AFGHANISTAN: Women are getting plastic surgery to improve their looks

The only question should be WHY?

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22 comments on “AFGHANISTAN: Women are getting plastic surgery to improve their looks

  1. Thanks B, now I have to clean the mess I created upon my screen for the laughter after reading the headline spitting my coffee all over it, “women in Afgh getting plastic surgery to improve their looks” good one.

  2. instead of spending money on surgery they should join they should join the NRA and learn to shoot and defend themselves against the limp dick men who beat them and then get rid of the garbage bag

  3. Is it tribute (like Washington and Adams paid, then Jefferson ended) or jizya (the tax of humiliation) that we’re paying the Muslims? Either way, we have no say on how they spend our money.

  4. Yes, one must always look perfect for their wife-beating husband, a pure canvas for the lovely purple & green hues of bruises.

  5. I would hope that the women are beginning to take a lot of pride in their appearance, just for the sake of themselves and their own ,,, well, vanity, damn it!
    Sadly, yes, men and women both let themselves go, after they’ve hooked a mate. Yet, here again, the muslim women are seeing the western style, and that they, too, can take pride in their appearance, if for no other reason than themselves.
    And I say, Ladies, after you look good for yourselves, find a DECENT man worth your looking good FOR !!,,, and to hell with the scum that have kept you in bondage for so many centuries !!

    • Maybe we underestimate the Bagheads. Perhaps they are waking up and want to make themselves look better or become more “westernised” and terminate the limp dicked Muzscum men who keep them in bondage..maybe just maybe the Bagheads are getting the courag to fight back and no longer want to be treated lower than the family goat. Good start will be to get a makeover and watch out!

  6. Well I hope he is giving all those poor girls, who have lost their noses and other extremeties from acid or knives free surgery!!! I doubt it!

  7. I guess they want to improve their looks in case they ever do get out of those burqas!

    Do they really want to look good for just their husbands (which I somehow doubt — women usually let themselves go after they get married), or are many of them selling themselves (Islamic prohibitions notwithstanding), so they have to look appealing for potential clients?

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