FRANCE, where the anti-Islam movement is ‘spreading like wildfire!’

Anti-Islam acts have increased by 42% compared to the first ten months of 2012, according to a provisional report of the Observatoire contre l’islamophobie. And newly-elected French president, Francois Hollande, has shown no desire to do anything about it.

Islam vs Europe  The actual number is likely much higher because it only records actions about which a criminal complaint has been filed or that have appeared in a logbook. In the front line: places of worship and cemeteries. In addition to insulting emails, tags and fire-raising attempts, several have been defiled with heads of pigs or excrement.

Hundreds of French patriots in Paris come out to protest against Islamization of their country, chanting the French anthem and saying that Islam has no place in the country.

“There has been a multiplication and a banalisation of desecrations”, denounces Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Conseil français du Culte musulman (CFCM) [French Council of the Muslim Religion]. The most striking action was the occupation, on 20 October, of the construction site of the Poitiers mosque by a far-right group. “For the first time, people sang warlike anti-Islam slogans openly,” stresses M. Moussaoui. We have reached a new level.” 

The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.

Dozens of young French activists from the group Generation Identittaire stormed the unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies that have made France home to Europe’s largest population of Muslims. 

Young French patriots against Islamization have formed Generation Identitaire, a movement that is spreading to other countries in Europe

Faced with these threats, at the beginning of October the CFCM demanded a “solemn declaration” from president François Hollande against the rise in Islamophobia. So far, he has remained silent.

Muslim protests against what they call “Islamophobia” are falling on deaf ears

Beyond actions that were clearly Islamophobic, “we have heard an uninhibited discourse, often negative towards Islam”, notes Franck Frégosi, director of research at CNRS and a specialist in Islam in Europe. For him, “what had been an attitude of the far right … is tending to spread like wildfire”. “Phobic sentiments” have been fed by various facts and a tense international context, he says, regretting that fact that some people make use of them “to say that Islam cannot be integrated into the Republic.”


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  1. The Terrifying Truth about Islam
    The existing threat in the UK and Warning of the conflict to come
    Muslim leaders and preachers proclaim the evil and fanatical idealogy of Islam which forms the core belief of muslim identity. They revile and preach hatred of Christians Jews and non believers who are called Kuffar. Islam is an extrremely dangerous, extremely violent, mysogynist idealogy. The Koran states: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” and “Maim and crucify the infidels”. Muslims reject and disdain western values of freedom and democracy, but cunningly use all the powers of democratic legitimacy to subvert western secular society. They demand the construction of more mosques, the subjugation and veiling of women (Life for most muslim women is a dystopian nightmare from which they cannot escape), cruel bestial and utterly barbaric female genital mutilation, (punishable by up to 14 years in prison under English Law, but few cases are brought before the courts) polygamy, forced marriages, often of children and minors, the prohibition of alcohol, the carnage of cruelty that is the barbaric halal slaughter of farm animals. Muslims hold beliefs advocating criminal justice that sanctions punishments perpetrating medieval savagery, including public beheading,hanging, amputation, stoning to death, flogging, muslims who convert to Christianity are sentenced to death. The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that Christians are being deliberately attacked because of their faith in parts of the muslim world and even martyred for their faith in large numbers. Millions of muslims live in Britain and many thousands of them support ‘jihad’ and the bloody atrocities and mass murder committed by their activists who call themselves ‘soldiers of allah’. An affront to the civilized world, the inscrutable malice of the evil Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi spawned the murderous monster ‘Islamic State’ and a terrorist army killing and torturing with merciless savagery across the Middle East and beyond. Let nobody be under any illusion spread by their preachers and propagandists that islam is ‘a religion of peace’, because anyone who dares to speak out against muslims risks being killed and butchered by their activists. British soldiers are frequently subjected to death threats. On Wednesday 22 May 2013, a day of infamy, the full force of muslim savagery found its target and willing perpetrators , two ‘soldiers of allah’ committed the brutal bloody murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby. There are currently an estimated 12,000 muslim fanatics in UK prisons at an annual cost of over £500 million, 100 of them are classified extremely dangerous. Due to the lax and lenient Criminal Justice System, many of them could be released early, free to carry out terrorist attacks to murder and maim potentially thousands of people. The British Government will have failed in its primary duty to maintain and protect the security of its citizens. Islamic idealogy is fundamentally opposed to the collective conscience of the majority of British people and sets muslims in direct conflict with the values of Western Civilization. Higher muslim birth rates will produce a majority muslim population in large parts of Britain by the year 2035. England is on course to become a muslim country before the end of the century. The supreme symbol of muslim dominance will be the conversion of Canterbury Cathedral into a mosque destroying over one thousand four hundred years of Christian Civilization and History. Muslim leaders will be exultant to repeat the historical precedent of 1453, when the leader of the Ottoman Turks, Sultan Memhed ll ordered the Hagia Sophia, the main church of Orthodox Christianity to be converted into a mosque, symbolising his conquest of Constantinople. Christian worshipers inside the church were slaughtered without mercy and the building was desecrated and looted. In future years internecine warfare will break out as increasing acts of muslim terrorism spread throughout the land. Their avowed objective of imposing a muslim caliphate in Britain by terrorising the non muslim population into submission to this malignant, vicious, evil creed will cause civil strife on an unprecedented scale.The battle for the defence of Judeo-Christian Civilization against muslim barbarism will continue a conflict which has lasted for centuries, except the battles to come will be fought on mainland Britain, for the enemy is within. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, Edmund Burke 18th century statesman, author and philosopher.

