An Islamic supremacist can’t understand why nobody cares when Muslims are slaughtered

But in this brief video, he answers his own question.


22 comments on “An Islamic supremacist can’t understand why nobody cares when Muslims are slaughtered

  1. Randy: Your frustration is obvious, but we won’t descend to the same level as THOSE savages.
    Mohammed is the only Moslem who should be hunted and killed. Once he’s debunked, Islam will collapse.
    Without the Golden Rule, we would be fascists similar to Hitler and Mussolini.
    Moral relativism leads to fascism, misogyny and supremacism.
    A Third World War is not an option. We must destroy Islam ideologically. Moslems are not immune to reason, facts and logic.

  2. Wow! I would say his attitude is an eye opener, but i’ve heard it all before, been there, done that. I will say his words SHOULD BE AN EYE OPENER for those clueless of islam. (willfully or not) His spew REEKS of supremacism! How dare he even question our alledged indifference towards muslim human rights! That attitude, in fact, hardens my indifference towards them! To me, they’re not even fully human. They’re essentially infected zombies in my book. They’re proto-muhominids of the genus, Homo Islamopithecus, an invasive sub-species that upsets the ecological (and spiritual) balance of Earth’s indigenous flora and fauna.

    The only two cures I know of for the zombie-muhominid virus (quran) is either real, honest apostasy or the bullet!

    Now, if that speech of his doesn’t convince any fence stradlers of what is fundamentally wrong with islam, (i’m sorry, pigslam) then they haven’t a hope in the world of ever climbing out of their self-induced dhimmitude. (Dumbitude?)

    “Death to all caprasodomist islamotards and their sick, perverted capraphilia!”


  3. God have mercy on any muslim piece of shit that tries to interfere with me walking freely or anything else that affects me personally.

  4. I cheer when the different muslim cults, such as shites murder kurds, murder sunni, murder alawites and so on. It is always good news when I hear of the number of muslims killed in syria or any other muslim hell hole in the world. We need to get out of helping these inbred savages and let then continue to murder each other. That is what I call human waste and I chose not to be upset about their destruction of each other.

  5. I would love to meet this bully in a doorway and when he demands that I give way to him he will find out that muslims are anything but superior. This happens when muslims will push into cashier lines and demand to be served ahead of you. Do not let them do that to you. Muslims at 4 way stops will automatically barge ahead out of their legal turn and so on. The ratio of nobel peace prizes awarded is evidence of the muslims total lack of superiority. muslims are bullies if you let them. Say no.

    • Cat, I don’t even let little old ladies with 3 items cut ahead of me. I send them to the Express line. I hate pushy old ladies who think they can cut the line just because they are old.And they always seem to be in the store after 5PM, when people who work all day are trying to get some groceries on their way home.

  6. Video @ 2:44 “…the profit is not telling us to harm them, because harming them is haram, is forbidden…”

    Nice bit of hypocrisy or taqiyya.

    And what about all those “smite them at the neck” verses?

    Islam = Janus.

    • Just sort of shows how stupid they are. Harming is forbidden, but jihad (killing non-muslimes) is commanded. Your Janus comment is right on!

  7. excellent choice of words my good man !!!!!!! ( now if we could only get rid of that shit stain muslim in the white house ! )

  8. Well, I’ll tell you this. Whenever these Islamic youth gangs try to force me off the sidewalk, I stop and stand my ground and they give way. It’s very provocative and I am sick of it. They expect me to give way by walking in dangerous traffic. As if. Most of them are young who do this where I live so they are easy to stand up to. But as far as the claim that no one cries human rights abuses on behalf of Muslims, doesn’t this guy read the news?????

  9. It annoys me when he refers to Jesus being allah’s son. Jesus is the Son of the true and living God, not some false dead moon pagan god.

  10. No “human rights” discussion when the “rights” of muslimes are violated?! Well, maybe that is because the subjects must be HUMAN, and the filthy stinking lowlife POS muslimes woefully fall short of being human!!

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