WHAT A SURPRISE! Muslim prayer bump (otherwise known as shitstain) is reportedly linked to traumatic brain injury and mental disorders

Apparently, the most radical Islamists all seem to share a common characteristic – the prayer bump caused by banging one’s forehead on the floor several times a day, every day – which causes aggression, depression, and impairs the ability to reason.

Ali Abd Al-Fattah, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt says, “The Accursed Jews Will Return To Wherever They Came From And The Arab Land Will Be Completely Cleansed of Zionist Filth"

Ali Abd Al-Fattah, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt says, “The Accursed Jews Will Return To Wherever They Came From And The Arab Land Will Be Completely Cleansed of Zionist Filth”

Examiner  Supporters of the Shari’a-friendly Muslim Brotherhood movement (President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt), which number in the millions in the North African nation display a physical characteristic that many of its members, as well as millions of Muslims throughout the world share  – a noticeable brown prayer bump, or more correctly, the zebibah (Arabic for raisin), which we in the West like to refer to as a shitstain.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader

Ayman al-Zawahiri, current al-Qaeda leader

Seen by many of its bearers as a sign of true devotion to Islam, the cranial bruising is caused by the repeated hitting of their foreheads to the ground while making their daily Salah, or prayers required of every male Muslim.

Rashad Bayoumi, Deputy General of Muslim Brotherhood

Rashad Bayoumi, Deputy General of Muslim Brotherhood

Great Britain’s Oxford University published an academic research paper entitled “Repeated mild injury causes cumulative damage to hippocampal cells,” in which repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (rMTBI) has;

Essam el-Erianvice, Chairman Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom & Justice Party (Egypt)

Essam el-Erianvice, Chairman Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom & Justice Party (Egypt)

“An emerging hypothesis in the study of neurotrauma is that repeated mild traumatic brain injury (rMTBI) may cause cumulative damage to the brain, which could ultimately result in memory and learning dysfunction.”

The medical reference website MedScape.com cites the medical term for repeated mild head trauma as Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome, authored by Dr. David Cifu, MD, and Dr. Sherwin SW Ho, MD.

Mohamma Re Naghdi, Commander Iran's Basi Militia

Mohamma Re Naghdi, Commander Iran’s Basi Militia

The doctors pointed out that those suffering with the syndrome displayed;

“cognitive impairments when compared with a control group in the areas of episodic memory, short-term memory, visuospatial processing, object naming, and semantic processing.”

Parviz Khan, convicted terrorist

Parviz Khan, convicted terrorist

The U.S. government’s Center for Disease Control cited the functional changes of TBI in layman’s terms;

TBI can cause a wide range of functional short- or long-term changes affecting thinking, sensation, language, or emotions.

Mohamed Yunus, Turkish Islamist leader

Mohamed Yunus, Turkish Islamist leader

  • Thinking (i.e., memory and reasoning);

  • Sensation (i.e., touch, taste, and smell);

  • Language (i.e., communication, expression, and understanding); and

  • Emotion (i.e., depression, anxiety, personality changes, aggression, acting out, and social inappropriateness).

As cited, TBI can also cause epilepsy and increase the risk for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain disorders that become more prevalent with age.

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Muslim Brotherhood leader

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Muslim Brotherhood leader


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  1. A mark on your forehead or right hand is a mark of Satan. Those who choose to bare this mark will be punished. Whether your “religious” or not it specifically says this in the bible. I don’t go to church or practice a strong religion of any kind but its a pretty wild coincidence that it says this and it is happening right in front of our eyes. No matter how far fetched some things in the bible sound if it comes down to it I will die before I wear the mark of the beast and even if what the bible says is untrue I myself am willing to take that bet. If I’m wrong I still die knowing I didn’t become a monster and if I’m right… Win win really!!! 🙂

    • Sam please contact me if you get a chance. My name is Jon Pierson. I have studied John’s Prophecy and i agree with you…but also note the interpreted Bible says it is a mark within the forehead and the bruising might not matter…but the allegiance theough prayer and the muslim mandate to keep the right hand clean in order to control their destiny…666 vs Gospel of Grace and Love

      I urge you to research the beast could have started with mouhamed(the false prophet in revelation) and the tragedies of islam and ottomon empire theoughout history…

      The Bible says satans kingdom tried to devour Christ during his birth…(this spiritual birth in heaven could mean His initial birth as a babu or his second coming…i havent gotten a definite answer yet.)
      But either way the 666 beasts come soon after…


    • And its @3104973381 not 2…sorry guys im dealing with alot of randomness…especially how non coincidental satans attacks can be…assuming i didnt do that on purpose…some how yhe word associated to Christ and the number to the non profit get typos…it couldnt just be randomly from the poor quality key boards these companies make…especially when in my life personally i notice it happens often especially when recording music.

