EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood leader says Americans are pigs, thieves, and slaughterers, who will soon see their own demise caused by the JOOOOOOS!

This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that gets down on its knees and kisses the feet of those American ‘pigs,’ to ensure we keep sending them $$billions in American taxpayer money every year.


21 comments on “EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood leader says Americans are pigs, thieves, and slaughterers, who will soon see their own demise caused by the JOOOOOOS!

  1. Who is this screamer supposed to be? Sadly, some of his projections are not so unrealistic. America is in deep debt and if given half a chance Obama will bankrupt it before he leaves. The truth is that even if Egypt loved America, America still has no business borrowing money from China to give aid to countries such as Egypt.

  2. That’s right, Chris. And the genocide of black slaves shipped across the desert by the Saudis far out number the deaths of black slaves purchased by Americans. I believe the numbers were 9 of every 10 slaves forced by Saudis to march across the desert died. And the way they treated the children was brutish too. No, this fellow needs to look in the mirror, not only to check his history but to check his waist line. Who is he to criticize American obesity when he can’t even sit up straight?

  3. What America did to the blacks and the indians??? that twat doesn’t know his history, because it was the muzzrats who sold black slaves to the westerners. Death to Islam!

  4. americans need to cut off money to these people. noit just egyptians but pakis saudis and dissolve the UN and boot them out of the country.

    • Unfortunately we have a segment of this country who are absolute morons, apathetic or naive to have voted once again for the Muslim in the WH. As long as he is there he will send money to all the Muslim coutries. I cannot for the life of me comprehend how people can vote for utter failure.

  5. Agree with ‘John’: Mozzies PROJECT their flaws and sins on others. The Nazis were classic examples of ‘projection’. The toxic narcissist CASTS OFF his sins on a SCAPEGOAT to relieve himself of GUILT. It is ignoble and totally lacking in self-awareness.

    Mozzies enjoy their toxic narcissistic bubble and are validated in it by equally sick, demented individuals. Anyone who disagrees is shunned or killed.

    Islam is similar to Nazism another toxic Death Cult.

  6. It is a crime against humanity that Americans are immorally FORCED to finance Egypt, a country that hates us. We are HATED with an everlasting hate by ALL Muslim countries and Muslim organizations.

    Not one more dollar to any Muslim country or organization! Not one more dollar to Hamas-Gaza-PLO-Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist occupation forces who fill their war chests, build mansions and LAUGH all the way to the bank with FREE infidel money.

    • Linda: You have the answer to minimize Arab islamic terrorism. Now get our muslim butt smooching president to stop playing patty-cake with these terrorists, and giving them weapons that sooner or later, our own armed forces may have to face.

      • The ONLY way to get that to happen, “SweetOlBob”, is to get Obama OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

        Since he rigged his re-election last month, it’s either a question of impeachment (which is a lost cause) or possibly turning outside the law. [To say anything further of the latter could be illegal or endangering to not only myself but Ms. BNI (among others), so here I must ‘shut up’!!!…]

  7. Quote ” These people are slaughterers. They are the greatest thugs in history” unquote.
    MMMmmmm is this a case of the kettle calling the pot black ? From what history tells us, Islam is the greatest slaughterer and produced the greatest thugs in history. Was not Islam only spread by the sword and death and submission.
    How I hate these hypocritical B*****ds. And the rest of the world listens to them as though they spread the word of wisdom.

    Oh come the next great crusades.

    • Just one correction: Islam has NEVER, repeat NEVER, produced anything good whatsoever in history!!!! Even what it claims for itself (e.g., algebra) was plagiarised from the Hindus!!

    • John, I couldn’t agree with you more.
      The rest of the world appears to be catatonic, hypnotized, zombified, stupid, living in a state of profound denial or, G-d help us, absolutely naive.
      So glad for blogs like BNI, Atlas Shrugs, Winds of Jihad notifying these thugs and bullies that there are whole armies of awake people blocking their way to global takeover.

    • Amen, Brother John! And WE THE PEOPLE who DO NOT and WILL NOT bow and kowtow to filthy lying sonsofbitches who claim to be adhering to “God’s religion”, when it (Pislam) does NOT even qualify as a religion, religion being defined as man reaching out to find God, but rather a demented demonic corrupt political ideology, fostered by a filthy paedophile rapist theiving murdering warlord in the Arabian desert in the Seventh Century, and perpetuated by his sick twisted bast—d followers!!Oh, and an angel might have deliivered a message to Mo, but you can be damn certain that “angel” WAS NOT Gabriel! Lucifer, MUCH MORE likely!!….Anyway, before getting a bit off track, what I meant to say is: WE ARE the SOLDIERS and that NEXT GREAT CRUSADE is ALREADY under way!!

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