  2. Muslims don’t need to fear france or germany or the war mongering usa if they kick out all westerners out of the middle east and hand them their apeish puppets and establish their own caliphate. They do not need western democracy which only fucking hindus and chinese aspire. The western way of life is doomed to fail because it is built on quicksand. Inordinate love of money, sex and violence, peadophillia andhomosexuality are great for the godless west but tragic also. Science and technology obsession can be of no benefit to the west either if it is not coupled with humanity and charity for it can only lead to perdition through selfishnes and godlesness. BUT THE GENESIS OF INDUCTIVE AND DEDUCTIVE INTELLECT BEGAN BY THE REVELALATION AND GLOBAL BROADCAST OF THE QURAN SOMETING WHICH THE FOOLS AND MORONS CANNOT GRASP.

    • Great. Go ahead and Talibanize the world and engage in the dastardly acts of killing children & women. There was a world that existed before and without Islam. Now, this world has only 2 options – end of Islam or end of World. Decide yourselves!!

    • Mohammed had sex with 7 year old girl riz Muslims commit more fraud for money sell more drugs more convictions for under ge sex ie Muslims are the most corrupt in society if you don’t like the west go home
      We have peace hospitals schools and a good quality of life which Muslims are destroying in Pakistan you marry 12 year old girls beat women you talk crap your faith is false go home

    • Riz why would god go backwards after the bible?ie subdgation of women child sex fraud worshipping a rock why you attack the west bet you take the benefits go home
      No schools no hospitals no democracy no choice of faiths Islam is pure indoctrination and control not a faith of choice Islam will fall as it is a nazi faith

    • Why Islamists behave so irratically and murderous, is the fact, that according to a Danish psychologist, that Inbreeding over the last 1,400 years have caused mental disabilities and according to a Pakistani Islamic doctor, 800,000,000 out of 1.4 billion followers of Islam are illiterate (nearly 60 percent).
      With 1.4 billion believers, they have won just 9 Nobel Prizes (3 of those are Peace
      Prizes), while the Jews with just 14 million followers or just 1 percent of Muslims,
      won 129 Nobel Prizes. Those include the mobile phone and many medications, which Islamists, who hate Jews, still use.
      Islam hardly contributes anythin to the welfare of the world, while the Jews just wish to live in their own country, like all the Arabs do.
      If all people become aware of these facts, hopefully one day, Muslims will realise that the problem does not lie with the West, but with themselves, as they not only murder non-believers but also other Muslim sects.

    • Islam is built on ignorance and blind obedience. Also, if you want to talk about pedophilia and homosexuality, you guys are the ones that fuck little boys and hold hands, you guys are gayer than fuck, not that I dislike people because they are gay. I’m sure muslim countries like Saudi and UAE don’t know anything about greed, as 15000 indian laborers die building the next world cup stadium. But at least you were right about science and technology, because Islam definitely sucks at both, I literally don’t think an Islamic country has contributed anything valuable to the world, ever, besides maybe good flatbread, and honestly its not that good………Fools and Morons are illiterate, like 95 percent of all muslims, and since you can read, im guessing your a Mullah. Good for you Riz, suck an Israeli dick.

    • I have never in my 50 yrs on this planet seen cowards, godless chicken shit people as I see when I hear what Isis does day in and day out. Talk about morons. I can’t wait for the day we clear the earth of this disease. 21 virgins yea right where are they going to get them you scum bags screw 12 yr olds…sciencetology has alot in common with Islam. Only good Isis follower is a dead one. Piece of shit.

