DISGRACEFUL! Barred from engaging the Muslim savages, Israeli soldiers get stoned by Arab mob

Video has surfaced of a confrontation between IDF soldiers and a mob of rock-throwing Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank Arab-occupied Judea/Samaria.

Algemeiner (h/t Liz)  The incident took place outside the village of Kafr Qaddum and comes only days after a similar scene played out in Hebron. In the video the IDF soldiers  attempt to disperse a riot before retreating to their posts under a deluge of rocks and stones.

According to Israel’s Maariv three soldiers were injured in the incident, “two by stones, one with a fractured hand and the other in the face with a cut to his head. Another fighter was hurt when a stun grenade exploded and burned his hand. The injured soldiers were evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.”

A source in the IDF told The Algemeiner that soldiers must ask for approval before using force. “Every time you go out on a mission you breach the subject beforehand,” the source said. “Every scenario has its own procedure of how you can engage fire or what they’re going to do in specific scenarios.” The source continued.

If the expectation for that particular mission doesn’t go as expected, as was the case in that scene in the video, then the soldiers have no recourse but to retreat. “I was in the reserve two weeks ago and I heard over the radio that several soldiers were surrounded by a mob throwing rocks and they had to wait for permission to use rubber bullets,” the source said.

They are talking about Israeli civilians here

Ynet reports that many soldiers have complained of the vague rules of engagement.

For its part an IDF spokesperson for the soldiers’ unit released the following statement:“The incident depicted in the video is being investigated. The event took place during a violent and illegal riot in Qaddum – one of the most violent areas in the Judea and Samaria Sector.


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  1. ADHD
    Prophecy is on the march. The peace treaty is necessary to move this hellacious period of time forward so we may get through it. If no peace treaty we become stagnant in time and we start to loop and loop until prophecy moves ahead again. So let’s get it the over and done so we can enjoy life once more. Remember Jesus Christ had to fulfill prophecy before and during his Crucificition.
    Once the treaty is in place the Temple will be rebuilt.

    • It ought to be junked at the first possible opportunity, especially after Obama has promised those Egyptian would-be genocide Moslem-Brotherhood types TWENTY F-16 jet-fighters!!!!! If that isn’t an OPEN ACT OF HOSTILITY against Israel, then WHAT IS????

      The Israelis have got to tell Obama to “fuck off and die”!!!! After all, if he wants to in this way wage war against Israel, he has got to be called upon it!!!! If the American people can’t or won’t put him in his place, then Israel had better do so, whether via the Mossad or whichever other way!!!

      [As to those who think that one of the signs of the end-times being upon us requires Israel’s being occupied by the enemy: having the enemy people living in your midst and committing inimical acts – and getting away with them – SURELY MUST QUALIFY as such a sign!!!!]

    • LR, I wish Avigdor Lieberman was PM of Israel. They need someone like him (Russian) who knows how to deal with Muslim scum and isn’t afraid of offending the world with his get rid of the bums policies.

      • Hear hear!!! I sure hope that if Netanyahu won’t do the job, that Lieberman will take over and bare Israel’s teeth!!!

        People (especially if they’re civilians in the government – too many of those types are left-wingers!!!) who hamstring troops so they can’t defend themselves where they’re in imminent danger to life and limb ought to be punished to the same extent that the troops suffer!! If they get wounded permanently (e.g., losing an arm or an eye), let him (her) pay the same way!!! If somebody gets killed, let that one who gave such orders pay with his life likewise!!!!

        [If you find you can’t post the latter part of this message, Ms. BNI, I’ll fully understand.]

  2. If you can’t return fire, then FIRE the General who gave the orders NOT to return fire. Self defense is important. Having to run from an enemy is ridiculous! It makes cowards of men when they should stand their ground and shoot the assailants DEAD, or until they stop throwing rocks.(Dead is better) Then they will “think” about throwing rocks again.
    At least use tear gas and get the tanks in there.
    Then you can let them throw rocks at Tanks and then shoot them!!!
    What kind of country allows you to throw rocks at Officials of the Government and get away with ADW charges??? People die form rocks all the time.
    Mossad? What are you guys doing in between assignments???
    I’ll bet you Mosha Dayan wouldn’t have allowed this stuff to get out of hand?
    Benjamin? What in hell are you thinking???
    To hell with the World and their BS opinions, do what is right and do what you have to in order to protect.