  2. I might as well learn arabic. Every time there is another beheading, bombing or outrage, I have to learn a new arabic word that explains it. Today’s word is “Zabiba”. I thought the cops put the knot on the head of the Oklahoma headhunter.

  3. god i hate muslims, not because they are muslims but because they refuse to live in the 21st century , honestly though , they hate women treat them like dogs, last time i checked, a dog has more rights than a women in islam , also their fixation with beheading, stoning unarmed women for getting raped by their cousins, honour killing their own daughters for acting like sluts, what a nice muslim father killing his own daughter god must be so happy that he did that , i’m sure he will get 40 virgins for killing that whore

  4. We don’t hit our heads into the floor :), we just kneel on the ground, we got those “shitstains” cuz most of muslims are poor that dont have fancy carpets

    A prove: look at KSA king’s and prince’s faces, they are rich muslims who dont have “shitstains”

    Thanks anyway for the info in the topic
    Thanks everyone for sharing their hate to muslims 🙂

    • Mohamad…

      Does being a “poor” muslim with no fancy carpet mean you do not have, or know how to use, soap and water…?

      As you are no doubt aware, you are a lazy bunch, but you should be able to muster
      enough energy once in a while to give your face a wash…no?

      Your mental disorders in islam are well documented, and most of it arises from your proud and noble history of incest and “cousin-fuckin'”.

    • More taqiyya and kitman – why does Ayman al-Zawahiri (himself a well-off Moslem who was also a medical doctor) have that bump?? Or those leaders of the Moslem Brotherhood, who also were not uncomfortable in life??

      As to the Saudi King: he ALWAYS covers his forehead via his ridiculous head-gear, so one simply can’t see it.

      That plainly CONTRADICTS your “hypothesis” (which I put in quotes as its falsehood is so obvious to the world!!!)…

      • BNI, He is exhibiting the rational impairment, irritability, confusion and disorientation of this syndrome perfectly!

        Most Moslems are unable to focus on a topic (such as this one or any topic) due to multiple insults to the brain resulting in Chronic Traumatic Encephalophathy (CTE).

        Question for ‘Proudtobe’ : Are your parents and grandparents first cousins?

  5. Look for a lot of the barbarians pictured in this article to be frequent guests @ the White Hut during the upcoming term, if they are not hanging around there already. Some of them may wind up on Hussein’s Cabinet or among his top advisers.
    So what if they are not Americans; he probably isn’t either.

  6. Anyone who follows islam and considers it good must be mentally unsound , if they furtther go and get more brain damaged done that is one more reason whty they should not be running loose in civilised societies…….. let alone standing in election & running the govt , training the FBI , CIA and military as they are doing now..

    Very dangerous to the country .What do you say ?..

  7. Even without those shit marks those are UGLY people. Ugly, and hate filled. Faces that only thier mothers and liberals could love.

  8. Well, any of these guys don’t look like peace part, but like fart peace of shit !!

    But it’s normal for an asshole to break the wind as a fart of peace :-)))

    I know, it’s not polite, but When I see their ugly faces, and much more ugly projects and thoughts, it’s the only…thought I have about them…

  9. TBI.. Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as “Typically Bobbleheaded Islamist” or “To be Islamic” or “Can I get a helmet?”

  10. Makes sense. Systematic and ritualistic destruction of human characteristics and making of monsters starting with self. This topic deserves further scientific inquiries.

  11. Something that Buddhists can relate to, and I imagine the Hindu, as well – That is in the SAME AREA as the reputed “Third Eye”. When that area is damaged, then I would imagine that the other hidden sensory abilities are damaged, as well.
    No wonder we consider them as they are – intellectual and emotional midgets.

