So, what does a Pakistani Muslim do when a Black Muslim pushes a Korean man onto the NYC subway tracks?

You know the answer, he takes pictures. This NY Post Muslim freelance photographer doesn’t try to help the man, but takes pictures as the Korean is run over and killed by the oncoming subway train. Where are the ‘racist hate crime’ charges? The Muslim pusher has been charged with second degree murder, but the Muslim photographer gets a free pass.

Korean Victim Ki Suk Han

Huffington Post has finally confirmed what we guessed from the pusher’s name,  Naeem Davis, 31, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, says he is a devout Muslim who usually visits a mosque daily.

Muslim pusher Naeem Davis

The man who confessed to fatally pushing a straphanger onto the tracks of a Midtown subway station earlier last week said he didn’t mean to push him that hard. Ki Suk Han, a 58-year-old from Queens, N.Y., was hurled from the 49th Street station platform onto the tracks by Naeem Davis, around 12:30 p.m. Han was attempting to calm the man, apparently a panhandler, when a scuffle broke out, police say. The man then pushed Han onto the tracks.

 As Han struggled to get back onto the platform, commuters just stood and watched until a subway train hit and killed him.  New York Post Muslim photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, apparently had enough time to take pictures of the terrified man, but not enough compassion and selflessness to even attempt to pull him up out of harms way.

Muslim Photographer R.Umar Abbasi,

The image appeared on the front page of the New York Post  with the headline ‘Doomed’. The 58-year-old can be seen looking at the train with his arms outstretched he tries to heave himself out of its path.


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  1. I dont care who is the person muslim or no muslim christian or no jewish what ever who ever murders need punishment death or life in prison .that is in piece for the dead man.

  2. Sickening! I hear everyone on TV saying that it is too dangerous to help someone if the fall down there…looks to me like it would have been easy for someone to help pull him up as he was holding onto the platform NOT down in the tracks yet! THEY ARE ALL COWARDS!

  3. There’s a method of execution Pagans have for crimes like this, and it’s NOT quick, merciful or pleasant–for anyone. (kind of the point to ensure against misuse) It involves the condemned on their knees, legs folded, two hold the bound condemned so the head is arched back. A narrow bayonet-like blade is set at the hollow between where the collar bones meet at the throat and is then pushed down until the hilt touches skin, piercing the heart.
    It’s reserved for those who cannot be afforded continued existence and Banishment allows them to endanger others.
    Yes, it’s horrid…it’s supposed to be. And it is very appropriate for the muzzie slagwit that pushed the man onto the tracks.

  4. Pure evil exist doesn’t it. I of course despise Muslims as a whole and would want nothing more than to see them gone. But, the motgerfuckers who just stood and watched him die are also filth of the earth. They all should b lined up and shot for being worthless, heartless cowards. They apparently felt nothing therefore they should b nothing

  5. Next time you see a mohommedist in trouble as him his name and where he is from and take a few pictures to sell to the rags and then walk away. You are not required by law to help the demon people.

  6. Should have been a black on white hate crime. Followed with a 1st degree murder charge because the pusher did not try to help the man he pushed out of harms way – if his BS comment “I did not mean to push him that hard”

    Based on the shot and the speed these trains come into the station there is no way the photographer could have gotten to the Korean and pulled him off the tracks. I give the photographer a pass on this.

    Where were the other people who were just standing around watching.

  7. He is moderate,so he even is shaven! They do what Mohammed did!

    No state,infected by Mohammedanism, musn’t possess anykind of NBC weapon! Not Pakistan and not Iran!

  8. SICK ..or may be, he will donate the money to the widow……

    asked if he had sold the photograph, said he had “licensed it” but did not say to whom.
    Abbasi acknowledged that he had sold the photo to the Post, but said he had no control about its placement on the front page.

  9. Here in France, the photographer would also go to jail for NON assitance to someone in mortal danger. In America, look for him to get a raise and the pusher to get help from BO and HO!

  10. That is not the face of a man feeling a shred of remorse.

    Mozzies have no Golden Rule. ‘Killing the kufaar is a small matter to us.’ (hadith)

    Terrorizing the dirty kuffaar is a ‘good’ thing. ‘Turhibuuna’ (terrorize them)- Koran 8.60

    The ‘jihad beard’ is a tip-off…just so you know. Mozzies wear the weird beard (clipped moustache) so they can recognize one another in battle.

  11. Leave it to BNI. If there is a Muslim connection to a well known story, BNI will find it. Even here in Buffalo, NY this story has made headlines, including the photo controversy. Wow! I thought this was just a case of some crazy guy pushing someone on the tracks. Lo and behold, he is a follower of the “Religion of Peace!” And the photographer is also a follower of that same religion. I would have never thought.

    What is this now, Subway Jihad?

  12. the poor Korean man didn’t deserve what happened and the Muslim doesn’t look in the least remorseful because he knows he get 3 hots and a cot for a very long time. All on the dime of New York. he should have a very speedy trial and immediately deported in like less than a week

    • Not when he’s guilty of MURDER!!!! People who’re guilty of the following:
      – murder;
      – attempted murder;
      – rape;
      – grievous wounding

      These guilty of one or more ALL deserve EXECUTION, especially when they’re Moslems!!!! [With non-Moslems, THEN imprisonment for a long time MAY be fair punishment; but NOT with Moslems, given their hate of non-Moslems!!!]

      • And to boot that the Moslem was apparently a beggar (if I’ve understood the term “pan-handler” correctly)?!??

        Yes, this guy deserves execution within not more than ONE week of what should be a speedy trial!!! And as to the other Moslem who refused to help, he ought to have his photographs confiscated – and I hope he gets sued by the family of this poor Korean…

        Finally, those commuters on the platform who didn’t bother to try and help this poor victim ALL ought to feel guilty of being accomplices to murder before the fact – had somebody either pulled the guy or at the VERY least run to the end of the platform to pull the emergency lever to cut off the power to the third-rail or overhead wires (some subway systems – e.g., in Rome, Italy – use overhead catenary instead of a third rail), which would have quickly stopped the train…

  13. It’s never racism unless a white person is accused. Perhaps an American American would have stepped in and rescued the victim, may he rest in peace.

    • That’s not the face of a remorseful man and our wonderful western news networks only care about white on ethnic crime, I feel the rage silently build in me every time I read a news report like this.

  14. A Pakistani saving a Korean when there’s money to be made taken photos… as the desperate man called for help? Now if it was not a Korean, but a Koran… then he probably would have sprung into a desperate rescue attempt!

    • Yep, TNB; leaping on the tracks for a Koran would be a REAL test of the koranimal’s faith!!…..But a Korean, eh…..What muslime a–hole would really care about saving a REAL civilized human being?!!

    • He would have had to give it a bit more thought before murdering the man, thereby constituting “premeditation”. But what the —-?! He should be right at home with his black muslime bros. in prison; a PRIME location for proselityzing for the demented demonic worthless DEATH CULT of Pislam!!

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