Oh, BOO HOO! According to Muslims, the anti-Islam backlash is really heating up now in Britain

imagesBritain may no longer be the land of tolerance and acceptance, at least for their Muslim community after a recent spat of incidents this year highlighted the growing anti-Islamic fervor gripping the country. (Unfortunately, all the so-called incidents hardly qualify as a crime, let alone a hate crime. If Christians called the police about any of these things, they’d be laughed at)

Of course the ever sympathetic media will side with the Muslims, but at least they are reporting the incidents

Bikyamasr For Muslims, the recent attack on a home in Bingham has once again thrown the battle over tolerance and acceptance versus hate to the forefront for Muslims in Britain. According to the BBC, graffiti was painted on a Muslim family’s home after a ham cross was left on their doorstep recently. (Oh Noes! A ham cross. Now that can do some real damage. Did they call the paramedics?)

Ham Anti-Muslim Attack Shocks Nottingham

Police officials (good little dhimmis that they are) in London told Bikyamasr.com the perpetrators should be charged with hate crimes. “My kids are scared and crying,” the 39-year-old Muslim father told the BBC News Online. “They are in fear of their lives.” (I hear there are 56 other Muslim countries where they would be much happier)

The offensive graffiti attacking Islam was painted on the family path last Saturday morning and has left Muslims across the UK worried about a rise in violence directed towards them. (Because graffiti on a wall is just as bad as bombs blowing up a bus or train)


“It is definitely worrisome,” 34-year-old waiter Yussif Hamed on Edgeware Road in the heart of London, told Bikyamasr.com. “We are almost always hearing negative things, even though I have lived here my whole life.” (Here’s an idea, ask yourself why you are so hated?)

The attack is not the first on the family who has just moved to Bingham last October after the mother separated from her husband. (I smell a new entitlement whore living off the state) The husband told the BBC he was forced to move in with his family to protect them from other attacks. (The wife has more to worry about from the ex)


The 31-year-old mother and their two sons, 8 and 10, have reportedy been attacked by at least five racist incidents since they moved to Bingham. (Oh, here we go, what race is Islam again? I must have missed the answer to that question the first 5000 times I asked it)

The most recent attack occurred three weeks ago when the family found a cross wrapped in ham left on their doorstep. (I guess this was a ‘hamacide?’) “Two days after the first incident I saw the eldest on the laptop looking at a map, looking for escape routes in case anything goes wrong,” the father said. (I hope he was looking at a world map)

Thankfully this monster mosque was NOT approved for construction
Thankfully this monster mosque was NOT approved for construction

“I’m not even a strict Muslim at all, so for this to happen to my family is a joke.” The Muslim father believes that the attack clearly targets his wife.

In June, A British man, returning to the United Kingdom refused to allow a Muslim woman civil servant to check his passport. “I don’t want to be seen by that,” Anthony Holt, 65, was quoted by local British news sources as saying of the woman, who wears a hijab. (And who can blame him. Never know if there’s a bomb under the headbag)

Holt said he did not “want to be seen by any Muslim in a position of authority. I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England. This is my country. I’m not into all this Islam.”

Anthony Holt
Anthony Holt

Holt was fined 145 British pounds and ordered to pay another 100 for compensation over the anti-Muslim tirade and abuse directed at the customs official. (The people get it, too bad the politicians and judges don’t…or won’t) He pleaded guilty of using “religiously aggravated threatening words or behavior.” (So now saying you don’t want a baghead to touch your property is threatening?)

According to his lawyer, the 65-year-old had become upset up after reading an article in the Daily Mail about the persecution of Christians by Muslims on a flight into Manchester. At immigration, the retired consultant then refused be checked through by Sayima Mohammed.


 As Mohammed burst into tears, her colleagues refused to check Holt’s passport and ordered him to calm down. When police arrived, Holt turned his attention to a police officer, saying: “That’s Islam. I’m not going to that. This is my country.” (Being patriotic is now illegal in the UK because it offends Muslims)

During a police interview Holt claimed the abuse was not “personal.” He said: “The problem I have is with Islam as a whole. It’s threat to the British population and the British way of life. I wanted to take a stand.” (I wish more people would)


But Muslims in the UK are concerned that Holt is simply a result of the anti-Islamic rhetoric being spouted by conservative newspapers and tabloids in the country that are fomenting anti-Muslim sentiment across the country. (Oh, here we go, ever the victims, nothing the Muslim infiltrators do is allowed to be offensive to non-Muslims)

In a statement to police, Mohammed said she “felt threatened, shocked and humiliated to be treated in that manner for no apparent reason.” (Put a sock in it bitch, your fake crocodile tears makes us laugh)


Sadly, this backlash is too little too late: