CANADA Supreme Court cannot decide if Islamic full face-covering headbags should be allowed in the courtroom

CAIR-Canada welcomes the ‘non-decision’ decision.

CAIR-Canada was an intervener in the constitutional case which centered around two individual rights: the rights of accused persons to a fair trial and the right to religious freedom and expression. The alleged victim in the case, who can only be identified as N.S., wears a face-veil or niqab which covers everything but her eyes.


23 comments on “CANADA Supreme Court cannot decide if Islamic full face-covering headbags should be allowed in the courtroom

  1. Let me as a man walk into a court room with a full mask on as see how fast I would be in hand cuffs and damasked. What a bunch of crap with the Sharia crap.

  2. When pigs fly:
    Apparently, if there is as you say, a writing from dark centuries ago referring to covering up women, it must have been true that the donkey diddling, mutton molesting, average muslim man had a habit of raping women then too.
    Nice to know it isn’t a new trait for the penis worshipping throwbacks. It must make all the blonde victims feel better to know that it isn’t their fault for leading the pious followers of the madman, hallucinating, baby raping “Poppet” astray from their normally religious lives.

  3. i think everyone is missing the point. the victim wants to have her face covered when she testifies on her sexual abuse case. NS is afraid that if that defendants win the case they will track her down and kill her. In this case the veil is warranted

  4. Well, the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada just lets the rest of the world, including the scourge of the earth muslims know just how USELESS the court is when it has to make a major ruling.
    Now we are back to the fact that the trial judge has to make the decision.

    The Niqab is a cultural dress code and has nothing to do with religion. Even Canadian Muslims are saying that on the local radio stations.

    As for CAIR Canada, who left the door open so CAIR USA could find their way across the border ???????

    We were doing very nicely without them. Now we will have them scurrying around
    making more trouble.

  5. I believe I have a solution. When the Muslim female is facing Muslim accusers, she may keep the veil. If she is facing any others in court she will remove the veil. The Muslim men get what they deserve. Sort of like King David.

  6. What’s there problem?
    Last year in Western Australia A judge (female) ruled that a female muzzie who was a witness must remove the face covering in court.
    Canada & Australia have HM the Queen as Head of State, so the precedent has been set.
    In a court of law everyone’s faces should be seen – not necessarily made public, but definitely see the faces to determine if people are telling the truth!
    I thought under Harper things were improving re anti-Islamisation?
    You know, Canada stands with Israel etc.
    Yet I hear more of this crap of dhimmi’s kow-towing to pisslam!
    Can anybody grow apair?

  7. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You can’t give muslims the right to cover their identity without giving it to everyone else, and if they think they can, then it is time for everyone to cover their faces in court and then see what happens.

  8. Seems like a no brainer to me! With a garbage bag on, how can the court really be sure N.S. is really in there? Since muslims are well known for their lying skills, I sure wouldn’t trust any one of them!

  9. this is fucking crazy how can any sane judgement be reached if you can not identify an accused or witness for that matter they are taking the piss as we say over here. any society that allow such garb is totally lacking in civil sanity is a backward country and a court that would allow it loses all respect in my opinion

  10. How “interfaith” a problem to solve. That be the problem shoved down our throats by Islamic immigration jihad.

    So, in the interest of helping save Western civilization, and if it would take the strain off their politically correct, indecisive judicial minds, I’d be happy to decide it for them.

    The woman in the niqab would not like my decision.

    Still, she’s free to “migrate” (back) to the polygamy-pounding, Sharia hell-hole of her choice.

  11. Yet another crap decision by the “Supreme” court of Canada. Niqabs should be illegal in public anywhere in Canada. It should be illegal to conceal your identity in public by whatever means, period. I’m absolutely disgusted by this “decision”.

  12. There is nothing in the coran that says a woman must wear a face veil. To allow an woman to accuse another person of a crime and not have to face that person they accuse but to be able to hide behind a veil will make for bad court decisions. This is Canada and if you want to live in Canada then leave the veil in the hell hole country you came from.

    • Apparently there is. From a poster called “Pigman”
      “That is simply not true; there is a solid basis in the Quran and
      other Islamic scripture for the wearing of veils by Muslim women.

      Sura 33:59 ‘O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.’

      This verse is interpreted by many mainstream scholars as support
      for complete coverage except for one eye. Obviously all Muslims
      don’t accept that, but to deny that there is a basis for this in Islam,
      is simply not accurate.

      The real issue though is the systemic legal, social, and physical
      oppression of Muslim women that likewise comes from mainstream
      Islamic teachings. Veiling is only the most obvious manifestation of
      the 2nd class status of women in Islam. As such it has no place in
      a pluralistic society that guarantees women’s equality.”

      All that’s needed to put women’s rights back in the 21 st century & also protect us from the stealth jihad of islamic supremism is a law that states it is illegal for ANYONE to conceal their identity in public.

  13. Love it, it’s a man up there demanding the right for the woman to be a prisoner in a head bag! Just wish to hell all the countries STOP pandering to these racist subhuman jackasses.

  14. Put a microchip in them so that identity and gender can be accessed by law enforcement, restroom attendents, places where children hang out, etc.

    • Do you realise that you’re in other words pushing the progress of the “Mark of the Beast” ever-further?? How do you like the thought of being made to wear – EITHER in your right hand OR your forehead – a microchip???

      In absolutely NO event whatsoever should ANY Islamic dress be allowed in ANY courtroom, regardless of circumstances!!!! Furthermore, those “judges” that were in favour thereof need to be IMMEDIATELY DISMISSED and barred from EVER practising law for the rest of their lives!!!!! This is TREASON!!!!

  15. As usual, our worthless CBC gives only one side of the story. We need a complete ban of all face coverings in public areas. And NO. The nikab is not prescribed in the qur’an.

  16. What? Why? It is an anti-western slavery law! Barbarian and more terrible than the rules of the Mafia!!! And it is Allahocratic!

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