“The sins of the father shall be visited upon the great grandson?”

2,w=308,c=0.bildBrutal attack by Muslim cab driver in Cologne, Germany on Nalle Björn Adenauer, the great grandson of former Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer, who in 1949, began the immigration policies which opened the floodgates to all the Muslim problems Germany faces today.

Michael Mannheimer  (h/t Munich & Alain) In Cologne, the taxis are virtually all driven by Arabs and Turks. A harmless argument with a taxi driver now ended for the great-grandson of former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the hospital with severe facial injuries. Nalle Adenauer got into a taxi with two friends after a party. Shortly afterwards there developed a dispute over the open side window of the vehicle, whereupon the driver threw out his passengers. But that wasn’t  enough.


The taxi driver swore at Nalle Adenauer with the kind of insult that is so typical of Muslims – “I fuck your mother” – and threatened him with beatings.

From Dabozz:  It started with a harmless, fight with a taxi driver but it ended dramatically. The nasal bone of Adenauer is shattered, and he has injuries at the skull base, frontal sinus fractures and eye level.

Adenauer was taken to the hospital Hohenlind Cologne. The frightening diagnosis. Fractures of skull base, frontal sinus, orbit, nasal septum, and a fracture of the nasal bone. A nerve in the face has been cut and he will remain deaf. Luckily, Adenauer’s eyes are still intact and he has no brain haemorrhage. He was in surgery for 4 hours and had to have the bones bolted to steel plates.

“The perpetrator must have struck him with something big” said Chief Medical Jochen Wustrow. “This is something I see, thank God very rarely. But unfortunately, the violence in Cologne’s getting worse.”



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  1. From the late sixties on, I was a left wing student and I remember all too well that the left used to spread this tale about the Turks. I went into that trap myself and in 1972 I talked my mum into renting out a large house to two Turkish families at a ridiculously low rent “cause they were so exploited here” ( I could really get on my mum’s nerves, then). While they were happily living in our house, they would often invite us and show us fotos ouf the houses (yes,plural) they built in Turkey with the money they earned in Germany. After a few years, my mum who had a business to run, made me take care of the Turkish tenants which served as one of many eye openers on my path from an indoctrinated left winger to a realist.

  2. I recall a programme in the 1970’s about the Germans treating the Turkish gastarbeiter like slave labour. That would not surprise me. After all you do not change a country overnight from being Nazis to non-Nazis. The Americans pumped money into Germany tho, and Germans did not want to do menial work.

  3. Chubee_ex_Muzz ist perfectly right as far as Germany is concerned. A few years ago, a German university student called Sven and his friend were attacked by several muslims for no reason. Sven’s friend had already been knocked down , when Sven defended himself with a neck knife. He was sent to prison for exagerated self defense and he had to pay a high sum to his injured “victim”. This is what I remember, if you want the exact story, I will research it for you.
    As far as Adenauer is concerned, he admitted Turkish temporary workers to Germany in 1961, not directly after the war. Turkey had a high birthrate and too many hungry people to feed and they wanted to free themselves of that burden and have well trained workers later, when they return home . The US government was interested in having an economically sound Turkish Nato member and is said to have put pressure on Germany to take in the Turks, although we were fine with our Italians and other workers from the Mediterranean. Adenauer wanted stronger ties with the West , so he did not oppose America.

  4. Not al all- unless you have a concealed carry permet or are some sort of martial arts expert and can fight several people at once then you are better leaving the scene rather than allowing yourself to become a victim and possibly even being charged with something. Muslims are notorious liars when it comes to getting victim status so all that would have to happen is that (1) you get in a fight with one and win. (2) he and his friends file a complaint that you used “racial slurs” against them. (3) you are charged with a hate crime and face many years in prison. It isnt worth it to me, leave the scene and fight Islam in other ways.

  5. Sorry BNI, I accidentally used British English. The American term for “Schlagring” is brass knuckles, I guess. If you google the German expression you will immediately see pictures of a “Schlagring”. Don’t get scared of visiting Germany though, our muslims (or the odd ethnic German) do not often use brass knuckles. They’ll just kick your head with their boots once you are lying on the ground.

    • “München”, please DON’T apologise for using British English: I do exactly the same thing, and if you describe what you mean well enough, somebody will understand – even yours truly, who immediately picked up on what you were trying to say.

