WARNING! UK Muslim women are hiding their religion to get jobs

Which means employers now are going to have to investigate more carefully to make sure they are not hiring a stealth Muslim. Check out an applicant’s Facebook/Twitter accounts. Google their photo to see if they are using a different name from their birth name. Check out the people in the neighborhoods in which they live (Muslims tend to live together in Islamic ghettos).

Employers are wising up to the problems they could incur if they hire Muslims – demands for special religious accommodations, lawsuits over hijab/headbag wearing, other employees not wanting to work with them, etc. Muslim women were found to be twice as likely to be unemployed as white women of the same age and experience. 


UK Telegraph  A new report by the all-party committee on race and community found the rate of unemployment had remained stagnant over the last three decades, with women taking their own action to combat perceived discrimination. Some removed hijabs worn for religious reasons, while others attempted to sound more “English” by adapting their names, it is claimed.

The report suggested some employers believed Muslim women would stop working after having children, according to the Guardian newpaper. Many complained to researchers about being asked about their marital status and family plans during interviews.

Often they decided not to apply for jobs at all, fearing they faced insurmountable discrimination. It also claimed some employers’ attitudes towards applicants became less favourable when they realised women with European-sounding names were black Muslim.

Muslim women can work as police in the UK where they have specially designed hijab uniforms for them

The group of MPs and peers has now claimed a quarter of unemployed Pakistani, Bangladeshi women had not been offered jobs due to prejudice and discrimination. It argued the Government must take steps to improve equality in employment procedures and change its current “colour blind” approach.

Research by the group found a high unemployment rate among minority ethnic Muslim women of all ages. It states: “Pakistani and Bangladeshi women are particularly affected, with 20.5 per cent being unemployed compared to 6.8 per cent of white women, with 17.7 per cent of black women also being unemployed.

Muslim women can work as nurses in the UK where they provide specially-designed burqa uniforms (Scary for patients, however)

“Discrimination was found to be present at every stage of the recruitment process – when assessing applications, during interviews, at recruitment agencies and also in the workplace itself.

“Muslim women who wear the hijab/headbag reported discrimination and women of all three ethnic groups reported questions asked about intentions regarding marriage and children. “Other issues identified as barriers to employment include language issues, cultural attitudes towards women, qualifications and lack of social capital.”

The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.”

It concluded: “We believe that evidence shows that there are varied and complex barriers facing Pakistani and Bangladeshi women which are different from those facing white women or ethnic minority men.”

Labour MP David Lammy, who chairs the all-party group, told the newspaper it was “staggering” that women felt they must remove the hijab to get work. “All unemployment is tragic but we simply can no longer remain so casual about women that are simultaneously the victims of both sexism and racism when they are competing in the labour market,” he said. “It has massive implications for families and society as a whole.”

You can tell a lot about a potential applicant by her Facebook friends


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  1. I am a muslim nurse who gives excellent care to my patients. What is wrong with you people ? I love my patients and I love my job I do a much better job than most of my colleagues. What you should be worried about are the nurses who come to work drunk or on drugs the GOOD CHRISTIANS! yes why aren’t you worried about that those who go to church on Sunday and come to work drunk Monday through Saturday or drugged out of their minds I am the least of your worries trust me

