OKLAHOMA ‘Dhimmi’ Judge dismisses Constitutional claims of Police Captain punished for refusing to to attend a mandatory Islamic Event at a mosque

imag522Oklahoma federal judge ruled late yesterday that the City of Tulsa and two of its senior police officials, Chief of Police Chuck Jordan and Deputy Chief of Police Daryl Webster, did not violate the constitutional rights of Captain Paul Fields, a Tulsa Police officer who was summarily punished for refusing to attend a mandated Islamic proselytizing event held at a local mosque.

tulsa_mosque_has_extremist_tiesAFLC Despite the fact that the federal judge was required to view the evidence and all reasonable inferences drawn from that evidence in favor of Captain Fields before dismissing his constitutional claims, the judge concluded that “no reasonable jury could find Fields was personally ordered to attend” the Islamic event “because the directive at issue permitted him to assign others to attend rather than attend himself.”

By doing so, the judge avoided addressing a central issue in this case, stating, “The issue of whether a directive requiring his personal attendance at the event would have violated his First Amendment rights need not be decided here.”

Robert Muise, Co-Founder and Senior Counsel of the American Freedom Law Center and lead counsel for Captain Fields in the case, commented, “This ruling is troubling on many levels.  However, this fight is far from over.  Judge Frizzell may have been the first judge to review and decide the important constitutional issues at stake in this case, but he won’t be the last.  We will be appealing this ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.” READ MORE







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  1. Impeach the Judge for Judicial activism on the bench. He has deprived this man of his constitutional rights. If any other Judges concur with this Judicial Activism it becomes a Conspiracy to deprive this man of his Constitutional rights and thus demands Jail time not just impeachment.

  2. wake up boys and girls ! there is no such thing as ” justice ” in this cesspool of a country any more !!!!!!! , greed and degenerate behavior is the norm for the ruling class ! .we are not far from anarchy and a lot of blood will be spilled ! , not thousands but millions !, mushroom clouds ,invasion ( illegals anyone ! ) and slavery ( try finding a decent job , the government is a communist run street gang at this point ! ) . am I wrong on any of these points ! , we are toast ! and I am gone !!!!!!!

    • Not to worry spartacus, you’ll be in good company ” we are not too far from anarchy and a lot of blood will be spilled” that alone just might clean out the criminal genes from the populas, not to mention the leeches, (muslim immigration) parasites, second, third generations of welfare moochers, lazy ( read slavery) too stupid to know any differently ( the govenrment is a communist street gang at this point), and no you are not wrong on those points. In fact, you just might be a Patriot, if, 1) you reconize the outcome of these types by design, 2) understand the threat comes directly from those in the government, 3) with all these leeches, moochers of other peoples private property ( earned labor ) there can be no other solution then to rid ourselves of thieir threats, ( think cloward-piven strategy fulfilled). Like I said, you’ll be in good company and welcomed into the mix of those of us who understand what must be done to cure their illness.

      Semper Fi

  3. As our old friend Archie Bunker might say about this: “Damn, damn, damn”!!…I was REALLY hoping I had about heard and seen the end of this case and seen a GOOD REAL COP like Capt. Fields restored back to his former job on the DAY SHIFT at the Riverside Precinct, instead of STILL NOT being paid the two weeks that the bureaucratic butt kissing dhimmi a–holes in Administration at TPD refuse to grant!! In case you haven’t guessed, I have “weighed in” on this issue before, being close to this situation and a former mail carrier to the Muslime School AND the Mosque involved in this case!!…Oh, and Chief Jordan, if you see this, and I REALLY hope you do, don’t EVER ask to take a group photo including me, even if it is at a Class Reunion with your spouse in the photo as one of my classmates!! This CRAP has been drug out for about 21 monthsc now, and you a–holes at the City of Tulsa and the TPD remain the same obstinate unyielding ba—–s as usual, EXCEPT when it comes to kissing the arses of the muslimes you soooo dearly admire!! Oh, and Bonni, I’ll leave it to your discretion as to what should be edited out of this rant, since it is NOT really my intention to get both of us in deep doo!!

