TORONTO: Muslims rush to defend Somali Muslim who was shot and killed after he broke into a home

“I’m just flabbergasted right now; I’m shocked,” Mohamud Karim said. “Anybody who meets Ibrahim Abukar would say he’s a kind person who’s outgoing, a real model for the Somali community” “Everything good that people want for their kids, he was the perfect example,” said Mohamed Hassan.

The Star A Somali Muslim was shot dead after allegedly breaking into a Mississauga home with two other men who remain at large. The homeowner, Mike Vrga, had found three intruders, two armed, in his house, his two young children and wife at home.

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Police said Vrga struggled with one of the armed men. Ibrahim Abukar, 22, of Toronto, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Two other suspects, described as male, black and wearing dark clothing, remain on the run. Vrga, questioned by police and released, suffered minor injuries, said Ruttan. No charges are pending against Vrga.


52 comments on “TORONTO: Muslims rush to defend Somali Muslim who was shot and killed after he broke into a home

  1. BNI: The Freedom of Access is easy. I’ve done a lot of them. You simply send a request by fax (ideally, followed up with an email) titled ‘Freedom to access information’, with the question you want answered and addressed to the proper government Department.

    They have three weeks to answer you. If they refuse to give you the info you request, you go to revision to the Commission of Access to INFO.

  2. This happened dec 7th and not one Canadian media did a follow up on the story or ever mention his is a muslim. such a nice guy.
    I hope he is happy with his 72 year old virgin.

  3. This is the same old crap these people pull.Oh poorest me.Can’t get my way then its deadsville for us all.They think they are above the normal person,a regular criminal that would do this and they expect a pass at everything,including murder and break ‘ins.Well,we have news for them don’t we,they get treated and convicted just like everyone else whether in Canada or USA.I still say they should all pack up and move back to the middle east where they belong.They just can NOT live our ways and respect our laws.Its been proven again and again,yet our gov’t continues to let them in this country and every non-Muslim one without any hesitation.What is wrong with these people that think they are so wonderufl??

  4. Somali gangsters are well known for their menace. Anyone who believes this man was what everybody wants is just plain stupid. Finally police got it right, too, by not charging Vrga for defending himself. The law is learning. After the case last year where the Toronto man was charged for making a citizen’s arrest — charged with assault and kidnapping and forced confinement for holding the offender, a thief who had repeatedly robbed him, until police arrived — and he was acquitted and the law changed. So, now police won’t make arrests because they don’t want to do the worthless paper work just to have it thrown out in court. There is no longer the same tolerance for this sort of crime. Thank God. Not a moment too soon.

  5. Wait till the US Govt starts opening the floodgates for these idiots into our country. This will become commonplace. Just make sure that you don’t miss when they start to break into your house. I hate Islam, it’s a one-way trip to HELL !! I piss on Mo and the moon-god allah.

      • Do you not have “Access to Information” laws which would allow you to ask the relevant government department, how many ‘refugees’ are let in by country of origin? What about who decides who is a refugee, how many from which country. Who voted for these circumstances – OR DID THEY? Are some lower level leftards exercising rules too strictly or too liberally, to allow in undesirables?

        • Bonni, re your reply below, my comment was not a ‘make work project’ for you personally. You must have MANY thousands of readers, and it only takes one.

          One person, who loves America more than the mohammedans hate it. Maybe a retired lawyer, or a paralegal or a law student, or just an interested patriot.

          As a Canadian, I can’t do that, and I don’t know how to. I also spend considerable time trying to encourage the good and discourage the islam, in creative ways.

          If I had Photoshop skills, I would love to graft RINO Christie’s head onto Jabba the Hutt’s body. I believe the changes would be minimal.

    • Add Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, Thomas Mulcair (NOT John, mea culpa, as I thought earlier!!) and everybody else in the Liberals, Greens and NDP (not to mention openly Socialistic and Communistic parties)!!!!

      Even the Conservatives are not that really-conservative!!! In Canada, the truly-conservative federal party I’d prefer would be Christian Heritage (CHP), if I recall correctly…

  6. We need to be concerned about the family being terrified and stop supporting savages who do home invasions. He got what he deserved when he did a home invasion. Let us hope that the other two savages are also caught. Well done and God bless the home owner for protecting his family.