      • The 45 Bonus Questions to Muslims- Can they answer?
        The outline below contains the very answers to the very questions Muhammad did not want his followers to know, namely that Islam is a sanitized version of ancient polytheistic moon worship which he invented to exercise military control.
        1. Does the Qur’an define the word “Allah”? No.
        2. Was the name “Allah” revealed for the first time in the Qur’an? No
        3. Does the Qur’an assume that its readers have already heard of “Allah”? Yes
        4. Should we look into pre-Islamic Arabian history to see who “Allah” was before Muhammad? Yes.
        5. According to Muslim tradition, was Muhammad born into a Christian family and tribe? No
        6. Was he born into a Jewish family or tribe? No
        7. What religion were his family and tribe? Pagans
        8. What was the name of his pagan father? Abdullah (Abd + Allah)
        9. Did Muhammad participate in the pagan ceremonies of Mecca? Yes
        10. Did the Arabs in pre-Islamic times worship 360 gods? Yes
        11. Did the pagans Arabs worship the sun, moon and the stars? Yes
        12. Did the Arabs built temples to the Moon-god? Yes
        13. Did different Arab tribes give the Moon-god different names/titles? Yes
        14. What were some of the names/titles? Sin, Hubul, Ilumquh, Al-ilah.
        15. Was the title “al-ilah” (the god) used of the Moon-god? Yes
        16. Was the word “Allah” derived from “al-ilah?” Yes
        17. Was the pagan “Allah” a high god in a pantheon of deities? Yes.
        18. Was he worshipped at the Kabah? Yes.
        19. Was Allah only one of many Meccan gods? Yes
        20. Did they place a statue of Hubul on top of the Kabah? Yes.
        21. At that time was Hubul considered the Moon-god? Yes.
        22. Was the Kabah thus the “house of the Moon-god”? Yes.
        23. Did the name “Allah” eventually replace that of Hubul as the name of the Moon god? Yes.
        24. Did they call the Kabah the “house of Allah”? Yes
        25. Did the pagans develop religious rites in connection with the worship of their gods? Yes.
        26. Did the pagans practice the Pilgrimage, the Fast of Ramadan, running around the Kabah seven times, kissing the black stone, shaving the head, animal sacrifices, running up and down two hills, throwing stones at the devil, snorting water in and out the nose, praying several times a day toward Mecca, giving alms, Friday prayers, etc.? Yes.
        27. Did Muhammad command his followers to participate in these pagan ceremonies while the pagans were still in control of Mecca? Yes (Yusuf Ali, fn. 214, pg. 78).
        28. Did Islam go on to adopt these pagan religious rites? Yes. (Yusuf Ali: fn. 223 pg. 80).
        29. Were al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat called “the daughters of Allah”? Yes.
        30. Did the Qur’an at one point tell Muslims to worship al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat? Yes. In Surah 53:19-20.
        31. Have those verses been “abrogated” out of the present Qur’an? Yes.
        32. What were they called? “The Satanic Verses.” Yes.
        33. Was the crescent moon an ancient pagan symbol of the Moon-god throughout the ancient world? Yes.
        34. Was it the religious symbol of the Moon-god in Arabia? Yes
        35. Were stars also used as pagan symbols of the daughers of Allah? Yes
        36. Did the Jews or the Christians of Arabia use the crescent moon with several stars next to it as symbols of their faith? No
        37. Did Islam adopt the pagan crescent moon and stars as it religious symbol? Yes.
        38. As Islam developed over the centuries, did it adopt pagan names, pagan ceremonies, pagan temples and pagan symbols? Yes
        39. Is it possible that most Muslims do not know the pagan sources of the symbols and rites of their own religion? Yes.
        40. Are they shocked to find out the true sources of their ceremonies and stories? Yes
        41. Can Islam be the religion of Abraham if it is derived from paganism? No
        42. What then is Islam? A modern version of one of the ancient fertility cults.
        43. Is the “Allah” of the Qur’an, the Christian God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? No
        44. Do the Jews say that the Muslim “Allah” is their God too? No
        45. Then whose god is Allah? Paganism

  2. Dear BNI readers:

    I was fascinated and horrified to see the pictures of the “British” police women wearing Islamadoodle headgear. The hijab itself on both women looks as if they could affect peripheral vision. Any law enforcement officer who has their field of vision obstructed is putting themselves and civilians in danger. Having one’s line of sight compromised can have bad consequences.

    Also, a hijab can be grabbed in a physical confrontation and change the dynamics of a “fight” with a criminal. This of course wouldn’t put officers at risk if they didn’t wear the mark of Islamadoodle women.

