WARNING from the English Defence League about scam artists

Beware False Patriots

Over many years there have been many different nationalist/patriotic movements that have formed, some with genuine intentions, however there are others with incredibly odious agendas, agendas that involve money making scams and the nefarious boneheaded policies of racial politics. Such groups drag the word “patriot” into the gutter, these groups and organisations have hijacked the true definition of patriotism, they have re-defined nationalism and contorted it into something that is seen as inherently racist, the National Front and the BNP are just two such examples of this, and now there is a new group that has formed, they call themselves “Britain First” but we can’t help thinking are they actually putting Britain first or are they putting themselves first?

On first glance they appear to want what any “Real Patriot” would want, a safe and prosperous country that restores pride in nationalism, a means to counter the Islamist menace within our national borders and a means to fight those battles with a political fervour that is unwavering in its desire.

If only that were true!

To truly gauge this new group you have to look at those who are behind the scenes running it, unfortunately the truth tells a very different story indeed, in fact it paints a picture that is the polar opposite of what it claims to be because Britain First is nothing more than a scam, a money making exercise by veteran con artists who are skilled in the arts of subversion, propaganda and deception. They are a group of people who have no  remorse for ripping off those who blindly support them, both morally and financially.

They are a repugnant, divisive bunch of rip off merchants who are attempting to feed off the popularity of the English Defence League, they are in fact nothing but opportunistic parasites who see the EDL as a weakened animal ready for the slaughter, but we have news for them, we are not weak, we are not going to allow them to dictate the course of our strategy or steer real patriots away from us, they are not going to do anything to harm us, all they are going to do is sucker those who don’t know of them into giving away their hard earned monies to line their own pockets, Britain First?

Don’t make us laugh!

Apart from its leaders being behind the demise of the BNP they have run campaigns of disinformation to seduce people into believing they are something they are not, that is, genuine patriots!

We are not going to tell EDL members what they should or should not do, what we are going to do is ask them to conduct their own research into what they are and judge them on their past exploits, such as raising monies by deception and pocketing those monies for themselves, things like raising tens of thousands of pounds to produce leaflets that cost a couple of grand while sharing out the profit as wages and ‘fees’. Things like acquiring cheap laptops for the BNP then charging the BNP a grand each for them, laptops worth a few hundred quid means a tidy profit margin of around 700-800 pounds each, times that by 10 and there’s a hefty profit raised on the backs of hard working people, duped into thinking they were raising monies for a cause they believed in, all along they were on the take.

They even engineered fake “thermometer campaigns” on the BNP website so as to raise monies for a propaganda lorry, over £80,000 pounds raised and a clapped out motor bought for over £22,000 when the book price would have been around £8,000, this evidently was the start of an irreconcilable fracture between senior members of the BNP, a battle between those who wanted to be legitimate and those who looked at the pound signs and cared about little else. The list is almost endless, the levels of depravity these con artists will go to to make money knows no bounds and as a result they have lavished themselves with a lifestyle that premier league footballers are more accustomed to.

Britain First or Money First?

They certainly aren’t “trying to make pretty fecking pictures”. It’s clearly all about making money for wages to Jim Dowson and his cronies. Mr Dowson has a string of dissolved companies behind him that never submit accounts and all claim to be raising money for a wide variety of ‘charitable causes’ from anti-abortion to anti-islam. A quick search on Google for James Dowson will reveal more. A Companies House Director search will reveal a very clear picture of James Dowson’s motives in his latest scam.
Let’s be absolutely clear about this: Jim Dowson’s long history of Money Making Scams is centred around each one collecting names, addresses and email addresses that he feeds into his ‘Spam Database’ that he bombards people with begging for money, donations and memberships. He creates petitions and surveys designed solely to extract names and addresses for his begging machine. He bleeds the cause dry, makes a tidy profit, folds the business and then starts a new venture. His history is there for all to see and confirms without doubt what his true motives are.
Welcome to the reality that is Britain First, a duplicitous bunch of reprobates on the take, riding on the back of the EDL’s popularity, parasiting off its popularity and seizing an opportunity for duping well meaning patriots. To the likes of Dowson, the EDL is money and he wants his ‘Slice of the Pie’.
There is only one real patriotic movement in England, one that does not have to dupe its members into giving their hard earned monies away so a select few can profit from them, there is only one movement that has ploughed monies back into fighting the rising tide of backward Islam.

That movement is the English Defence League.

