Muslim Hate preacher/terrorist smirks outside his new £450,000 ($730,000) four bedroom home being paid for by British taxpayers

article-2234589-16163175000005DC-667_306x423Wearing a shit-eating grin that mocks British justice, hate preacher/terrorist Abu Qatada strolls home from a shopping trip – to the £450,000 house he is now living in at taxpayers’ expense. He had left his previous £400,000 four-bedroom rented home after apparently complaining it was too small for him and his family. 

UK Express  (h/t Susan K) Abu Qatada al-Filistini, born Omar Mahmoud Othman, is a Palestinian Muslim of Jordanian citizenship. The Islamic extremist, who preaches violence against the West, had every reason to smirk yesterday.

He has defied every Government effort to get him booted out of Britain. And fresh out of prison, he has just overseen his family’s move to a larger free home in north London.

The man once described as “Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe” swaggered along accompanied by members of his family on the suburban street on the shopping outing with his curfew tag bulging under his sock on his right ankle.Police officers in plain clothes told press photographers not to follow the family, who left the house at 1.30pm. But two unmarked police cars parked in the street roared after Qatada, 52, dropping off an officer who then shadowed the extremist on his two-hour trip. The two police cars returned to the house just minutes before the cleric reappeared at the top of his road.

1d92e8291f6233aba1e974457d7ae01fQatada, fighting deportation to Jordan on terror charges, was relocated with his wife and four of his five children last week from another property in north London after complaining of media intrusion following his release from prison. His bail conditions include a 16-hour curfew, wearing an electronic tag, not using the internet and not contacting certain people.


The family who unknowingly rented their house to Qatada said yesterday they were “powerless” to remove him. The owners rented out the property through an agent and said they were told the tenant was an American company looking to house its employees.They were horrified to learn that the hate preacher and his family had been moved in by the Government. 

A family member said: “We signed a contract, we can’t do anything about it. That is it. It is sod’s law that this has happened, it could have happened to anyone else. “We are just simple people, we are not into all this stuff. We are powerless, we don’t even want to express an opinion about it.”

Furniture movers (paid for by taxpayers) unload Qatad'a satellite dish

Furniture movers (paid for by taxpayers) unload Qatada’s satellite dish

Yesterday it emerged that frozen bank accounts and seized assets owned by Qatada – worth more then £200,000 – could be used to cover part of the cost of keeping him in the country. His legal aid bill alone has broken the £500,000 barrier.

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Home Affairs Select Committee that there had been an attempt to cover some of the cost by using cash and assets taken from the preacher.

Among his belongings that were being moved was professional cross-training equipment (apparently never used)

Among his belongings that were being moved was professional cross-training equipment (apparently never used)

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission last month upheld Qatada’s appeal against deportation to Jordan, where he was convicted of terror charges in his absence in 1999. The Government is appealing against the decision but the case is not expected to be heard until next year.

This BBC schmuck says the decision bodes well for Britain’s dedication to human rights, in that they don’t want to send the terrorist back to a country in which he might be tortured.


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  1. UK ruling elites ADORE Muslim preachers who preach violence and hate against non-Muslims! Besides the £450,000 house for their top favorite Muslim terrorist, Abu Qatada, once described as “Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe” what other REWARDS has ruling elites lavishly bestowed on this vile infidel-hater?

    Have ruling elites hired a maid to clean his home? Have they hired a top chef to cook his every meal?

    Have the elites bought all of his kids computers and the top jihad computer games for Muslim children?

    UK ruling elites WANT the entire Muslim world to know that Britain bestows many REWARDS on Muslims who preach hate, violence, murder, and conquest of hated non-Muslims. UK elites continue to ruthlessly massively colonize Britain with Muslims to make Islam’s goal a reality.

  2. Except for the EDL and The Freedom Party, the citizens of the UK deserve all they get.. I know, I have relatives who think, “we should live and let live” the only thing wrong with that is, they don’t come in contact with the muslim scourge that is bleeding the country dry.

  3. The British would probably put Hitler up in a mansion in England to protect his human rights rather than sending him back to Germany for prosecution, these days.

    • If Winston Churchill was alive today, anti-British, freedom-hater UK ruling elites would PERSECUTE Churchill, raid his home and he would be sitting in a jail cell with hero Tommy Robinson.

      What is the going price to sell out Britain? Ruthless UK ruling elites have sold their souls and sold out Britain to totalitarian, global Islam.

      Join British Freedom, Britain’s last great hope. This is a battle for our freedom we dare not lose!

      Join the EDL

      • British Freedom party ??
        who would want to join a party run by former members of the BNP, the most racist, dumbest political group ever !
        Even their party name has been deregistered (dec 2012)

  4. We can b*tch and complain until the cows come home, but the solution still rests with the people. The British are willing to just stand for this crap, while they could all take to the streets and show some rage, but oh no, too busy, too cowardly, and just don’t give a rat’s *ss. Just think they are putting babies and the elderly to death in England, while this big fat POS muslim terrorist lives the high life on the taxpayer dime while plotting attacks against them. You can’t make this sh*t up.

