their worst nightmare out in the open yet not noticed by these same wiz kids of smarts, yeah only in their minds.

    Annalee, please if you know, do tell, where in your area is the nearest mosque, err I mean their barracks, was it mentioned as to his involvement in that activity, did the news report in Az. even let the public in on the identiy of this would be terrorist. or was that too disguised under the political correctness banner, inquiring minds demand to know.

    So lets just go through the facts and see what we have, immigrant from m/e hotspot-check, brought to these United States as a refugee seeking protection by means of taqiya-check, bank account with funds from unknown source-check, lying under the radar of the oh so smart wiz kids of this regime-see no evil intentions, hear no evil intentions, speak no evil intentions-check, brother, in good standing, from their hood islam,-check. and what could possibly fo wrong with this picture, ooh yeah that’s right, it’s We the Patriots, once again being used as their excuse for thier incompitence, us terorist in waiting types, Taxed Enough Already confrontation specialist, Veterans of foreign wars, Constitutional Republic civil minded, sure we are the threat. Well yeah, we are the “threat” to this commie/marxist wanna-be regime theykeep attempting to impose onto us, not by acknowledgement, or reconization or other wise, but by mere talk, because we said so, regime reps types. Yeah We the Patriots get it. Oh did I fail to mention, we too are keeping, tracking and documenting you crimes against the People, against this Constitutional Republic, and are in fact awaiting because, might not be the best thing to do pitting like minded Patriots against your un-armed, uneducated, low information idiots, hoping for some change from others pocket and you think these are the types who are coming to your rescue, it wouldn’t be fair you know, now would it. Any surprise, the wiz kids of smarts once again proved without any doubt, they are operating in an adult world with defective childish minds, and we are suppose to think they have our backs, yeah right.

    Going GALT, starve this beast NOW

  11. Just the tip of the iceberg of suppressed similar incidents. The mini series TV show “Flashpoint”, set in Toronto, Ontario Canada, did a recent episode about a similar incident that appears based on what happened in AZ but apart from that, nothing in the local and/or international news. Sometimes I wonder if the suppression is because our governments fear mass hysteria if people knew what kind of threat lurks among our neighbours. If that is the reason for the censorship. But I also think there is a real struggle in business and especially in government administration between organized labour that takes direction from terrorist funded interests and the rest of us. And that is the real home front of the war, right here, right now, in the very heart of all our communities, on the street and in public.

  12. There wasn’t a lot of information on local channels here in AZ. Then as quickly as it was reported it vanished from the news.

  13. Nothing to see here, classic workplace violence. I am sure Obama is scrambling to bestow this terrorist hero with some kind of medal of honor. Man of the Year? Who Michelle should have married?

    • Obama refuses to call the Fort Hood attack a terrorist attack. After all, it was America’s useful idiots who re-elected him.

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