ST. LOUIS: Muslim Cabbie sues Taxi Commission for refusing to allow him to wear a dirty rag on his head

samp36b0bef662f09255-viANOTHER local Muslim cab driver is taking legal action after he says the Metropolitan Taxi Commission is violating his religious rights by not allowing him to wear religious attire on duty as part of a required uniform.

CBS  Claiming he was handcuffed, arrested and humiliated for wearing his Muslim clothing at Lambert Airport, a St. Louis cab driver is suing the Metropolitan Taxi Commission, the City of St. Louis and Whelan Security alleging religious discrimination.

raja-naeem1Raja Naeem (photo left) claims he was arrested for trespassing last Thursday, after being cited previously for violating the commission’s  dress code, which requires drivers to wear black pants and a white shirt. His attorney Drew Baebler says Naeem had been warned about returning the airport, “‘If you wear this again to the airport’ and he’s dropping off passengers, ‘you’ll be considered a trespasser and arrested.’ This time they arrested him and humiliated him by even taking off part of his religious garb (his kufi or  hat) and throwing it on the ground.” Baebler says Naeem applied for a religious waiver to the dress code, but was denied, “Who knows how it’s enforced because he’s done everything to comply with their request.” Baebler says that when the commission asked for a reference to confirm that Naeem’s request was legitimate, Naeem put down the ‘Prophet Muhammad,’ “But” he says, “that wasn’t good enough.”

The Commission’s General Counsel tells KMOX other Muslims have been granted exemptions so he’s not sure what happened in Naeem’s case. The suit seeks an injunction and monetary damages.

Naeem told reporters, “I want to practice my religion as well as I want to provide for my family.”   He says he believes his first amendment rights are being violated, “I don’t understand how you can justify somebody wearing his religious clothes getting arrested.”

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KSDK Raja Naeem says he and other Muslim drivers should be allowed to wear traditional Islamic attire without being in violation of existing codes by the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Commission. The rules state that drivers must wear a uniform that includes black slacks and a white shirt.

“They want to enforce codes that are against the constitution and most of the codes they have..about 90 percent are against the constitution,” said Naeem. He has filed a report with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Missouri Commission on human rights. His case is pending.

(Wanna get rid of the raghead cab drivers? Don’t get in their cabs. If you find you have a Muslim cab driver after you are already inside (don’t hesitate to ask if he is a Muslim, he will proudly tell you), pay the fare but don’t leave a tip)

St. Louis -- Taxi driver Nabeel Langrial, 23,  was fined for wearing his kufi - his religious hat - while on duty driving his taxi. The agent also wrote him up for not displaying a taxi license, for refusing to cooperate and for returning a cab to service without a reinspection. Ten months later, Langrial still views it as a violation of his religious freedom.

St. Louis — Taxi driver Nabeel Langrial, 23, was fined for wearing his kufi – his religious hat – while on duty driving his taxi. The agent also wrote him up for not displaying a taxi license, for refusing to cooperate and for returning a cab to service without a reinspection. Ten months later, Langrial still views it as a violation of his religious freedom.


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  1. Damn, I hope he isn’t breeding. How does one get that ugly at such a young age.?
    How long before women get raped in these muzzie cabs.

  2. Recent United Nation Resolutions/OIC to criminalize any speech that speaks the truth about Islam. is extremely disturbing. The film make in the Benghazi attack who was blamed and imprisoned , is only the tip of the iceberg , to what we can expect if Sharia Law is allowed to take root in this. it has taken root in Dear borne, Michigan.
    Those in power of our country are enemies of our Freedoms.

  3. Muslims are the ONLY people in non-Muslim countries who DEMAND to practice their religion-political system on the job. (Islam is a totalitarian POLITICAL system dressed up in religious clothing).

    Why is this allowed? It DISCRIMINATES against all other people. And it imposes sharia Islamic law in our non-Muslims countries. One law for highly FAVORED Muslims and another law for despised infidels.

  4. Muslims are so excited before leaving their Muslim countries. They know that terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR is already waiting for them to wage legal jihad on their behalf against hated infidels and make them LOTS of money and HUMILIATE infidels. And force despised infidels to OBEY Muslims.

    The plan is already in place before they leave their Muslim countries. They will get a job and wear religious clothing in violation of workplace rules. The workplace will object and then they will sue, sue, sue. They HATE infidels but LOVE hated infidel money.

  5. …also… if that guy in the photo -Nabeel Langrial – is REALLY 23, I’ll go jump…look at that beard! How did he get that at such a young age?? I dunno- he doesn’t look 23 to me….lol

  6. The first German Chancellor’s great grandson, Nalle Adenauer, took a taxi with two friends just lately. They had an argument with the driver about an open window. The driver kicked them out of the taxi after a few meters, shouting ” I f… your mother!”. He then said something in Arabic or Turkish to a few men. One of them came up to Adenauer and smashed his face thoroughly. The incident is of particular interest, as it was under chancellor Adenauer’s administration that the first Turks got work permits for Germany ( www. shows pictures).

