“KUFFARMAS” (the filthy pagan holiday otherwise known as Christmas) should never be acknowledged or celebrated by Muslims

That’s fine with us. Now stop making demands on American public schools to close down for Muslim holidays so you can worship your paedophile prophet.


42 comments on ““KUFFARMAS” (the filthy pagan holiday otherwise known as Christmas) should never be acknowledged or celebrated by Muslims

  1. You HATE us, our Christmas, our religions, our clothes, our music, our dancing, our culture, our Western civilization, GO back to your Muslim countries!

  2. mohommedists worship a false god. This guy really needs to stand back and read and learn about his as* scr**ing prophet, child molesting and lying Imams. Before calling anyone else’s holiday evil.

    • You’re expecting WAY too much out of these retards, Ice. See them as they are, with no hope of change or betterment, and your mind will become clear. What we need are perfectly clear minds with absolutely no self-delusion that Muslims can/will somehow become better. They won’t, ever. Pretend the bullet has left the muzzle and it’s headed straight for your head. In that microsecond, you’ll know what to do.

      • Very well said!
        And exactly how we see it also.
        1400 years of unspeakable atrocities and lying to cover up…to set more victims up for slaughter after invasion.
        They will not change, they actively resist it, and in what comes there will be those who claim that they will or can…too bad, and too late.
        How can we believe them when the whole ideology is based on a core of lying and deception?
        They did this to themselves.

        They had 1400 years of chances and second chances.
        No More.

  3. Merry Christmas! Can’t these heathens just leave people alone. No one wants you here or cares whether you celebrate our glorious King, the living and TRUE God Jesus Christ. May Jesus continue to bless each and everyone of you. Bless you BNI.

  4. Why doesn’t this medieval heathen just bog off back to the medieval hell hole that he crawled out off. They preach such childish ridiculous claptrap to people. What is a Muslim preacher – a person who hasn’t the brains or the chrasima or personality to make it in life with normal people.

    People are right when they say is islam is a religion of hate. Every time one of these pricks open their mouths, I hate them more !

    Billy Connolly’s line is so true. When he hears that another muslim bomber has blown himself up, says That’s one less wanker on this planet. :)

  5. muslims can celebrate muhammads day. on that day they can hold a competition to guess who fathered muhammad. It can be seen from muslim sources that muhammad was born almost 4 years after the death of his named father abd_allah. In the bible God has rejected the bastards, whereas in quran allah makes the bastard messenger? seriously, can’t he find someone else? Allah does not exist, it was apuppet of muhammad for power, riches, sex, slaves murders, looting and control. so celebrate

  6. Only these inbreds satantic cult matters too bad for everyone else. Since idiots like this one (village idiot that is) dont like Christmas and get “offended” (just another way to flaunt their so called supremacy) they have plenty of sandunes to go back too where they can Asslift to their black hearts content and not have to deal with Christmss or all other religious celebrations. Easy solution.

  7. Crazy imam! Get stuffed! Go point your face to Makkah and raise your ass in the air and bang your head and knock your brains out!

    When people wish each other a happy holiday, it does not mean that they necessarily agree with the holiday or believe in it. Jews, for example wish Christians Merry Christmas, even though many do not celebrate it, nor do they believe that Jesus was God’s Son. And Christians wish Jews Happy Channukah and Happy Passover, even though they do not celebrate the holidays themselves (though they respect these holidays as Biblical holidays in the Old Testament.) It is just common courtesy. And people often with happy holidays to other religions too, such as Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, Buddha’s Birthday, not because we believe in them, but out of courtesy.

    With that attitude, don’t expect anybody to wish a happy holiday of any of your holidays such as Ramadan, Eid al Fitr, Eid al Adha, or any other Islamic holiday.

    Pompous asshole!

  8. What a hypocritical inbred savage. They do not recognize Christmas but expect the world to recognize their satanic cult days such as ramadan and so on. They should not expect us to give them holidays or even time off to worship their demon god allah.

  9. Yes.
    Lets’s get rid of the ‘EVIL’ Golden Rule and replace it with the ‘good’ Koran 48.29 “Followers of Mohammed are VIOLENT to the KUFAAR, but compassionate between themselves.”

    Savagery, supremacism and misogyny…the essence of Islam.

    (Oops, I left out PEDOPHILIA and COUSIN MARRIAGE…sorry.)