  3. I think the Koran should be banned as hate speech and any teaching of the Koran or practice of the Muslim religion should be a hate crime everywhere. As am American, I wake up every day hoping someone will come to power in my country who will do what is necessary and nuke Mecca, Median, and every other center of Muslim power. The Muslims of today are the worst threat we now face to a free and peaceful world. Their dunghill of a religion must be crushed.

      The Quran is God’s Final Testament to the world, and He has pledged to protect it from the slightest distortion (15:9). Thus, the Quran is surrounded by invisible forces that guard it and serve it (13:39, 41:42, 42:24).
      Unlike any other book, the Quran is taught by God (55:1-2); He teaches us what we need at the time we need it. This is why we read the Quran hundreds of times without getting bored. We can read a novel, for example, only once. But the Quran can be read an infinite number of times, and we derive new and valuable information from it every time. On the other hand, the insincere readers – those who read the Quran to find fault with it – are diverted from the Quran (7:146, 17:45, 18:57, 41:44). In fact, God’s invisible forces help them find the faults they seek. Since the Quran is perfect, such “faults” serve only to reveal the stupidity of God’s enemies.
      God uses His own attributes to describe the Quran; He calls the Quran ” `Azeem = Great” (15:87), “Hakeem = Full of wisdom” (36:2), “Majid = Glorious” (50:1), and “Karim = Honorable” (56:77). What can we say?
      Since the Quran is God’s message to all the people, regardless of their language, the Quran is accessible to the believers, regardless of their language (41:44). This explains a profound phenomenon: the believers who do not know Arabic know the Quran better than the Arabic speaking unbelievers. Because of the invisible forces serving the Quran, it is readily and enjoyably accessible to the sincere believers, and utterly inaccessible to the unbelievers (17:45, 18:57, 56:79).

      • God doesn’t really exist. Surely you understand that don’t you? It’s 2014. Man created the idea of god thousands of years ago to explain things that man was unable to understand at the time. god isn’t relevant in modern times. we have science, we have thousands of years of evolution. You’ve got to step into the modern world. Religion is just a tool to keep ignorant people poor, and in fear of living.

      • Junior, you are making quite a bit of errors when you post…perhaps you should edit your own work! (i.e. capitalization when you begin a sentence, fragmented sentence structure and there is no comma when used before ‘and’.)

      • Zee jay you are full of shit,like your pig profect and your so called holy do realize your Koran or crap as I would call full of missguided and false timelines and facts of when and how things really happened.why is it it talks freely of the one and only true profet,the son of God ,Jesus many times and only mentions the pig twice.let me ask you this when Jesus was laid to rest,did his body not assend to the heavens proven he is the true son?when they laid the pig in the ground what happened?nothing,no holy acts no open gates to heaven,no his body rotted in the ground like the true pig carcass he was.this was an man made idoligy for desert dwelling pigs and Cockaroches like your pigs!!!!!!

  4. deport all islamist and we all live in peace again.
    They came here for one thing. That thing is to take over and control us. so, fuck them off our lands.

    • ISLAM: is the perfect religion to give justification for those who feel under attack and to maintain the eternal “victim” fantasy. Islam is also “higher” than Christianity because it comes last in co-opting the revelations of Sinai and the New Testament. What a perfect receptacle for projecting hatred. Islam incites, encourages and permits hatred of the Jew and Jihad. It’s perfect for a fragile personality that has the need to hate and the need to have an enemy. There are billions of people out there who share those sentiments and that profile. As an underdog religion, Islam provides great mass appeal, which even Eric Hoffer, the author of the True Believer, noted in 1951. It should come as no surprise that its numbers are growing. If one has a grievance, Islam will take care of it.

      Some narrow minded say the key problems of why Muslims are not able to integrate into Western culture. What he doesn’t say, I shall name. We are dealing with nothing more than paranoia. Some stresses that the West must set boundaries because otherwise they will kill you. This kind of rage is malignant borderline behavior as in serial killing. We must come to understand such politically incorrect observations as somedoes in order to connect the dots concerning criminal Muslims even though it is brutal.

      Happy well-adjusted children do not become suicide bombers nor do they become criminals. Let us choose to know what we are dealing with rather than bury our heads in sand out of terror. Let us meet the challenge straight on as you have.. Need I say more?

  5. In Canada we just had an issue where a muslim refused to attend a university course project work group on religious grounds because there would be women. The university (York University, Toronto) upheld his rights. In the end he did attend the project work group but a precedent has now been set.

    There is rarely a day that goes by where I am told that my Canadian culture must accommodate incoming cultures. I have always been incredibly tolerant of all races, religions and cultures, but I have changed my mind since I am afraid to say “Merry Christmas” to someone at work for fear that I be penalized by management.

