“Please…Don’t pixelate my dick!”

Muslim Fundamentalist and French Nudist: I guess we could say it was as love at first ‘sight?’

H/T Alain


26 comments on ““Please…Don’t pixelate my dick!”

  1. Bwahahahahaha!!……Oh, we’re soooo sorry your dick got pixelated, but THIS DID appear on YouTube and they don’t allow demented dips to show all their body parts on YouTube!!………..What an assclown!!

  2. Get over it John. in the far p[ast I was refused coment by either the webmaster or the server for calling Hitlery Klingon a BITCH.
    That is not a vulgarism, it is true.
    Don’t forget that our host, aside from being a tell-it-like-is-person, is still a lady. I bow to her judgement and sensabilities.

    She’s the one that catches all the flack because of all the things we comment about the baby raping, acid throwing, little boy and farm animal molesting, female mutilating, rape victim stoning, honor killing, wife beating, Homo hanging, mutton molesting, inbred, hate preaching, Jew hating, always outraged, lying, terrorist sponsoring,ragheaded muslims. And bless her bones for doing it.

      • Commander Worf is much nicer looking and agreeable than comrade clinton. Disagreements in a forum haha lighten up at least we can pretty much post what we want about mudslime here without getting zomg you racist thrown at us, this site is much needed for us kaffir folks.

  3. Good one BNI you had me wondering there for a minute. This has to be a JOKE. The way muslims treat women they would not allow her to even be with him. I know this is just a spoof. Peace to all non-muslims who know this is just a sarcasm. And a nudist would not ask them to not pixelate anything.

  4. John, cool it, DUDE!! BNI is one of the most tolerant and fearless bloggers out there in cyberspace; and, as she says, “Her blog, her rules!” Deal with it like a grownup! But stick around for a lot of fun in the meantime. As one of the commenters pointed out, it’s a rewarding challenge to say something provocative and in-you-face without breaking the basic taboos BNI has laid down… Besides where else would you even SEE that rather risque video satire – pixelated or not?!?

  5. My comment wasn’t vulgar. It was said jokingly. No curse words or any innuendoes. What’s done is done so now I know my role and watch what I say.

    • John, it’s not good contemplating your navel so meticulously. Lighten up and don’t take the criticism like it was the end of the world.
      Seriously dude. We all love you but….we love Bonni more.

  6. Censorship through and through. I really liked this site because you didn’t pull no punches with the truth about Muslims so now I’ll not comment on anything because I hate being censored.

    • I can understand your resentment about censorship; however, please let me tell you that – provided you say things without being vulgar!! – you’ll be shocked how GREAT the freedom of expression here happens to be.

      Sometimes censorship is forced upon Ms. BNI because of how much freedom of expression is being encroached upon thanks to Obama, CAIR and the other Moslem groups, the FSB/KGB, Moslem individuals trying to cause trouble. PLEASE get above and beyond simple vulgarities: it’s very rewarding when one can say things in good language and still say them fully!!!

  7. So I guess you can have a video with a naked man and pictures of human beings mutilated and that’s considered OK but I mentioned the word dick and made a little joke without any curse words and that’s vulgar. Come on man that’s a little hypocritical don’t you think?

  8. Well, he probably doesn’t treat her like crap or beat her. But I would bring a practicing muslim into my home like I would bring a skunk that still has its scent glands intact!

  9. good to see you are back on there tracks ! did not expect the trail would get so hot this fast , now we got a frenchie in the mix least he stands out

  10. I had seen it a while ago in French. I remember thinking ‘how sad I can’t send it out to BNI’. Finally, English subtitles.

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