On Dec. 9th, CBS will air an ‘Interfaith Special’ about Islam, with material obviously supplied by the CAIR goons

Hamas-linked CAIR and its Christian religious leader dhimmis whine and moan about how Americans’ growing antipathy for Muslims is based only on ‘Islamophobia’ and not on the separatist, anti-American, pro-sharia behavior that is demonstrated by the growing population of Muslim parasites, extremists, and supremacists that are infiltrating America at an alarming rate.

WORKING FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, a CBS Interfaith Special, will be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 9 on the CBS Television Network. Please check your local station for exact time.  Following the Dec. 9 air date this program may be viewed again on: CBS News Religion/Culture


27 comments on “On Dec. 9th, CBS will air an ‘Interfaith Special’ about Islam, with material obviously supplied by the CAIR goons

  1. They run a frackin “interfaith” special during the Christmas season! What a bunch of slithering snakes! May God forgive the poor ignorant pastors who lead their flock off the cliff! Fools there is NO religious freedom with islam! With islam it’s join or be enslaved!! Read the frackin Reliance of the Traveller! Ask the people of East Timor (almost 100% Christian nation invaded and until recently occupied by “moderate” Indonesia) about good ole islam!

      • I have given up on the broadcast. Want to go to the online re-play video later.

        I suppose that it goes without saying that CBS will not grant equal time for a rebuttal. That is said because the media continually keeps the public in the dark.

        That said, I am disappointed with Americans being too lazy to seek truth on the Internet and at their public libraries.

  2. “Christian”?! Any “Christian who supports this kind of BS called an “interfaith” service is a CINO (Christian In Name Only)!!…..Raised as a Christian converted to Islam…..Blah,blah,blah…Horse Crap!!….. “Islamophobes”;a made-up word for those who recognize the demented demonic doctrines of Pislam!! And ANY “Christian” who “converts” to Islam, was NEVER Christian to start with!! And if your neighbor is an asslifter; you can be SURE , he is a potential terrorist!!………..

  3. Islam and Sharia are inseparable. Sharia is a socio-political system of government. People need to understand this. If you have read about the neighborhoods in France where Sharia has been allowed then you know that the police no loner enter those neighborhoods out of fear. Women have been raped and murders committed. Don’t be naive. Radical Islam is deliberately using our laws against us to destroy our freedoms. They regard Americans as stupid and have no problem lying and manipulating those who refuse to do the research. If those people don’ t wake up soon, they will shed bitter tears over the loss of lives and freedom. And yet, God’s will be done.

  4. What “religious freedom” are these Islamosupremacist thugs lacking? The ability to marry and rape little girls? To stone people? To behead people in the streets? To cut off limbs? To gang-rape uncovered women and throw acid in their faces? To impose sexist and unfair laws on women? To “honor kill” females and to cut off their genitals? To ban music and singing? To have sex slaves?

    Yep, that’s some religious freedom we should all be weeping and wailing about.

  5. what a bunch of PC BULLSHIT. If islam is so great and tolerant why the desire to kill those who aren’t of that faith? Sorry ideology?
    Why try to impose their laws on us? bunch of fools

  6. This video is totally one sided and very bias. They do a good job at showing their opponents as being a bunch of knuckle dragging red necks. At least they can renovate their Mosque. How many Christians in Muslim lands cannot do this or build a new church. It is afterall not allowed in Sharia Law. How much Sharia Law would be allowed? They are 1% of the population so imagine what it will be like when they are 3, 5, or 10 % of the population. I do not fear all Muslims in America but only the extreme Orthodox ones.

  7. Shari’ah is a religion like Common Law is a religion, like Communism is a religion, like democracy is a religion. Let Muslims love God, practice their prayer rituals, and observe their peaceful cultural rites. But demand they abandon their interests in instituting shari’ah in the west. Demand they work tirelessly to outlaw shari’ah wherever it has taken root all over the world. Because it is a brutal, ignorant, discriminatory system of law that legitimizes the very epitome of injustice. Its nature is anti-God, anti-good, anti-kind, anti-merciful, anti-love. Demand Muslims abandon shari’ah as representative of an unenlightened time in the evolution of their faith. Demand they join the rest of us to develop a system of justice that respects all.