  7. did he qualify for the top shelf 72 virgins or the bottom shelf the VD infected camel or donkey .Taxpayers will no doubt pay for the burial or to fly the body back for burial in the shithole he came from..YAHOO BONNI S back cair go suck

  8. Is he another one of OdumbDumb’s ‘lost’ & ‘newly discovered’ sons who ‘look just like him’? Was he on a Skittles run?

  9. A ‘promising future’ of terrorizing and robbing innocent Canadians has been snuffed out. An early Christmas present to us all!

    Welcome back, BNI!!

  10. Mohammed was the ‘perfect man’. He was ‘good’. Mohammed robbed, raped, tortured kafirs, exiled them, confiscated their homes, land and goods, turned their women and children into slaves and sold them for big money getting rich. All the above perversions are ‘good’ in the mind of muddled, braindead Muzzies.

    Somali gangsters believe their hooliganism imitates Mohammed so it is jihad.

    All jihad is glorious.

    A ‘bad’ person who should be killed is one who denounces honor killing, Sharia or says Mo is a pedophile pirate. What a sick retarded DEATH CULT.

  11. The sad part is they were also blessed by the G-D of Israel yet Satan who is Allah is destroying them also share the gospel with them tell them JESUS is L-RD

    Happy Hannukah everyone

  12. CBC completely exclude the homeowner in their story. In their warped mind Ibrahim the home invader is the victim. Defund CBC now!

  13. Outrageous! What a crock of horse manure reporting, the news media should be forced to apologize to the innocent victims, for their biased reporting. Not one mention of sympathy for the homeowners who went through hell because, of this botched home invassion. Where’s the concern for the 2 children involved? The impact of this nightmare on their lives? And then there’s the wife, who was forced to live a life time of fear, not knowing if her children or herself would be raped or murdered. The husband, who was forced to kill another human being to defend his family. But the bigger tragidy is that, the citizens of this town will let the news media get away with this shoddy biased news report!

    Not one Muslim mentioned anything about the innocent family and what they had to endure. There was not one word of kindness, sympathy, or concern from the Muslim community, for the victimized family; what a disgusting idisplay of inhumanity from the Muslim community; and Muslims wonder why non-muslims don’t trust them. This young man was a criminal and he received what he deserved, a death sentence!

    • Lynn, the muslims are behaving as muslims always behave. It is the media who are at fault for their reporting which always seems to sympathize with and make excuses for any kind of muslim crime.

      • I’m not disputing that the Muslims were “only” displaying good Muslim behaviour or that the the liberal news media is just reporting the news in a liberal manner. What I was attempting to express, was the “outrage” at the at the News media for their continued biased reporting, and the inhuman, biased attitude of the Muslim community.

        The News media should be made to report the news honestly and unbiasedly, but the fact is for over the last 3 decades “We” have allowed the News media to get away with lies and half truths, and “We” have no one to blame but ourselves for that. Its an outrage and its unacceptable.

        As to the Muslim community “just” behaving like Muslims, well if we allow Muslim to get away with this callous inhuman behavior, we are doing them a disservice. By not educating them as to what a civilized society demands, we are allowing a group of people to bring destruction to our society. The vast majority of Muslims are not going to change the way their perception of non-muslim. Those Muslims who will not conform, should be made to feel the “pain” of their non-conformativey Muslims need to be challenged and informed that their prejudice, bias and intollerant behaviour and attitude are unacceptable and will not be tollerated.

        • Please don’t forget that real Moslems CAN’T EVER be educated to do other than what they’re indoctrinated to do as Moslems, EVER!!!! No matter how much we try, they’ll REJECT IT ALL, PERIOD!!!!!

          The ONLY way to deal with them as a group is wholesale expulsion or liquidation – especially given that they’re ORDERED TO LIE to non-Moslems!!!

