SYRIA: al-Qaeda (Sunni) rebels cheer the torching of a Shia mosque

Hey, Americans…Barack Huseein Obama is using your tax dollars to send weapons to the al-Qaeda rebels. First the Shias, then the Christians…while the al-Qaeda funders of the Muslim Brotherhood are waiting in the wings to take over.

Part 2: Jihadist rebel leader al-Hassani warns Syria’s Christians to convert to Islam or die.

Understand how history repeats itself with today’s persecution of Christians in Islamic countries and compare to the plight of the Jews in Nazi Occupied Europe, Click here for details. 

“Is it enough to be just informed! Be a partner in saving persecuted Christians lives, Click here for more information.


7 comments on “SYRIA: al-Qaeda (Sunni) rebels cheer the torching of a Shia mosque

  1. Loads of Christians have escaped and are now in refugee camps. Whoever is left must leave. As to the rest, fine, let them kill each other. That many less to deal.

  2. More good news. When the shia muslims, see the joy on the faces of the sunni muslims as they torch their shia cult temple they will want to return the favour and torch a couple of sunni muslim cult temples. This is nothing more than a religious war to determine which cult of isalm is the wrong one. Let us all tell all of our congress representatives to support Israel and to get us out of all of the other muslim controlled middle eastern countries but Israel.

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