There have been plenty of accusations thrown at us over the years, accusations of money irregularities for example, how ironic that such allegations came from the BNP and the likes of Britain First, “pot, kettle, black” comes to mind!
Britain First have tried their hardest to gain popularity and increase numbers by recruiting (well hoodwinking actually) certain individuals based in the south west, this had been going on for many months and it was something we were aware of, it was something we kept an eye on. Couple that with clear associations of these individuals and support for the National Front meant that a line was crossed and EDL leadership rightly took action. Anyone who enters the foray of racial politics cannot ever claim to be representative of the EDL, the EDL does not, and never will support or condone racially motivated politics, its a relic of an unfortunate past that clearly hinders the future. How can we be an inclusive movement restoring the true definition of patriotism while at the same time allowing boneheaded idiots to hijack our cause? Of course there had to be a point where we would act, a point of no return if you like.
We will keep saying it because we mean it when we say it, we are not the BNP, we are not the NF, we are not racist we are not violent we are just no longer silent. And those who want to drag patriotism into the gutter can clearly jog on, digging up the past will bury the future.
Britain First who “thanked” members of the EDL for attending their damp squib of a protest in Southend a few weeks back can take their thanks and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, because they, just like the scourge that is Islamism, are about as welcome on this planet as an asteroid!
So now EDL leadership have made their position very clear, we hope real EDL members will take time to research James Dowson and co, at least then people can see him and his affiliates for the true bleeding, scamming scumbags they really are.


Tommy warned us of factional groups with different agendas trying to cause disharmony and discontent in Walsall.




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  1. Hi Linda Rivera,

    Thank you for your insight. Yes I believe both the EDL and British Freedom are genuine. The CEC is the ‘Citizens Electoral Council established 1988.’ They don’t claim to be Marxist; that is my conclusion. Every person must decide for themselves. They teach some good objectives for Australia like development of our declining Manufacturing and Primary Industry and Water Supply Process. These objectives wins supporters; and yes whilst these valid urgently needed missions are important for Australia which is in a state of neglect by second-rate irresponsible politicians what makes the CEC dangerous and I consider an enemy of Australia is that they have interwoven reams of false knowledge claims with ideal objectives which ‘cons’ people into believing that they are fairdinkum for Australia.

    Why I reject CEC and list them as Marxist.
    1. Not once do they ever criticise or speak against Islam- the subject is never raised.
    2. The CEC constantly accuses the British Crown of being a supporter and creator of Green Fascist Dictatorship.
    3. They claim that the Queen is behind forcing the Carbon Tax upon Australians.
    4. They claim in their words, “…the British intended to kill off a big chunk of Australia’s population.” & “…the Crown’s creation of Green Fascism and of their present intent to install a global fascist dictatorship. Dwarfing even Hitler’s wildest dreams…” Source: Page 8 & 1 CEC Newspaper Vol 7 No 6 Oct/Nov 2011.
    5. They say ‘Global Warming’ is a fraud. (Page 2)
    6. They attacked ‘Dick Smith’ who is an icon character of Australia and has done a lot for Australian Industry during the last 40 years.
    7. The CEC claims the Queen as being a dictator.
    8. Under the subject ‘Prince Charles Takes Over’ Page 47 says, “Like his mass-murderous father, [Philip] the Prince is used to bossing people around, especially Australians.”
    9. One two page report starts with the heading, “Heil Philip!”
    10. Page 6 LaRouche founder of CEC says, “Prince Philip has upgraded his intention, which originally, for a long-standing period, was to reduce the world’s population to two billion people. He’s now upped it, along with a new layer, to reduce the world’s population, which is increasing in the meantime, to less than one billion population-and to do it in rapid time.”
    11. Page 6 LaRouche, “This [Green Fascism] policy, which is throughout the world today, is a policy of genocide. It’s the stated intention of the leading nations of Europe today, at least by their governments, to impose a reign of genocide upon the peoples of Europe, and the peoples of Africa and other places. We have a policy in the United States of genocide, of population reduction. It’s already in progress… The intention now is to reduce the world’s population to at least a fraction, one-seventh of this present population, at a very rapid rate: a rapid rate of extermination of human beings, much more rapid than anything Hitler undertook.”
    12. Vol 14 No 17 May 2 2012, ‘Australia Alert Service’ publication states, “Paul Ehrlich, author of the 1968 book “The Population Bomb,” echoed Prince Philip, by demanding that world population be reduced to 1.5 billion people: the world needs to “as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage.”

    And finally an e-mail copy of report sent to me on 15/06/12…
    June/July New Citizen:
    “British Crown’s Endgame: Financial Collapse and Nuclear War”
    Such is the banner headline of the just-released June/July issue of the New Citizen newspaper. Among other things, this paper demonstrates that:
    1. the present cascading collapse of banks and governments all over Europe is unstoppable and will soon swamp Australia as well, pending a sweeping reorganisation of the world financial system according to Glass-Steagall principles of separating legitimate, from purely speculative debt;
    2. that the British Crown through its puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama, is preparing to launch thermonuclear war against Russia and China, who have kept some degree of sovereignty from the collapsing London/Wall Street globalist system; and
    3. that Australia is a central chesspiece in this British plan for nuclear war, according to the nation’s strategic doctrine embodied in the 2009 Defence White Paper and the March 2012 Force Posture Review, which anticipates Australia and the U.S. blockading China’s sea lanes, to which China will respond by launching nuclear missiles, including at Australia.
    [What makes the CEC located in Australia & USA dangerous is that they are run by educated academics with good writing skills publishing reams of false knowledge to gullible people. They claim to be Christian but I take that with a ‘grain of salt’ as being ‘flypaper tactics’ to trap the naïve.] The CEC is dangerous and must be opposed. It should be noted that the CEC objects to the bombing of Iran.

