MICHIGAN: CAIR demands Gov. Rick Snyder veto legislation that would prohibit the use of foreign (sharia) law

A House bill to bar use of foreign law in Michigan doesn’t specifically mention the Islamic legal code ‘sharia’ but he bill’s supporters say they are concerned about the use of sharia law spreading. 


Detroit Free Press  Terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) issued a statement criticizing what it called an “anti-Islam bill” and urged that it be rejected. The group said it “is calling on all people of conscience to urge Gov. Snyder to veto the biased bill, which is among those that seek to impose government-sanctioned discrimination on followers of a minority faith.”

Understand how history repeats itself with today’s persecution of Christians in Islamic countries, click her for details.

At least 20 states have considered similar measures, and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed one into law in May. “It’s our hope that this bill doesn’t make it all the way to the governor,” Dawud Walid, CAIR thug, said. “But if it does, we sincerely hope that he will veto this bigoted bill.” Walid said that aside from undermining the rights and well-being of Muslims, the bill creates an atmosphere unfriendly to international investment and the immigration of people who can promote Michigan’s economic development.

Supporters have cited 50 appellate cases in 23 states that involve conflicts between sharia law and U.S. state laws, including foreign judgments on divorces and child custody that were allowed to stand. 


28 comments on “MICHIGAN: CAIR demands Gov. Rick Snyder veto legislation that would prohibit the use of foreign (sharia) law

  1. I didn’t patronize nothing in that muslim store. I wanted some aggravation from them and don’t you worry they got a mouthful and nothing to hide.

  2. the spilling of blood is the only way this shit is going to end !!!! , this country ‘s leaders have sold the american people out to these “scum” and they could give a shit about you ( just your money ) , and it is not just muslims! how many illegals are in this country ( invasion ) , and what does this invasion do to the standard of living !!!!! ( slavery ) , and americans do nothing but bitch about it !!! , fools all of you because you voted these “scumbags ” in !!!!!!!!

  3. The judges that are using our laws to implement Sharia need to be approached on a one to one basis to let them know we are not mohommedists. Get his name and see to it that the voters know also and demand a Juridical recall. Or incompetence hearing into his/hers ethics. Also hold this person responsible to the Constitution of the United States for Treason, Subversion and sabotage.

  4. This sort of law is very important to communicate to Islamists just exactly what to expect should they try to introduce shari’ah as a religious right that trumps constitutional law. Just dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, make it crystal.

  5. We have a muslim family in our town, they run a small store. Then I seen his wife only in the store, I asked her where is your Husband, she said he is at a ramadan feast. She said this is the end of our ramadam, we don’t eat only after sundown. I told her that you can’t wotk if you don;t eat and that I would never hire those kind of people. I told her that is is very stupid not to eat. The next day this husband wanted me to apologize that of course never happened.

  6. In Dearborn Mi. they live under the sharia law. We know Obamo is a muslim, if he was a real American he would have stopped the sharia law there but he should stop sharia law everywhere in the US. Sharia law means taking over our laws and taking over the country. We have to change our laws so that no muslim can come here only in American and Canadian attire. There should be no turbans, niqabs, hijabs or burka’s allowed in the America’s. Any muslim that does not agree should send back immediately.

  7. I AGREE WITH A NEW LAW. Case in point: we just had a case where a muslim guy banged his hand during ramadan. There was a tiny cut & a few drops of blood.

    The ‘idiot’ panicked because the loss of bodily fluids during ramadanadingdong is forbidden. Now this guy is a university professor. Whatever happened to brains?

    The idiot hadn’t eaten in 18 hrs and was weak/dizzy. He took his car to go to hospital and seriously injured a citizen on the way.

    Verdict: not guilty.

    Why: RAMADAN !!!

  8. So in review, sharia law allows;
    Paedophiles to have free reign,
    Men to beat their wives,
    Men to mutilate their wives and daughters,
    Men to murder their wives and daughters,
    Mothers to kill their children for not learning the Qu’ran fast enough,
    Muslims to teach racial hatred…
    And so on and so on…
    That all being truth…
    CAIR is, then, a promoter and enabler of all of the above!
    The solution is simple;
    Start an immediate deportation of foreign-born CAIR members!
    American-born CAIR members get electronic monitoring and court orders barring them from being within 1,000 feet of any school.

    Sadly, these meausres are too late!
    These people are already here!
    Stupid Americans buy their lottery tickets, gasoline, beer and cigarettes from them every day! We are funding their jihad against us!

    And as a nation, we are still asleep and unaware of the storm whose winds are rising!

    • Kenneth,
      of course Americans are asleep. we take our freedoms for granted and celebrities are more important. Schools and universities have been indoctrinating us for year on liberal and progressive stuff.
      as far as American born CAIR MEMBERS GO they should have microchip implants you know kinda like being lo-jacked.

    • You are so brain-filthed! You have got a Problem with the forever Law of the Covenant! I have no idea what state you leave your backyard garden it. Shariah Law is the Law even Jesus pbuh.followed and all the Past Prophet’s. You are just playing in to the Prophecies and going to be against the Massiah and on the side of the One-Eyed Dajjal.
      Islam preserves the dignity of the individual,the family,community,Government’s and the nation. If you think Men and Women do not have different roles to play in society then you are a fool! Who generally has the capability and patience to look after the kids and husband 24/7?Who raises the children if both work?
      All these cases you have mentioned are individuals or the culture of the people and no way has anything to do with Islam. Arabs do not circumcise the women.Only Africans do. Paedophiles to reign free? Lol! What Paedophile would ever dream to commit such an act in Arabia or the Muslim Lands. Muhammad pbuh.never had intercourse outside of marriage or participated in homosexual acts with young boys.He had wives and never had threesomes or foursomes or had sexual orgies that you devils like to participate inn.You are ignorant! Typical American!

    • Charles and all.
      Dawud Walid, CAIR thug, said. “But if it does, we sincerely hope that he will veto this bigoted bill.” Walid said that aside from undermining the rights and well-being of Muslims, the bill creates an atmosphere unfriendly to international investment and the immigration of people who can promote Michigan’s economic development.
      The US and and any country westen country can do with out their investment whom do they think that are the elite? They are trying any measure to blackmail and hold out the carrot in exchange for the Islamic takeover and installation of Sharia. They must think the US indigenious are stupid I am glad to see that they have that wrong and something is being done to put them in their place. Bravo the US. Keep up the good work.

  9. As you Muslims despise infidel freedom and HATE our laws where everyone has equality before the law, take your evil sharia and GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRIES!

  10. American law for Americans. Made by Americans to govern Americans.
    If you want to BE in America, obey her laws. No foriegn laws of any kind should be followed by American Courts. No other Courts may be established. If you don’t want to act and be like Americans, go back to where you came from. Dont try to bring your dung heaps to America. Discriminatory ? You’re damn right !We didn’t drag you to America. We allow you to stay here because we are trying to be fair. If you don’t like it, get the hell out NOW !

  11. Duh… somebody help me out here. What is “bigoted” about keeping clear, our constitution, and ensuring that foreign laws remain in foreign places?

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