  7. I might be sticking my head out here…(Just hope no muzzie chops it off..LOL)…but, IF they wear their silly hats and rags, they can be identified easily- so we can just walk past their cabs and ignore them..if they wear normal clothes, it is harder to identify them? Here in Sth Australia, it is hard to tell if it is a muslim, or a turk, or whatever…the only ones who wear head gear are the Indians, so its hard to tell what you are getting, so to speak,,,Filthy dogs….why do they all drive Cabs anyway?

    • @ Wendy we have same issue in Melbourne but I can tell which cabbies are Indians the Sikhs are easily to indentify. The Muzscum usually by their beards
      I was out lastnight and caught a cab home. In the line of cabs waiting at the Taxi Rank I walked past each cab to observe the drivers and was certain some of them were Muzslimes but found a cab with an Indian driver clean shaven nice looking
      fellow who is a student. Very polite. When I chose that cab I got a dirty look from one the suspected Muzslimes so I gave the turd the middle finger and laughed as we drove off :) I got home safely and gave the polite cabbie gentleman a $10 tip which he was thankful for.

      I try my best to boycott any business or service I suspect is run by Muzslimes. They will never get a cent from me if I can help it and I encourage others I know to do the same.

      BNI – as you have posted many times the headline – Another reason you should never hire a Muslim.

      • Yeah I try to do the same…some of them down here, don’t even have the beards!! You try to look for the ‘mono’ brow thing going on..the ‘caveman’ look if you will. Sikhs are easy to identify, so if I see one of my regulars, I’ll go with them…I also walk past ‘identifiable’ Muslim drivers. None of them help you with groceries or parcels, they let you put your own groceries in the back of the cab, and when you get home, they don’t help you either, they stay in the car with their hand out for their fare…I have been caught before though..I get in, we take off, he looks Italian (sorry guys), and then I see his name badge says Mohammed, certainly not Italian…I keep my hand on the door the whole time, and never tip them.

        Now though, I have number of an Aussie Cab driver, who lives local, who HATES what these muslim maggots have done to the Taxi business, and tells anyone who will listen just what he thinks about them…he is so cool…I just call his Cell phone, book him, and I know I am going to have a safe trip. If he cannot do it, he will arrange for another Aussie Taxi guy to pick me up. I will not get into a cab at night, alone, unless they are Australian or simialr. Can you guys do that in the States? Take a Cell/mobile phone number of a NON- Muslim Cab driver, that you can just call anytime if u need a cab? Much safer!

    • half the brains due to inbreeding, poor academic records, liers, deceivers, good criminals like muhammad and the civilized countries import these lazy, murderous scum hoping they will add to the work force. other than driving taxis, selling drugs, start gang wars, collecting protection money (jizya) they are good for nothing, useless to society, yet these barbarians think they are the highest breed of humanity.

  8. Taqiyah is a hat. Taqiyya is sacred lies for supremacism.

    Taqiyah is a short, rounded cap worn by some observant Muslim men. When worn by itself, the taqiyah can be any color. When worn under the keffiyah scarf, it is always white.

    A hadith in the books of Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi quotes Prophet Muhammad as saying, “The distinction between us and the polytheists is the turbans over our caps.”

    Muslims wear the taqiyah to emulate Muhammad. The companions of Muhammad were never seen without their heads being covered. In order to emulate their actions, some Muslims throughout the world wear a variety of taqiyat, fez hats, and other headgear.

    For men, it is mustahabb, which means ‘commendable’ or ‘seeking the love of God’, to cover the head during prayer.

    When they wear a taqiya, Mozzies are saying they worship a pedophile pirate as the ‘perfect man’ and want to act like him towards evil, dirty kufaar. Kufaar are on earth to be hated, exploited and used for target practice.

  9. Would you get into a cab with a neanderthal looking creep like that? we need to boycott these drivers, they are infesting our taxi cabs in Australia too,,

    • We should start telling them where to go with their bloody attitude. This is really ‘us and them’ they are showing that they are superior because they complain and we capitulate, this has to stop now!

  10. A reliable hadith tells Muslims that driving cabs is proper Islamic jihad. Mohammed himself was a cab driver who used to drive around Mecca never taking a break. He always had a Coke bottle with him into which he pissed when delivering passengers, then sold the contents telling Muslims that it had magical powers.

  11. Do not hire muslims. Do not use the services of muslims such as any business, taxi drivers, cashiers and so on. Just today, I was in a grocery line up and I had two choices, one use a muslim cashier or a regular cashier. Because I had no pork, I chose the regular cashier. If I had pork, I might have used the muslim cashier just to mess with them. Do not hire muslms. Do not use the services of muslims and so on. The solution is simple.

    • never accidently walk in on one of them when she is using a public restroom because they don’t bother to lock the door and there is only one toilet

  12. Why do these people always want exceptions for their “Religion”. What next? Suing the Taxi service because they won’t stop service for these idiots to pray 5 times a day. Stop hiring them and you have this crap to contend with.

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