10 comments on ““From the river to the sea, Palestine will be…leveled?”

  1. Israel will have neither peace nor security until there are no living Muslims within rocket range. Ultimately, until there are no living Muslims on the face of the earth.

    Study NQ 7:167, 9:29 & 13:41 until you comprehend exactly why Muslims will never tolerate the existence of Israel. Then read Sahih Muslim 41.6985 ti discover the full depth, breadth. duration & intensity of the genocidal hatred which motivates Muslims to murder Jews.

    How do you negotiate or compromise with existential enmity? Only a damn fool pretends that it is possible.

  2. From the Muslim perspective, he IS a moderate; following the example of Mohammed is as moderate as a Muslim can get – only deviation from that model is considered expreme (and will not be tolerated). It’s all in perspective.

  3. Palestine was one big hell hole before the Jews arrived in the 1850s and turned it into a prosperous garden.

    The Mozzies want to turn it back into an Islamic hell hole.

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