CANADA: “Shame on the filthy kuffar for condemning Justin ‘dhimmi’ Trudeau for being key note speaker at Hamas-linked Muslim conference

canada-islam1CAIR Canada-supported Muslim writer claims that anti-Muslim bigots (realists) have gone too far in criticizing Justin Trudeau for his anticipated speech at a major terror-linked Islamic conference that is going to be held next week in Toronto.

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HUFFPO by  As reported by CBC, the critics have raised concerns about radical views and the alleged radical Islamist affiliation of other speakers at the event later this month; they have also pointed to alleged ties between major conference sponsors and the Islamic militant group Hamas.


Criticism of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau‘s planned appearance at an Islamic conference has prompted a sponsor to bow out after scrutiny of the event highlighted the group’s stripped charity status. The organizers of the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference say the decision for IRFAN-Canada to withdraw was made after the Liberal leadership hopeful came under fire for his plans to attend the annual event. IRFAN had its status revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency in 2011 for allegedly using deceptive fundraising to send nearly $15 million in donations to organizations with ties to the Islamic militant group Hamas.

I have been attending this conference for years. The speakers include intellectuals of high questionable calibre such as Muslim convert  Kristiane Backer, former MTV Host; Dr. William Fray Vendley, the Secretary General of the World Conference for Religions of Peace (WCRP), Dr. Karen Armstrong and Dr. John Ralston Saul, declared a “prophet” by TIME magazine among many other notable scholars and religious leaders of different denominations.

I find it an insult and disheartening to have these hate-mongers truth-tellers trying to muzzle a convention like this one where people gather from all over the continent and some come as far as Africa and Europe to nourish their souls, revive their spirits and learn how to be active Muslim activist members and outstanding unwanted citizens in the societies they live in.


The conference is all about peace and harmony (but only for muslims) and how to be a productive member (move to a country with generous welfare benefits for Muslim parasites). It teaches us to be involved in all aspects of life including helping those in need irrespective of color and creed (as long as they are muslims).

UnknownThe Muslim community has been outraged to get this kind of false alarms towards a convention that promotes tolerance and respect. (Everything outrages the muslim community, especially calls for tolerance and respect for non-muslims)

The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) had condemned the attempts of anti-Muslim bloggers to smear Canada’s largest gathering of Muslims at the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Conference.

campbell-halal1In a bulletin issued on Wednesday, it had urged Canadians to thank Justin Trudeau for standing by RIS and had urged the media to fact-check anti-Muslim claims. “To suggest that there is something untoward about a conference that invites leading thinkers like John Ralston Saul and Karen Armstrong to speak on topics such as inter-faith dialogue and mutual understanding is ludicrous. This is yet  another example of Islamophobic Islamorealistic vitriol aimed at marginalizing and vilifying (exposing the dark side of) Muslims.”

Shame on these bullies courageous patriots for trying to spread intolerance and confusion out of hate and animosity understanding and intolerance towards the peaceful and law abiding subversive and man-made law hating community. They take advantage of every opportunity they can find to create panic in the society as if Muslims are coming to take over the land, slit the throats of babies and force their beliefs on everyone. (See below)

Qur’an:47:4  “So, when you clash with the unbelieving Infidels in battle, smite their necks until you overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making them captives. Thus are you commanded by Allah to continue carrying out Jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam.”

They ought to show respect to Muslims who deserve to be treated with respect like everyone else. Muslims are mature enough to choose what conference to attend and they don’t need bullies to dictate what to do and which speaker to listen to. These alarmists might have issues with some of the speakers. We live in a world of diversity in opinion where one’s freedom fighter is considered a terrorist by others. (Only in the Muslim world)



How to identify evil even when it is cloaked in “righteousness”  click here for more information.


24 comments on “CANADA: “Shame on the filthy kuffar for condemning Justin ‘dhimmi’ Trudeau for being key note speaker at Hamas-linked Muslim conference

  1. Good, looks like they got my email. :-) I have some old Banking information & records from an Investigation I was doing the research for a few years back in Terrorist financing…lets just say that it’ll blow the legs and spine right out of CAIR and CAIR Canada if it were released.
    Islamic Canada?
    No…not coming soon, or ever.
    We will be pushing muzzies out of Canada, by applying the methods that our city has adopted wider and wider as influence spreads.
    If they’re smart, they’ll start leaving now, as fast as they can.
    We will treat islam and muzzies the exact same way and manner they hve been treating the rest of Humanity..NO better, NO worse.
    They’ll be getting exactly and precisely what they have dished out.

