‘MY CRUSADE’ is………What’s Yours?

In response to CAIR’s ‘MY JIHAD’ advertising campaign, BNI readers thought it only fair that we start our own ‘MY CRUSADE’ campaign. So please add your Crusader ideas to the Comments Section below:

Read about the ‘My Jihad’ campaign here: extreme-taqiyya-islamic-deception-my-jihad-ad-campaign-will-attempt-to-sanitize-the-term-jihad-holy-war-against-unbelievers/




52 comments on “‘MY CRUSADE’ is………What’s Yours?

  1. My crusade is to make sure that these tongue twister words like allaballdingdong, taquiyamamamia, mohamadindaladin inshallaladin, blah blah blah (virtually unheard of in our USA) are NEVER spoken by my own children now or in the future.

    It’s bad enough we have to learn some of this stuff to stay on top of it over the last decade, but my crusade hopes to defeat this Muslim push in America, and send these 3rd world earth worms back to gehenna, hades and sheol to eat wormwood.

  2. My crusade. An energy independent America providing for its power needs with clean Nuclear, Solar and Geothermal energy. A future in which peroleum is nothing but an interesting chemical feedstock with an appropriate value.

  3. Muslim jihad:
    Thousands of INHUMAN Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrated with great joy and delight the terrible suffering and cruel mass slaughter of our cherished 3,000 innocents; dancing in the streets, passing out sweets and firing into the air. Muslims that Americans are immorally forced to support with their taxes. And reward with a Muslim terror state in Israel bent on Jewish genocide.

    Muslims celebrated in the streets in America and other countries.

    In Berlin, Germany, Turkish Muslims celebrated the 9/11 murder of innocents by sending up hundreds of bottle rockets into the air.

    Thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrate in the streets whenever a Muslim terrorist blows up amongst our cherished Israeli brothers and sisters.

  4. My jihad is not over yet. Make as much trouble as possible within legal limits. Make them feel the way the make us feel, always within legal limits. We must unite in this quest.

  5. I already started my crusade on the you tube of the video. I didn’t take long for the words ‘hate’ to come out of their mouth. Then, lies… as usual. I responded very well with verses and all.

    The website Academic Freedon explains how many times the word ‘love’ is mentioned in their violent book with accompanying verses.

    I think I finally shut them up. They can’t respond to the truth, as usual, so they go for Israel.

  6. My crusade? jeepers there are so many to choose from. but my crusade is to launch obama into orbit.
    Definitely having ham this Christmas. just hope it’s not halal

  7. My crusade is for the gloves to come of and for a modern repeat of 732 throughout the West. Warriors unite, for this is the only language these lying obscurantist savages understand, a truth all their taqiyya can no longer hide.

  8. My crusade on behalf of the Bovine race is to breed the wild Boar back into existence in enough numbers they can be shipped where needed ,caution will be needed as they r hungry .For delivery call Pigs for hire , for when a guard dog just wont do

  9. Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader Mohammad, founder of Islam, married a six year old child when he was in his fifties.
    Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, DECEIVE infidels as instructed by Mohammad, who declared: WAR is DECEPTION.

    Muslim Jihad:
    Pakistani Muslim males LIE to Hindu and Sikh females DECEIVING the females that they are Hindus or Sikhs. If the Pakistani Muslim male knows that a white female is knowledgeable about Islam, the Pakistani Muslim male will say they are a Hindu or Sikh.

    Muslim Jihad:
    Kidnappings, rapes, torture and violent conversion to Islam by Muslim males of non-Muslim females in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt. All accomplished with the FULL cooperation of the Muslim authorities in these countries – police, courts and judges. The distraught families never see their beloved daughters again. THIS IS ISLAM.

    Muslim Jihad:
    Legal jihad waged by Muslims in non-Muslim countries. Muslims sue, sue sue to get LOTS of infidel money from despised infidels and force hated infidels to break their own workplace rules and allow Muslims to wear Muslim clothing, have prayers at work, etc. etc.

    Muslim Jihad:
    Rape jihad waged across Europe, especially Britain (also Australia) where there are many thousands of non-Muslim British children gang-raped by Muslim monsters.

