While the Arabs search for new ways to wipe out Jews, the Jews search for new ways to light Hanukkah Menorahs

Stunning…and clever. Just what you’d expect from a people who celebrate a holiday of miracles.

h/t Julia A

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13 comments on “While the Arabs search for new ways to wipe out Jews, the Jews search for new ways to light Hanukkah Menorahs

  1. i have great videos for you here in the shuik and from my home you will love them. i will put them up later but you can go to my facebook wall and see them too and share them. look for the picture of shmuel with the toys. its so funny. shalom for now.

  2. Use this technology to light a HUGE Menorah in the sky over mecca and watch the savages go mad! One for each night… Now THAT would be a fun 8 days!

  3. Those clever Jews! Leave it to all the Einsteins to figure a new way to light a menorah. But somehow, there just might be some practical value to building that machine to light the Chanukkah menorah. That robot looks like it could do other things. I was looking at that computer in the background. It took a lot of code to make that robot work.

    My mother, a fundamentalist Christian, always admired the resourcfulness of Jewish people. I admire them too. Even in my high school in Philadelphia, the majority of the winners of awards in the school, such as for academic achievement, scientific and other achievements had names like Feinstein, Edelmann, Stein, Feiner, Ben Levi…you get the idea! And many such individuals had multiple awards!

  4. Hey BNI readers- this WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! Israeli science students in their spare time make this deligthtful and fun contraption to celebrate one of the world’s oldest holidays commemorating life, freedom and the miraculous.

    What did Islamadoodles do during “their holiday” of Ramadan not so long ago? Lets see… beheadings, murder, child-rape, destroying Christian churches and Buddhist temples, persecuting pagan Africans, executing gays, outlawing music, sending rockets into Israel…. GEE WHIZ! Can anybody spot the difference between these two groups? As obvious as the answer is… the Obama administration, European governments, media outlets, etc… can’t spot the difference. No wonder the Islamadoodles are able to expand their murderous reach.

    However, the focus of this post for me is giving a cyber-space high five to the Jewish Israeli community. I got a big grin out of this little video. Whatever the future holds for these wonder kids and their inventions or discoveries… I am sure it will benefit all people.

    Finally, I noticed at the end of the clip… I got a glimpse of a traditional Hanukkah treat. I guess it was for the little Jewish robot that was created to light the menorah. The robot get its own JELLY DOUGHNUT! That is ABSOULTELY PRICELESS.

    For Miss Bonnie and the other Jewish BNI readers… HAPPY HANUKKAH!

  5. Very entertaining way of lighting your menorah, but as I am a traditionalist I will stick with LEDs and laser light effects for my Christmas tree. Happy Hanukkah to all friends of Israel.

  6. Mrs Pharaoh, thank you .

    I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”

  7. And the Arab’s actually believe they will destroy the Jews! Not going to happen, they are God’s chosen people and he will not desert them. I am thrilled as a Gentile to just be graphed into the nation of Israel.

  8. That’s brilliant, but what else would an intelligent person expect from some of the brightest (in every sense of the word) people on earth?

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