      Auf deutsch: Sie haben GAR NICHTS zu bereuen mit Britannischer Englisch – hier, es gibt leute von Kanada, France, Engeland, usw. [“In German: you’ve nothing to regret with British English – hier, there are people from Canada, France, England, &c.”] Yes, we’ve had Italians (one’s still frequently around), Russians and others…

  6. Adenauer DID NOT open the floodgates. You must bear in mind that Germany was extremely short of manpower after the war, as usual only he young men get kiled and after much debate he allowed TEMPORARY Turkish workers in provided they came without families and were sent back after a few years. It was the agitation of industry which demanded the extensions on the grounds of “efficiency” and the ever present bleeding hearts which insisted they bring their families.

      • Actually, dear Ms. BNI, the people who FIRST came there (and also to Austria and Switzerland) mostly happened to be Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Yugoslavs (starting in the 1960s after Tito opened his borders) and Greeks.

        As living standards flew upwards in the late ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, the Turks started to stream in because the other Mediterranean people were getting a bit more pricey. Furthermore, Turkey was very much considered a candidate member of what first became the EEC (European Economic Community), then the EC (European Community) and finally the EU (European Union) – and, most unfortunately, still IS!!!!

        Simultaneously, the leftists started to eat away at the power structures everywhere, particularly in Germany because of over a full ONE-THIRD of her being cut off and pitted not only against the rest of her but all of the West. [You’ll realise that I’m referring to the former unlamented East Germany.] Many people dreaded the potential of the USA and the USSR openly going to war – which would have been INFINITELY BETTER, and the earlier the sooner (e.g., in 1953 – which was when Stáljin, just before his death, was planning to actually do exactly that before he got poisoned!!!).

        Either way, as in most of the rest of Europe (aside from Spain and Greece, which were under military “right-wing” dictatorships – but even there the Commies were doing their work nevertheless…), there was this Communist fermentation of “better Red than dead” going on; and starting with the early 1970s, we had groups like the Baader-Meinhof “Red Army” in Germany, the Brigate Rosse (“Red Brigades”) in Italy, the Spanish Basque-separatist ETA movement (which also was and is targeting France!!), the IRA in the UK and Ireland – and the November 17 gang in Greece.

        ALL these groups were very leftist and frequently almost taking orders directly from the East – if not right from Moskvá (Moscow), then certainly from East Berlin, Sofia (Bulgaria) and Prague. [For example, when Brjézhñev gave the order to have Pope John Paul II murdered, he had it done so that his KGB chief Andropóv then delegated it to the Bulgarians, who in turn picked the Turkish Moslem Mehmet ‘Ali Agca to do the actual shooting. Other instances are when German and “Palestinian” Arab terrorists collaborated in hijacking an Air France jet in 1976 and then a Lufthansa jet in 1978 (both times boarding from Athens!!!).]

        Eventually, these leftist people still got to high levels of influence: Willy Brandt, François Mitterand, Helmut Schmidt, Bettino Craxi and Enrico Berlinguer are among the names I happen to recall from those days…

        In the end, that’s how leftists got into the governments – and when they did, the Moslems got into the countries…

  7. More likely was that the driver made a couple of phone calls and someone surprised Mr Adenauer and beat him senseless. This is a common tactic for Muslims, instead of a fair one on one fight they will call a bunch of their friends and wait for you to be off guard. Bottom line- if you have any sort of verbal altercation with Muslims leave before anything physical takes place and file a police report. Do not hang around but leave by the most direct route. If you have to you can call the police to escort you to your vehicle. Five minutes is long enough for a car load of buddies to show up and start the beatdown.

    • So your advice is to either not start anything with a muzzie or run quickly away, is that it? Fuk them, either kick a lot of ass, or carry a gun and kill them if a crowd of muzzies come to kill you. You sound like you may still be a muzz. Your answer is to submit.

      • “John”, if you’re alone or with only ONE friend, “Chubee_ex_Muzz”‘s advice is quite in order, especially if you’re not truly trained as a fighter and all the more so if you’re unarmed!!!

        If you’re properly trained and able to fight off three, four or five men properly (especially if you’re well-armed!!!), then FINE, provided you know the place where you happen to be REALLY WELL; otherwise, flight IS the best option. Not everybody has the mental capacity, stamina and physical training, fitness and endurance to handle a group of muzzies, even if they all too often are cowards…

        “Chubee”, please don’t take too hard what “John” has said: he obviously seems to either be somebody who feels capable of really making war OR he has bravado and/or pride of the type that precede a fall…

  8. These Germans are not “pussies. Where I was brought up, those are good things. They catch mices, among many other very dsesirable actions.
    The Germans that refuse to do anything about muslims are “wussies”.
    That is a person born into male genderhood with a useless, limp, attached appendage who is prone to hide under beds and in closets at the sound of loud noises like filthy muslims demonstrating.

