Canadian Muslims publish vile antisemitic cartoons in Toronto newspaper

I’m Jewish, can I go burn down an embassy now? My president seems to think it’s justified.

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20 comments on “Canadian Muslims publish vile antisemitic cartoons in Toronto newspaper

  1. Ain’t he ashamed to call himself a jew, the most hated by a fake allah and his zombies muslims. we know only muslims, hate others, burn embassies, people even their own women, so the scoundrel must drink some poison and kill himslef.

  2. These koranimals know no depths of depravity. What a bunch of sick bastards.

    Bonni, I would prefer the head-line to read, “Islamic scum, polluting Canada…”

    Happy Hanukkah and keep up the great work :)

  3. Burn ‘ em Bonni!!…You ARE justified!!….But if you’re looking for the approval or sanctioning from our Muslime-in-Chief, don’t hold your breath; that kind of approval he only grants to his muslime bros, both here and around the globe!

  4. It goes to prove the difference between the CIVILIZED and the SAVAGE. Jews are dignified in their reaction. Muslims would have started a murderous rampage.

  5. Many of the condemned Muhammad cartoons were tasteful, something you could frame and put up on a wall. The one of him on the donkey in the desert is quite artful, beautiful even, certainly not hateful like these blood libel cartoons of Jews. And a little bomb in a turban? Clever and satirical, not just out-right reheating of old myths used by Nazis in their propaganda to desensitize Germans to the holocaust. Ho hum. We’re not dumb. We won’t bite the serpent’s bum.

  6. I have no talent for drawing anything but flies. Many will testify to that fact and say that it extends to writing comments also.
    But if I did have that talent, I would pen an inulting Big Mo cartoon daily in the hopes that it would raise some muslim blood pressures to the ;oint of bursting blood vessesls in their poor excuse for brains. There is an old Irish saw that says “The only time an Englishman laughs is when he sees an Iarishman hanging.” That comes from a different time. But it’s pretty close to the way I feel about muslims.

  7. I would love to see more political cartoons depicting the truth about Islam. Notice the American flag on the fork in this despicable piece of hate propaganda. Hamas purposely targets civilians, including women and children yet when the IDF accidentally kills any civilians, usually being used as human shields, all Israelis are depicted as homicidal lunatics.

  8. Play em at their own game for every anti simetic sp? poster/vid they make we should counter it with a mohamad pic. Then publish them side by side for the whole world to see – fair-play I believe in free speach and balance so let’s use it.

  9. Again, the evil Muslims cannot be blamed, we (the westerners) are to be greatly blamed for allowing such criminals to control us. That simple.

  10. Ho,ho, ho. Where are Mo Elmasry and his sock puppet, the Osgoode Hall Star Chamber (aka ‘Human Rights Industry’), Union Boss Sid Ryan, the Hamas supporting NDP, ‘son of Hitler’ Justin Trudeau, Libby Davies, MAWO,, fake ‘Bus Rider’s Union’ shake down artist Mabel ‘Zionist’ Elmore, and a thousand more hypocrites?

    Probably celebrating Canada’s two faced approach: Say anything you like against Jews, anytime, anywhere, crickets; say ONE word against the greatest con-artist the world has ever seen, or will see, and there is mayhem.

  11. ” I”m jewish, can I go burn down an embassy now? my pResident seems to thinks it justified”, You can proceed, with blessings from the We t[his]he Patriots, proceed with caution, but nonetheless proceed. It’s called a good start if and only if you do so with an embassy in a turd world Nation of the islamic type. If help is required please call 1-800-lick-shit-muslims, for additional assistence, call your nearest KKKAIR representative for legal ramifications, I’m sure they will suck some &i*k somewhere, while stuffing some saudi or shi’ite iman, eeer, aaah, I mean bag man’s pock for the trouble, for the best results in getting you off of said “burn-down” because you can claim and justify your actions, as they do, “allah required/made you do it”.
    Peace to the infidels, go for the suck muslims.

  12. It’s all fine and dandy to publish anti-Jewish cartoons but as soon as infidels publish anti-Islam anything, Muslims go bat-shit crazy on a ‘justified’ murder spree with the consent of the MSM (except for Fox News). Tolerance is a one-way street when it comes to Islam…how many honorable Jews are suicide bombers/ terrorists on a killing spree? NONE.

    Every day is Draw Mohammad Day, in honor of Theo van Gogh and those brave enough to stand up for freedom of expression.

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