France, yes FRANCE! Muslim bus drivers refuse to drive bus after it has been driven by a woman

france_islamist_5Female bus drivers have become daily objects of disdain, harassment, insults, and mistreatment from their misogynistic Muslim co-workers who consider non-Muslim women whores.

The company practices a policy of affirmative action favoring North African Muslims as regards recruitment and promotion, discriminating against indigenous French people.

Muslim drivers are aggressive and impolite towards passengers.

Muslim drivers refuse to shake hands with their female colleagues. 

Management refuses to intervene to support staff attacked by Muslim colleagues, in order to maintain “social peace”.

Some Muslim drivers refuse to drive a bus if a woman has driven it before them

Muslims pray in their place of work, even on the bus, during work time.

Muslim racists and fascists treat their white colleagues as inferior beings and are gradually imposing Islam within RATP.

H/T Islam vs Europe & Vlad Tepes



11 comments on “France, yes FRANCE! Muslim bus drivers refuse to drive bus after it has been driven by a woman

  1. To weak leaders to get us rid of these pigs.They run the game till we wake up, us the people.We’ll have to do the job.

  2. Choose the courage of speaking out every time. If we can create a critical mass of people willing to resist, they can’t fire us all … and that is why most comply, out of fear of loss of income, loss of social status, etc., real, well-founded fears where I live in Canada because employers including government want to keep peace at any cost including at the cost of our freedoms. And we must write to our leaders who speak out against Muslim oppression to thank and encourage them. In Canada, just recently, MP Tony Clement directed the federal civil service that they are entitled to say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukah” and to display a tree or menorah. A Western Muslim activist has taken it to the Human Rights Commission but whereas a few years ago, he got a lot of public support, now he does not get much, if any. I tweeted Tony @TonyclementCPC to thank him for leading with courage because we need to let our leaders know we are behind them when they stand up against Islamic efforts to oppress our values. For several years in Canada, it was politically incorrect to say Merry Christmas and even to attend Remembrance Day observations because the Muslims consider our armed forces to be war criminals. So, wear the Lamda and fight the oppression. Thanks BNI.

  3. I don’t get it. Why the West is allowing this nonsense?! Even in most Islamic countries this does not happen. The Muslims are trying every thing possible and impossible to see how far they can get. Sadly, they are getting what ever they impose on us. Ridiculous, preposterous.

  4. Oh yuck! That picture above will definitely put me off eating the “delicacy” that are our cuisses de grenouilles Bonni 😉

    Joke apart, this piece here was done and filmed by the people of Riposte Laique, one of the groups constantly exposing/denouncing what these bastards are up to, as well as those covering for them, i.e politicians and media.

    The object of the exercise here was to have all this exposed to the public, so that it can no longer be ignored/covered-up, including by the so-called media. Mission accomplished as it now has gone viral here since last week and the transport companies, their regulators and unions will be forced into deal head on with this, since they chose to look the other way.

    As for those bastards, they’re going to appreciate seeing us walk out of any vehicles driven by any of them, explicitly and loudly told why.

  5. I can’t believe the ragheads are actually allowed to pull the bus over so they can wave their hind quarters in the air and pass gas. Do they point the bus at Mecca?
    The transporttion company is bound for ruin. In a short time they will haul nothing but muslims. Their stink will permeate the busses. They will learn their lesson about hiring ragheads. What a shame to see an industry kill itself. But if thy hire filthy muslims, they deserve it.

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