GERMAN TV compares the Muslim Brotherhood to Communists and Nazis

UnknownApparently, this is the first time any German media outlet has ever told the truth about the global hegemonic aspirations of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its resemblance to Nazism, Communism, and other totalitarian political movements.

It didn’t take long (5 months) for newly-elected President Morsi to become the ‘Pharaoh’ of Egypt.  This is the Obama-financed Muslim Brotherhood taking over, first Egypt, then the entire Middle East. They are going to kill all who oppose them. When all the power is consolidated, Morsi will unite with Hamas against Israel. The speed at which events are happening shows this is not far away. Jerusalem to become Egypt’s capital under Mursi’s rule, says Muslim cleric

Gates of Vienna &  Vlad Tepes  (h/t S. Wolf)


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  1. It is encouraging to see German media recognizing reality and openly reporting it. This puts them light years ahead of U.S. media which writes only that which pleases the Muslim in the White House. Will Congress come to life and stop this promoter of our enemies, this traitor who needs to be impeached and incarcerated?

  2. It is indeed very impressive to hear statements on German tv which we only used to find online until now. I am however afraid our Dhimmi tv is just admitting what cannot be denied any longer , i.e. that salafists and the muslim brotherhood are not what we would define as peaceful people. Our tv makers will soon stress, though that the rest of the muslims are of course … peaceful. That is called differentiating. At court, the same strategy is used: never admit it all unless there is overwhelming proof.

  3. Thanks for the H/T, BNI. :)

    The Germans are finally broaching the connection between Nazism, Communism and Muslim terrorism.

    ‘… The Nazi-Arab-Communist triangle bears contemporary significance since it undermines Arab political claims against Israel, and in particular the claim of Arab moral innocence. Of course, because Arab nationalist support for Hitler and the Nazis was notorious before and during World War II, Western and Communist supporters of the Arab cause against Israel took pains to deny any such Arab-Nazi collaboration, and in particular to deny any Arab role in the Holocaust.

    Where it was not denied explicitly, it was overlooked or minimized or denied by implication. Various accounts of Amin el-Husseini, the main Arab leader in the British Palestine Mandate (the Jewish National Home) acknowledge that he “spent most of World War II (1939-1945) in Germany” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1985 ed), or that “he negotiated with Germany” (Dictionary of World History, 1973). A PLO spokesman, Philip Mattar, allows that el-Husseini “recruited Muslims to fight the Communists in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.”2 He does not tell us that el-Husseini recruited them into a Muslim S.S. division and that their atrocities were many. These and other accounts avoid the fact that el-Husseini wholeheartedly identified with the Nazi war effort and was a fervent supporter of the mass murder of Jews, advocating that Jewish children be sent to Poland where they would be “under active supervision,” to use his euphemism for the death camps.3’…


    All three must be crushed if free peoples are to remain free.

  4. I’m so HAPPY Germans are finally realizing the resemblance betwee Hitler and Islam.

    Islam is totalitarianism…theocratic, discriminatory, misogynistic TOTALITARIANISM.

    Totalitarianism is in the DNA of Islam, because all Moslems must behave like Mohammed.

    Mohammed was a barbaric savage and sexually perverted pedophile. Moslems consider pedophilia and savagery ‘ideal’, ‘model’ conduct.

  5. Thank God for the report from German TV. He should have stated that devout Muslims are FAR worse than Communists and Nazis.

    Communists and Nazis DON’T HATE women and children! They also don’t hide behind women and children when waging war and women are regarded as equal to men! Communists and Nazis have never promised 72 virgins in heaven as a reward for murdering non-Communists and non-Nazis!

    During the Second World War, Muslim troops helped G-d hater Hitler and his vile Nazis in hunting down and murdering Jews and other innocents. The Muslims were so cruel and so savage to their victims that the Muslims shocked even the Nazis.

    German TV failed to report the TRUE HORROR. German, European, British and other Western leaders have colonized our countries with many millions of these same devout Muslims-soldiers of Allah.

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!

    Join British Freedom, Britain’s last great hope!

    Join the EDL!
    Sign Petition to FREE POLITICAL PRISONER, Tommy Robinson!

  6. The MB victory is a HUGE victory for Obama and Clinton. The U.S. worked behind the scenes to oust U.S. ally, moderate Mubarak in order to bring to powder U.S. leaders TOP favorites, the Muslim Brotherhood who they have also placed in positions of great power in the U.S. government.
    The Muslim Brotherhood goal: DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest.

    The U.S. and other Western nations’ leaders constantly take the side of, and supply with money and weapons the most devout radical Muslim terrorists. Even waging war for devout Muslims.

    The war that US/NATO waged for Al-Qaida and other Muslim terrorists in Libya enabled and empowered anti-Gaddafi Muslims to perpetrate horrifying atrocities and genocide of blacks in Libya. Blacks were SAFE under Gaddafi. Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST Al-Qaida.

    Obama-Clinton-US/NATO did not lift a finger to help or rescue the terrified blacks. So much for Obama being a black “brother”. Innocent humanity is hated.

    • Germany waking up to another nightmare after having lived through one. We ought to take notice of their visceral fear. They know.

  7. Nazism, Communism and all totalitarian political movements are nothing comparing to the viciousness of Islam. The main reason for that is that Islam is injected with “spiritual” issue. Killing, raping stealing and destroying the properties of the infidels (non-Muslims) is the way to paradise for those criminals. It can’t get worse than that.

  8. The use of the word “compares” is quite telling. The fact is they are the current form of nazi’s, involved in organizations related to the communist, and in fact are a supremist organization, complete with their version of soldiers, allah’s slaves to the religion of pieces, known as islam. Why bother to comare when the links are both provided and institutionalized into the mix, as mornal operating proceedures.

    If the purpose was to inform, German citizens of the current crises, well then, good job, but I suspect most Germans with a thinking brain already have noticed the danger to their society and are in fact organizing to make the difference to combat these subversives, again good for them. I hope and pray many more get what is currently being desquised as a religion, is merely a ” look over there a shiney object” designed for nothing other then to deceive the masses of their ( the brothers from their hood, islam ) intentions of a world domination conquest.

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