COLUMBUS, OHIO: Muslim crowd of 2,000 turns violent waiting to apply for subsidized apartments

Columbus Police were forced to spray Mace in order to subdue several unruly Muslims. The large crowd had gathered to sign up for a list to get themselves one of 200 government subsidized housing unts being offered at a northwest Columbus apartment complex.

10TV  (h/t winterspirit) Police said the crowd started to gather Friday night for the Saturday morning event at The Heritage apartment complex on Gatewood Road near Sunbury Road in northeast Columbus.

Residents in the area called police overnight and complained about the noise and number of cars in the neighborhood.

According to police, violence broke out when the manager of the complex started to set up for the event just before 7 a.m. Saturday morning. Several individuals were sprayed with Mace by police and treated at the scene by emergency crews.

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53 comments on “COLUMBUS, OHIO: Muslim crowd of 2,000 turns violent waiting to apply for subsidized apartments

  1. They destroy evidence of openly murdering Christians after brutally attacking their families and forcing Christians to denounce our faith in our savior, but with egyptian ancestory, internet censorship, control of the internet, a majority of the planet, and exposed ties of their religion embedded in the occult ( the Occult gave birth to religion and Christianity has NEVER been a religion thus why they delete any comments about this exposure, look at it from this perspectiv: “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” how do you cause a horse to go in one direction? With blinders right? How do you expect a ” religiously, deaf, dumb, mute, person to recognize evil if you are steering them in their direction?” that’s the hypnotic suggestive language of the occult, through tolerating such things, this is what we get but if you keep giving them control over ever aspect (especially over technology and communications) you will never get that ability back. maybe we never deserved it.

  2. Not even that long, they pre-make their bombs, or did that stench cause temporary amnesia? Besides, considering their closest ancestors (Ancient Egyptians “masters of mas torture and consipacers in all things offensive to God Almighty”) and the fact that religion such as what most of all arabic (not isreali) desendants came from (heavy involvement of the Occult) this just solidifies that we Bible thumpers were never “nuts”, you just needed the spiritual rose colored blinders taken off to see murder in it’s true form for the monster it really is and always has been, and yes it does stink. But since when has “Death” ever discriminated? All “death” needs to be carried out is a willing participant, and one full of anger is better than any.

  3. i doubt you will let my comment be shown because it goes against your hate, but even if you think Muslims are trash i still wouldn’t judge you until i know ur character, its how i was raised.

  4. i am shocked how people can hate one religion so much and think that they are better than someone because of what they believe. I served 4 years in the army two tours in Iraq and might be heading to Afghan… soon and i work with many ppl from different backgrounds and beliefs i am Muslim and i do not judge people for what they believe in but the content of their character. Sadly many us personal died overseas but many innocent natives died in their homes, which soldiers are now only speaking about. this site is pure hate. and you should get to know people before you label them all under one heading.

  5. My relatives live in Columbus Ohio. The Department of State brought in thousands of Somalis without the consensus or approval of the local populace. They set up special schools and gave Somalis free housing and services. It’s all part of United Nations Agenda 21 to promote social justice and open up borders. This plan will destroy individual rights and national sovereignty. Muslims practice stealth jihad. First wave of immigrants are usually law abiding and grateful. As they increase in numbers, they demand more accommodations, special rights such as halal meats, separate facilities for women, and finally Sharia law for everyone. It makes me angry how they showed no respect for the property owners and parked their vehicles in the front yards of homeowners. Why didn’t the police ticket them? Muslims have created “No Go” zones in Europe. That last thing American cities need are more ghettos like Detroit, Malmo, Luten, Birmingham and other others where Muslims have displaced working class locals and created slum areas.

      • It’s true the old divide and conquer games. The Politicians are now in secret meetings regarding amnesty. So far the Gov. has us the people thinking that only Mexicans are the illegal’s they neglected to tell us how many mohommedists of fighting age are to be included in the Amnesty program . MILLIONS!!! Guess where that’s going.

      • Yeah, put them in the Bible belt area so they can continue to burn churches? In America,? Damn, what an insane thing to do to put muslims, especially somali muslims in a white Christian area.
        I don’t know what it is going to take to get politicians in the west to stop this insanity.

  6. Our government is turning this country into a sh*hole.

    If you can stomach it…. check out Refugee Resettlement Watch at least once a month, It should be re-named “Savage Importation Watch”

  7. BNI, there are two large concentrations of Somalis in the US. The largest here in the Twin Cities. (lol..don’t tell me the Gov’t doesn’t have a sense of humor to relocate a desert people to Minnesota 😉 ) and the second is Columbus, OH. When they first started working at WalMart as cashiers…they would have to call a manager over to scan pork products. Walmart finally just stopped making them cashiers. They have been demanding prayer rooms and times at Tyson plants…footbaths…arrrrgh don’t get me started.

