EGYPT: No Headbag, No Vote

Muslim Brotherhood ally, Barack Hussein Obama, says “Democracy is breaking out all over the Middle East!” Except now, women in Egypt who refuse to wear a schmatta on their head are barred from voting.


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  1. Yep! SOMETHING is breaking out in the Mideast for sure, butit is da– sure NOT democracy!!….Once again people: ” Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it!!” And THAT axiom does not just apply in the Mideast, but with the idiots here in America who look to “Barack Hussein Obama” as their “Lord and Savior”, as just ANOTHER celebrity a–hole spouted recently AND repeatedly in public!!

  2. Liz: That’s exactly what we should do. No terrorist supporting muslims, citizens or not, should be allowed to vote in the United States. Since they all tythe to their mosques and their mospues clandestinely support Hamas, they are ALL terrorist supporters.

  3. Can you imagine the uproar and rioting that would rage across the planet if the USA, Israel, Australia, or a European country would not allow female muslim citizens to vote if they wore a headbag?

  4. Nice trick to make sure only Islamists get to vote. That is just about as effective as the polling stations in the U.S. mostly run by blacks who dumped tons of votes for Romney. In one area the Democrats got some 19,000 votes and the Republicans ZERO. Since all the polls showed the country was pretty evenly divided, this sort of vote division was impossible. There should be and there will be violent opposition to this power grab in Egypt. The Egyptians seem to have more gumption than Americans right now. By the way, Obama just got himself a gift. With the Benghazi hearings around the corner that could lead to his impeachment he needed some big diversionary event. Susan Rice backed off from getting nominated so that she wouldn’t be questioned because much could be learned from her. Then Hillary fainted and got concussion and won’t be able to appear at the hearings for questions. She is not hospitalized because her true condition could easily be verified at a hospital – even Obama couldn’t get a whole hospital to perjure itself. She is being treated in the privacy of her home. But now Obama has the Connecticut murder and potential gun control efforts to use as a first priority to drown out whatever may be revealed at the Benghazi hearings. The drama gets better all the time.

  5. That will no peace as long Islam exist ! Islam must destroy but must destroy Makkah first. Makkah is the root of terrorist and evil !

  6. Love to know how much tourism money Egypt will now lose! Hopefully all infidels will spend their money in a much nicer place. Egypt the next Islamic hell hole.

    • I was just reading somewhere that many Egyptian Muslims condemn all foreign tourism as decadent and Satanic, and the source of many secular and Jewish influences that are leading young Muslims astray, and that many terror attacks in Egypt have been directed at tourists by groups such as Al Qaeda for that reason that they want to destroy all foreign tourism to what they deem to be their sacred Islamic land.

      It is insane, but these people are slitting their own throats.

    • “imam Obama”, I like this. I call him Satan-in-Chief. He is very bad news. But, I don’t blame him, how can you blame a Devil? This is his nature. I blame those American traitors, who voted for him.

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