TORONTO: Muslims rush to defend Somali Muslim who was shot and killed after he broke into a home

“I’m just flabbergasted right now; I’m shocked,” Mohamud Karim said. “Anybody who meets Ibrahim Abukar would say he’s a kind person who’s outgoing, a real model for the Somali community” “Everything good that people want for their kids, he was the perfect example,” said Mohamed Hassan.

The Star A Somali Muslim was shot dead after allegedly breaking into a Mississauga home with two other men who remain at large. The homeowner, Mike Vrga, had found three intruders, two armed, in his house, his two young children and wife at home.

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Police said Vrga struggled with one of the armed men. Ibrahim Abukar, 22, of Toronto, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Two other suspects, described as male, black and wearing dark clothing, remain on the run. Vrga, questioned by police and released, suffered minor injuries, said Ruttan. No charges are pending against Vrga.