Australia sucks! Court forces Radio Host Alan Jones to apologize for telling the ugly truth about Muslims

Considered the Rush Limbaugh of Austalia, popular 2GB Radio host Alan Jones must apologize on air for a racist (What race is Islam?) rant where he called Sydney’s Lebanese Muslims ‘vermin’ who ‘infest our shores’ and ‘rape’ and ‘pillage our nation,’ having failed in an appeal.

Daily Telegraph (h/t Shirl in Oz) A $10,000 damages payment, which has been held pending an appeal, is also expected to be released in coming days after today marked the end of a seven-and-a-half year legal saga. The saga was triggered by Jones’ comments on air just days before the Cronulla riots in 2005.

In three separate occasions in April 2005, he made inflammatory comments about Muslims. In one he read a letter which was in response to footage of young Lebanese men taunting police around The Rocks in Sydney on the day before Anzac Day, which was aired on a TV current affairs show on April 27.

The group of men called police “pigs”, and mocked the Anzac traditions, but were not arrested by police. In the other two broadcasts he commented about a Muslim sheik, Faiz Mohammad, who suggested that women who wore short skirts or didn’t cover themselves were to blame if they were sexually assaulted.

Sydney Lebanese leader Keysar Trad (photo below) complained that Jones’ comments in the three broadcasts breached discrimination laws and incited racial hatred against Lebanese Muslims. (What race is Muslim?)

Trad won the first round of the epic battle in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal in 2009 when the tribunal ruled one broadcast in a radio show on 28 April 2005 “incited hatred, serious contempt and severe ridicule of Lebanese Muslims” and Trad was awarded damages of $10,000. Trad appealed, in a bid to prove that two other broadcasts in April 2005 had also targeted Muslims because of their race, and Jones appealed in an attempt to overturn the finding of racial vilification. (What race is Muslim?)

Both appeals failed, leaving the ruling of racial vilification against Jones standing, but meaning that Trad has failed to prove the other two broadcasts, on April 27 and April 28, breached racial discrimination laws. Speaking after the ruling was handed down today, Mr Trad said he was happy that Jones was still required to apologise for calling Lebanese Muslims “vermin”, but disappointed that the tribunal didn’t regard his further comments as vilification.

Mr Trad said the tribunal has ordered Jones to apologise. The apologies are to be both on air and in writing. “We want a proper heartfelt apology, we have been waiting for seven years for an apology,” Mr Trad said.

“We hope that this apology wont add to the insult like the apology he gave to Prime Minister Julia Gillard,” Mr Trad said.

Mr Trad said Jones had said many more offensive things about Lebanese Muslims since his comments in 2005, but “you can only run one case at a time”. He said it was a pity that the law made it so difficult to take action for racial vilification. (What race is Muslim?)

“The offender can keep offending and it takes almost forever to get any relief [in court],” he said. Mr Trad said he had borrowed money from friends and family to meet the estimated $100,000 legal bill of fighting the case.

The rant that got Jones vilified by the leftist dhimmis:


25 comments on “Australia sucks! Court forces Radio Host Alan Jones to apologize for telling the ugly truth about Muslims

  1. Thanks to the PC Entourage, we are now witnessing evil incarnate. Deport these political asses and their “pets”. They deserve each other.
    P.i. Gran

  2. I think it is great that the common person is standing up to these Muslim thugs and I see that as the Muslim population grows it will get worse. The Lebanese Muslims could not get along with the Christians in their land, that is why most Lebanese Christians fled. The founder of ACT testifies to this. I hope when the time comes American youth will stand up to any Muslim thugs.

  3. Aussies are basically a good intelligent people. They had a slight mental hiccup when they allowed the liberals to confiscate their personal guns, but it seems they are fighting to defeat the bastards on that front. The attack on Mr. Jones evidentlly comes from the same bent of liberal butt smooching jerks.
    Go ahead and apologize, but do it in the same way our Rush dids it to the democRAT sex pueen, Sandra Fluke. Oh, good news. Orthopedic doctors were able to get that lady off her back to attend the democRAT mnational convention and to actually stand on her feet next to our Commander in Grief for a photo op or two. Ahhhh, the blessings of modern medicine, eh?

  4. Right or wrong AJ did make a mistake even though his comments were right. Our laws have us hamstrung and to survive and win we are forced to work within those boundaries until we are ready to declare ‘Civil War.’ And that step is a last act of desperation when we have nothing to lose. We are not in that position yet; there are ways we can win this fight. ‘Rules of Engagement’ never mention race when criticising ‘Muslims.’ Always refer to them all only as ‘Muslims.’ Then if they throw the ‘Race Card’ they are easy to defeat. Choose words carefully and calmly, never be emotional, say it the way it is- and always be able to prove what is said. Hold ground, never surrender, never apologise. As John Wayne correctly said…”Apology is a sign of weakness.’ If we get it accurately right there is no need to apologise. The essential fact is always get it right. If in doubt back off- get facts accurately right and then attack. During my thirty year Executive Career, I never lost a fight because I did my homework and made sure I was going to win before entering the battle- the name of the game is winning; Give Islam and those that accept Islam no quarter; but get it right every time.

  5. The sooner our election comes the better. Its the Muzslime loving Greens that are partly to blame for bum licking the Muzslimes . As most Australians know, the Greens are in power behind the scenes and dictate to the Labour Left. Labour jumps when the Green Marxist garbage say how high. If John Howard was still PM Im certain there would be no Muzslime kotowing, Allan would not be forced (and he is being forced) to make an apology. The Lebanese Muzscum have been nothing but a thorn in our side since they have flocked here in the 1990s. Ive met many Christian Lebanese they have been nice people and have caused to my knowledge, no grief but it seems any shape or form of Muzscum are trouble full stop with their whining constant demands and their obvious hatred to Western values (even the shitheads born here).

