DEARBORNISTAN: Where most of the Muslim population are entitlement whores who hate America

My favorite Doctor of Common Sense, E.T. Williams, analyzes the situation in Muslim-dominated Dearborn, Michigan, which the media avoid like the plague.


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  1. He isn’t saying anything we already don’t think ourselves, except, the fact that he is one of the few black people we’ve heard speak up and out. I don’t believe Obama won the election anyhow – he committed mass voter fraud, but like usual, not a d*mn thing came of it.

    • Haven’t checked my email yet today, Rusty. I hope your new email address isn’t indicative of the state of your website.

      Just checked, I don’t see anything from you. When did you send it?

  2. The Vid. is right on.
    The next question is how well do the buildings in Dearborn hold up to Tank attacks?
    Not just Dearborn but other cities that are becoming mohommedist shit holes.
    I think it is wonderful that they are grouping together so all the nasties can be whipped out in one place and the ground can be sanitized with fire. Besides this will be a new form of Urban renewal.

  3. The reason so many Muslims are on welfare is simple: They are taught that everything the “infidels” have is theirs. The stupidity of the Islamophiles is that they keep giving it to them. Now, you’ve got to ask yourself, WHY are there Islamophiles that are not Muslim? What is THAT agenda all about?

  4. I admire the hell out of him….this man hasn’t been swindled by Obama or by Islam and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Why the hell are we (the west) importing, defending, funding, and celebrating those who are duty bound by their god to enslave or kill us? I mean really!!!

  5. Now there’s one informed brother! It is so refreshing that some American people of African descent actually have some “common sense” and see the truth and is not catering or pandering to Islam and doesn’t regard Islam as a part of his cultural heritage. I wish there were more American blacks that were informed like this guy!

  6. Right on my Brother. Well said
    I am a white American man and feel privileged to call you my brother because you believe in the same things I do.
    These Muslim parasites have been invited into our country and supported by the working people of the United States.
    Unfortunately, we have also been supporting these low life wife beating, goat screwing pedophiles in their home land as well.
    Can we have a Fatwa as well and demand the exportation or elimination of all of the Ass lifting hater of America and all we hold sacred?
    I would gladly contribute to a fund to rid our great county and the rest of the world of these mutants that call themselves Human Beings.

    Allah Fubar!

  7. It;s time to cute the 100,000 immigrants a month, which the state department has been doing for some years now. It’s also time to cut off all entitlements to those who immigrate and try to live off of our tax dollars. NO MORE !

  8. he ‘s the kind i like around my camp no fancy talk just cut right to the chase ! mind like a steel trap with no warning deadly to muslims

  9. Linda D., I’m a person of color and I will forever stand up for America and against Islam. I love my Nation and I hate the Devil, islam. Be blessed. As always keep exposing the Enemy, BNI.

  10. Oh, BNI!! THANK YOU for posting this vid from precious Mr. Williams! I had NO IDEA that you even know who he is. THANK YOU!! Mr. Williams is ON IT! And, no, E.T. Williams is NOT a racist!
    BNI, you never STOP amazing all of us! THANK YOU! Next thing I know you’ll be posting vids from Dr. James David Manning. BNI, YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK! Merry, MERRY Christmas to you & Mr. BNI and to all of your loved ones.
    Stay Strong. We will find our way together through this present heartbreak.


    • Wonderin, I have posted several videos from Williams. Love the guy. I don’t post Manning’s videos because they are too long and slow. People are busy and don’t have a lot of time to view them.

      Merry Christmas to you, too.

  11. It would be great if we had more people of color standing up for America and against islam. Kind of hard to call them racist….

    • Linda Islam is not a race nor is it a religion it’s a cult. So how can anybody be called a racist for saying anything about the sheep shaggers that ass lift 5 times a day to a pedophile false prophet.

    • Maurice, Re: that link: you may not have been here when that show All American Muslim was running, but CAIR blamed me and the American Family Assoc. for getting the sponsors to drop their advertising, after which the show was soon cancelled. In this case, CAIR was right!

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