    I could care less if these traitors-in-waiting suffered the consequences of wearing a hijab on the job… it just wouldn’t be fair to to other British cops who were alongside them.

    BNI readers in the UK… how did this start with women law enforcement? Were muslim women allowed to initially wear just scarves? Which in theory could be worn without too much vision impairment. However, the de-evolving in wearing a full hijab happened when? Later, after muslim women joined the British police force or were they allowed it since the beginning?

    I’m also wondering how these Islamadoodle women function as professional police women? Since they already made a choice (and with the threat of possible lawsuits, I’m assuming) about their Islamic parasite accessory… they made a choice of not being professional from the beginning.

    I don’t want anyone to commit a crime by reporting a false one… but, what about going up to such women with any number of issues. Mention a loss of a personal item, needing directions (perhaps to something Jewish, Hindu, Christian, gay, etc), how would they react? What if this is done with a grocery package/sack filled with something made of pork or unopened alcohol? Wear a prominent star-of-david or gay/lesbian rights button while engaging Islamic cops… what would the result be?What about summer time, and a non-Islamic woman would be wearing a mini skirt or the man with his shirt open.

    Something tells me some of the BNI readers have already done this. “Baiting” cops is not a good idea; but I can’t help but think a non-muslim civilian going up to a muslim cop in the UK to ask for the most innocent request would be treated with nothing but contmept. Any of these encounters caught on video clips or Youtube?

      • Bonnie and Arjay, UK ruling elites and police have completely abdicated their duty to protect Brits by making Muslims, in fact, a large number of Muslims, police officers. It is unforgivable. It is evil. It is an act of great treason.

        Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

        Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

        During the Second World War, devout Muslim troops aided God-hater Hitler and his vile Nazis in hunting down and murdering Jews and other innocents. The Muslims were so cruel to their victims their barbarism shocked even the Nazis.

  3. Dear BNI readers:

    Sharia implemented in the work place can have dire consequences. First the comments from Joan, Linda and AussieHels- about Islamadoodles in the medical profession. If the Islamists insist on implementing sharia in a healthcare work place; then that Islamist needs to be fired.

    The image of the British Islamadoodle nurses who break sterile procedures because of sharia modesty… well, at the point those British clinics and hospitals that employ them need to scrap ANY antiseptic steps. Because letting sharia trump medical science… there is no reason then to continue procedures that have been rendered void by Islamadoodle nurses. If such a nurse breaks sterile protocol and then a non-muslim nurse comes in a few minutes later to do another aspect of care… then its too late, the patient is already exposed.

    When I worked in a medical/science field; if you blew the protocol- then it was something we could have been reprimanded for. Or lets visit my science classes as a student. In a lab setting, I and my “lab team” would be doing an experiment. If I followed procedures to sterilize tools to make cultures in a petri-dish and then pass off the lab kit, petri dish and bunsen burner to a classmate for “their turn” and they forget to swipe over a bunsen burner for the appropriate number of seconds or not to swipe at all…. GUESS WHAT. The experiment fails because of CONTAMINATION. Now, if students in basic science classes can understand this… WHY CAN’T MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IN THE UK “get it.”

    Sharia modesty accomodations for Islamadoodle nurses or high standards for medical care for British hospitals AND NON-MUSLIM nurses who know what their doing. This shouldn’t even be a choice. Also, this post of mine won’t even touch upon… what happens if other “modesty” issues arise? A nurse potentially every day could come in contact with procedures & other acts of “health care” which could bring them in contact with a man’s bare chest, a woman’s breasts, genitalia, a person’s backside, etc.

    Do British muslim nurses refuse to shave a man’s chest (who of course is not her husband) prior to surgery? STD exams mean taking a look below the belt. A man with severe burns from a fire or glass in his body from an accident… well, what? Would an Islamic nurse treat severe burns on a man’s buttocks? Or remove glass from the lower abdomen, groin or scrotum?

