EGYPTIANS narrowly approve new Sharia-based constitution in first round of voting

Does this mean Barack Hussein Obama is going to send them another $billion dollars in celebration?


Egypt Independent The Muslim Brotherhood Freedom (for sharia) and Justice (under Islamic law) Party reported that semi-official results, based on 99.2 percent of polling stations, show 56.5 percent of voters approving the constitution and 43.5 percent rejecting it.

Initial results estimate voter turnout at around 30 percent of eligible voters. Constitution Party head Mohamed ElBaradei, who also leads the opposition National Salvation Front, tweeted on Sunday, “The nation gets more divided and the state pillars are falling.”


Mohamed Adel, a leading member of the April 6 Youth Movement, said the percentage of voters who rejected the constitution, 44 percent, is high, and stressed that there is a great split in the Egyptian street over the draft.

This percentage shattered the dreams of Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood, according to Adel, after nearly half of the Egyptian people rejected the draft constitution.