    Justin better leave with them if he’s got even one functioning brain cell.
    Seriously, because we’ll be naming him for Treason–and some folks in the East have some really interesting info that might just get the death penalty by Hanging re-instated by popular public demand just for him. 😉 I know only that much, but I know the people and they mean what they say.

  2. Justin is a useful idiot.

    The SUPREMACISTS are EXPLOITING his naivety, but Justin will find them out and their downfall will be complete.

    Mozzies CAN’T win the public relations war, because ALL NEWS ABOUT ISLAM IS BAD NEWS.

    It’s DEATH CULT for misogynistic, moronic men.

  3. Hey guys, you all have it all wrong, Justin is not the Keynote speaker……
    He is the “COURT JESTER” for the muslims to laugh at. He must be
    dead stupid, if he thinks muslims are going to take him seriously.
    They will be sitting there thinking to themselves, “here’s another stupid

  4. This shows us exactly what Justin wants! I’ll bet he won’t tell them to assimilate into Canadian culture! He won’t tell any of the women there in Niqabs or burkas that they should remove them as they are not really a part of Sharia…they are a subversive political statement!
    Justin is such an empty suit dhimmi! We should speak out loudly against this mealy mouthed, Liberal, dimwit every chance we get!
    Screw multi-culturalism! When you come to Canada …you better follow our culture and not expect us to change for you! If you don’t like how we do things here…then don’t come here! If you are already here….don’t let us stop you from leaving…Get the hell out!!

  5. This is good. It will get Justin plenty of press as he commits political suicide. Canada doesn’t need another idiot with inflated ego throwing sand into the wheels that run the country.

  6. an interfaith conference would be great if muslims didn’t practice taqiyya.and were REALLY serious aboutt getting along with others really deserve respect. which they don’t

    • Good grief, did you see the Neo-Palladian structure at 2:37 on the vid? It looks like Italy’s 15th Century Villa Rotonda! And they keep spinning all that “Paliwood” crap. You can safely bet US and Israeli taxpayers, and others have subsidized much of that construction. I smell mis-allocated funds there.

        • Only if the missile hit Paladio’s architectural masterpiece of Late Renaissance Mannerism in Italy. As for the cheap-looking knock-off in what I assume to be “Occupied Judea,” I can only hope it falls with a housefull of Hamas. And let me be clear, a VERY BIG housefull of ’em, lol.

  7. Justin is like his mom, Margaret, who is a very nice lady but not PM material. She was diagnosed with mood disordered bi-polar while married to PM Trudeau (Justin’s celebrated dad) and they then separated and later divorced. Justin is artsy, and like his mom, changeable. He is not the political intellectual his dad was — he can’t stick to an idea and defend it when challenged — and while there is a place for such people, it is not as our PM … at least not at this time. Who knows? Maybe with some maturity and some humility Justin will develop some character. But as of the present, he is not suitable PM material.

    • GUY: Not each decade. Every week.

      We have a case in Québec that will be the first of its kind in Canada. It will create a precedent. Never forget that, although maligned and hated by most Anglo Canadians, Quebecers are always the first to bring to the forefront issues that eventually reach the rest of Canada.

      The upcoming court case: a small-time newspaper that posts stories of newly arrived immigrants and how they adjust to Québec society was sued last week for $150,000 in damages for posting a general photo of a couple in an outdoor market surrounded by shoppers. The reporter mentions that people seem disturbed by the sight of the nikabee woman fully covered all the way down to her fingertips (long gloves). All one can see of the woman is sky blue eyeshadow.

      The couple is question is muslim. The man with beard and the nikabee female with baby stroller. People shopping around them are clearly seen as ‘shocked’ by the sight of the nikabee.

      Result: couple suing for emotional distress and fear of leaving their homes in case they would be recognized and attacked.

      Can you imagine the ramifications of this case of the muzzie couple wins?

      • When Quebec was granted powers for immigration from French speaking countries… i.e. Algeria; their policies brought over a lot of muslim parasites that are now living in Canada outside Quebec. If you recall, the millennium bomber was immigrated this way.

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