    What of a catheter being placed in a man’s penis or wiping the ass of man using a bedpan (or even having to give an enema to such a patient). Do British hospitals simply send in a non-muslim for these procedures?

    If this happens then this is a gross violation of professional ethics. One group of nurses (muslims) are being excused from providing needed patient care; while the non-muslims would be forced to do extra work.

    Does the modesty apply if its a woman patient? Would an Islamic nurse participate in a rape kit exam of sexual assualt victim (probably raped by a fellow muslim)? What of changing a bandage for a post-masectomy surgery patient?

    The not following “sterile procedures” with the sleeves, etc… what if the patient is immune compromised because they have AIDS or have a shut-down immune system due to chemo/radiation therapy for cancer patients? Are “sharia compliant” nurses who could pass pathogens exempt from working with patient’s whose immune systems are shot?

    If the clinic/hospital is inundated with flu patients… do they just have the Islamic nurses “do paperwork” during the influenza season? If not, then the hospital is putting the most vulnerable (children and the elderly) at risk. The flu can kill.

    The scenarios I mention (chest shaving, severe burns on the backside and imbedded glass in “the privates” all happened to men I know); do happen.

    Therefore, I would BE VERY INTERESTED in learning from any BNI readers from the UK or elsewhere; if they work in a medical field. Do Islamadoodle nurses get exemptions from providing medical care if its involves violations of “modesty” in other scenarios other than the “sharia sleeves?”

    What about the flu scenario? Whats the point of having modern health care facilities if you allow EMPLOYEES WHO PRACTICE 7th CENTURY MEDICINE. Whats next for British hospitals? Will the hospital pharmacists start dispensing camel urine for ills?

    • Arjay, These are very important points that you bring up. UK authorities MUST start to behave in a RESPONSIBLE and ethical manner and stop ALLOWING Muslims to do whatever they want including allowing Muslims to endanger lives. How many lives have already been lost because Muslims are allowed to do whatever they want by insane, Islam-adoring ruling elites?

  4. Careful Muslimes; some of us infidels are on to your BS!!….Just enough of us that in the long run you will go down….ALL THE WAY DOWN to the HELL you say is reserved for us infedels!! And, to any fellow infidels who own businesses, if you even think that MAYBE you’re dealing with muslimes DO NOT hire them; IF they don’t kill you first it is certain you will live to regret that hiring decision!!

  5. Dear BNI Readers:

    I have had the unfortunate experiences over the years to have Islamadoodles as co-workers and in positions of authority at my places of employment. Some of this was prior to 9/11 and in situations where the Islamadoodle population was very small or insignificant where I was during that time. It was still miserable.

    Post 9/11 so many places in the world have had Islamadoodle populations reach the “tipping point” where they have slithered out of the shadows and are making their moves on take overs of institutions, businesses, neighborhoods, towns, cities and even nations. For many parts of the West this is a “new” phenomena; but actually its a standard invasion procedure for these parasites during the last 1,400 years.Sadly,

    Bad scenes and some horrible encounters with Islamadoodles not connected to the work place made all my “self alarms” go bonkers when I came into contact with this cult in work places. While co-workers couldn’t “place their finger” on what was changing when they began working with Islamadoodles… they still knew something wasn’t quite right. Sadly, for myself I knew what was coming. Even if it wasn’t from my own past bad experiences… I had others away from my jobs who could tell me to be wary. Most notably was a West German who had been a room-mate of mine and relatives who had lived in Scandinavia. Every prediction they gave me about what to expect with working among Islamadoodles came true.

    After 9/11 I still ended up at times dealing with Islamadoodles in the work place and it was the same situations like in the ’80s and ’90s but many times worse. Keep in mind that whether it was pre or post 9/11; I personally (and the community around me) were dealing with very SMALL Islamic populations. Now imagine what it must be like in European cities where their populations may soon be the majority or here in the USA or Canada where enough Islamadoodles have colonized certain areas to be an “influential bloc.”

