EGYPTIANS narrowly approve new Sharia-based constitution in first round of voting

Does this mean Barack Hussein Obama is going to send them another $billion dollars in celebration?


Egypt Independent The Muslim Brotherhood Freedom (for sharia) and Justice (under Islamic law) Party reported that semi-official results, based on 99.2 percent of polling stations, show 56.5 percent of voters approving the constitution and 43.5 percent rejecting it.

Initial results estimate voter turnout at around 30 percent of eligible voters. Constitution Party head Mohamed ElBaradei, who also leads the opposition National Salvation Front, tweeted on Sunday, “The nation gets more divided and the state pillars are falling.”


Mohamed Adel, a leading member of the April 6 Youth Movement, said the percentage of voters who rejected the constitution, 44 percent, is high, and stressed that there is a great split in the Egyptian street over the draft.

This percentage shattered the dreams of Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood, according to Adel, after nearly half of the Egyptian people rejected the draft constitution.


11 comments on “EGYPTIANS narrowly approve new Sharia-based constitution in first round of voting

  1. Seizure of power and a hasty and rigged election…

    To those urban and secular non Sharia folks in Egypt who toppled Mubarek…you should have been careful what you wished for

    Sharia government is like checking in to the Roach Motel…once it goes in it does not come out!

    I am sure crypto Muslim Barak Obama could care less doling out so much taxpayer money to this soon to be theocratic dictatorship while those who still suffer from the terrible hurricane wait for help from their own country which will never fully come.

    • And that’s how they managed to get their victory!!

      Time for the non-Islamists including the Christians to FLEE FOR THEIR LIVES from Egypt!!! Also, it could turn out for the better with Israel as when Morsi starts his war with them, they can punish the Egyptians really hard and make it such that they WON’T recover for generations to come – and in the meantime take over the Sinai permanently.

      Also, hopefully then Israel will find the stomach to evict all the braggadocio Arabs from Gaza and the West Bank – those wretches were meant to be in Jordan, and that’s where they should go!!! If the Arabs refuse, some more battering against the Mohammedanist haters (including the nuking of Mecca and Medina plus Riyadh and some other cities) will hopefully THEN teach them their lesson…

  2. Yes, things look pretty grim for the future of Egypt. It doesn’t help that Obama supports it. Once we get a Republican in power … but when will that be? And what will happen in the meantime? Please do everything you can to support the Conservative federal government in Canada because PM Harper has become quite an influential world leader and he supports Israel and opposes Islamic oppressions. He has influence and can help.

  3. Bye bye Sphinx, bye bye pyramids! Farewell Egyptian heritage! Goodbye to art, literature, dance, music, culture, and other humanities. Goodbye free inquiry. Goodbye science.

    Hello dark ages. Hello midnight stonings, hello Sharia lynchings, hello hand amputations for theft, hello second class status for women. Hello niqabs and burqas. Hello Egypt going dry. Hello more suicide bombings and more terrorism. Hello beheadings. Hello supersition and hoodoo and hocum. Hello constant strife and civil war.

    Now that radical Muslims control the government, there will now be constant infighting even among the fundamentalist Muslims for control of the country. Strict Islam will not bring peace to Egypt, rather war and constant war. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan for examples, how competing religious interests fight for control of the country.

    I always wanted someday to see the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza and the sphinx and marvel at the wonders our ancient ancestors created. I guess I will only see them in pictures and videos, but never in person and never touch and see in person something from our ancient past as a species except what has been preserved in Western museums.

    The sun has set on knowledge, logic, reason, and wisdom. The night has come and like an occult horror movie, the demons have begun to stir and the long night is beginning. And a terrible night it will be.

    • Well said Steve, Luckily we did manage to see Karnak etc inbetween the riots of 2010 and 2011. But as you said a new darkness is covering the once tolerant and friendly lands of Egypt. We will never go back there again.

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