Stupid French prosecutors ask EU Parliament to strip popular conservative leader Marine LePen of her immunity for saying Muslim street prayer is like the Nazi Occupation

TERSflagfrance_islam_burningvi-vi‘Dhimmi’ prosecutors in the French city of Lyon have requested that the European Parliament strip National Front leader Marine Le Pen of her immunity so she can be prosecuted for comparing Muslim prayers to the Nazi occupation.

INN  Justice ministry spokesman Pierre Rance told AFP the request was sent to European Parliament President Martin Schulz late last month.

French patriots in Paris come out to protest against Islamization of their country, chanting the French anthem and saying that Islam has no place in the country

French patriots in Paris come out to protest against Islamization of their country, chanting the French anthem and saying that Islam has no place in the country

The request was reportedly related to an ongoing judicial probe into remarks made by Le Pen in a speech to supporters of her Front National party in December 2010, during with she denounced public Islamic prayers on the streets of France. “For those who like to talk about World War II, to talk about occupation, we could talk bout, for once, the occupation of our territory,” she said. “This is an occupation of parts of our territory… There are no armored vehicles, no soldiers, but it is an occupation all the same and it weighs on people.”

The National Front's Marine Le Pen advocates taking France out of the euro, tightening borders against Muslim immigration and pulling away from European treaties.

The National Front’s Marine Le Pen advocates taking France out of the euro, tightening borders against Muslim immigration and pulling away from European treaties.

Prosecutors in Lyon, where the speech took place, opened an investigation into the remarks for “inciting racial hatred” in January 2011 following a complaint from an anti-racism group.

Like with many national parliaments, members of the European Parliament enjoy immunity from criminal and civil liability for opinions expressed as part of their duties, unless the chamber votes to lift the immunity.


Le Pen took over the Front National from her father, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, after the parliament voted in 1998 to revoke his immunity over his declaration that the Holocaust was a “detail” of history. He was later convicted of trivializing the Holocaust.

Marine Le Pen, who was first elected to the European Parliament in 2004, won 18 percent of the vote in the first round of France’s presidential election in April.

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28 comments on “Stupid French prosecutors ask EU Parliament to strip popular conservative leader Marine LePen of her immunity for saying Muslim street prayer is like the Nazi Occupation

  1. The reply button for your post is awol!! Don’t worry Bonni, this is no setback believe me, and you will hear much more stories, because WE are hellbent on keeping at it, because this is as good as war being on its way. We have had enough, we are fed up, we hate them and they know it, and I won’t put here what we’ll be coming there way, but you have a fair idea.

    • Good luck and I truely mean that. There comes a time and place for everything, as the saying goes, it might just be the time, and you are in the place to make the difference if only millions of other are on the same page, like I said good luck, keep up the good fight and expose the evil among yours and by “all means” put it down with extreme prejudice.

      Semper FI

  2. Le Pen is right, of course. She is merely using the correct words. The correct word to describe the stopping of traffick and blocking of entry to private residences and business every Friday at 1 pm is “occupation”. So, Taubira is seeking to censure Pen for using language correctly. If not everyone to whom she appeals at the EU is illiterate, there is no way she can succeed. That may be asking too much, I know.

  3. You have to know and understand who has been pushing for this; the Ministry of justice. You have to know of the double-standards, hypocrisy and vileness of these people, and especially that of the woman in charge of the MoJ; Christine Taubira. She’s on the radical side of left -you only have to look at her political pedigree to see how far left, was, was sentenced in 2004 for unfair dismissal, breach of contract, and to pay 5300 euros for having exploited a former employee after the former employee exploited. And if you want to laugh, keep in mind that thsi sorry excuse for a president, Hollande, claimed he wouldn’t have any condemned/sentenced ministers in his government. Oh really? We’ve stopped counting how many were! ,

    But get this because this is the important and disturbing part:

    Keep in mind that Taubira is a women who screams her head off about and against French patriotism and national preference, because to her it’s racial hatred and phobia this and that. But she sure as hell had no problem whatsoever openly campaigning for parties wanting independence and national preference for…. her native Guyana. And in passing, she also had no problems supporting violent organizations. She will not hear of African and Arab countries having responsibilities in slave trades, because you mustn’t stigmatize huh, but she would have US bear all the blame? I don’t think so, because we’ve been making a point of spelling out for her and reminding her the responsibilities also heavily lies on those she would like to protect at all costs.

    This is one of the reasons why she is so despised and denounced, not by the medias but us, she is one of those who has very little respect/love for France, and is going out of way to endanger police, military and civilians alike. Anyone who cares to look at her “performance” so far at Justice, go ahead it’s all out there in the public domain.

    She makes us sick. She probably will make you sick too.

      • Legally, they don’t have much of a leg to stand on in prosecuting her for what she said. Her immunity being lifted however will depend on how many collabos/traitors/dhimmis seat on that to be weary of the European parliament.

        But let’s get one thing straight here: she was ABSOLUTELY right in what she said, and in that, you can be sure that WE -true French- ALL agree. What’s so laughable about all this is that soooooo many of us have been saying practically the same thing. So they want to come for us too? I swear, all these bastards are collabos, and what all the stupid idiots should remember is that the left was the biggest collaborator during WW2, and that’s another truth they don’t want to hear!

  4. Le Pen is right. It is the Nazi Occupation.

    ‘In his Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote the following: “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” Hitler believed that his Aryan race had the birth right to rule the world and that it was their mission to exterminate the Jews and other inferior races. Global dominance through the propaganda of “hate” was the ultimate goal of the Nazis. They pointed to the Jews as the enemies of the Aryan race.

