YEE HAAAllahu Akbar!

More than a Western square dance, an Islamic ‘HoDown.’ Ride her, cowboy!


30 comments on “YEE HAAAllahu Akbar!

  1. And here I thought this sort of thing was “Haram….Haram”!! Well, silly me; I guess that just applies to us —-ing infidels!!….And the muslimes wonder why the hell they are the most despised creatures on Earth!!

  2. This was one more evil example of the sick cult of islam that is followed by the muslims. Add the whipping of their shia backs with knives, female gentital mutilation, stonings, sex with goats, sexual assault on children and so on and you have many good reasons to expose and then to send this evil cult back to the 7th century where it belongs. islam is a mental illness.

  3. Never mind the perverse dancing ritual (it’s allowed when performed with fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc…) however, I thought her head bag was gonna fly off!!! If so, shortly after it would have been followed by her head (via honor killing). We all know how mooslims value their honor. It’s almost as if they took a hypocritical oath…or something inbred-related.

  4. Those two boys should be ashamed of themselves dancing like that in front of children. Young men shouldn’t dance like this. What would mo say? He’d say ride’em cowboy.

  5. To think children are watching this. Talk about corrupting them. If this was done in a Western country, the children would be taken away by social services for abuse.

    • That would be an insult to dogs. What I have witnessed are these people doing it with goats, horses, mules, lambs, etc. Please protect your dogs. They may be next

  6. OMG! All I can say is OMG! And little kids were there to witness all that islamo-dirty dancing. And these people dare to call us immoral and decadent. ‘Effin hypocrites!

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