Pakistan Taliban kill 5 nurses who were providing polio vaccinations

The Taliban claim the nurses were Western spies. Pakistan is one of the few countries that still has a very high rate of polio and leads the world in inbreeding, with first cousin marriages at 70%. 


16 comments on “Pakistan Taliban kill 5 nurses who were providing polio vaccinations

  1. why the hell dont these liberals understand that if their wearing a gun belt and funny hat they hate you and if they have a western style suit on they still hate the sooner they realise this and find the cure for their malady of liberalism they will continue to go to these places and the bodies will stack up

  2. Don’t give them medicines, and monetary aid. let them die of allah disease, or better still let their fake allah heal them. you cant tame savages, just let them kill each other in the name of their bloodthirsty scumbag allah

  3. Pakistan should be cuy off from the rest of the world. Stop kissing their hiney because they have nukes which they stole from India.
    They could stop the taliban if they wanted to. But just like all of islam, they will protect these semi litweate, uncivilized, bastards because they are muslims. Don’t give these 7th century throwbacks another penny until they irradicate the taliban. NOT ONE CENT !

  4. muslims worshipped allah and many other gods before mohammed was born, it was he, mohammed that turned muslims into killers by altering islam by the sword, muslims need saving from islam

    • “all they know or care about is death” not quite xyz, it is simply a means to their end, world domination under (satan’s control) allah, that’s the objective, that’s what they fight for and even kill their own kind ( differences between a shi’ite and sunni muslims) because their allah requires of them through his messenger, mohhamad, read qur’an 47:033, 4:95 for a further explination.

    • You are correct. The more so of the Western Nations who come to this realization, the better they will be once they start to understand that we are in this time of history because spiritually we are being lead from the God of Issac, Jacob and Moses to accept the responsibility, this is his reminder of our reality, good vrs. evilness and wickedness, islam began from the birth of ishmael, son of hagars-her decendences, ( arabs) who in the bible are defined as the sons of predition, sons of the dark side, or satans soldiers, the anti-Christ . You are in good company as it appears the truth (your eyes and ears) has come ( by their own messages to hear, you see the clear dangers of islam) to you.

  5. muslims of islam is truly the cult of evil. Nothing about the muslims and islam makes sense as they murder each other and every one else. sunni muslims murder shite muslims and so on as they have been doing for 1400 years. Other than the date of the atrocity, nothing changes with these inbred savage worshipers of allah the lunatic moon god. We need to just leave them to their savage, 7th century ways. Saudi Arabia is just now considering letting women drive cars. That will not happen ever.

    • Best of all: send NO Westerners into ANY Islamic countries whosoever, PERIOD!!!! Let the Moslem psychopaths look after – and kill – each other!!!!

      All Westerners should leave dar al-Islam – they’re NOT appreciated there and really have no usefulness!!!! [Simultaneously, ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!! The West should ASAP become Muslimenrein for the good of everybody!!!!]

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