A very Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends!

Best Hanukkah song ever, written by the Senior Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, a Mormon. Go figure!

The Atlantic Hatch said he hoped his song would be understood not only as a gift to the Jewish people but that it would help bring secular Jews to a better understanding of their own holiday. “I know a lot of Jewish people that don’t know what Hanukkah means,” he said. Jewish people, he said, should “take a look at it and realize the miracle that’s being commemorated here. It’s more than a miracle; it’s the solidification of the Jewish people.”

Hatch himself, who sang background vocals, wears a Hebrew mezuzah under his shirt, and like many Mormons, is a strong supporter of Israel. 


15 comments on “A very Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends!

  1. May God Bless and Prosper both yourself, Ms. BNI (plus all your family, friends and everybody else important to you) AND the entire Israeli people – and all those who stem from Ancient-Israel and don’t know it likewise!!

    • israel must have our support at all time, they are a beacon of freedom surrounded by not just their enemies, for islam is the enemy of all that is democratic

  2. Happy Hanukkah God bless the nation of Isreal and thank you to the isreali goverment and idf for protecting our christian holy places from muslim onslaught and certain desecration the destruction God bless you all

  3. What an incredible Journey for the jewish People to have their country back in their original ancestral homeland. In spite of irrational hatred throughout the ages they have survived against all odds. For such a small number of the world’s population their contributions in agriculture, science, medicine, technology, humanities, theater and the arts are gifts that keep giving to the world. Their survival, like the Chanukah story of the oil that lasted well beyond what was possible – mirrors the miracle of their existence. A Joyous Chanukah to all good people everywhere. Shalom-Peace!

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