    • There can be 1 or 2% of this type of people who might refuse to say what you are trying to project other wise 98% do not refuse to attend a university course/college course or project on religious grounds that there would be women. I think your assessment and opinion is completely biased. I have been in the field of teaching for the last 30 years and more than 20 years in North America and I have not found such things what you have been trying to point out.

  6. That’s great news. Thumbs up for Frenchies.
    France seems to dwell in libelar thinking and neutral approach to humanity.
    I absolutely support that if you want to be a part of any movement or group, you MUST, not just should, do it in ypour private place.

    Muslims should have never been given the rights they have now.

  7. more fucked up conditions here in india, our corrupt political parties support those fanatics for minority votes. bloody 160 million mullas want minority status and different laws for them. dia all muslims in hell, this world is a better place without you all

    • it is in fact a phony religion they talk all about how the quran is inerrant in its wrtings i call bullshit. this allah thought mary was in the trinity. bullshit as hell

  8. That is Great France taken back there country,the men and women born in the 1960’s or before are a bunch of lousie no good pussy’s who gave there country away to the French enemy Moslems,Islam it does not belong in Europe so anytime you see a Moslem try and get them deported thrown out of France,France is European not Middle East FIFA LA FRANCE!! To Hell with Islam,Moslem Go To HELL!!!

    • why prevent muslims from commenting here? Is this site one of open debate, discussion, and understanding? Or is it a site that allows only one view point, and suggests those who believe otherwise are wrong and worthy of condemnation? I don’t support the current islamist mandate to tell every non-muslim that they should die, or convert, but I’m also not afraid to enter a discussion with a muslim, if for no other reason that to tell them that it’s 2014, and people should stop believing in these fairy tales.

  9. Message to the people of France. Please accept this hearty appology. Years ago I always regarded the French as, well, ‘wussies’ etc but of recent times I must say I have to take my hat off to them. They have at last shown the way. Of course there is still a way to go before our countries can be cleaned from this Islamic filth. What this really needs is coordination within our countries, communication, information gathering, using something muslims can never hope to have, inteligence. We should organise the irradication of mosques from our views as these are the Islamic ‘barracks’ if you like. What the media wont tell us, is, this is where all the terrorism plots are organised. It is up to us to start organising something, us, as in the European countries. I am frankly dissapointed with the German efforts, as one time, they were a force to be reconed with but now they are handing their country to filthy scumbAgs. An organisation needs to be put together because our governments wont do it, as they are just whimping cowards who dont actually live in the real world.

    I would like to know peoples thoughts on putting together an organisation of illiminating Islam.

    Viva La France!

    (I’m British by the way lol!)

    • :-) Well, while I can in no way speak on behalf of my compatriots, I for one accept your apology Chris.

      If it makes you feel any better, as you no doubt know, our “entente cordiale” hasn’t always been the friendliest on both sides, so we’re good. 😉

      Vive la France, and long live Britain (and the true nations).

      • Maurice, I don’t know where you are but wherever you are, open your eyes and ears for that we’re no longer just talking. Getting organized is not that difficult so if you still don’t know who/what to join and what to do, you need to wake up and get a move on.

    • Germany has a complex about perceived “persecution”. We all know why.

      I have been very impressed by the French effort, especially Generation Identitaire, who I always enjoy reading about. The Swedish effort has also been surprising, although that might be because Sweden is the furthest gone of all the countries. Sweden Democrats are extremely brave to put up with what they get daily, hatred, physical violence, etc.

      I am anxiously waiting for Geert Wilders to rebound after the recent defeat in the Netherlands. I’m buying a paper copy of his book to read over Christmas!

    • I think, if people are going to post comments on an online forum denouncing other people, that comment should be free of grammatical, and spelling errors. We should hold ourselves to an impeccably high standard. “Illiminating” is not a word. If you include “words” like that in your comment, people would be correct to question your intelligence.

  10. ouais ! nous sommes la generation identitaire , and we are hear (france) to stay and we will grow to protect our patrimony at all cost .

  11. “we have heard an uninhibited discourse, often negative towards Islam”

    Known in the west as free speech, so now it is official: it is ok to shoot children in the street, not ok to indulge in ‘uninhibited discourse’.

  12. They’ve reached a point where they can’t take it anymore. They just had to have people stand up and then everyone else is joining in – safety, power, and strength in numbers.

  13. Why do they have to hype this soi much ?

    The day jeehadi supporting & burkha wearing mooslimes start getting kicked out and citizenship and voting rights of all mooslimes recinded, that’s the day I’ll feel
    france is begning to save itself from sinking into becoming another mooslime cesspool.