    In the Qur’an, prophet Muhammad preaches submission. In Qur’an 9:88, it is stated: “The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah’s Cause.” This verse simply preaches the virtue of unconditional submission- that every believer must live and sacrifice his/her life for the sake of Allah. That it is a believer’s duty to fulfill and obey all the commandments of Allah and his messenger.’

    See the Jihad Yes We Can! picture. Who does that remind us of, class?

  5. Friday prayers are held at 1 pm, the proof all those parasites are on welfare.
    If French had balls,they would spray pork lard on the pavement.

  6. Le Pen is punished for telling the truth about Islam. Muslims are the ones who are GUILTY of breaking the law deliberately blocking streets in an insolent declaration of conquest of France. Cars are blocked. Homeowners are prevented from leaving or getting to their homes. Shoppers prevented from shopping. Businesses lose business. It is an Islamic vicious act of hostility and hate against the French people.

    Instead of punishing Muslims for religious hate against the indigenous French, despicable French ruling elite traitors seek to punish the victims of Islam.

    • Please don’t hold it against merely the “French ruling élite”: it’s the “élitists” of virtually EVERY SINGLE WESTERN COUNTRY!!!

      Be it France, the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, &c.: they are ALL THE SAME!!!

      It’s such a tragedy that higher and even middle (nay, even lower!!!) education in the whole West has nurtured the TRAITORS that are now governing us!!!! If the rest of us manage to overrule the “élite” (they’ll subdue us via martial law, sooner or later – unless the police and armed-forces turn against them too!!!!), there will be a HUGE portion of those people – in addition to the Moslems – who’ll need to pay most severely!!!! [Nothing can be left off the table then, including CAPITAL punishment, exile to Communist or Moslem countries, life-imprisonment ideally in hard-labour camps!!!! The crimes they’ve most definitely done comprise HIGH-TREASON, SEDITION, FRAUD, MURDER &c.!!!!!

      • ADHD, I couldn’t agree with you more.
        The Westernized countries have been zombified. They don’t care that they are giving away their countries to lunatic barbarians who live, eat and drink death, violence and chaos.
        What we are witnessing is western civilization in its final death throes.
        The re-election of the emperor, caligula on Nov. 6 cemented the fate of this country and the world.

        • Thank you, “cheryl s.”!

          In my honest opinion, THIS is one way Hollande is trying to prove his socialism and true colours (which have always been and are there) – his not being able to be what he wants thanks to the rising anti-Moslem backlash in France (THANK GOD for it!!!!!) no doubt has him all the more ready to try to attack whom and where he can.

          [No doubt our colleague Alain can tell us more – let’s please invite him for his input on this situation!!! Monsieur Alain, s’il vous plaît, ici on vous attende!! Merci en avance!!!]

    • Don’t worry Linda, we stand by and behind her, and anyone who tells the truth about that death cult. And because many are so vocal -and I for one have absolutely no problem being as vocal as can be, more and more now dare to speak up. The what comes around goes around is all so true here, because they may hate us, but we sure as hell are repaying them a thousand folds. And we don’t give a rat’s ass about the CAIRS &co of this world, because in the end, this is it now, endgame’s in sight and WE have the truth on our side.

  7. why is it lately that the majority of the people who stand up in the governments of western nations are female ! , have the men all turned into pussies !!!!!!! ( just a question ! )

      • Why do men always ask questions like this? Get over yourselves, geez. Women and men are fighting this Islamic cancer together…WHO CARES if she is a woman or a man or an IT?! We’re all in this together!!!

        • Spartacus, Guy, neither of you have any real idea of what is happening outside of your perview, not al all. Lately the women are the only ones, men have you turned into pussies, WTF, are you two talking about. Has the thought ever occured to either of you, it is not the loud and voiceterous voices one worries of, it’s the silent ones, you’d better pay attention to, concept?
          Just because most prefere to remain in silence and do what is necessary for the cause, it does not mean they are either pussies, or girlymen, there are politicians, there are people who are prepared, or in todays language, “preppers” defined loosely as a person aware of their surroundings, it’s faults, it’s benefits and it’s dangers, while going about quitely getting their homes in order, they leave it to the politicians to resolve problems, laymen help and train others in the art (s) of self defense, all sorts of activities, does not make them girlymen, pussies, or otherwise, it make them men of wisdom for knowing the differences between a fool and an ignorant man. It used to be called wisdom, now, more so then any other time in my life, others fear what they do not understand, or care to prepare for, or even have a clue as to what is really going on around them.That’s their personal problem, not ours. Take care not to paint a broad brush, especially if you are in need one day, and those who know you also know of your personal thoughts and writings of them, it may not go well for you.

          Semper Fi


        • Margaret Thatcher was a good leader and she didn’t take shit from anyone in global politics, she had more balls than wussy cameron has. This is how it starts erosion of democracy, this politician speaks for and represents viewpoints of her electors and she has the right to view their worries in parliament. If she can’t say what the people say/think then democracy is lost imo.

      • Nazis were homosexuals, perverts, pederasts, and pedophiles. Read “the Pink Swastika” by Lively and Abrams.

        The nazi party was formed in a gay bar. Hitler was a homosexual prostitute in Vienna to support himself. The hitler youth groups were the sexual hunting grounds of nazi leaders.

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