Gavin Boby, nicknamed the ‘Mosquebuster,’ is fighting to stop the expansion of mosques in the UK…

UnknownAND HE’S WINNING! A British lawyer is using the legal system to stop mosque construction and end Islamization of the UK. British barrister Gavin Boby, who specializes in planning law, has launched a new program called ‘MosqueBusters,’ for which he will work pro bono to help ordinary citizens demonstrate to their local councils that the building of a mosque or an Islamic center is actually in violation of British law.

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Score So Far: Stopped 15 out of 16 mosque projects

Maidenhead mosque – 11/00565/FULL – refused at planning application – appeal dismissed

Uxbridge mosque – withdrawn by the Applicant

Dudley Megamosque – P11/0888 – refused planning permission

York mosque –  11/01592/FUL – application withdrawn

Blackpool mosque – 11/0593 – refused planning permission

Bolton mosque – Application reference 87089/11: planning application to turn a shop (a former pub) into a mosque. Refused on traffic and parking grounds.

Ealing mosque – application reference: 2011/4564: Planning application to turn the sheds to the rear of 387 & 389 Uxbridge Road into a mosque. Refused. No reason published online yet.

Kirklees mosque – application reference: 2011/92581. Planning application to turn the beautiful old Jolly Sailor Pub into a mosque. Application withdrawn

Northampton minaret –  application reference: N/2011/0899Application withdrawn.

Luton mosque. Council decision not to sell development land on the cheap to the Masjid E-Ali mosque outfit – see previous post

12 East Avenue, Walthamstow E17 9NG – application for mosque extension from 5,300 sq ft to over 9,500 sq ft. Application withdrawn.

Purley Mosque. 5 Russell Hill Place, Purley, CR8 2LH – application for new 8,350 square foot mosque. Application refused.

Surbiton Mosque. Argent House, Hook Rise South, Surbiton, KT6 7LD – application for 12,500 square foot mosque – refused.

Sunderland Mosque. Saint Marks Road North Sunderland SR4 7DA – application for 15,000 square foot mosque – Application granted.

Chingford Mosque. 90-92 Chingford Mount Road, Chingford, E4 9AA – application for change of use to mosque, and extension – Application refused.

Brent Mosque – 7 Carlisle Road, NW9 0HD – application for a 8,400 sq ft “Community and Education Centre” (ahem) – Application refused.


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  1. Hi Gav pissed my pants at leeds civic hall when you made a total tit yourself. Best entertainment I’ve had for year until I’ve read yr comments in here.

  2. Gavin Boby is nothing but a racist pig and before anyone says anything I am a white British citizen. He is a disgrace and if his only defence is talking about 7/7 terriorist attack and making out all muslims are the same…. Thank god all White British People aren’t like him.

      • Actually I’m a human being, who thinks all people are the same, until they prove themselves different. How can you possibly judge a whole race based on the minority …. Call me what you will, I know I’m a decent person & you are just a sad pathetic excuse for a human being. I’d like to bet if one of yr family needed an organ transplant or die, you’d be happy to accept it from a Muslim. I suggest you go & think about what you write on a public website before you respond with more drivel !!

      • Mel, exactly what ‘race’ is Islam? I don’t make up the stories I post here, I pull them from news sources around the world. Your’re right, not all Muslims are terrible people, let’s just say 10% are, as the Saudi Government has claimed. 10% of 1.5 billion? Hardly a tiny minority – 150 million is larger than most countries. And then there are all the Muslims like you, who believe what you read in the quran about killing all the non-believers, and the hundreds of other verses just like this or worse. You sit in silence and condone jihad (the real kind, not the CAIR phony kind) because your so-called religion tells you to.

        As for taking an organ from a muslim? I’d rather die than have your inbred genes in any part of my body.

        There are more than 11,000 stories and videos here that prove me right.