    Why are IDF getting injured???
    Put the word out that violators will be shot for assaulting IDF forces or others.
    When it happens, they can’t complaint. If they do, so what. Too bad. Too late…

  3. The ROE are just as bad in Afghanistan as in Israel. The politicians think that you can hold a trial and make things better because we are people’s of Law. What a crock of shi#.

  4. they need a company of K-9 police to go out on patrol with them ! hard to throw a rock when you got a trained rock retriever bite en you on the ass

  5. The IDF now has new unmanned trucks to spot them but that won’t help.

    Solution: Mandatory training for IDF soldiers in ROCK throwing. Just like dart or knife throwing… Rocks are on the ground everywhere and cost nothing. Have loads of trucks go in and fill them up with all sizes of rocks. Trucks delivered in training areas.

    Soldiers are to spend one hour a day, every day, practicing with moving targets. They could also make it a family activity.

    Counter-attacking with rocks is one weapon the U.N. idiots will not be able to contest.

    • ok, but why cant israeli defense scientists & engineers come up with a multiple barrel rock launchers, just load them, aim them and remotely fire them, so that it rains rocks on those criminals heads. Maybe, even maybe, israelis can learn to hijack a missiles control & tracking system and re direct the missile back to where it was fired from, they have the God given brain and it”s been proved.

      • We know the Israelis are smatter. I say to train them in ‘rock throwing’ because of their image with the international community. It becomes a level playing field.

        When the palos throw them rocks, the rocks will land near the Israelis. All the Israelis have to do is to pick up the rocks and throw them back with great precision. All they need is to injure a few of them and the rest will run away like the cowards they are.

        Maybe I’m living in lalaland, but it seems to me that rock throwing is a skill that should be added to the IDF training.

        People always say the Israelis are over weaponized against the poor palos. No one anywhere will be able to claim : Ah! The poor palos.

  6. I’m outraged and disgusted that Defenders of the Free World, our people – IDF soldiers are FORCED by Islam-loving, Jew-hater Israeli leaders to SUBMIT to Islam and ALLOW themselves to be violently attacked and injured by infidel-hater Muslims – soldiers of Allah.

    In Britain, ruling elites ALLOW Muslim monsters to gang rape many THOUSANDS of non-Muslim British children:
    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape

    Despicable infidel-haters, Islam-lovers Western ruling elites:

    Israeli brothers and sisters, take to the streets in mass protests over Israeli leaders disgraceful surrenders-forcing IDF Defenders of the Free World to submit to violent Muslim attacks and injuries!

    Join and support British Freedom, Britain’s last great hope!


  7. This is what an evil man, a terrorist says:

    Over the weekend, Hamas marked its 25th anniversary with a gala event in Gaza City. In attendance was overall Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, who usually resides in Damascus. Speaking before hundreds of thousands of Gazans, Mashaal declared:

    “Palestine is our land and nation from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river, from the north to the south, and we will not cede even one inch of it.”

    The Hamas leader recently gave an interview to CNN in which Mashaal stated that he was ready to accept a Palestinian state in the pre-1967 borders. His words in Gaza this past weekend are further evidence that it is impossible to trust what Palestinian leaders say in English, and it is their pronouncements in Arabic that must be given greatest weight.

    Mashaal went on to insist that political, diplomatic and legal efforts to achieve control of the land must be coupled with violence. He explained that all non-violent methods are “senseless in the absence of resistance,” which is how the Palestinians define their acts of terrorism against Israelis.

    This is what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jaco, the God of Israel says:

    Genesis 15:18 In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

  8. Happy Hanukkah, unless you are an IDF soldier, fighting a politically correct war, (which Israel will never win) in your OWN country! Disgraceful, and b.s., at best.
    Where are those patriot holocaust survivors, who said “NEVER AGAIN”? Where, at least, is the memory of their voices? WTH?

  9. There is no excuse for enforced cowardice. The rule must be shoot to kill. Never give the enemy an advantage!!! No immunity, no impunity.

    For Chrissake, learn to communicate, Hebes!!! Is there a lawful or peaceful riot? When enemy forces attack you it is war, not a riot. Isdamn is war Get a Godblessed clue for Chrissake!!!

  10. And this video just made heros out of these scum showing Israeli soldiers running from rock throwers. The only language these bastards understand is force! A good volley of machingun fire and all those bastards lying dead on the ground would send a powerfull message to any future rioters and the hell with international criticism! Its Israel that must live with this menace not the western countries that will criticize her no matter what she does!

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