  12. This sick cult of islam just keeps on getting sicker. The shites whipping themselves with knives to bloody their backs, cutting their little boy’s head, genital mutilation of their daughters, honour killing their daughters, bashing their own heads to show their belief and so on is plain sick. Too bad it did not cause death by bashing one’s head. This islam is one sick, evil and twisted cult.

  13. They sure Hillary didn’t get that concussion from banging her head on the floor in “solidarity” with her muslim (girl)friend(s)?

  14. Similar to boxers who become ‘punch drunk’.

    Mozzies are drunk on their own narcissism, misogyny, supremacism, rage-a-hol, and toxicity towards ‘others’.

    Question for Moslems: How much is the ‘right amount’ of hatred towards dirty kafirs?

    Bang your head a few times and get back to me.

  15. I never thought of it, but I suspect that all the headbanging, coupled with all the first cousins in major branches of their family bush (ain’t no trees where they come from) is a great contributing factor to the muslims ticking down to instant jihad syndrome.
    muslims: Tick – tick – tick ……………..

    • Sorry to disappoint you, “Saxon” and “Lord Kabigon”; however, without the “Mark of the Beast” you in that age won’t be able to buy and sell – meaning that you’ll need to have a computer chip in its place (or in your right hand alternatively) to do ANY business whatsoever.

      Moslems, on the other hand, are NOT expressly forbidden to have anything to do with “infidels” – though they’re conjured to wage war against them merely for their being non-Moslems!!!.

      • okay did anyone know that the AMA wanted those chips implanted in all Americans by the end of 2012? but that has been pushed back to 2018 because of OBAMACARE. probably has a kill-switch in it for people over a certain age. Remember who talked about her 100 year old mother who wanted a pacemaker, and Obama told her to tell her mother to take a pill?

        • Is this a joke or sarcasm on your part???

          If not, this ought to be MAJOR news here, as then I would have to revise my suspicions and thoughts regarding the “Mark of the Beast”. It also would be EXTREMELY IRONIC that it would be the USA that would pioneer this Mark – though it’s not impossible by any means…

      • This is true about buying or selling but I don’t think the “chip” is the mark of the beast. You cannot be tricked into getting the mark of the beast. God has clearly stated in the bible that he will not allow that to happen. It must be a clear, conscience decision to choose to take the mark of the beast . life as we know it will be a torturous hell on earth if you choose to not take this mark but if you remain strong in your faith you will be greatly rewarded for your loyalty! Be strong when the “Antichrist” comes. We have a battle to fight and we need as many people as we can get! 🙂

    • I have long been convinced the mark on the hand will be a chip that when scanned signifies you are a muslim but wondered about the mark on the forehead. ( as predicted in Biblical end times prophesies Revelations 13:16; English Standard Version (©2001)
      Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,) You have cleared that up for me with your comment. This removes any lingering doubt in my mind that muslims are truly the soldiers of satan.

  16. Bakbied not pretty picture at all and a very dangerous one with these people being in charge of countries and Clerics brainwashing and in perfecct unisons with them this is a recipe for for war on acale like we have never seen, It is only a matter of time now when MORSI gets the yes vote in a short time the whole of the middle east will be under Islamic law this is their intentions as a lot of us know. Isreal will be first God help them as capable as they are it does not bode well does it. If the UN idiots and usless paid for nothing farce do nothing about this then they may have not ever been formed in the first place. Unfortunalty they now seem to be aiding the Islamists.

    Then it will be the wests turn. READ NOTRADAMUS on world war 111.

    • I think you are on to something. I have long believed the mark on the hand will be a chip that when scanned signifies you are a muslim but wondered about the mark on the forehead. Only serious head banging muslims have this so it seems pretty clear to me that it is the mark on the forehead the scriptures speak of. Proving, to me at at least, beyond any doubt they are satans minions as described in Biblical end times prophesies.

    • This brown mark on muslim’s foreheads is not because muslims hit their head on the ground, that’s one of the biggest lies I have ever heard. In addition, it is not because muslims are not clean, that is also a lie because being clean is big part of our religion as we do “wudu” five times a day to get ready for prayer, which is when we wash ourselves in order to be clean when we present ourselves in front of God, the almighty. through our prayer. Also, being clean is part of our, “Imman”, which means faith. Therefore, this mark is due to the friction that occurs when a muslim gently puts his head on the ground while praying. It is also a sign of a muslim that diligently prays all his prayer. Finally, I just wanted to address another mistake that I have found in this article, which says that, “prayers required of every male Muslim.” The actual truth is the five prayer are appointed to both men and women and not only men.

