22% of the young criminal population in UK prisons are Muslims!

What makes this even more alarming is that reportedly only 3% of the UK population are Muslims. The proportion of young Muslim men in youth jails in England and Wales rose by more than a 25% last year, even though the total number of young people in custody fell by 14% last year

Metro (h/t/ Alastair M) More than one in five young men in prison are Muslims, who claim to feel safer and more respected than other inmates, research shows. They account for 22 per cent of prisoners in youth jails in England and Wales compared with 18 per cent Church of England and 17 per cent Catholic. 

The inmates felt their religious beliefs were also more likely to be respected but black and other ethnic minorities felt less safe and likely to be victimised, the chief inspector of prisons found.

Some Muslim prisoners felt more victimised by staff, with more than two in five having been physically restrained while serving time, compared with about one in three non-Muslims. The number of children and young people in custody fell by 14 per cent in 2011-2012, from 1,822 to 1,543.


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  1. SweetOlBob
    They are organized with the mosques and Imams telling them what to do and when in most cases. The mohommedist is not a free thinker they have to be lead and told what to do. However they do one thing on their own. RAPE, WOMEN AND ANIMALS.

  2. This might actually be a conservative estimate seeing as more Muslims leave jail then come in.

    There was a report out that said Muslim inmates are forcing non-Muslim prisoners to convert to Islam.

    Muslims are getting more and more dangerous as time goes on; meanwhile the governent just buries it’s head in the sand.

  3. They Are like hitlers werewolves,Young indoctrinated and totally devoid of all moral principles,They should be incacerated for a long time in a re training facility in how to be a good trans sexua,l Cant you imagine ,No more fights about ideology No more hatred of jews christians hindus etc Only fights about Hey mohammed its my turn to wear the tina turner wig tonight,And omar you look so good in red satin And yussuf darling you look absolutely divine in that lurex burkha Hey Bonni cant you imagine a scene with a muslim drag queen miming to i

  4. Looks more like a recreation center than a prison. They probably are climbing over each other to get in there. Maybe they will be taught to bathe—but probably not.

  5. Well, of course. A majority of Muslim children are brought up by members of one of the largest organized crime groups in the world.

    As an aside, that photo sure makes the jail look inviting. It’s clean and bright and they have a nice pool table. Nice place to organize jihad.

  6. Same everywhere. Muslims are the minority in Western society and yet they are a majority group in prisons (and, also our hospitals…no comment !)
    Governments refuse to accept prison statistics though, and do nothing. At least not here in the Netherlnds where they sent a report back some years ago on prison statistics demanding the prison/police rectify it ( lie) as it was not “PC” enough. We happen to know because we know a policeman involved.

  7. This article states that the muslim population of Britain is 3%
    ?? Do you mean to tell me that 3%of the population are the ones carrying the “Behead Infidel” signs and ruining commerce and traffic by waving their asses in the streets? And 3% is causing all the tapioca-brained liberals to bankrupt the dole system? If this is a true percentage, England is further gone than I imagined. What kind of idiots would allow 3% to foul up the whole system the way muslims seem to have done to England? Oh wait a minute. I guess the same kind of idiot that allow a teeny percentage of fey people to demand special privileges in America. The same kind of idiots that insist on forcing food stamps on people who don’t really need them. The same kind of idiots that cater to people that have gone on record saying they are going to control America for allah, or Alley, or whatever they call it.

    Sorry Britain. We know what kind of idiots they are.

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