OH, BOO HOO! Creator of the so-called Muslim superheroes (‘The 99’) whines about censorship by FOX News

Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of ‘The 99’ talks about the reaction to his comic book fantasy of ‘Muslim superheroes’ from the Islamic and Middle Eastern world, including its censorship in the United States.

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  1. It’s creepy that Al-Mutawa wants Americans to think that polygamy is no big deal. In fact, citizens have hated polygamy throughout the nation’s history, and much of the anger toward early Mormons was about their practice of polygamy.

    The 1856 Republican platform connected slavery and polygamy, calling them the “twin relics of barbarism.”

    Only when the Utah territory agreed to end polygamy by voting the prohibition into the constitution was it accepted as a state — in 1896.

    More history. . .


  2. Dear BNI Readers:

    I’m a big sci-fi/fantasy/horror/comics nerd-geek and here is some more information. The original Star Trek series had three main cast members who were Jewish- Canadians Nimoy and Shatner (Spock and Kirk); and Walter Koenig (Chekov). The actors were Jewish; the characters were not. However, as pointed out by Steve S; Leonard Nimoy did adapt aspects of his Jewish background for the character of Spock. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek was a gentile. However, his creations spawned numerous other tv shows (including an animated version), films, comic books, video games and throughout all of these genres- were Jewish themes and characters. Some representations were subtle- others were right out stated to be Jewish. Example- the Klingon Worf was adopted by Earthling humans (a Jewish couple).

    Hasidic Rabbi Yonassan Gershom has a website about his life and interests (the rabbi lives on a farm in rural Minnesota). He writes about farm life, pet cats, vegetarian cooking, re-incarnation, ornithology and… STAR TREK! He is about THEE BIGGEST TREKKER there is and has written a book Jewish Themes In Star Trek. He also links to a list of Jewishness in the Star Trek universe (whether innuendo, subtle of stated out right). I found it to be very interesting to read.

    As for Superman, he was created by Canadian born Joe Shuster and American Jerry Seigel- both Jewish. Also, as Steve S mentioned- both on the record for inserting aspects of their Jewish heritage into their Superman character. During WWII Nazi cultural censors concerned about the popularity of the Superman comic books (and toys, radio shows, newspaper comic strips, animated cartoons and movie serials) declared the character “non-Aryan” and tried to forbid Germans access to the character.

    There were other inspirations to Superman that were not of Jewish origin. Example- Clark Kent (the secret identity) came from Hollywood actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor. Then it was adapted to the story when the comic’s Jonathon KENT and his wife Martha (also during those early years referred to as Molly and Mary) whose maiden name was CLARK found the baby from outer space inside his rocket ship.

    Though having a very Hebrew influenced origin… the character was stated to have his Earth home town be Smallville, Kansas, USA and he was raised a Methodist. His Earthling American (Kansan) adoptive parents being Protestant. As he got older- Superman learned of his planet Krypton’s religion. “Rao” was the Kryptonese word for “God” and it would be revealed that ancient Kryptonians thought “Rao” was the red sun (ie sun worship) and marraige ceremonies invoked the sun as God itself. Later as Kryptonians became more advanced, marriage rites then stated “In the name of Rao who kindled the sun” (ie the Kryptonians became monotheistic deists- where Rao was not a “sun god” and the Red Giant the planet orbited was not in iself a “god”…. but that Rao CREATED the sun, and the sun itself was not to be worshipped).

    Though Kryptonian culture, customs and language had some changes over the years; many aspects of Superman’s home planet/culture reflected Jewish values and culture- considering his two creators were nice Jewish boys…. this is not a surprise.

    The reference Steve S made to a bald telepathic Superman… was actually a sci-fi story written by Superman’s creators in the early ’30s in a magazine for early science fiction fandom aptly titled “Science Fiction.” In an early issue The Reign Of The Super Men” did feature a bald telepathic villian; more probably a character that was an early Lex Luthor-ish character than Clark/Kal Superman. The characters were mentioned as “super men” but none were the Kryptonian character we all knew to be called Superman. Yes, dragonfFire01… Superman was initially a bit rough with crime. He was harsh with those who broke the law (gangsters), those who denied other a trial by jury (he went aftet lynch mobs) and stood up for the innocent (ie he wasn’t nice to wife beaters). However, wanting to promote American values such as a trial by jury, the court of law, respect for the law enforcement and the American justice system… Superman was less harsh with wrong doers and began handing them over to the police without his previously more draconian actions.

    During any holiday story lines that Superman found himself in with his comics appearances… whether it was Christmas or Hanukkah… Superman was always respectful of both holidays. Thank you very much to the late Mr. Siegel and late Mr. Shuster… drawing on your Jewish heritages and civilized Jewish values and culture… you gave the world an icon for truth, justice and the American way!

  3. Curious how do they know there are only 99 names for allah/ or even 100? how do they know there aren’t more or less than that? just because mo said so doesn’t make it so.

  4. What nonsense. A muslim super hero/villian, who rapes children, flys airplanes into towers, and like bin nothing, has a collection of porn, amputates arms for stealing and so on. What a sick joke.

  5. *facepalm*
    What do these “super muztards” do? Wage Jihad and enforce Jizya payments? What superpowers do they have besides ‘roadside bomb’ and ‘asslift’?