    Why offer benefits and rights that mooslimes do not give to others in their country ?
    Even if they do , savages following this sick cult do no deserve any respect in
    any civilised society.

    If they want rights they need to denounce and renounce Islam or get out to their
    Islamic hell holes.

  14. the backlash against the “plague” of muslim Islam will only strenghten until europe one day soon will have had enough and not only turn on them but also turn on this nation because we have not once but twice elected this “SCUmBAG” muslim in the white house who “IS” complicite in setting the middle east on fire and it will come back to haunt this country !!!!! , biblical prophesy say so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Obama is the worst president we have ever known. I don’t care that he attended some temple which was supposedly a real church, he is not a Christian, he hates Israel, he loves the Brotherhood, and is trying to make the new caliphate a superpower by destroying America! Perhaps he is the 12th Imam, hoping to create an “Islamic paradise” read: hell.

      • And – if your train of thought be correct, “Nobama” – by wishing to become the 12th-Imam, he wants then to become the Mahdi (“Saviour”), which would raise the risk of him actually being the Antichrist many times over!!!

        In any case, his being BOTH a Communist FSB/KGB agent (please see AND a Moslem (given his blatantly pro-Moslem plus openly anti-Israeli and anti-Christian actions at every possible opportunity) truly raises his risk-assessment level FAR higher than anybody else currently known (though V.V. Pútjin is NOT excluded either – could the latter be the Second Beast that’s supposed to collude with the First, superior Beast?).

        Obama MUST be impeached at the first possible opportunity; and if he can’t, he still MUST be dealt with by hook or by crook (e.g., by the Israeli Mossad) by those who have the access, the means and whatever else is needed… It’s all too obvious that he’s betraying AND DESTROYING the entire USA left, right, centre, behind, above and below so constantly as to be FAR beyond rational impeachment and conviction!!!!

        • By the way (BTW), Ms. BNI, if you find you can’t post part or all of the above posting, I’ll understand…

  15. I had x’ed France off my map of non islamic countries but maybe, hopefully, I was wrong. They have a long battle and they still may loose but God in his heaven bless them for trying! Viva La France! Americans are with you!

    • Gr8 news France…..Islam has grown only because of our need for oil……the bloody Saudis are funding all the so called Islamists…..and screwing up the world……..If you think there is something called as moderate Islam……you are mistaken……moderate ones get close to you…….they are the spies……..moderate Muslims =extremists on the sly……..great post man…..kudos

  16. The French have always been a proud people, proud of their heritage and proud of their culture. And they don’t take to kindly to fascists of any sort telling them what to do. And they usually get the brunt of every invasion force. They took a beating by Imperial Germany in World War I, again by the Nazis in World War II. And they have, by far, the largest Muslim population in Europe outside of traditional Islamic Eurpean countries such as Albania and Turkey, and Russia. (Both Russia and Turkey straddle both Europe and Asia.) Apparently they are being invaded again, this time by stealth. And they are yet again taking a beating. But the French always seem to survive and fight back.

    I suppose many French are rethinking multiculturalism. While France and any country can have many ethnicities and many sub cultures, there can be only one prevalent culture, and if the French have anything to say about it, it won’t be Islamic, or Arabic, but French.

  17. For sure that the actual number is much higher, and I want these bastards and the world to make no mistake about that. It is rising and will keep rising, make no mistake about that too.

    Of course they’re not going to go report to police being beaten the crap of as a result of having either attacked or insulted those more than capable of showing them what a terrible mistake that was, take if from someone who is very well placed to know.

    So our message to them is:

    You come at us in the street? Insult us as we walk by? We catch you talking badly to/insulting our compatriots? You intimidate our shopkeepers in any way? We beat the crap out of you.

    We own a business? We won’t hire you. You dare try coming in rags in our shops and places of business? We won’t serve you. Nothing you can do about that; we hire and serve whom we please in our private businesses.

    You throw your obscurantism in our face by wearing your rags, and thinking you’ll be able to keep screaming discrimination when challenged? We tell you in no uncertain terms we no longer tolerate it, remind you you are in France and are welcome to get the hell out to one of the many obscurantist hellholes available to you.

    You try to play the card of “being French” thinking you’ll get your way? We laugh in your face and tell you in ways you cannot refute, why NO you are NOT, and NEVER will be.

    We no longer shop where they stock your obscurantist crap, and let management know it.

    Needless to say you can keep your contaminated meat, so we keep current database of who sells what and who kills what, and of course only buy OUR OWN products, especially porc, killed in our OWN humaine way.