  9. This is a typical reaction for any Muslim in an argument. They will always resort to violence just like any other animal. The window that was open that started the argument was put down to let some fresh air into the cab because all Muslims smell horrible.

  10. Nalle Adenauer was hit with something hard like a knuckleduster, his doctor said. He added that he rarely sees such injuries. This doctor is a principal consultant and only treats high income patients who normally do not use local public transport, where such violence happens frequently. Hitting the victim’s head is a speciality of the muslim perpetrators. They attack in groups without any immediate cause. Adenauer’s facial bones too were broken by a man he had not done anything to, but who was standing in the street and hit Adenauer after the taxi driver said something to him in Turkish or Arabic. The victim’s great grandfather was the first German chancellor. While he was still in power the first Turkish so called Gastarbeiter (“guest workers”, cause they were supposed to return home after a certain time) were hired by German firms. Germany then had “guest” workers from Southern Europe, many from Italy, who caused no problems. You might want to find out about the role the USA played in making Germany admit Turks from backward Anatolia. However, the first Turks behaved much better than their offspring. Once they are naturalized, they cannot be sent home and our courts are extremely lenient with them. And yes, we do care. You can read more at pi-news.net. They have an English section (click on the top line). Not all articles are translated, though. You could comment there if you want more translations.

      • I’ve heard of metal “knuckle-busters” or “knuckledusters” that are meant to protect the hitter’s hand and give a harder impact to the surface being struck.

        The answer to that ought to be that those bastards doing and using such things be shot and killed upon the spot – and all bullets used against them had better have by-products of waste from dogs and pigs (not anything that causes any harm to the poor animals, but simple things from elimination – that’s enough to hurt a Moslem where it REALLY hurts)!!!!

      • looked up knuckleduster. they are commonly referred to as brass knuckles. they can be made out of anything and lately they have sharp spikes added to them for maximum damage hope that taxi driver is charged with attempted murder. and executed.

        • Most unfortunately the European Union FORBIDS the death penalty!!! That MONSTER will get away very lightly with imprisonment, eventually likely being paroled – and then we must look out again!!!!

  11. Yea-ha, payback is truely a BITCH, eeh grandson? The nuts don’t fall too far from the tree does it? I wish I could consider some kind of positive response, oooh, who am I kidding, not, but it does my heart good to see this as, ask and thou shall receive, justified punishment, but, hey, life’s a bitch, especially if you are in the heat of self made problems, right comrades? Notice how it was totally ingored, or deliberately ignored as to how this fight transpired, or who started it, I have to wonder, looking at the age of this lad, if his buddies, maybe same types commie rat bastards didn’t get what they had coming after an insult, threats, or otherwise, not to defend the muscum, but hey I’ve been known to clock a few in my days for simpler things such as disrespect, trash talk, and my favorite, I’m going to kick, (by this time they have already been introduced to the dirt side of life) your ass statement from some idiot who is seeking his manhood and can’t find it type. Yeah pity, I don’t think so there scooter. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, this individual had better either build new alliences with stronger friends, or shut the hell up while testing his lost sense of preservation. Some times even an infidel, has had enough of these testostorone lackies with their big aligator mouths and hummingbird asses, think attitude adjustment time, works for me.

  12. Exactly, the eurotrash elites had it coming. They all thought they were safe, their money protected them from the rifffaff they have dumped on the poor German citizens. Wake up Germany, you are being invaded and colonized. Don’t you care?

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself John Boy! THIS sort of thing is why I carry what is often called an “asp” or “expandable baton” but I really prefer to call it my “expndable pop knot stick”!!….Needless to say, that muslime bastard would have been “blessed by Allah” if he was still alive after starting some sh– with me!!…..BTW, THIS is why I prefer metro train transpoortation to cabs when in a crowded city anywhere in Europe, the UK or the U.S!!….China and Taiwan don’t yet have this much of a problem with muslimes dominating the cab business yet!!

      • these collapsible weapons are available on almost any website that carries police paraphenalia they run about $50 or more depending on size.

  13. I hope this UPSETS Germans enough that they will finally WAKE UP to the existential threat to Western civilization.

    Die Islamischer Gewalt ist nicht nur ein Klischee, es ist Realität.

    Koran 48.29 “Mohammeds Anhänger sind GEWALTTÄTIG auf die Kuffar, aber mitfühlenden untereinander.”

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