    Islam’s goal: The MURDER of the human soul. To stop humanity from worshiping the Holy One. Our Glorious, Awesome, Wonderful Creator. The G-D who is Absolutely Good. Our Hero forever. The God who LOVES us with an everlasting love. The God who is MERCIFUL and Kind in word and deed. The God whose requirement for ALL humanity is KINDNESS. (Bible, Micah 6:8).
    To God be the glory!

    We wait for You, God, and Your promise made thousands of years ago to Your people, Israel: Bible Zechariah 12:9 “I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

    At that future time, God will set up His glorious Kingdom upon this earth and the evil ones will never again hurt another human being!

  10. My crusade is to oppose and throw out all muslims from rest of world to saudi or pakistan, nuke mecca, medina and support Gods choosen people the jews

  11. My Crusade is to promote the next real Crusade which will involve immigration laws that bar Muslims who are not willing to drop Islam and prove that they will adopt the culture of the Western country into which they seek entry – deportations of Muslims unfriendly to our state and culture – the closing of mosques where hate has been preached or any activities have taken place that constitute stealth jihad plus the deadly bombing of any Muslim state that promotes their jihad in our states in any way or shape or supports jihadists in our midst with arms or funding.

  12. My crusade is to educate everyone I can about the death cult zombies of Islam and to save my children and grandchildren from indoctrination into satans cult

  13. My crusade is to expose the lying PsOS called Muslims who SAY that their demented demonic hellish Death Cult known as Islam is “God’s Religion”, read just enough of the crap the lying a–holes call a “holy book” to quote it back to the lying sacks of sh–, thereby exposing it and them for what they REALLY are!!….Oh,and I plan to enjoy some REALLY tasty CHRISTMAS ham this year as well! And to the muslime hacks and trolls that view this: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  14. My crusade is to help young women understand that they do not have to settle for a Muslim man who pretends that he loves them but is really trying to either further Islamicize the western world or get a green card. I would also want my two Chrildren to have a good Christian background with my support and presence, not just being dropped off for Sunday school. I also pledge to keep myself healthy and fit so that I can both keep up with my kids and be ready to fight if necessisary (hopefully not) if our way of life is threatened.

  15. My Crusade is to celebrate Muslim on Muslim violence, to glory in the guts of partial birth abortions of the zobmie appocolypse being dropped to the ground as little more than rectal squirts. All hail Islam-Obits, the growing body pile of Arseholes of Allah.

    My Crusade is to next start a food service for starving muslims. Soon I will be accepting $5 donations. One dollar of each donation will be put towards the purchase of a pig that will be offered to a starving muslim family in gaza. The other four dollars will be used to buy me bacon, tequila, and titty tassles.

    I hope to fund my crusade by selling products to Muslims, such as my Burka to Body Bag Three In One Handy Dandy Heirloom Edition that comes with rubber insert that can be easily hosed down after the gash you trapped inside has her acid bath, stoning, caning, poisoning, genital mutilation, honor killing, child marriage, or pussy fart. Comes in tripple extra large to accomodate the depressed heffers eating themselves into a new coffin size. The Tripple Extra Wide option allows you to stuff in as many muslimas as you can find. The handy side grips allow for ease of grip when you’re dragging the sack down the street. Please note the ehavy duty zipper at the bottom of the burka that can be employed if you want to keep the muslima piss flaps from dragging behind the bodies and leaving deep gouges in the mud. Act now and we’ll include the easy to flick away back flap for quicker access to the muslima’s back for your choice of public beating via whip, cane, belts, electrical chords, and so forth. Please note that for a limited time only we’re including large pockets in which to stuff the stones you want to beat your women with. Stones can be traded with others to make interesting, unique colorful collections.

    Act now and I’ll throw our new Clit Be Gone Kit that comes with a previously used, rusty, bloodied razor blade, some thread, a box of tissues, and Female Genital Mutilation How To Booklet with diagrams and advice on how best to surprise your victim, I mean child of Allah. This Kit is the perfect companion to the Pin the Clit on the Muslima Birthday Game and can be purchased when you choose to order your pink or blue knit infant suicide training vest or belt.

