France, yes FRANCE! Muslim bus drivers refuse to drive bus after it has been driven by a woman

france_islamist_5Female bus drivers have become daily objects of disdain, harassment, insults, and mistreatment from their misogynistic Muslim co-workers who consider non-Muslim women whores.

The company practices a policy of affirmative action favoring North African Muslims as regards recruitment and promotion, discriminating against indigenous French people.

Muslim drivers are aggressive and impolite towards passengers.

Muslim drivers refuse to shake hands with their female colleagues. 

Management refuses to intervene to support staff attacked by Muslim colleagues, in order to maintain “social peace”.

Some Muslim drivers refuse to drive a bus if a woman has driven it before them

Muslims pray in their place of work, even on the bus, during work time.

Muslim racists and fascists treat their white colleagues as inferior beings and are gradually imposing Islam within RATP.

H/T Islam vs Europe & Vlad Tepes