    Here is an actual synopsis of this series:

    Leader of the 99 hero squad is Aleem the all-knowing. By day, he’s an assistant cleric at the local CAIR office, but at night, he becomes an unstoppable infidel hunter! His girlfriend, Jezminda, never learns his true identity, but then again, he never learns hers due to the black garbage bag she is forced to wear around the apartment!
    The team face some of the worst villainy the world has to offer. Bloggers using the freedom of speech to inform people about Islam’s true, horrific nature. They must be stopped! Then of course, there are always the evil Zionists. Aleem takes special care to kill their children slowly. Decapitations, eight year old suicide bombers, and stoning are just some of the many methods of justice dished out by our brave heroes!
    Can Aleem force the kaffir into total humiliating submission? Can he master the awesome power of the prayer rug! Will he get the prepubescent girl of his dreams!!!
    All will be revealed in… THE 99!

    And unsurprisingly, Obama plugged this propagandabomination in a speech. Disgusting.

  6. Anyone see the real danger here? These supremacist hypocritical leeches have all the contacts and the language to subvert our system from inside.

    So scratch the word leech, virus is more appropriate.


    They enter your body, penetrate your cells, corrupt your DNA to have it produce millions of copies of its evil alien self, until the now dead cell bursts, and the fresh virus particles go looking for new hosts to victimize.

  7. According to Islamic lore, God (Allah) has 99 names that are known to humanity, but there is one name that is known only to the camel. Perhaps they could feature an Islamic video of how they torture a poor camel to try to find out the one hundreth name of Allah. LOL. Put the camel to the rack! Then put a hot clamp on the camel’s tail for starters. That sounds more like what Muslims would be interested in since they seem to like torturing and hurting things.

    “What is the one hundreth name of Allah!? Tell us the name!”

    Ahh. Poor camel!


    Islamic superheroes are just simply so lame, because they are trying to overtly push religion. If they did it in a neutral way, then nobody would mind.

    Jewish people have been doing it for years.

    Superman was Jewish origin. In fact, he was based on the Biblical story of Samson. Did you ever wonder where he got that Hebrew sounding name Kal El? But Superman’s Jewish creators didn’t try to make him a religious character or try to push a religious angle; they just made him something fun, and everybody, Jewish and non Jewish liked him. And Superman’s Jewish origins were buried in favor of just being a fun character with amazing super powers.

    I never thought of Superman as Jewish, and probably nobody did. I only learned of his origins just recently. But I remember growing up, pondering his name Kal El and names of his family Jor El, etc. and I do remember thinking, growing up as a fundemantalist Christian, that those names sounded Hebrew, like Beth El. And lo and behold, they were in fact based on Hebrew names. But again, nobody ever pushed religion with Superman. I am sure Superman’s creators didn’t really want to push Judaism, it was just fun.

    How about the Vulcan hand sign, you know, the one with the raised hand with fingers split apart and the saying, “Live long and prosper.” Leonard Nimoy, who is Jewish, got the idea from a Hebrew blessing they do in the synagogue. But Nimoy, though he is proud of his Jewish heritage, wasn’t pushing Judaism, nor was he seeking converts. It was just an idea he got from his own religious upbringing that added charm and interest to the world of Star Trek.

    If Muslims followed the example of Jewish people, nobody would care. But everyone knows that unlike Jews, Muslims have an overt agenda. Even fundamentalist Christian stuff doesn’t become popular if it is too religious, and that is even though America is a Christian majority nation.

    • Steve, I had never heard that about Superman either. But that’s what makes Jews unique in the religious world. We do not proselytize. In fact, Jews make it rather difficult for non-Jews to convert. They want to make sure you are really committed to converting and have a good understanding of what Judaism is all about before they let you into the tribe.

      • i heard about that too but didn’t think anything of it. Remember the two young Clevelanders who thought up Superman didn’t originally think of him as a good guy either. They soon changed their minds GOOD FOR THEM

        • Yes, I was just reading up on Superman. He was originally conceived as a tyrannical, psychopathic telepath with bald head and bad attitude.

    • Exactly Steve, Jews won’t push the religious angle for non-fiction purposes such as Superman etc…. Its not necessary because Judaism boiled down is a moral code to live by. Don’t know which rabbi said this but he said it is more important to be kind than smart.

      • In the Christian writings, Jesus echoed a similar notion as your rabbi. Someone once asked him, what was the greatest law in the Torah that was ever given. And Jesus answered, “The first and the greatest law ever given is that you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength. That is the first and the greatest commandment. But there is also a second commandment, and it is similar to the first, that you shall love your neighbor as yourself, and upon these two commandments, all the law and the prophets depend.”

      • The apostle Paul also said something similar to the rabbi in one of his letters, he said, “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.”

  8. Americans are becoming more and more aware of the lies and that’s why muslim superheroes ain’t working. We all know what their superheroes really do…

    I’m happy their series is now doomed to oblivion.

  9. Fine with me if the jihadists accept Muhammad is a cartoon character … if the masses of Muslims learn he is in the same category as Daffy and the Road Runner.

  10. Censorship? oh pleeezzzzzeeee. No one is interested in a stupid muz comic character. America likes their comics non-religious. To think of a serious Christian or Jewish super hero comic book would be a joke. Boohoo

    • TeaCake that is where you are wrong the Muslims are very interested in and the gloryfication of Islam the religion err sorry theology. Adding fuel to their already sense of elitism of Islam. Dam right they shsould ban it and anything like it that incites these thoughts that lead to war.

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