  2. British Freedom first warned about Britain First on October 25th.
    WARNING: To All Patriots and Members – Britain First Scam!

    I read that in response to British Freedom putting the warning on their site, that Britain First said they were going to file a lawsuit against British Freedom and serve them with papers. I have no idea what happened after that but Britain First was hoping to make a LOT of money from the lawsuit against BF.

  3. We -in Australia must -never -ever allow -Sharia law to be made -law -officially-all muslims do live under Sharia here and they are pushing for it to be made law legally -no country can live under a dual law system,look at the countries that have allowed it they are -all going down the drain-England -France -Germany -Denmark-Belgium-once they get the numbers -it won’t be long as they are arriving here by the -hundreds -weekly-aided by this pathetic -weak government-who are spending 6-million a month on these -bludgers to the detriment of -our own people -the money has to come from somewhere? our hospitals are closing -wards -benefits are being stopped -single parents are losing money etc-etc.-please write -sign petitions -and tell them -we are -sick of them selling -us -out.-start standing up before we are -out numbered.

  4. “There is only one real patriotic movement in England, that movement is the English Defence League.” End of quote. I was surprised and extremely disappointed that the EDL did not mention BRITISH FREEDOM! British Freedom fights for FREEDOM against totalitarian, imperialist Islam! It’s why I am a member of British Freedom! We must fight for our survival against the destruction of Britain, the Free World and Western civilization by Islam.

    Just as our military gave their lives during the Second World War so that we could live in freedom and safety so we too must be willing to give our lives so that our people can live in freedom and safety.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    YES to Human Rights!
    NO to enslaving, cruel, barbaric Islamic sharia law!

    ALL people must have human rights, and
    ALL people must have equality before the law
    These wonderful principles are the absolute opposite of UNJUST Islamic sharia law.

    End anti-human rights, women-hater sharia courts in Britain!
    One law and only one law: BRITISH LAW!

    Stop jihad and the Islamic conquest of Britain and Europe via massive Muslim colonization! End Muslim immigration!

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Fight for freedom! Join British Freedom! http://britishfreedom.org/

  5. It is to early for me to comment on this article without gaining first hand knowledge of dates and times of accusations,
    He that is blind does not have the knowledge to see the truth.

  6. This is a serious concern; it is making the fight against Islam even more difficult when unscrupulous people use deceit to fulfil their own greed agenda. How much work do people have to do to figure out those that are genuine and those that are enemy within. The ‘Great Pretenders’ the ‘Con Merchants’ are very dangerous because they block the defeat of Islamization. I trusted these three groups now I have to rethink… > http://www.britishfreedom.org > http://www.bnp.org.uk > http://www.englishdefenceleague.org; likwise during the last 6 months I have identified an organisation in Australia & USA the CEC as being ‘Marxist’ but they keep that reality a secret. No wonder so many people are hesitating in getting involved in the fight against Islam- they don’t know whom to trust. I still trust the EDL and shall review other groups.

    > http://www.bnp.org.uk

    > http://www.englishdefenceleague.org

    • Hi Allan,
      The bnp is known to be RACIST!

      The EDL and British Freedom are absolutely NOT racist! I am a member of British Freedom and I would not be a member of British Freedom if they were racist! When the Libya war was going on, I attended a street demo with African-Americans in Harlem, New York City to protest against the horrific atrocities and genocide of blacks by the U.S. backed Muslims in Libya.

      I took part in a march in New York City led by escaped black Christian slave, Simon Deng, protesting against slavery of blacks and genocide perpetrated by Muslims in the Sudan.

      I met and spoke with British Freedom leader, Paul Weston, in a meeting in New York City several months ago. He is a very good person and a wonderful leader.

      Different races; different colors; they are all precious in God’s sight!

      • I am also a member of British Freedom. Lying Muslims and Communists accuse both BFP & EDL of racism in order to demonise them. It’s a vile tactic which reveals the dishonesty & evil intent of the Islamofascists and their FascistLeft friends.

        Britain First asked me for a donation. I checked and found them to be “antiZionist”, that is, Jew-haters, neo-Nazis wrapping themselves in the Union Flag.

    • Allan, what is the name of the organization(s) that you discovered in Australia and the USA are Marxist?

      Please everyone! Take up the fight for freedom! The EDL and British Freedom are wonderful, ethical organizations!

  7. Ask Tommy who finances the EDL?
    Unfortunately many have prospered whilst the cause of nationalism has withered.
    Race does come into it,you cannot believe in the indigenous people without acknowledging their uniqueness as a people,that is not racism.

  8. Good for the EDL, speaking up so forthrightly about what, apparently, has been a terrible – and growing – problem! And too bad that the BNP has been dragged down with it! But the EDL is wise to speak up NOW and disavow/disassociate itself with anything resembling racial politics and racial-identity politics!! May they flourish in these extremely difficulty times…

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