          This is a politico-militaristic cult that declared TOTAL WAR upon us 1,400 years ago, and which has NEVER GIVEN UP the goal of converting the whole world – yes, every last human being anywhere on the surface of this planet!!! – to Islam and exterminating anybody and anything “un-Islamic”!!!! With such, we have only the most basic of choices: KILL – OR BE KILLED!!!!

  14. for someone who had a promising future he sure fucked it up. anymore any time there is is some sort of crime i automatically think the person responsible is muslim. probably turn out shooting at mall oregon was muslim and probabllt so at CT because of high number of female staff

  15. A Muslim who broke into a home was regarded as a model and example for kids for Muslims? Non Muslims are right to be deeply concerned about massive Muslim immigration.
    “He’s a kind person who’s outgoing, a real model for the Somali community” “Everything good that people want for their kids, he was the perfect example,” said Mohamed Hassan.

  16. Somebody has to put an end to the flood of Muslim “students” to Europe and NAmerica.
    The universities and colleges there are thriving for new cohorts and nobody really cares about the academic level of the newcomers as long as they have enough money for enrollment and stay.No body really cares what they are engaged with on everyday basis.I have a notion that a large part of those activities are funded by El Quaeda cells throughout the world executed by various dubious reqruitment agencies.

  17. Good that at least that one was shot. Pity in a way that he’s dead (both for his soul’s sake as well as that when properly interrogated, he could have been the source for considerable information!), though otherwise GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

    Let’s hope that the other two get caught – though NO truly worthy punishment for Moslems exists other than to be disenfranchised and deported out of the West OR KILLED (if they have any blood already upon their hands!!!)!!!!

    ALL MOSLEMS OUT OF THE WEST now, forever and unto ages of ages, Amen!!!!

    • As to the dead Moslem Ibrahim Abukar being “a kind person who’s outgoing, a real model for the Somali community,” “he was the perfect example”:

      All typical Moslem taqiyya and kitman!!!! Moslem and Western values, cultures, mores, manners and civilisations are utterly and COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE!!!! To be a “good” Moslem means being an absolute ENEMY OF THE WEST!!!!

      By rights, there should be – and can be – NO PLACE for Islam and Moslems in the West, EVER!!!!

  18. That “news” report was pathetic! Not a single syllable for the actual victims! The jackass, who took himself into the victim’s home, while the victims family was in it, gets the silky-gloved treatment from the media! HEAVEN FORBID they speak the facts and say that the VICTIM was defending his family and property against criminal invasion. SIckening.

  19. A happy ending, and another strong argument for the right to bear arms. One less knuckle dragging savage islamist (redundant) pos pedophile worshipping misanthropic ass-lifting reprobate to deal with…ahhhh. H/T Mike Vrga.

    • Bribery (Moslem petroleum-money for sure, perhaps even Russian &/or Chinese funds too…) plus Communist “political-correctness”!!!

      Those make a VERY SWEET atmosphere for our media to lie and deceive us all they want!!!!

      Meanwhile, it’s so-o-o-o GOOD to see Ms. BNI back here in full!!!!

  20. Armed muslims break into the home of a family that has young children inside and attack the homeowner. Homeowner defends himself and his family. Faux outrage from islamic supremacists quickly follows. Islamocoddlers condemn homeowner in 3… 2… 1…

  21. For a people who claim to love death as much as the Jews love life, they sure took this a little badly didn’t they? Well I got news for em, I sure didn’t take it bad at all but rather favorably, matter of fact, I just wish we could help to accommodate the many other Muslim’s in their quest for death, I mean, it’s the only brotherly thing to do, right?

    • Their goal is to meet Allah the Moon god & the 72 virgin goats, our goal should be to make the satisfactory arrangements………

  22. So, if he was such a model citizen and “good kind person”; what the —- was he doing taking part in a home invasion?! My guess. the home he and his muslime bros. invaded was occupied by some infidels they thought owed them jizya!!….One less mulime leech on Earth! Too bad the other two are still at large and sucking air!! AND welcome back BNI; I knew you wouldn’t be down for long!!

  23. Two in the center mass, one in the head. Squeeze, don’t jerk. Try not to shoot Grandmas china cabinet, but it can be repaired and Grandma would understand.

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