    You try forcing YOUR ways onto OURS, persist in breaking OUR laws? We raise hell, act and scream louder that you, so that you understand in no uncertain terms how legitiamlly sick and tired of you we are, rigtfully hate you and will no longer put up with your crap; this is OUR country and will remain as such.

    The above is only the tip of the iceberg and we no longer care about the so-called politicians and medias for they are no better than you are, and are NOT us and do NOT represent US, which some wise asses ought to remember. So you want to scream discrimination this and phoby that, go cry to the very few associations that still may be giving a damn? Go ahead for we the people no longer give a crap, you pathetic, despicable unproductive and hypocryt buch of parasites. Be sure of one thing: you’re going to get what’s coming to you, and this sooner than you think, because you have no idea what we are capable of and have messed with the wrong people for way too long.

      • Socialists are rats. They know when to jump out of a sinking ship. Hollande would love to come out and do photo ops with some Burka bitches, but it would tarnish his reputation (what little of it he has left after what he’s done to the French economy in just a few months), and it would give Marine Le Pen ammo for the next election, which in my opinion, will be between her and Hollande.

        This is the left wing. They change with what’s cool if it will get them through an election. Remember when Democrats used to want abortion to be a last resort, now they want ME to pay for it for Sandra Fluke, along with her condoms! Sarkozy was the same. Saw public opinion shift, deported gypsies and cracked down of Muslims.

        We’ll know soon if Hollande will answer the call of the Jihadists, or remain silent for his own political benefit.

        • Nobama, from what I’ve read, the muslims, 95% of whom voted for him, are not happy. They expected him to revoke the burqa and street prayer bans as soon as he took office, which he has not. He also has not been very responsive to their constant whining and demands. If Hollande is afraid of Pen in the next election, that’s good for France.

      • Bonni, he is as and as much as he can get away with, for the simple reason that he knows, and has from the eve of the elections, who has put him where he is, and that’s not us. In the same way that it’s not you guys who have gone for another round of the WH’s traitor in chief, and I think you understand what I mean by that.

        There where numerous written pieces put out therein the public domain warning him of what would happen if he worked against us and harmed us and our country. He and his minions at first thought they could call our bluff, but as the rage grows, so is his awareness that bluff it sure wasn’t. Even the so-called media finds it almost impossible now to carry on with hiding what’s going on, as it’s all coming out as many are doing the job they’re not, which is telling it how it really is.

        The dice are thrown and as far as we are concerned, leftists and do-gooders and collabos aside, those who were too stupid enough to still vote for him despite our warnings that he’d be no different than the so-called right are learning the right way that we were right all along. Whether they keep moaning or get on with the program is their call, for we have no time for these idiots.

    • Yes, finally! Love France, favorite destination! Been getting a little worried the last few times I was there, but I’m coming back now! Always enjoy your posts Alain, most informative and such good news. VIVE LA FRANCE!

      • once can’t help but wonder how 400 years of European colonialism influenced the world we have today. I mean European countries really did to go to Africa, harvest resources to our hearts’ content, enslave the indigenous people, ship them all over the world to live a life of slavery and servitude, and once we had taken everything we needed, we left the continent in the hands of warlords, and religious zealots. We introduced them to guns, bombs, vehicles, modern weapons of all kinds. We basically went to a couple of continents, took everything we wanted from them, gave the people a reason to hate us, and the means with which to kill us. What did we expect?

  18. Yes shall we all migrate to France unlike out own cowardly UK indigenious majority whom do nothing but saw yes I know it is awful but what can we do. They are doing something about it so what a breath of fresh air and maybe just maybe France will be saved and they will all be kicked out, that what to takeover France and dominate France with Islam and Sharia.They think it is all ok to migrate then demand that they takeover and own section by section of each westen country bit by bit and convert it to Islam and install Sharia untill they cause a civil war.

  19. I wish I could get a sticker with that so I could put it on my window. We have almost 0 Muslims where i live, mostly Mormons. AZ

  20. Good for them!! They’ve had their fill, they KNOW what the ISLIIME PsOS do to a country! We should take a lesson NOW, before it’s too late! And it’s great to have a president who obviously agrees :) Let the ISLIMES cry all they want; they can LEAVE! Drive them OUT! 😉

  21. Moslems do their best to strike terror into the hearts of the dirty kafirs…then they complain that kafirs are afraid of Islam. Which is they want?

    I’m happy the French have decided that they want to remain French. Religious fascism is not a French value.

    Sharia law is incompatible with ‘liberté, égalité, fraternité’.

    It’s about time the French WOKE UP TO IT!

