MEGA MOSQUES: An epidemic of mosque infestation in neighborhoods virtually devoid of Muslims

“The mosques are our barracks….” First we build the mosques, then we send in the troops/worshippers to establish our dominance in the community.

Stakelbeck on Terror examines the growing trend of mega-mosques across the West, including a report from Cologne, Germany, where the Islamist-led Turkish government is building what will be the largest mosque in Europe. Stakelbeck also talks with Gavin Boby, aka “The Mosquebuster.”

Why do Muslims really want to kill us, what drives them and how to fight back. Click here for details


22 comments on “MEGA MOSQUES: An epidemic of mosque infestation in neighborhoods virtually devoid of Muslims

  1. I’m not surprised that the UK has been Islamicized… When I lived there, they were (for the most part) a bunch of drunk wussies (Tommy and the EDL excluded!) but they allowed themselves to be disarmed and it keeps going down the toilet more and more!

  2. Any local government and the people that would allow this to happen has just signed their death warrent!!If people are so blind not to see the writting on the wall then they deserve what they get.It saddens me though that the rest of us that are very wise to there tactics have to suffer for there stupidity.

  3. Hey Asshole! You need to fund that shit yourself! Nobody is giving any funding to Christian schools. If you want fucking bilingual teachers then you pay for them YOURSELF. Tax dollars do not need to go to Muslim schools. BTW keep your Muslim kids away from my Christian kids.

  4. Tulsa is where my nightmare began- back in 1992. Yes this nonsense has been going on for at least 20 years. In Oklahoma City, where I lived with my ex, there were two mosques, one of which was African American and partially allied with Elijah Muhammed’s organization. Now there are at least 4, an Islamic school and another “community center”. Where is the money coming from? These mosques are very elaborate and recently arrived immigrants don’t have that sort of money.

  5. BNI, I believe after driving Islam permanently out of the West that we should get rid of every Muslim in jail and ship them all to the ‘Middle East.’ We don’t want to pay for their accomdation in our gaols.

  6. Friends, when we get rid of Islam we should not use the Mosques for anything. Every Mosque must be demolished; all the land they occupy should be converted to parkland; with the ugly reminders erased society can strengthen the spirit of freedom and humanity.

  7. These same Musllims who want to build these super monstrosities won’t send a dime to their starving brothers and sisters in Somalia and Ethiopia. They would rather build the mega mosque rather than help people. Some twisted priorities!
    And yet, they have a nerve to complain about their starving and poor persecuted brothers and sisters, even when they won’t lift a finger to help them.

  8. Muslim community needs Masajid for education and worship. Muslim community needs state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Bilingual Muslim childen need bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental period.

    • What STATE should fund The MUSLIM SCHOOL IFTIK? IF it is a MUSLIM school and you ONLY TEACH MUSLIM related STUFFFFF…Y should ANY AMERICAN NON-RELIGOUS(MUSLIM) ANYTHING GIVE $ !!!!!!!! Do what ALL MUSLIM COMMUNITIES DO….get it from stupid liberal JEWS and War Mongering Islamists! (sorry…I lost my cool)

    • “There is no place for a “non muslim child or teacher in a muslim school”. My oh my Iftikhar being racist are we? If we said there was no place for muslims in our schools you would race your stink hiny to hamas cair and whine and whine like a little girl and you that cretin Hooper would sue! We do not pay for Christian schools and we sure as hell are not gonna pay for your terrorist training camps you call schools. May You find God and convert before you die and burn in hell.

      • No way, no how, should we pay for Muslim schools or Mosques. The State doesn’t pay for Christian schools or Churches or Jewish schools or Synogouges. The Mosques and schools are used to teach terrorism and hatred toward non-Muslims. If our money goes to help build these, we are paying for our own destruction. Get Islam out of the West.

    • shame on you. you dont want to work for it, just that the other kufars have to pay for your treachery. Go back to your islamic shithole, you’ll get everything for free

  9. I like to look into the future and an important question comes up regarding the future of these mosques. Rather than burn them down or bulldoze them, what practical use could they be converted to after the Domestic Crusade which is inevitable.

      • Also, good places to be converted into churches, synagogues, temples, classical concert-halls and musea (museums)!!! [Of course, the minarets would need to be converted into bell-towers or demolished…]

        • However, it’s BEST to prevent their being built, period!!!

          They also can be used as quarries for building-materials for nicer and worthier buildings (as Rome’s Colosseum was – enough of its stone went to building churches and other buildings in that city)…

        • let’s see the ideas given already for the eyesores are good. apartment buildings is another idea. but the city councils that allow this need to be removed from office and of course the ground re-blessed

  10. Good Lord God of Mercy,these people are telling us : Get ready to defend yourselves we are coming to a neighborhood near you. Let’s all heed their warnings. ‘Cause I swear, I refuse to take their s**t.

    • I know precisely what you are talking about Teresa , from firsthand experience. I am now a retired Postal employee, but I used to deliver mail to one of the kinds of mosques referred to in the video. First the city officials were stupid enough to sell an empty elementary school building to the muslimes AND a few acres just south of the school as well; it is now a Muslime school. AFTER 9/11 the muslimes began pouring into the hood as old people who had been there for years moved out, and a Mosque, called an Islamic Society Center was built! This is the same mosque that is at the center of litigation because some dumbass dhimmi bureacrats in the local police department suspended a Christian Captain for two weeks, took him off his day shift job and put him on the midnight shift at another precinct!!THAT was over a year ago and the PsOS STILL have NOT restored the Captain who just did the RIGHT thing in refusing to go to the muzzies “law enforcement apppreciation day” AND NOT ordering the officers in his command to go! BTW I live OUTSIDE that city in a rural/suburban area where the people don’t care for muslimes and I highly doubt the maggots would be welcome here; we are nearly all also gun owning patriots, the kind our Muslime-in-Chief and the Manure Stream Media love to hate!!

      • I’m guessing Tulsa. My daughter went to U Tulsa and I will tell you the dahwa gang is working overtime on that campus. I think the people of Tulsa are the best people I ever met! They are targeting Tulsa because it is a “Bible Belt” community with many good and devout Christians. This is planned infiltration. Muslims are the living definition of evil.

        Ps in case you havent heard a fed judged ruled the Captain got the punishment he desrved and upheld what was done him. Christians are becoming an officially persecuted group as imam obama moves us more and more into becoming part of the caliphate. These are desperate times. Truly all we can do is defend our own when we are attacked and pray. It is in God’s hands now.

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