      • PM, Your wudu is a joke, it has nothing to do with sanitation as you only splash water on your feet, hands, and orifices, NO SOAP. So you are just as smelly and filthy after you do wudu as before. Anyone who has ever been near a muslim on a crowded subway car knows how badly they stink.

        And the brown shitstain is from banging your heads on the floor.

        • Bare naked Islam… Why have you got so much hate for Islam? What you say is wrong, there is nothing to say you can’t wash with soap in wudu, and washing isn’t simply for prayers, Islam says you MUST wash your hands before eating, after using the toilet, wash completely after having sex…. I have no idea where you got that Muslims are dirty 🙁
          The article you referenced was about banging your head. You do not bang your head in prayer, you place it on the ground. The article is irrelevant. Why do you say “we in the west”? No matter how much you try and portray a divide between west and east, a- I haven’t personally met a single person who hates Islam and I am English through and through and so are all my friends, and b- I’ve never heard that term used in my life and don’t really ever want to hear it again. There are good and bad in every aspect of life but like every other walk of life, the bad people in Islam are the tiny minority. Islam teaches that the best among Muslims are those who treat women the best. They say that despite someone saying that they are a Muslim, if they do bad deeds I.e. Kill innocent people (like Isis) they will not even come near heaven. They say that forgiving, regardless of the situation, is ALWAYS the best thing you can do. Please please stop spreading hate, this is just what Hitler did with Jews, it breaks my heart because the Muslims I know are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, men and women, and it’s all to do with teachings from their religion. I know there is a lot of negative things out there about Islam and that will understandably have an impact on people’s views, but it is completely and utterly untrue and out of context which, if anyone knows anything about media can make something blue look orange. I really hope you meet someone personally who will be important enough to you to eventually show this to you, so you don’t feel like in your head you have to make good people into scum.

  17. well they can give the PsOS all the excuses they want ; how about they were BORN EVIL! Anyone that would BANG their damn heads to the ground 5 times a day and create a shitstain is brainless in the first place!! Freaking PsOS!

  18. When you do the maths of how many times these freaks do “Sajdah” – that is the actual banging of their foreheads & noses on the ground it becomes manifest to why they are so fucking crazy – apart from their brainwashing of the queeran.

    These cretins go the mosque 5 times per day.
    At each prayer meet they must bang their heads MINIMUM 11 x per session – depending on festivals etc.
    But for the point of the exercise we’ll stick with minimum 11 x per session.


    11 x 5 = 55 x per day
    385 Times per week
    20,020 times per YEAR

    20,020 over 20 Years = 400,400 friggin’ times they bang their heads on the ground!
    Is it any wonder they have Acquired Brain Injury?

    Another thing that hasn’t been taken into account are the FARTS when these cretins lift their arses & bang their heads on the ground.

    Farts contain methane gas – a flammable gas, also is a further hazard:
    Toxicity (Am. Conf. Of Gov. Ind. Hygienists ACGIH 2000 Edition) : Simple Asphyxiant

    Let’s say they only fart ONCE per session = 5 per day = 1,825 per year
    Over 20 years = 36,500 times!!

    Forget the flammable part, no mosque has burnt down yet (that I’m ware of) from methane farts.(Unfortunately)
    The main problem is that methane is also an asphyxiant – means you are deprived of oxygen.
    What happens to the brain when deprived of oxygen?
    Admittedly this is only in small doses, but if the brain can be injured as we’ve read in above article, obviously brain being deprived of oxygen also has to be taken into account.
    It is compounded by how many people are in the mosques at said head banging/arse lifting times.
    Don’t forget they bang their heads close to each others arses & obviously have to inhale – they cannot escape said asphyxiation, hence brain is deprived of oxygen.

    So Moslems have the double whammy – Acquired Brain Injury + Oxygen Deprivation = your normal everyday muzzturd!

    • So that would be 1,000,000 (One million) head bangings in 50 years. That should be enough to kill them. You are right about the smell of the methane gas. What about the smell of their filthy feet that are at the head of the savage praying behind that muzzi in front. Nothing like the smell of dirty socks to put you into the mood to pray to your lunartic moon demon called allah. Now add that 7 out of 10 are inbred.