    Currently looking for product design/manufacturing/advertising individuals to assist in product development. I have some great ideas related to mohammed toilet plungers, black vagina rock meat shredder, and muslim boy child toilet training prayer matt where we have directions on where to put your knees when you’re praying, or your feet when you’re crouching and needing to pee like a muslim man. Video game developers may wish to contact me over my Bacha Bazi Boy training video, it may sound like a Wii get your groove on and boogie type of game, but in the muslim version the children are actually screaming. And last, our Bacha Bazi Boy computer screen saver… after 10 seconds of seemingly being alone, the screen pops up and you see mohammed chasing a dancing boy accross the screen, trying not to stumble over littered clit.

    I’m going to have a coffee now and wake up. 😀

  16. My Crusade is to openly declare my belief in Jesus Christ as my Savior without apology in the face of those who would kill me for not converting to the “Religion of Peace”.

  17. Since the Muslims love to bring up the Crusades as “permission” to continue their agenda, I am tickled to see this “in your face” thread. Just hope it doesn’t backfire in our faces. That is, that it will provide more fuel for the widely proclaimed “religion of peace” propaganda! On second thought, if it does, so what?! Maybe it will wake some sleeping giants up and we’ll see a real Crusade against Islamization start to take place all over the world, not just in a few scattered areas.

  18. @ Cat

    Very well said Cat. I believe that should cover it all. I cannot add a thing. I feel exactly the same. That would be a BIG DITTO.

    Thank you, Tom

  19. My crusade is to start an anti Islam militia, and prepare as many people as possible for the inevitable fight that is coming. The parasites are coming to the free world in droves for one reason only, to begin their jihad when the order is given from their leaders in the middle east. I truly believe that a third world war is at hand and we must be prepared. The worst part is that thanks to our asshole in chief, giving away f-16’s and scores of other weapons to the enemies, our own weapons will be used against us.

  20. My crusade is to keep proving to the uninformed that ISLAM is evil and extremely dangerous. And to wake up the sleepy Americans of the huge danger of the enemy within.

  21. My Crusade is similar to Cat’s, My Crusade is to keep educating our community and legislators about Islam and have the biased and untrue whitewashing of Islam removed from the Public School Textbooks… To outlaw FGM, Shariah, and any other vile Islamic thing that subverts and conflicts with our Constitution.

  22. My Crusade, to live on in good health, knowing of the contribution to the fight is not a waste, it’s either the freedom lovers and their willingness to fight for the right and honest truths and justice for all, or die trying. Go ahead islamic fools, take the challange, double duce dare you. I might be old, but I’m not used up yet.

    Going GALT, starve this beast, now.

  23. My Crusade is to use technology to create one huge earthquake in the center of the Islamic nations in the middle east, making sure it doesn’t touch Israel, set it off, watch all the Arab nations sink & the sea filling it in, then deport muslims back to their own country (now under water) & drop them off from above. Sink or swim. God has told us to fight evil wherever it exist. An 11.9 quake taking out Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Irag, Syria & most of Egypt sounds like a good start. Then start a new Crusade to wipe them out in the rest of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon & all of Africa. I would warn Christians in all of these countries to move by a certain date. All good souls would go to paradise & the majority can go straight to hell. That whole area would now be called “The Sea of Israel”.

  24. My crusade is to see that my 5 little great grandchildren grow up in the same freedom loving Australia that I did -saluting -our flag -living under one law- Australian enjoying -our christian teachings and religious festivals-not afraid to speak up for-right and injustice-freedom of -speech and – cencorship-to do this we have to voice our -Crusade against -Islam- now.

    • My crusade is the same as yours, also get rid of primeminister Juliar Gillard and all her communist croneys. Cant wait for the day we can close all these Blog sites and start living our lives without having to think about all this crap every day.

  25. My crusade is to simply tell the truth about Islam, that it is the Nazism of today. Islam and it’s Leftist allies are deadly enemies of freedom and life itself. My crusade is to be a good resistance fighter against Islam and the Left.

  26. My Crusade is to never knowingly buy anything from a business that is owned or operated by a muslim. My Crusade is to never ride in a cab driven by a muslim or to use a cashier’s line where the till is being run by a muslim. My Crusade is to expose the treacherous agenda of islam at every opportunity. My Crusade is to encourage people to never hire a muslim or to ever vote for a muslim. My Crusade is to support Israel, 24/7/365. My Crusade is to tell the truth about mohamad, the mysoginist, lying, pedophile, monster, murderer, thief, of islam at every opportunity.

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