UPDATE on story about the Muslim kicked out of ‘Subway’ shop

images-2Terror-linked CAIR goons demand to see the in-store video of the incident where a “scary-looking” Muslim man was thrown out of a Subway Sandwich Shop franchise owned by Republican Congressman John Fleming (R-LA).

(CAIR has recently condemned the Republican party for telling the truth about Islam which is offensive to Muslims. Unfortunately, many Subway stores in the UK and US serve brutally-slaughtered Islamic halal meat)

Original Story: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2012/11/30/terror-linked-cair-demands-subway-sandwich-chain-apologize-because-one-scary-looking-muslim-man-was-barred-from-one-subway-store-in-louisiana/


TPM  The tape in question is in the hands of Fleming Group. The group, headed by Congressman John Fleming, states the video contains strong evidence that would vindicate them. However, they refuse to release it until legal action is taken. Hooper says they shouldn’t wait. Fleming Group has no legal obligations to give the tape up.

Congressman John Fleming (R-LA)

Congressman John Fleming (R-LA)

According to the alleged ‘victim,’ Mohammad Husain, who has a beard and wears a traditional Muslim hat, said he and his wife initially went to the restaurant bathroom to wash their hands. He washed first and then went back to the car to get his medication while his wife went into the bathroom after him.

When he tried to go back into the restaurant, however, he said an employee stopped him at the door. “She asked me point blank ‘Are you Muslim?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I’m Muslim,’ She said ‘We can’t serve you’ and locked the door from inside when my wife was still inside the store,” Husain said.

The situation quickly escalated and Husain ended up calling 911. So did a Subway employee. At some point before police arrived, however Husain said the employee unlocked the door and let his wife leave but also made it clear they should take their business elsewhere.


An officer with the Shreveport Police Department arrived after that. Both Husain and a department spokesman said the officer initially patted Husain down to check for weapons. But spokesman Cpl. Marcus Hines said the officer eventually determined the situation was much ado about nothing. Department records show the officer didn’t even file a report.

The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, Walid Shoebat explains all. Click here for more information.

The Subway employees had a much different version of events than Husain did, though. They told the officer that Husain engaged in some sort of inappropriate behavior and then cursed at them when they asked him to leave, Hines said. The manager of the congressman’s Subway franchises backed up his employees in an interview with TPM, saying they did nothing wrong and that Husain has been lying about the confrontation.


Manager Mike Toland said Husain had in some way acted inappropriately inside the restaurant. Pressed on what Husain did, however, the manager declined to elaborate. He said he didn’t want to specify because a lawsuit may end up coming out of the situation.

“The accusations made my Mr. Husain are completely inaccurate and untrue,” Toland told TPM late Friday. “The reason he was denied being served in our restaurant was due to his behavior with my employee, nothing to do with his religion or anything else. 

Toland also said he has security video with audio that confirms his employees’ side of the story, but declined to provide a copy of it. “I could hear every word that she said and I can assure you, religion was never brought up in any way, shape or form,” Toland said. “That conversation didn’t happen.”


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  1. Subway will just invite more trouble from the forever offended whiny religion of peace garbage baggers until they stop supplying them Halal meat in their outlets.. No sympathy for these food dhimmis who are prepared to sacrifice western principles ( against Halal killing) for the mighty Dollar!

  2. Since the Feds will never help it may be time for American citizens to launch a class action suit against CAIR on a long list of charges from being a Trojan Horse, using our courts to disrupt American life in general, having terrorist links, being funded by foreign government, throw the book at them. Bankrupt them. Send them to jail and drive them out of the country

  3. I stopped doing Subway when they went halal. Whole Foods had a halal section lasy year, it only lasted a few months till the crap expired. Now they have changed the freezer space for dog bones. Wish I woud have taken a pic.

  4. Fuck cair and this muzzie porker. These monkeys love to use the Constitution against the citizenry of this country. Start boycotting this species of islam any way you can.