  3. This is one of the most ridiculous pages I have seen in a very, very long time. Firstly, I am shocked at the amount of misinformation posted here that is presented as axiomatic. For people who live in a society where education is accessible for the most part and the facts are easily there to find if you are willing to look, there seems to be a lot of mindless zombie yes-men agreeing to this nonsense without ANY actual background information. Too sad. Has anyone who has posted here actually done any research at all on the history of Islam? How about the socio-political background of the Palestine/ Isreal conflict? Or how about the history and development of the Taliban? Nobody here seems to know or remember that the AMERICAN government funded, trained and aided fundamentalist Islamists. Why you ask? Well if you know anything about the Soviet Union or the Invasion of Afghanistan you would know that America had a different enemy (remember your hate on for socialism) and worked with the Taliban to fight Russia. So before you fall into the us versus them rhetoric please do not forget that it was American money that funded terrorism and it was the AFGHANI people trying to warn the West of the dangers of working with the Taliban. Let us not forget that the United Nations has declared Isreal’s dispossession of the Palestinian majority from their land as AGAINST human rights standards and norms.Yes a body of laws that govern relations between states that the West built and has ratified through numerous treaties says that Isreal is in the wrong. Maybe you people should get your heads out of the sand and do some reading of your own. Start with looking up Mandate Palestine. Anyone who cannot critically think of these issues is just plain naive. Does anybody here actually think for themselves?!?! Mindless following was cool in high-school but since this is an adult topic I would think people would stop and think before making childish statements and have some form of knowledge before talking on a topic you possess a micro understanding of. Seriously, all this information is there, you just gotta look. Perhaps all of you who so readily accept this fools mission should do some history or political science reading. Oh and fyi to everyone who knows nothing about Islam except what Fox News tells you, it may surprise you to know that old Testament also promotes patriarchal thinking. Islam certainly is not perfect but neither is any other religion. But, unlike Muslims who must face people acting like they know their religion better then the Muslims, mindlessly saying Islam is anti-women, perhaps you should read the Bible. Sexism is apparent in all patriarchal based religions. For instance, the Old Testament also declares women to be second to and property of men and stoning for women who commit adultery is also prescribed. But seriously, if you actually understand what I am trying to say do not take my word for it. Do your own research, find out things for yourselves. This mindless hate propaganda pisses me off because you all act like hypocrites, pointing your fingers at something you have a caricature knowledge of yet ignore, dismiss, hide any sort of evidence that implicates the West and non-Muslims. I also find it disgusting that we (rightly) use our freedoms to dissent and ourselves as a tool to try and eliminate others access to the same rights. Everyone here needs a lesson in colonialism and learning how to check your own privileges of race, class and sex. How about instead of promoting half truths and hate propaganda we work together to actually promote peace and understanding. Put your energy to more useful things that will improve your country such as a war on poverty or awareness into sexual and gender based violence. 1 in 3 woman will be abused by a man they love, and this is statistically speaking, white males, not Muslims. I worked as a sexual assault support worker who was made to actually find out about my topic before I could talk about it with the public, something I wish more people would do. The problem is not Islam alone but the whole complex web of colonialism, sexism, racism, dichotomous thinking etc . If you think Christianity or the West is not part of the problem then you are not seeing the world for what it is. Misogyny is part of a patriarchal society of any kind!! Deal with that then rant about something you know nothing about. Try reading Edward Said, Franz Fanon, Michel Foucault, Michael Ignetieff for starters. Open your eyes!! You so openly hate Islam not knowing that Islam is the only religion (of the three main stream) that gave women property rights since its conception. This is something we women in the west have only attained though years of protest, lobbying and direct action on the ground in the last 40 or so years. So once again learn to critically think before you talk about issues far above your heads and look a fool. I am so done with this nonsense. You ignorant people are not fueled by a sense of right or by democracy (if you even understand what that means) rather you all seem to be led by Idiocracy. Shame on all of you. I feel dumber by just looking at this page.

      • The only thing you can critique me for is lack of paragraphs?!? Hardly a challenge. Oh yes, is it because my arguments are rooted in FACT and HISTORY. But if you must know, I omitted the paragraphs with a structural intent so to appear more rant-like than essay. I save my formalities in writing style for smart people to read. Perhaps a little over your reasderships’ head?

    • Well said Nadia. Lol I love it when sites threaten to block people, it shows that your right, it shows they fear you, fear what you have to say, fear you for you may expose the to be racists, religious bigots and not very well educated.
      And before anyone calls me a Muslim lover, I’m not. I’m just not a hater. But!!! I do have issues with Muslim extremists, I do have issues with my govt pandering to Muslims in fear of being accused of being bigots.

  4. For those who are hoping to take example of Gavin Boby, I, personally, have no hope. Why? We, the people, in America are going the opposite way. We went as far wrong as electing a Muslim to the highest office of the country!! It can’t be more ‘crazy’ than this. Most of our lawyers are greedy, ignorant, or cowards OR all the above.

  5. Thank you, wonderful human rights activist and freedom fighter, Mosquebuster, Gavin Boby for defending non-Muslim innocents; Britain; the Free World and Western civilization!

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39) Islam institutionalized slavery. Muhammad began to take slaves after he moved to Medina, and had power. Slaves were usually taken in raids on nearby Arab tribes, or war, either through offensive or defensive actions. Islam allows the taking of slaves as “booty”, or reward for fighting. This has led to numerous “jihads” by Muslim states and tribes to attack other non-Muslim groups and obtain slaves.

    Quran 33:50 – “Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty.”

    1,400 years of the terrible cruelty of Muslims taking non-Muslims for slaves continues to this day. On the Day of Judgment, British, European and other Western leaders will answer to God for their treachery in colonizing Europe and Britain with many millions of Muslims whose totalitarian political-religious system INSTRUCTS MUSLIMS to KILL NON-MUSLIMS and to TAKE NON-MUSLIMS for SLAVES.

    The Holy One, our Glorious, Awesome, Magnificent, Merciful Creator gave the DEATH sentence for kidnapping:

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    The Bible warns that it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

    • Linda you have completely taken that verse out of context. That was based on a war in the prophet mohammeds day where it was his lot (the moslems) against an army made up of mainly Pagans, Jews and few Christians who hated Mohammed and persecuted his people… This is what i learnt about this when looking into it…

    • yeah man get them out of our countries (they ruled Spain for almost 1000 years until we British Crusades kicked them and the Jews out and pushed them back into Morrocco!)

  6. Thank you Mr. Boby for helping to stop the spread of Islam in Great Britain. I wish you much success in the future as you continue to battle against the takeover of your country by forces that would turn it into something you would never want to live in.

  7. Good for Gavin Boby. Listen up, lawyers, and do the same. Volunteer your expertise and clout to convince local councils to say “no” to shari’ah creep in our communities.

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