    I personally would do whatever I could NOT to hire muslims as ultimately; their goal is not to advance the products or services of a specific work environment; but to get whatever they can from the business/company without doing the work; to increase the number of fellow muslims at that workplace and the implementation of sharia.

    Personally, I know many Islamadoodles where the wife works and the husband does not. Hippocritical islam. Bellow against women’s rights and their place in the professions and thump one’s chest in a macho rant how “men are head of the families in Islam.” Yet it is their women who work to support the family and these “heads of households” men don’t support their own families.

    Of course if neither of them work it is the non-muslim supporting them the world over- Scandinavia, Israel, Canada, Australia and yes, the USA.

    So, if muslim women don’t get a job, it looks like welfare for the family. Which may be the lesser of the two evils. Employ them (Islamadoodle women) and they can use their cult to wreak havoc in a work place, business, shop, etc. Employ them and when an owner or manager tries to reign in their cult’s tentacles… you get hit with lawsuits, threats of discrimination complaints being filed, etc, etc. Then again if they are on welfare… look what happened in Ohio in the other BNI post about the riots for free housing.

    Welfare or allow them in the workplace to wreak havoc. Not much of a choice. Of course their is deportation, but that is even more unlikely- especially in the USA with an Islamadoodle presidentail administration.

  6. ”Other issues identified as barriers to employment include language issues, cultural attitudes towards women, qualifications and lack of social capital.”

    This is a joke yes?
    A women applies for the job: She doesn’t speak the language, has no qualifications, won’t talk to men and has no people skills.
    But claims she was not offered the job because she is muslim?

    • Jehova, there is more to it than England being a stupid country. As an honorary member of the EDL as well as a co-host on East Anglian’s EDL Radio Show, I could fill you in as to how it all transpired. Thanks.

  7. This is a sad day when an employer must hang around the apartment of a prospective employee and visit her FB to find out if he won’t be getting into trouble by hiring her.

    Personally, I refuse to deal with any women wearing the headbad that is synonymous with so much bloodshed.

  8. Remember many of Al Qaeda executive are surgeons, then check to see if your doctor has changed his/her name. In Canada, this is a real problem. My family doctor offered to check for me to see if specialists she refers me to have changed their names. The problem comes when you become vulnerable. When I had my pacemaker put in, nursing staff treated me so abusively that I became frightened and demanded to use the phone. They wouldn’t let me. Then I threw a bit of a fit and they then let me and I left a voice message for my internist that detailed what was going on. The nurse who was prepping me harassed me for my political views while she kept botching the IV, sticking it in a vein, then flicking it with her finger so it caused extensive bruising, and she kept doing that with several veins until I told her to stop, that I wanted someone else. Then out of the blue, they cancelled the surgery. When I followed up with my internist, he said I was not the only one who had complained and that in-patients complained of even worse abuses based on political/religious differences with Islam. Also, before I got my current internist, another one lied to me that I didn’t need to be followed because my heart was fine. When I asked him if the permanent damage to my heart that another internist said I had had healed, he said, “Oh, you saw another internist?” And when I said yes, he said, “Well, yes, you do have permanent heart damage … but you are a woman.” I ran a mile. Also, in Canada, when a pathologist analyses a sample, it no longer belongs to the patient but to the lab, many of which are owned by Arabs. You can’t get the sample and take it yourself to another lab for a second opinion done by a private pathologist without knowledge of the opinion of the first pathologist. The only thing you are allowed, by law, to do is to ask for a second opinion among the old boys Arab pathologists. You can’t even ensure it’s your own DNA. There have been quite a few complaints in the media about unnecessary surgeries, radical mastectomies included, that the surgeons aren’t disciplined for because they only cut on the recommendation of the pathologists. And of course, biological WMD aren’t restricted only to the middle east but are in use right here in the west to infect “infidels” with some pretty serious diseases, cancers like melanoma that can be injected under the skin during routine lab exams and infectious diseases that kill. It’s a real problem, this hiding of political interests in using the job to pursue jihad against infidels. In Canada, after the 9/11 attacks when I tried to contact RCMP with information about the attacks I thought might be useful, I was refused by call centre operators who were French-speaking North African Muslims who really gave me a hard time. (I ended up faxing it to the Whitehouse, to Tony Blair and to our pM Chretien too because I couldn’t get hold of anyone except CSIS took it seriously but then I was threatened so badly I got intimidated from continuing.) It is also a problem because this has been going on for a long time and many Islamic jihadists have good positions in government, banking, and other businesses where they can use their influence to really mess with those they consider infidels.