  5. I have one better for you. How do the Brits feel when the state of Bahrain uses sharia law to award custody to the mother of a british child working in Bahrain but refuses to recognise their civil marriage solemised in the UK

  6. Seriously??? Take his frozen bank accounts and use them to pay for his outstanding legal fees and past upkeep, then use the rest to buy him and his leeches one-way tickets to whatever hell hole they came from originally.

    • It’s not us it’s our spineless government, to hell with this parasite and human rights – he advocates the killing of all non believers he has no human rights as far as I’m concerned. Everyone I know hate this situation and want him removed all that money could help our homeless and be put into the health service which denies cancer drugs to patients because they don’t live in the correct postcode, it all stinks.

  7. Let Jordan have him. I know Brittan cannot allow this TURD to be handed over to Jordan because they will kill him and the British law is that they cannot do this on the grounds of humanitarian principles. What a load of crap. They just know how corrupt the legal system is and don’t want to be held responsible as war criminals if they kill the wrong person. Fear wins again.


  9. Its a pitty someone couldn’t print his address here and on other social networks, sure, he has police protection, but a few welcoming letters wont go amiss, and maybe if you are feeling really generous, some used bars of soap, coated in bacon!
    Good idea guys?

  10. That figures, he’s got a shitstain on his forehead to match his shit eating grin. He sure is one ugly, subhuman looking something. Something evil. He exudes evil by his demonic appearance. I have never seen such craven, impotent stupidity by a government’s judiciary in my life! Somebody please shoot this rabid, mangy muhominid! And shoot the judges, barristers, and everybody else that is aiding this monster. People like him should be shot on sight. And f***k everybody who has a problem with what i’m saying. What a disgusting, useless parasite this turd is. A waste of good oxygen! Why must we allow these islamotards to even live?

    Right now, I just feel like what Spartacus just stated above. I’m so ashamed of my civilization and the fools we have become.

  11. Stupid is as stupid does. Deport immediately. No delays. Why give him one more year? Britain has spent a million dollars so far on this waste. Send him to Jordan to face the results of his terrorist and criminal activity. England is lost if it does not stand up for the rights of their hard pressed tax payers. Shame on England.

  12. It is not right for taxpayers to be paying for this! Imagine all the hungry people they could be feeding with that kind of cash. Seriously, feeding hungry people would be a better way to celebrate the Christmas spirit!

  13. Politics stink sometimes. We of the civilized world disagree with the vigilante justice of the SAVAGES…Sharia-compliant Mozzies like this smug thug who would APPROVE if someone else’s life was threatened BY HIM!!!

    He’s a bloody HYPOCRITE, but so was MOHAMMED…the pedophilac, misogynistic pirate.

    • “Politics stinks sometimes”?!….ALWAYS would be more accurate; POLITICS is why this lowlife muslime POS is STILL in Britain, not to mention STILL sucking air, LONG AFTER the worthless muslime POS should have been executed for terrorism AND crimes against humanity!!……Ooooh, I’m sure my statement is so Non PC!!…..

  14. While Tommy Robinson remains in prison for trumped charges of passport fraud, this terrorist lives the good life on the infidel dime, free to spew his hatred of the west and plot more terrorism. This is our future, this should be a warning/wake-up call for us all.

  15. please explain i’m in australia how the fuck dose he just say i want this and he gets it someone needs to give him a bullet.

  16. Muslim Hate preacher/terrorist smirks outside his new £450,000 ($730,000) four bedroom home being paid for by British taxpayers.

    The luxury mansion is how UK leaders REWARD vile, evil Muslim terrorists! It is UK leaders’ full APPROVAL of this evil son of the devil.

    The police who are following this filth are PROTECTING him.

    Homeless British veterans and homeless, desperate young families sleep on the streets whilst Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and large numbers of children are financially supported by stressed-out British taxpayers. Some Muslim families live in mansions in the most expensive areas of London all paid for by Brits.

    POLITICAL prisoner, Tommy Robinson who protested the Islamization of the Christian country of Britain is punished and jailed for his patriotism.

    Tommy has been repeatedly physically attacked by devout Muslims. Muslims have made many terrifying death threats against Tommy and his family but Islam-lover UK leaders and police REFUSED to protect Tommy and his family.

    Islam-adoring UK leaders are spitting in the face of every non-Muslim Brit. Take to the streets in mass protests!

  17. If the property owner would bother to hire the right property manager with the talent, skills, as well as knowledge of the law, this dog-breath muslim scum could be made desperate to move within 30 days. No problemo.

  18. what the fuck is wrong with these idiot’s !!! , western nations have lost their marbles ! and we the “peasant’s pay for this !!!!!!!!!! , and we have elected and re-elected a america hating “scumbag muslim “that is imploding our home !!! and instead of acting like “men” and ridding this country of this ” plague” they kiss his ass ! , we have ” degenerate’s ” exchanging wedding vows in the white house and now they are trying to disarm this nation before it’s take over ! . i am disgusted with my country ! and hope and pray that the “GOD” who gave us this nation to be a light to the world , puts that light out and consign’s this cesspool to the dustbin of history !!!!!!!

  19. A new dimension in insanity. How can this possibly be? How? I have read this several times and each time I think maybe I am hallucinating only to discover that I am fine and that it does indeed say what it says.

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