    “Allons, enfants de la patrie.”

  22. Woo-Hoo!!! Islam starting to bite the dust all around the West. There is NOTHING more repulsive than seeing a Muslim Brotherhood headscarf and hearing the words Islam or Muslim.

    May Islam burn in hell!!!

  23. I’m certainly not one to instigate violence, but I think that both America and France, along with her imitator Belgium, should tear down every damn minoret in the country and stop the audiophonic pollution of the Yabbeldy Oooooo, Gabbeldy Oohhhhh that isues from these phallic symbols via amplified noise. — Be a good start, wot?

      • They follow French websites such as Riposte Laique, FdeSouche, Poste de Veille & Observatoire de l’islamisation which are the four main French websites. They are all good (I visit them regularly also) and some of them pick up stories from BNI once in a while and translate them.

        Although BNI is much more politically incorrect and Bonni interacts more. Her postings are personalized which give a distinct flavor to the BNI website.

        Yes, they are the future of France.

  24. Yes ! France wake up already ! Now they know how danger Islam to their country ! If they still sleeping one day president will be Muslim. To destroy Islam must destroy Makkah first ! That will no peace as long Islam exist !

  25. BRAVO FRANCE. Late better than never. Europe seems to wake up and fight against this evil and dangerous Islam. Americans are not only still in deep sleep, but they embrace the Devil to the point of electing sadly very sadly RE-electing a Muslim to be the Commander-in-Chief of America. It can’t be worse. Hopefully, they learn from the PEOPLE of France.

  26. Yeah lets talk irony here, shall we, does anyone else outside of my historical knowledge understand the role the french played after the World War 2 by releasing, or as it is said allowing him to escape to egypt, a mutt by the name of Haj Muhhamad Anim Al-Husseini, a desiginated leader of the African Division of the SS, Balkans, the grand mufti of Jerusalem was assign his position by Nazi- Himmler directed by hitler as the one assigned to do as he shall/will of the jew problem?

    The french allowed this mutt husseini to escape to egypt (1946), after being sought for war crimes, and crimes against humanity ( by both the U.S. and British Gov. and the Yugoslavia) during his control of the SS division in the balkans, consisting entirely of muslims, coincidence anyone? where he continued to gain political prominence with the help of the brothers from their hood, islam, or the brotherhood under al-banna, the founder of the hood of islamist (1928). The rest is history, anyone wondering why it is stated in the good Christian book ( the bible) of the demise of the egyptians: they will fall under the sword, and they shall fight each other, their nation( divided, Christians-muslims political factions) shall fall, etc., etc., I believe this to be a direct connection (God’s punishment) of the demise of the egyptians and their cooperation of the french against God’s people-the jews, both being Jew haters. ( I shall bless those in support of Israel, and punish those against my people) The connection in regards to not placing husseini in the custody of the War Crimes Tribunal, instead allowing this mutt to escape to egypt, to further his battle against the Jewish people should not be dismissed by any as it proved to be a primer for the renewal and extention of the jihad, which was always in the front of all of this warring in the first place. It doesn’t matter how the leftist in their alliences with the french aided and abeited/ distorted, or remaking of the histiorical facts, all served one purpose, a restart of the jihad, world domination for the cause of satan, i.e. allah.

    Now the french are having a hissy over the very people they alleigned themselves with. Ideological brothers, socialist/communism, all because they allowed this infiltration of the brothers from their hood islam to render them nobody’s in their own Country. This gives a direct testiment to the saying” those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” or “stupid does as stupid goes” does it not? These people are too stupid to be terrorist themselves and instead imported them right into their own backyards, openly handing out the wealth of their fellow ( tax paying) citizens to these mutts and then appeasing them, crocodile effect, hoping themselves put under the sword last, wow, tak about payback bitches, you allowed you hatred for the jews, replaced it with your own demise, and you wonder why some, such as myself, have no pity for your self made perdicament. We are suppose to support, pray for these same people because of the actions of their Gov, who they voted for, support them agains the every people they are too stupid to understand got over them for their same ideological stances, in allowing this mess in the first place, yeah right, I don’t think so scooter, they deserve each other. In the off-chance, some have connected the dots of their historical depravity, I tip my hat to you and wish you the best of luck in your fight, for whatever your reasons. Birds of the same effect right before our very eyes. Wow, talk about irony, and stil some wonder, why do they hate us?

    Going GALT, anyone?

    • Ret. Marine, good comment and I agree with most of what you say. Broadly speaking however, what you’ve said about the French could be said about the English too, or the Swedes and Norwegians, Belgians and Germans and Dutch; all, it seems, can’t wait to give their countries away.

