Eric Stakelbeck on how the secular Left is empowering both the radical and the stealth Muslim Jihadists

imagesStakelbeck on Terror sits down with Jamie Glazov, author of “High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown” and “United in Hate,” and William ‘Kirk’ Kilpatrick, author of “Christianity, Islam and Atheism,” to discuss the unholy alliance between the Islamofascist infiltrators and the radical Left and what can be done to preserve Judeo-Christian, Western civilization.

The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.


13 comments on “Eric Stakelbeck on how the secular Left is empowering both the radical and the stealth Muslim Jihadists

  1. If you watch the documentary Freedom Equality and The Moslem Brotherhood (found on youtube), you will see that there isn’t quite as much mystery to this union as you might think.

    The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood was in prison with the leader of the Egyptian socialists. From the tone of their voices when speaking of each other and their time together in prison it’s obvious they were bum buddies.

    So It wasn’t just a marriage of convenience, it was a marriage of the buttocks.

    Despite my tone, I’m not kidding in the slightest. The documentary is on youtube.

  2. How dare Stakelbeck assume that because I am an atheist I have nothing to fight for and that I have no convictions? That my life has no value unless I earn it by believing in his god? That a human being committed to reason and the recognition of the absolute right of all human beings to their lives so long as they do not violate the rights of others — which Islam when applied does in every possible way — has no worth in this fight?

    People like these three men are always reassuring people like me, no, no, we have no problem with you being athiest if you stand and fight with us.

    I’m starting to not believe it.

  3. Between people like Stakelbeck, ICE, the Rapture-raptors (eagerly looking forward to sitting around their paradise watching the rest of us writhe and burn), and the Chrislams on one side and the whole of Islamic jihad-worshipping pseudo-culture on the other, those of us on the Secular Right are left with wondering which set of supernaturalist fanatics will be the first to figure out that all “secularists” would make nice convenient scapegoats to feed to the other. Thereby pleasing their gods, don’tchaknow…

    There is no point in expecting the Muslims to grow up any time in the foreseeable future. But do we really have to sink to their level?

  4. Christians are thinking they have an easy way out with Rapture so they are going to make peace at all costs regardless of the pain put on everyone else “When they are taken.” Although this is BS and has been fostered by Satan to keep the Christians doing his work. I think Satan has done a great job in getting so many anti Satan people to fall in line with his deceptions. Plus, aid and abet his plans. The Lake Of Fire is going to have many visitors in just a few years from now.

    • ICE, I think you forgot the Blessed Millennium with its First Resurrection of the specially blessed in God’s Sight (who’ll be exempt from the Last Judgement!) that’s supposed to come BEFORE Satan is given one more chance to repent – which he won’t!! [That brief period is obviously even more intended to show everybody who’s alive then just what he did before Christ’s Second Return of evil to this world – it’s obvious that that 1,000-year period will be a period of substantial reconstruction, of taming forces, of making people to live in harmony free from Satan’s spirit. After all, during that time, he and his demons will be imprisoned in a bottomless pit, aljilúyja!!!]

      After that Blessed Millennium, Satan will have his one chance – which he’ll throw away, at which point he will be cast into the Lake of Fire. THEN, the Second Resurrection and the Last Judgement will follow. All those whose names are not found in the Database (Book) of Life will be thrown, together with Death and Hell, into that same Lake of Fire, burning with sulphur and brimstone – which will be THE Second Death…

      Otherwise, yes, you’re quite right that the Devil has done a great job of deceiving so many people into being with him in spite of their best intentions: not for nothing that it’s written that he can deceive even the elect!!!

      As to the here and now, it’s obvious that BOTH Commies and Moslems will need to be all rounded up and expelled from the ENTIRE WEST: the Commies to go to their “workers’ paradises”, and the muzturds to their 57 Islamic-holes. [Converts to Islam would best go to Saudi Arabia or Iran depending on whether they’re Sunni or Shi’a; Marxists to North Korea.] Obviously, this will include their “useful idiots” like Justin Trudeau – certainly his father Pierre Elliott Trudeau would have been a PRIME candidate!!! It’s otherwise remarkable how people like Orianna Fallaci and Alfons Heck, who used to be totalitarian-oriented (Fallaci towards Communism, Heck as a Nazi Hitlerjugend officer), have BOTH learned to see the TERRIBLE danger Islam poses to the ENTIRE world and have been so prominent in sounding the alarm!!!

      • ADHD your right on. However the LAKE OF FIRE is used for many things. One it is used to purify as well as punish. It depends on the Individual involved.

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