    Allan Jones should not apologise he should tell the PC establishment to stick the apology up their a-hole and add the middle finger as his final gesture.

  6. Sheikh Feiz Muhammad says that “rapes occur every minute somewhere in the world.” And many of them occur in Muslim countries where women are properly veiled wearing hijab, abaya, niqab and burqa. The girls are not wearing “Satanic” miniskirts, dresses and the like. What is the excuse for rape then? What is the number one complaint in Saudi Arabia by women? Sexual harassment. And they are all wearing niqabs!

  7. Time to get the Judges and the Politicians out of Australia. Start by following the money. They cannot be that stupid as to believe that mohommedism is friendly. So there has to be a bribe or payoff somewhere, just look for it.

  8. keyser Trad has waited 71/2 years for an apology? show about apologizing for his inability to control the lebanese Scum who has caused the crimes in the first place/

  9. In the spirit of Mark Twain, he should apologize for saying they are pillaging his nation, but remind the audience, he did not say they are welfare cheats, and apologize for saying they are vermin, but remind his audience, he did not call them
    rat brained, and he should apologize for saying they rape, but the audience should notice they believe women are to be managed like field animals. there, i hope the rat brained welfare cheats who like their women to be treated like field animals, are happy and content.

  10. The extremely WICKED infidel-hater, Islam-lover Australian court demands that the radio host LIE and DECEIVE for the totalitarian political ideology of imperialist Islam. Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam who married a six year old child when he was in his fifties, declared:

    Our TREASONOUS Western ruling elites want to HIDE from the public the EVIL plans of devout Muslims:

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor, after being expelled from it twice – once from the South, from Andalusia, and a second time from the East, when it knocked several times on the door of Athens.” Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, leading Sunni cleric

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  11. It’s up to Australian leaders to recognize MISOGYNY AND SUPREMACISM.

    In the past, the Australian PM and Opposition leader showed more gumption by condemning Moz supremacism. The
    In the past, Pru Goward, Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, responded to the Cat’s Meat Mufti : “It is an incitement to crime.
    Aussies are letting the Moz supremacists say whatever they want. Mufti Halaly gave sermons glorifying martyrdom, calling the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States ‘ the work of Allah’ and denying the Holocaust in the country with the most Holocaust survivors outside Israel.
    Hilaly was named “Muslim Man of the Year” for 2005 at the first Australian Muslim Achievement Awards
    In March 2009, Hilaly was caught on camera vandalizing the Lakemba Mosque and then calling police to report the vandalism.

    GROSS MISOGYNY is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.
    Inbred killer zombie Mozman jihadists have an ALLAH-GIVEN RIGHT to RAPE unveiled women. Rape of vulnerable kafir women is the Sunna (holy example) of the pedophile pirate.
    (You didn’t know that rape was considered ‘holy’ in Islam.)
    Sheik Faiz Mohammad is well-informed about what Islam teaches: he is a highly trained ‘sheik’.
    Sheik Mohammed agrees with the former Mufti of Australia who called unveiled women CAT’S MEAT.
    Former Mufti Sheik Taj el-Din ‘Cat Meat’ al Hilaly was called “one of the most knowledgeable Muslim scholars in Australia and one of the most moderate imams” by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.
    The Islamic veil is a threat to women…the flag of jihad: WEAR THIS VEIL OR GET RAPED BY MOZZIES.

  13. That video with Alan Jones comments on it was excellent. I like the part about letting the bker gangs take care of the muzzie scum. As for the government, fuk the dhimmi cowards, they need to be overthrown, just as our muzzie leader here does and the liberals tossed out to a muslum country where they can live with thier muslum leaders and slave masters.

  14. This will ring alarm bells in the minds of all Australians who previously believed the hype that they had a free press and had free speech.If there is one thing can be said about the ozzies it is they believe in “fair play” and they are well known for “saying it like it is”. This will help too “wake up” those beguiled by the leftist social engineers.

    BNI…….This is my favorite Cronulla video ……. Aussie’s Fight Back

  15. Why does Allen Jones have to apologize to a non existing race?Islam is a political ideology- posing as a religion and is like other religions made up from many different cultures and races of people ,why would you call a catholic or a Buddist or Jehovah Witness a race ?

    Sheik Feiz Muhammad is an evil man and has a bad -aura surrounding him – who sproutes -hatred in the mosques and should be- deported why can -he refer to -us as kaffir’s?-which to a muslim means we are – -filth -dirt,-I suppose the meaning of low life scum bag would interpret the same when I would use that expression to describe -him-them.

    Kayser Trad -their auspicious spokesman -rumoured to have four -wives -and probably all claiming single women’s pensions–is full of –taqiyya.interpreted as -BS..

  16. I wonder when keysars mob are going to issue a fatwa calling for Alan Jones death. Will the pc mc left wing moral & cultural relativists actually wake up one day and smell the manure deposited by those suffering from perpetual offense and chronic victim hood. They make me sick, immature cry babies. Truth is the new hate speech in our ruined nation

  17. He should not apologize. He should make a stand.Let the establishment make the next move.Will they shoot him?If he refuses to budge they will be forced to take more Stalinist actions,let the people see the evil that rules them.This could be a fantastic lancing of a boil.

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