  8. Oh boo-hoo! Islam is more dangerous than Nazism and commnism combined. This film is nothing more than your typical PC multi-cultural garbage! Charles Haynes and Rev. Gaddy are dupes who should do, at the very least, a minimal amount of research into Islamic doctrine.They’re accusing us of intolerance and of not understanding the threat of Shariah Law. Are they F%$#ING serious?!

  9. I will probably watch it for educational purposes.
    Not that I will buy into any sugar coated half truths, ommissions and propaganda,
    but to study the techniques of taqiya. Know your enemy. Knowledge is the first step to a viable defence.

  10. I don’t quite think most grasp the true intentions or biblical consequences of this subversive outfit, known as the religion of peace, they are heretics of the first order, subverted the true order/intentions of our Father, almighty God and his relationship with us. Their “moon god” a pagan god at that, one of the many hunreds of them was and still is a myth. The invention of islam was made up by the person who called himself muhammad, around 632 ad. clearly some 600 years after the only begotton son warned, ” those who come after me claiming to be God or his prophet, know ye that they are liars” It would do no good for me to give a biblical account to most on this site, but this is a true clincher as to who muhammad was, and his relationship to satan and satans relationship to the islamic faithful.

    In the Qur’an, chapter 113: allah’s, name Al-Falaq= “the dawn”
    in the Qur’an, chapter 86: muhammad’s self proclaimed name, Al-Tariq= “the bright morning star”

    Isaiah 14:12 God Mocking satan: how ye haven fallen from heaven O’ morning star, ( Al-Tariq) son of the dawn. (Al-Falaq)
    Dan 2: and the feet of the statue are the mix of iron (seed of Abraham) bonded with the baked clay feet ( feet of a slave-Hagar) which created Ishmael and from this line of Ishmael comes muhhamad, and understand this, as it is importent, obama. Son of a decendent of Ishmael, or arabs.
    2 Thessaloians 2 reveals false prophet muhammad, his antiChrist “god” allah, their army ( soldiers of allah) and the “speaking” image of the two horns, ( muhammad, allah)

    AntiChrists, denieing the Father and Son, Jesus. muhammad denies Christ, Qur’an 6:101, 17:111 and 112:3.

    Now ask yourself a question, how can any outfit, let alone the sons of darkness and his faithful, ( soldiers of allah) which is clearly stated in the bible, People of the Book ( Christians) as the false prophet, muhammad, the bright morning star (Al-Tariq) and his god (satan-Al-Falaq) ever be trusted with the truth, they can’t. I hope this helped some with the understanding and as an examples of the very people who are trying their best to divide and conquer God’s own. If you believe anything these mutts say, think again scooter, you’re in a heap of trouble, and may not even know it.

    Going GALT, starve this beast now.


  11. There is no such thing as Islamophobia. Fear of Islam and what it seeks to impose — even through nice, smooth-sounding words such as those here — is completely rational and well-founded. What fools be these folks who believe the words and fail to see the intent behind them!

    The next thing we’re going to hear will be,”….you cannot stop us from having honor killings in our community, or from marrying two or three of our own cousins. If you do try to stop us, you will be interfering with our first amendment rights to freedom of religion…AND you can’t make us integrate into your filthy culture either, because we answer to Allah, and not to your false God.”

    Oh course, the Christian dhimmis won’t believe their eyes. they will say to themselves, “Why, this can’t be! We know Islam to be a religion of peace and acceptance!” Oh yeah. Well, then, go ahead and establish a church of your personal selection in Saudi Arabia or in Egypt, and enjoy the charitable acceptance of your heart-felt views. They will laugh as you are slaughtered in the streets.

    • gatouno, you are so right. They speak propaganda about how they are peace loving and then they go off with death to America and death to Israel. The have sworn to have an Islamic flag on the Whitehouse! And “honor killings”……what an oxymoron that is!!

  12. About ISLIME?? I’ll be sure to NOT tune in to this crock of shit! Oh good grief there they are AGAIN with that crap in Joplin! Boooo freaking Hoooo! I see where this is going; Playing the pooooor victim AGAIN! They are sooooo good at their game! Close minded you say!! – I REMEMBER 9/11 !!! They Hate America!
    They can’t even assimilate when they come to this country!! But they WANT you to change our laws and rules for them???
    I DETEST them ALL!

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