      I could perhaps try to understand this masochistic lunacy if they were handing their countries to a smarter people like the Jews; but the MUSLIMS? Not going out of my way to be nasty, I’m simply stating a fact, muslims are the very lowest of the human barrel; the most useless, dirty, lazy, devious, lying, murderous cretins on earth–sub humans.

      Going GALT anyone? Galt means ‘wrong’ in Norwegian, is that what you meant?

      • My entire point of this response what to make a reasonable arguement, the what if this happened type. The grand mufti, was the necessary vehicle for the brotherhods political upstart in egypt, if he had not been allowed to escape his true just deserve, their more then likely would never been a powerful brotherhood now in place in egypt. He escaped his justice against the Jews, the world and such, but, I suspect God has already had the last remarks. I know of all the other countries involved in the Jew Problem, today however, the concern of this matter is watching the alleignment of Israel’s Nations surrounding it, and the end result of which, both for the egyptians, Jordanian, North African’s, etc. etc., is their total destruction at the hands of the Father Almighty, we are waching history unfold before our very eyes. And to answer your last question, Yes, indeed, finally someone who’s paying attention to the details and getting it true meaning. It wasen’t lost on me the meaning of this statement. Good catch.

        Semper Fi.

      • IT IS TRUE, i cant stand to see my france invaded by these retards.. seriously try to talk with em.. they dont understand a fuck what you say, first because they dont speak french nor english, and second, because they are so fracking stupids, incults…
        A civil was is preparing and i can tell right now, that im going to learn how to use a gun and sign in a hunters association, because there is no other way you can have a weapon in france.. They did take our right to defend ourselves, we are absolutely and totaly difenceless in front of them.. trust me i was attacked in the streets a few times now, and guess what.. always them!!! FUCK THEM ALL there is no good muslim, the pretending good ones, are only practising taqqya make you believe they are good etc to try to convert you. They first do not talk bout religion and little by little talk more and more only saying the good and hiding the truth. (kill non believers, pro slavery shit etc)
        sry for the broken english!

    • i think you will find that almost all of the “winning” countries in WW2 dealt crooked hands in one way or another, her Braun springs to mind as does the little known Shirō Ishii of Ping Fan fame.
      the French are/were no worse or better.

    • Excellent, at least the next generation understands the magnitude of what is to come. As a Baby boomer, I wish this would happen here in the USA. The next generation needs to step up, most of my generation is lost.

    • I second that well done because They tell everyone their religion is about peace etc. but then they hold signs saying be head those who insult Islam, Islam will dominate the world, the beheading of that poor British solider,the 911 attack, destroying Buddhist and Christian churches, urinating on Christian and Jewish graves, they want to inject every part of their religion on you it’s ******* ridiculous “see the light with Islam” what light buddy you live in poverty living off welfare? **** Mohammed and **** Islam (peace my ass)

    • Considering Global warming it is imperative all western govts impose family palnning or limit of not more than 3 children for couple. This should also cover the muslim families . Otherwise soon muslims will outnumer every other religion and pose ig threat to freedom and civilisation.

      • Are you kidding me? Western population is already going down rapidly and you want to impose more laws to decrease it? Wake up. White people are becoming minority everywhere and need to have more children with democratic, scientific values. More children. Not less.

      • And to the moderator who said talking about global warming can get you banned.
        Why? I am strongly anti-Islam but I believe in global warming. There are probably many other things we disagree about – but why should that matter? Banning people for irrelevant disagreement in opinions will only do harm to our cause. I suggest you relax the moderation a little – it will let more people in.
        There is a large percentage of liberals who are strongly anti-Islam but may be turned off by sites like this (and the movement as a whole) because of hostility to any and all liberal ideas. We need all the support we can get and turning away a large chunk of potential allies is a bad idea, imo.

        Just an advice. I appreciate all the good work you do here.

        • Sameer, I don’t care that you believe in global warming, I just don’t want it discussed here because it is off topic.

          FYI: I’ve found for the most part, global warming advocates usually are against everything we stand for here. I’d like to believe that leftists/liberals don’t like this blog only because we are mainly on the right, but that is not usually the case. You, apparently, are one of the few exceptions, and we are glad to have you here. There are a few other self-proclaimed liberals who regularly comment here and we think they are great.

          Since I try to keep comment discussions on the topic of Islam, all those other issues rarely come up, yet most on the left avoid BNI like the plague. As far as religion goes, I don’t allow proselytizing discussions whether about a particular religion or no religion, which should please those on the left. Some global warming advocates seem to have religious fervor about it which is why they are banned here.

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