“The sins of the father shall be visited upon the great grandson?”

2,w=308,c=0.bildBrutal attack by Muslim cab driver in Cologne, Germany on Nalle Björn Adenauer, the great grandson of former Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer, who in 1949, began the immigration policies which opened the floodgates to all the Muslim problems Germany faces today.

Michael Mannheimer  (h/t Munich & Alain) In Cologne, the taxis are virtually all driven by Arabs and Turks. A harmless argument with a taxi driver now ended for the great-grandson of former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the hospital with severe facial injuries. Nalle Adenauer got into a taxi with two friends after a party. Shortly afterwards there developed a dispute over the open side window of the vehicle, whereupon the driver threw out his passengers. But that wasn’t  enough.


The taxi driver swore at Nalle Adenauer with the kind of insult that is so typical of Muslims – “I fuck your mother” – and threatened him with beatings.

From Dabozz:  It started with a harmless, fight with a taxi driver but it ended dramatically. The nasal bone of Adenauer is shattered, and he has injuries at the skull base, frontal sinus fractures and eye level.

Adenauer was taken to the hospital Hohenlind Cologne. The frightening diagnosis. Fractures of skull base, frontal sinus, orbit, nasal septum, and a fracture of the nasal bone. A nerve in the face has been cut and he will remain deaf. Luckily, Adenauer’s eyes are still intact and he has no brain haemorrhage. He was in surgery for 4 hours and had to have the bones bolted to steel plates.

“The perpetrator must have struck him with something big” said Chief Medical Jochen Wustrow. “This is something I see, thank God very rarely. But unfortunately, the violence in Cologne’s getting worse.”