Good News from Tommy

Most of the trumped-up charges against Tommy Robinson  have been dropped. There are 3 more charges pending but also likely will be dropped. Tommy is a political prisoner because of his public condemnations of Islam. They are trying desperately to lock him up for a long time, but they have no case, so they are fabricating charges that do not hold water.


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  1. “I will not cease from mental fight; Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, ’till we have built Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land.”

  2. Sue the scum, Tom. Then call the press and get on talk shows and put the word out yourself. Upload a song about it to Youtube.

    Good boy, Tommy! Keep it up. Recruit your cellmates and guards and administrators … even the governor. Get them all on your (our) side! Then use the front to back down our enemies.

  3. Bonni, it was always better for some of us to ” remain under the radar” as we used to say…but G-d Bless Tommy and those who choose to inform others in a more outspoken manner!

  4. Tommy were all here for you bud you deserve lots of medals they might have tommy on lock down but the famous EDL will stay strong and vigilant against all the odds we are a people a force and one thats not going away !!!!! good luck tommy were all thinking of you and your in our thoughts hope your home soon

  5. Tommy Robinson must be doing something right as it is difficult to see why the British police are so hard on him and the EDL. Government policy is corrupt when they exert so much pressure on the police to treat a man that cares so much about England to be treated in thismanner. 70 years ago, Tommy would be a hero — A British Tommy fighting for his country and would have been given a medal

    • Are we really suprised at Cameron and co LIb dems and Labour when they are advocates of mutliculturism and allowing the takeover of the UK they are all lairs and we at their mercy!!! This is the real threat to this countrys indigenious.
      They keep banging on about them intergating when they know Islam does not allow this are they blind, deaf. and unable to speak the truth. Really they know but are just appearing to appease the indigenious knowing they will never do it. The fact is nither wants to intergrate with the other to far apart in culture. Islamist do not want to mix and refuse to.

      • The only way to integrate is to become a muslim because they arent going to so since they cannot makes mo’s gang integrate they are putting it on the indigenous population. Regress and become a savage or we’ll put you in jail I guess. The whole world is under seige. God bless Tommy and all good true Brits

  6. What impacts me mostly in this letter is the absolute corruption of the higher ups in the police force who are obviously under orders from the government to do all they can to take Tommy Robinson out of action! BUT the more they persecute him with these fabricated charges the more the general public will see that the government has a pro -islam agenda, that they will violate their countrymens basic human rights to acheive their goal of not only multiculturalism, but of Islamification. I believe that there will be a popular uprising of the people eventually, but also that blood will be shed, and it will be the islamists doing the shedding. These MARXISTS in government will one day be held accountable and their names will go down in infamy as traitors to the national interest and the British people.

  7. I have written to Prime Ministers in England before and I will do it again. Tommy Rodinson does not belong to be in jail. I feel terrible that Western Europe will not understand the damage they are doing to their counrty through islamization and letting their country be taken over by Muslims. Their wont be no help from Obamo either as a Muslim born President of the US. Obamo is giving a fift to Egypt and sending them 20 fighter planes to help wipng Israel off the map. We are getting closer to a religion war and that could be the only way to finish Islam. Good Luck Tommy

      • Cameron hates UKIP to and is willing to defy the Eu and the court of human rigths on prisoners voting , but not 29 million that may migrate to the UK in Dec 2013 form Bulgaria, Romania. and a part of Russia which the Labour party have signed us up for we are in deep trouble but Cameron will not veto this is he mad? We have bunch of tratiors in the houses of parliament and they are messing up day by day on this and remember everyone of them is rich enough to leave the sinking ship UK if they have to.

  8. I wonder if there is a kind hearted lawyer who could fight Tommys case for free? If I had the credentials I would do it gladly and make sure the purpertators got sued to the point of bankrupcy. What these bastards have done is disgusting and it should be them who should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe a dose of Sharia Law should be implicated, to show this idiots exactly what this babrbaric practice is!

    • I was wondering the same thing? They should check with a Jewish Law firm in the U.K that handles criminal and civil on contingency basis.

  9. I’m not surprised by CAIR, the group of terrorists who want to change our country as quickly as possible. The “liberal left” in this country would gladly accept Sharia law , based on Muslim Islamic religion rather than our own laws. Of course, the Democrats who support both the homosexual lifestyle, gay marriages might have a problem since homosexuals, under Sharia law are supposed to be put to death. And all the politicals who commit adultery would have to be stoned with rocks, not marijuana…the thieves would have to have their hands chopped off, a woman could not walk down the street without her husband’s permission. women who are raped have to have 3 male witnesses or she would be considered guilty and deserving of the death penalty. I think people in Michigan should know exactly what Sharia law entails.

    • Make that FOUR (4) male witnesses in fact: that’s how many a woman needs to prove rape and so clear herself from being killed as an “adulteress” or “prostitute”!!!

      Otherwise, I’m very glad that all but three of the charges against Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) have been dropped!!! Let’s see the remainder likewise thrown out of court – and that “Her Majesty’s Government” doesn’t take it into its head to have him jailed or even killed anyway as a “threat” to its “élite” status…. [I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past that “government”…]

  10. Wonderful news for hero freedom-fighter, Tommy! The ethical thing to do would be to release falsely imprisoned Tommy immediately.

    The authorities must be sued for their vicious libel and slander against human rights activist Tommy. And for bringing up false charges against him; false imprisonment; destroying his businesses, harassment of himself and family; unjust, illegal seizure of his assets and possessions, etc.

    Go Tommy, Go EDL ! God is with you!

    • Hi Linda I agree with you totally he needs to sue them to prevent them from doing this again and to get back his losses. I do hope he does this if we have to chip in to do this I and I am sure more will be willing to do so. Poor Tommy he has lost so much and still his Xmas cards by the sackful and a whip round for his children id needed maybe. :-)

  11. Tommy will go down in history as one of the greatest Englishmen that ever lived.
    I hope he finds a good lawyer and takes these bastards to the cleaners!

    • it would be good to see a good lawyer or two helping TOMMY pro-bono. he deserves help from all ENGLISHMEN , working class and the upper class. GO TOMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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