  5. The muzzie outright states that the employee came right out and asked him if HE was a Muslim. What employee of subway would even say that? No one! Sounds like a muzzie set up to me. I am so sick of Islam. People are freaking terrified of these wackos, whether they realize it or not. We tried to be humane with these people but we occupy such polar opposite worlds that ever seeing eye to eye is impossible. The one true and real goal is for us kafir to submit to Islamic law. The most insane thing about it is that these Islamic pukes make it real clear what their intentions are then smile and say Islam is a religion of peace (I picture blood dripping off their wolf fangs).

    So, let’s see what our options are here. People of the Book. (1) submit (2) Dhimmi status or (3) die

    Mormons, Hindus , etc. (1) submit. (2) die

    See, I don’t like ANY of the above options and they can try to pull their muzzie shit in the US but it will not take long for the American people to push back. HARDER! Bullies always need to be reminded of their place. And the more they whine and complain the sicker we get. Why would they even think we would like them?

    • Actually they did give Hindus the option of dhimmitude while they just slaughtered the Buddhists. Difference? The Hindus fought while the Buddhists stayed pacifists. Wonder why the Hindu practice of suttee came about? A widowed woman was fair game for the moguls (muslims) so suicide by fire was to avoid a fate worse then death.

  6. In the end, care not and hooper the pooper will end up with pork on their face. One day even the courts will get the scam to fleech the infidel.

  7. With all the lawsuits about real or imagined discrimination running rampant I don’t doubt for one minute that the employee is telling the truth. If I were an employee in a restaurant or small retail outlet and two or more people behaved in the manner that these two did- one going to the bathroom and then going back to their car and the other one repeatedly entering the bathroom I would say that she was in the right to lock the door and call the police.

  8. It’s only the START of the grief these SUPREMACISTS will stir up. They don’t come to fit in…they come to TAKE OVER and PUSH THE DIRTY KAFIRS UNTIL THEY SUBMIT to inbred, braindead, hate-filled, supremacist, misogynist, killer zombie Mozman jihadists. Did you bang your head today? Are your parents first cousins? Is Mohammed a pedophile pirate?

  9. More islamotard lawfare to designed to wear down the unsuspecting kuffar, aided and abetted by the dhimmitards of the West, of course.

  10. Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, believe that in hated infidel countries Muslims must be allowed to behave in an anti-social manner.
    The declared goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America is the DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest.

  11. Fleming is playing this just right. Let the muzzies make the first move. Let them file their legal complaint, putting them on record for the lies. Then and only then, after the muzzies have been committed to their lies, should the tape come out.

    Moska makes a good point.

  12. Ibrahim (Doug) Hooper from the Hamas-linked CAIR is a fraud, an Islamist, and can’t be trusted. In 2006, he stated, “I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the U.S. to be Islamic sometime in the near future.”

  13. This is just another Hamas-cair fund raiser. Muslims should be allowed to abuse the kuffar any way they choose according to Sharia or you die Hooper. I am so fng sick of these creatures!

  14. CAIR-HAMAS in another slip & fall lawsuit?

    No way…they’re such honorable people….being no good, low down, belly dragging koranimals and such.

  15. much ado about nothing. if it truly was discrimination a police report should have been filed. another shakedown to get money.

  16. Perhaps it’s better they don’t release the tape yet. Im thinking if they do, then the story will be forgotten. But if they wait, and a lawsuit happens then the whole nation will hopefully know that CAIR and the other immigrant was lying… :).

      • YES, it was!! And even a “crazy” “Islamophobe” former postman who once delivered daily mail to muslimes in what has since pretty much become their hood, not to mention their school and mosque also in the same hood! And, hell yes!! It IS things like that that make me soooo glad to be retired from that organization, especially when they do sh– like printing stamps for “EID” but WILL NOT print “MERRY CHRISTMAS” stamps for fear of “offending” a few atheists and/or arselifters!!

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