So, what does a Pakistani Muslim do when a Black Muslim pushes a Korean man onto the NYC subway tracks?

You know the answer, he takes pictures. This NY Post Muslim freelance photographer doesn’t try to help the man, but takes pictures as the Korean is run over and killed by the oncoming subway train. Where are the ‘racist hate crime’ charges? The Muslim pusher has been charged with second degree murder, but the Muslim photographer gets a free pass.

Korean Victim Ki Suk Han

Huffington Post has finally confirmed what we guessed from the pusher’s name,  Naeem Davis, 31, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, says he is a devout Muslim who usually visits a mosque daily.

Muslim pusher Naeem Davis

The man who confessed to fatally pushing a straphanger onto the tracks of a Midtown subway station earlier last week said he didn’t mean to push him that hard. Ki Suk Han, a 58-year-old from Queens, N.Y., was hurled from the 49th Street station platform onto the tracks by Naeem Davis, around 12:30 p.m. Han was attempting to calm the man, apparently a panhandler, when a scuffle broke out, police say. The man then pushed Han onto the tracks.

 As Han struggled to get back onto the platform, commuters just stood and watched until a subway train hit and killed him.  New York Post Muslim photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, apparently had enough time to take pictures of the terrified man, but not enough compassion and selflessness to even attempt to pull him up out of harms way.

Muslim Photographer R.Umar Abbasi,

The image appeared on the front page of the New York Post  with the headline ‘Doomed’. The 58-year-old can be seen looking at the train with his arms outstretched he tries to heave himself out of its path.