Sam Seder, Jewish leftist and defunct Air America Radio host, mocks Rep. Michele Bachmann’s ‘crusade’ against the Islamization of America

It’s easy to see why Seder got fired from Air America. He pooh poohs the inherent danger that even he, as an obscure internet radio host faces, because of Barack Obama’s support of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s campaign to have criticism of Islam criminalized internationally and enforced by the UN.


24 comments on “Sam Seder, Jewish leftist and defunct Air America Radio host, mocks Rep. Michele Bachmann’s ‘crusade’ against the Islamization of America

  1. You people are fucking crazy. Sharia law has no chance of ever coming to the us. Michele Bachman is the craziest person in congress

    • Keep your head in the sand and your ass in the air and I will LMAO. When that big sword comes down on your neck and detaches it from you sholders. Bye, bye, dumb, dumb.

  2. Good to see America’s hate spewing ignorant inbred white trash right wingers have a place to call home LOL at all you fools, It must be a lonely knowing that your kind are dying off day by day, natural selection at it’s finest HAHAHA!

  3. I question why BNI dragged this shlepper out of nowhere and gave him some publicity. Why and where he got on air is another question. He has no wit or humor or even proper diction. A wannabe something or someone but really a congenital loser.

  4. Ummm, could it be that Sam got kicked off the air because HE IS AN IDIOT?!!….Not to mention an ignorant dumbass kisser of muslime asses!!………..Sorry, Sam, the airwaves ALREADY have more than enough libtard idiots like you and we REALLY don’t need another!!……..

  5. And this schmuck mocking her is trying to debunk COLD HARD FACTS and making a mockery of it. Typical liberal living in fantasy land! Its hard to believe that a human being “adult” could be as naive as a young child like this liberal POS is. Its amazing.

  6. Oh well, I guess he needs his job, right? He’s not funny but surely he knows that. No one is listening to him because all he can do is mock; he can’t cite data like Michele does.

  7. In his extreme ignorance he mocks what he doesn’t know or take the tme to underderstand. What Congressman Bachmann says is right on target. Typical Leftist approach instead of shutting up and learning something he makes a bigger fool of himself by disrespecting others who are much more knowledgable. Notice the approach of trying to make her look ‘crazy’ instead of responding with any intelligence, jokes on him, he’s the one that looks like the loon that he is.

  8. He’s no Jew. He’s a JINO, Jew in name only. NikitaAnne, I agree. He should go live in a muslim country and then lecture Michele Bachmann and us. He’s not fit to shine Bachmann’s shoes. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder- Michael Savage

  9. There are none more dangerous as the ones who refuse to use the eyes and ears God gave them, (to collect the truth, understand it, and speak it) to themselves and others. Aah yes, another “useful idiot” someone get that name on the list. His time too will come as a theif in the night and he will be none for the wiser of it. His problem, not ours. Go away with your ignorance, don’t go away mad, just go away, to the muddledeast if you dare son.

  10. Saxon, Islamist ideology is far more self-replicating than Nazism, an extension of German nationalism. This one has a veneer of religion about it and has far exceeded the 12-year success of Nazism by a factor of over 1000. That was the genius of Mohammad, at least how it’s turned out, which makes Hitler’s evil look relatively tame. This ideology is recycled and lapped up by the populations of these 57 states from cradle to grave, and now is even more empowered by notably the USA’s politically-correct official support of it and abdication of its responsibility to counterbalance its totalitarian intentions.

      • In German, the correct term would be “Judenratte” (plural “Judenratten”).

        We’ve half-corrupted things so as not to say “Jew-rat”, which – as far as I can tell – is an abusive epithet against the Jews and which (political correctness aside) thus wouldn’t work…

        • Also incorrect. Sigh. You haven’t “half-corrupted” the word, you flat-out misinterpreted it out of ignorance.

  11. Sam Seder, capitulate much? I wonder how well he will deal with being buried neck deep and stoned to death for being a dirty Jew by the Muslims he defends. Idiot, no respect for truth and freedom…

    Go live in a Muslim country. I dare you to learn your lesson the hard way and expect to see your beheading on Youtube in the near future. You are an embarrassment to us all, you deserve your fate.

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