    • Blessed are you if you happen to know your nurses, doctors and dentists on a more than just professional level!! If you can look up to a friend who’s a surgeon – even if he may not have dealt with the very specific case you may have – ask him to do any surgery you might need. If he’s not a “liberal” (or, of course – and worst of all! – a Moslem!!!), you well may have better luck than what you, poor Ms. Abernethy, have had to deal with – when you know that he’s not one of those bad-guys, tell him the whole truth!!! That’s what I foresee having to do for my own part…

      I’m truly deeply distressed about your bad experiences, Ms. Abernethy, and hope that you can reach out to find better people than who you’ve so far have had to deal with. God Bless!!!

    • Joan, so sorry for your problems. Unfortunately, it’s not just the Muslims who can harm us medically, but also their NON-MUSLIM allies – anti-Israel-pro-Islam leftists. I have had problems with both.
      Joan, thank you for describing what happened to you because people need to know about this and be aware and on guard.

    • Joan, I would love to talk with you re. this. Do you have any links I could further research? Sounds terrible! Being a fellow Canadian, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Thanks.

    • Joan, thank you so very much for being such a brave, valiant freedom fighter!

      Bonnie, thank you so very much also for being such a brave, valiant freedom fighter!

  9. Because of religion-taught HATE for non-Muslims, how SAFE are non-Muslims when treated by EXTREMELY devout Muslim doctors and nurses?

    In an emergency, is it really safe to call the police if the police who respond are EXTREMELY devout Muslims who are dedicated to OBEYING the commands of the Quran:

    ISLAM: Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    ISLAM: Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    For 1,400 years, these commands in the Quran have been obeyed by devout Muslims. There has NEVER been a call by Muslim imams to stop obeying these commands.

      • you know the truth islam rules half the world and is spreading like a fire burning away all the sins and reverting non muslims into muslims. So good luck with that, because you deffo wil needed it…. no man will ever be born who can defeat islam, even the Antichrist the worlds black magic devil gets defeated by islam. islam is sooo powerful only for one reason because it is the only true religion and their is only one god allah who is the creatier of all mankind. So a man created by god can not defeat god its as simple.

        • 1) “Allah” is NOT God but SATAN masquerading as some “god”!!!! If allah were truly God, WHY does he need men to always do his bidding??? He NEVER does anything of and by himself!!!

          Again, “allah” is THE SATAN and Mohammed his Antichrist!!!!!

          2) Islam does NOT rule “half the world” except via filthy Arab (and especially Saudi) MONEY!!!! Take away that ACCURSED money and Islam wouldn’t have ANYTHING!!!! [In other words, if a few nukes were used upon the Arabo-Persian Gulf, in addition to Riyadh, Mecca and Medina (thereby eliminating Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Muscat and the Emirates – to which for good measure we could add Baghdad, Basrah, Bandar-Khomeini and a couple of others to boot), your EVIL wealth would collapse and you’d return to the DIRT-POVERTY you really are!!!!]