  8. I can bring up a load of pigs if you neighbors there wish to set their bloody dead bodies out near the location…I will pay for the gas to get there…You do the rest of the job, lol…

  9. One family unit for four Jidadist’s wives , assorted in-laws, out-laws, and forty children. Their hardship is: it’s not a tent, or cave! While all of us struggling taxpayers support these nasty freeloaders. WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

  10. You missed something, they all had cars and cell phones, and a lot of time to waste,
    meens they have welfare money and they want more benefits from the Kaffirs.
    Keep them coming America.
    Noticed how the women walk like ducks,

    • I wonder why they walk that way. I heard that if a mussie male sees a naked woman other than his wife he has to kill himself. Hmmmm, maybe we won’t need guns after all, just strip in front of them!

  11. I only live 90 miles away from this bull shit. Getting way too close, I believe. And, I think Columbus has the second largest concentration of Somali Muslims in this country. Only learned that recently. And now this. Of course, Minneapolis has the number one concentration. Somewhere around 100,000. Probably mostly in Tears Ellison’s district. I’ll bet this story doesn’t make the local media.

  12. this is a horrible state of affairs! with all the burkas how is anyone to know whos is who? 200 units 2000 showed up, with 20 to a unit that leaves half of the complex empty.

  13. wonder who was trampled????? americans????????if you look at europe, their sucking their welfare system will become a jihad factory…with american taxpayer footing the bill……..

  14. Is it safe to assume that Caliph Obama is going to increase the importation of more Somali muslims?

    America is going down the sewer fast. :-(

      • CAIR’s estimate of muslim % of US population may not be exaggerated after all. Some time ago I read on a post, perhaps yours, that San Diego County, CA had a lot of Somali muslims that Obama imported that had to be provided with welfare and other services at the local’s expense.

        I viewed a DVD by Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian Coptic Christian now an American. In the DVD Usama mentioned that no one talks about it but that Obama is bringing in scores of illegal aliens that are muslims, not Mexicans.

        Usama also said that Obamacare will import most of our doctors from muslim countries, who will in turn bring in their extended families to become US citizens. Our goose is cooked.

      • Obamacare will import most of our doctors from muslim countries

        Uncle, It will no longer be safe for us to go to a doctor. Apparently, that is the goal.

      • Actually, the vast majority of Somalis, Muslim AND Christian, came here during the Bush administration, but don’t let actual history get in the way of your lting about the scary black man in the White House.

  15. It wouldn’t matter what the reason so many muslims were there for. As soon as you put more than 3 muslims in one place, they think its a demonstration against the infidel. They’ll start rioting and burning flags, and claiming victim status. They can’t help themselves.

  16. Step back & look at the larger picture. Muslim-CAIR-MuslimBrotherhood-etal live by the koran & sharia law….which is NOT compatible to U.S. Constitution in any way. Their goal is to infiltrate & implement sharia law & overtake this country from ‘within’. That’s exactly what’s going on here….infiltrate. If you’re not aware of that, then you are totally uninformed, unaware of the dangers that are progressing here right now.

    Get informed:

  17. Don’t remember the media saying that these people were muslims, but after looking at the hijabs and lumpy looking women, guess they are nice peaceful Americans.
    Just gutless media.

  18. I smell CAIR and a lawsuit coming up. Undoubtedly, the victim card will be most useful in milking Uncle Sam for some money to forward to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The people involved in this fracas will be identified in the media as Muslims only when convenient for CAIR and cronies to make money off the unsuspecting public. Otherwise, it would be unethical to identify these VIOLENT CRIMINALS as Muslims.

  19. Glad I don’t live there, I can’t imagine what the neighborhood is going to be like six months down the road. Heeeeeeere they come, freeloaders. And Sharia law is supposed to be the law of their “god”? It would seem that God’s law would be perfect, they don’t seem to be living in a Godly way to me.

  20. These leaches say that the complex is DESIRABLE because it’s safe.
    Safe, what a joke!
    Residents say goodbye to your neighborhood. Prepare yourselves for break-ins, rape, filth and intimidation and your local police will have the power to do nothing.
    I feel very sorry for the good people that reside there.

    • I’m no fan of Islam nor do I trust Any Muslim, but I have to ask cheryl s:
      Why would the local police have the power to do nothing about rapes,break-ins,etc. The police clearly were able to do Something about the Muslims at this apartment complex!
      And not to be nit-picky, but how do you know the people residing at the complex are “good people”? The people who live in housing projects where I come from are definitely Not “Good People”…Just saying!

  21. They want to live there because the complex is “clean and safe”. How long will it remain that way if hordes of muslims move in?

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