      • Most recent updates from local news sources indicate that he is STILL on duty on the Midnight Shift at the “Mingo Valley” Station, but the case is going for appeal to the Tenth Distict Circuit Court, and he is STILL fighting to be restored to his job on the Day Shift at the “Riverside” Division, And he is STILL trying to get back pay for the two weeks that the bureaucratic a–holes suspended him back in march 2011. May God bless you, Capt. Fields; and keep fighting the good fight for what is only right!!

  4. So who is this piece of shit judge? Name the ass hole.These dhimmi cockraoch’s need to be more affraid of Americans than the muzzies

  5. When will these liberal judges rule with law not their feelings .They need to pull their heads out of their ass. When Gov King lost to gov Well he went nuts appointing judges he thought had supported him. He was so stupid he didn’t know they were spending his campaign funds.

    But King appointed judges who ruled the way they wanted to. And when investigations started they all stand in line to lie. Like a judge had a unconscious man pulled out of the hospital and his drinking buddy said the guy wasn’t there on Friday but Monday morning. If your arraigned after 3 pm its posted on the next day.

    And if the guy was arraigned on Monday morning why didn’t the drinking buddy arraign him , he did arraignments. But he leaves at 2 to hit the bar down the street and pick up a hooker. It was fun when the hookers appeared in court and he gives a fine tells her to be more careful and he be seeing her later.

    But they both lied to the F.B.I and the agents went along with it. Then they got a women judge who if your a guy and a women files a false report she tells the jury to find the guy guilty openly. When the lawyer said your honor you can’t do that. Her reply this is my court room I can do what I want. And when the jury saw what she was doing they came back in 7 min. with not guilty verdict .The judge screamed at them for a 1/2 hour before letting them go.

    But it was funny when one got suspended for calling another judge to tell her she was getting a case and to find the guy guilty. He cried he couldn’t afford the suspension without pay. Well what happened to the million and a 1/2 he stole while being mayor of the city. He brought a building on the waterfront valued 1/2 a million for 1 dollar. Then he took the community development funds for himself .

    These funds were for area needing repair and the owner couldn’t afford it. So these grants you never repay . These funds were not his to do as he wanted to with it. After he fixed this building up he sold it for the 1 1/2 million. This what happens when demarcates take over.

  6. The next time such an incident comes up, the policemen should attend and while there arrest the Mullah for breaking U.S. laws by following the Koran which is filled with incitement to break our laws.

  7. I guess American judges have the same sort of fear of Islam as Spanish ones. Although I am sure at a higher level of justice, better judgement will prevail as it did recently at the Supreme Court of Canada that upheld the Harper government anti-terorist laws relied on to deport to the USA terrorists accused of terrorist crimes. They sought to overturn the laws claiming that that part of the definition of terrorist crime that includes the element of religion or ideology violates constitutional rights to freedom of religion. The judges said no, that the crimes themselves were violent and that regardless of religious justification, the law does not protect those who commit violent criminal acts. Ha ha, terrorists, you’re off to a US prison!

  8. It’s a pity the Captain did not attend the meeting wearing a very, very large Christian Cross. Oh and maybe one on the back of his T-shirt.
    However that’s easy for me to say, when I am 1800 miles away.

  9. It doesn’t make sence- -a policeman being -punished for not attending a religious event at an Islamic mosque?would the same punishment have been given if he hadn’t attended a christian event? how and why has this -political ideologty posing as a religion been able to weild such -power and have so much control over law and order and other citizens -religion is -or should be a personal decision and not have any influence or be a detriment to others of different beliefs ,they should be told to shut up -or go back from where they came from and take their- dam -sicko -weird cult with them.

  10. My family and I have believed that the Tulsa mosque is very tied to radicles. Not only that but one of the administrators was arranging marriages between Muslim men who needed green cards and American Muslim women, especially converts. He charged a fee for the services, knowing that the marriages would likely fail in a couple of years. What caught my attention the most was a pad of preprinted “marriage contracts” quite a number had been torn off and I couldn’t imagine a mosque performing that many marriages in one year- let alone in the number that required a pad of contracts.

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