          3) Mohammedans comprise at maximum 1,500,000,000 out of 7,000,000,000 people – that’s just over 20% of humanity. [Likely the number is just ONE billion people, which would make it only 14% of Mankind.]

          4) Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere, you filthy GOOD-FOR-NOTHING MOHAMMEDANS!!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • @ Linda – I have in the past refused to see any Dr thats name sounds Arabic. That Dr may not be a Muzslime but hey, Id rather be safe than sorry. I purposely ask the medical centre who the other Drs are and any non Arabic names I choose (my Drs where I go now are Jewish and great Drs!). I dont ask directly is the Dr a Muzslime I just ask who the other Drs are and request one of them.

  10. Note the pic of the Muslim nurse. The Muslim has sleeves even covering her wrists. Muslim females are ALLOWED for the sole reason they are Muslim to break extremely vital rules of HYGIENE. Hospital hygiene requires medical personnel to wash their hands very well including the wrists. Muslim nurses PROTESTED the vitally important hygiene rules.

    Despicable, submissive-to-Islam hospitals and other places of medical practices rushed to OBEY the Muslim demands. Endangering Non-Muslim patients’ health and LIFE are considered irrelevant. OBEYING EVERY MUSLIM DEMAND AND DESIRE IS THE TOP PRIORITY.

      • Bonnie, I’m so glad you did an article on the Killer Muslim nurse outfit. With it’s dangerous, excessively long sleeves that cover half the hand, it is a KILLER. If tested for BACTERIA, the tests would reveal that inches of the ends of the sleeves are absolutely saturated with bacteria. Some of the bacteria would be very dangerous and very deadly.

        Devout Muslims wage many different forms of jihads against hated infidels.
        Rape jihad. Legal jihad. Stealth jihad, etc.

        This is BACTERIA JIHAD.

      • “…long sleeves were blamed for spreading bacteria, leading to superbug deaths.”

        Because anti-human rights UK ruling elite freedom-haters LOVE imperialist, totalitarian Islam, Muslims are allowed to spread disease, destruction and death to hated infidels with their KILLER Muslim nurse uniforms.

        Where are the Human Rights organizations to speak up for human rights for non-Muslims?

    • In that case, let the patiens refuse being treated by the muslim nurses. Avoid thier buisnesses, infact let them know we despise them.

  11. Labour MP David Lammy,… “It has massive implications for families and society as a whole.” End of quote. Islam has MASSIVE implications for NON-MUSLIM families and society:

    ”The mosque is vital for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslims in a non-Islamic society. Building a mosque in a non-Islamic society or country symbolizes Islam’s claim over that society or country, even with a non-Muslim majority.”- from the book “Islam the House I Left Behind”

    ISLAM: Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    ISLAM: Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    ISLAM: Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    In an act of terrible TREASON, Western ruling elites have colonized our countries, especially Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims – the soldiers of Allah.

    Protect our people! Save our countries!

    Deport all Muslim illegals, criminals, terrorists, phony refugees and phony asylum seekers!

  12. As an employer I would never ever hire a Muslime not even if they were the last applicant on earth. My company I hire who I want and I dont want muzzies anywhere near me

  13. Employers who wish to continue in that capacity must use discretion about who they hire for both expected loyalty and group cohesiveness. Those enjoined by their god to not take others as friends or helpers should expect similar treatment from those “others.”

  14. Always assume that every job applicant is a Muzzie; then do your due diligence. The old adage – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – really applies here. Make the wrong choice and you’ll be hounded with wall-to-wall Muzzie issues for a long time. There is NO Muzzies, repeat, no Muzzie, who is so critical that you must hire him/her for the job. In the first place most Muzzies are pretty dumb; rare is one that even has rudimentary skills. Meaning that you’d be able to find lots of non-Muzzies who could do the job and not bring in skads of really unwelcomed problems.

    Remember, assume every applicant is a Muzzie and then let them prove to you that they aren’t.

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