    • We are going to begin with teaching the muzzies the Lesson;
      ‘What you give, so shall you get.’

      No more games, no clever wordplay, no more tolerance for islami hostility and supremacism.

      What happens depends on how thick-witted they are and how quickly they learn.
      But considering the death toll islam is responsible for every day–no mercy shall be affored them.
      Too expensive in the cost of innocent lives. Human, innocent lives will not be traded for mercy to those who have none towards their victims.

      They will either rein themselves and their misbehaviour in on their own, or we will do it for them.
      They will get only what they call down on themselves.

  10. ALL Westerners out of “dar al-Islam” – and ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!! It’s that simple!!!!

    Islam just doesn’t mix with ANY OTHER cultures, people, animals or anybody or anything other than itself!!!!


  11. I believe in allah and the last day.

    allah’s last day will arrive shortly, and his violent, verbal-vomit spewing hordes from hell will be incinerated. The Almighty G-d of Israel’s presence will be known by all. His house WILL be built on it’s designated spot on the temple mount in Jerusalem.

  12. Your Islam religion is false. Its roots and origins are baseless and perpetrated by an insane pedophile. Everyone knows this. You too will know this eventually.

  13. Muslims are the most intolerant, inbred, savage subhumans to ever plague the earth. On that note, I hope they take note of buses running Merry Christmas in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in spite of threats of being taken to the kangaroo human rights court. Muslims, I wish you a very Merry Jesus filled Christmas and a very Happy Hanukkah…go choke on your hatred and leave us infidels to celebrate our holidays in OUR Judeo/Christian countries.

    • It would NOT be a good idea for the muzzies to try taking court action in that case, or any other against Christmas.
      I will say this, as delicately as I can to spare our host any grievances.

      I told you how the islami burned a Church and Synagogue here, as well as defiling our Grove and the armed assault recently?

      If the muzzies follow through on their threats vs. Saskatoon they’ll learn first-hand what it’s like to be accorded islami standards of ‘tolerance’, ‘respect’ and ‘acceptance’.
      The HRC has thus far declined to get involved and that is a VERY smart thing for them to do.

      Get the idea folks? 😀

      To you muzzies, CAIR, The muslim Brotherhood, and CAIR Canada;
      Cease attacking Christmas.
      It will NOT be tolerated.
      Nor will any other assaults vs. Canadian Culture or Western Culture.

      Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter
      Witch of The First Circle
      Consecrated to Hecate

  14. BNI I know for the most part you’re readers post serious and incitefull replies, but I enjoy psychological warfare and it is my personal goal to get on CAIR’s most hated list and I know they will read this.

  15. Was Jesus born on December 25? No, he wasn’t. Tthe original holiday was a pagan holiday, which the Emperor Constantine, made into the date to celebrate Jesus’ birth. It was a compromize and sadly it stuck. Christians, now days, celebrate Christmas because, Jesus the light of the world was born, and through Jesus, salvation came into the world.

    The Qur’an denies the deity, the death and resurrection of Jesus. To Muslims Jesus (Isa), was just one of the prophets. Funny though, the Jesus of the Qur’an is sinless and loved so much by god, that god wouldn’t allow him to die at the hands of evil men. God found Jesus worthy, so he raised him up to heaven, thereby preventing his death. Muhammed on the other hand is always pictured as a sinful person. Muhammed stated his sinfulnes, and it is recorded that Muhammed was a sinner, in both the Qur’an and the Hadiths. It is recorded, that Muhammed had his heart removed (on several occassions), because of his sinfulness, by angles; this was done to clean his heart, and remove his sin. Muhammed, himself, stated that not even the prophet of allah knew IF he would go to paradise. Also, when Muhammed was poisoned, by the Jewish captive, a female, allah, allowed Muhammed to die from the poisoning. I guess allah, didn’t find Muhammed as worthy as Jesus; or may be the real God of love, who sent his son, the real Jesus, wanted Muslims to know, Mohammed wasn’t a prophet that he had sent. Now I’m not saying that the Jesus of the Qur’an is the Jesus of the Bible because, he’s not, they are two different people. What I am saying is that the Jesus of the Qur’an, is a much more honorable and loved figure, one whom, God found worthy. God, the true God always leaves his truth, even in the pages of darkness, why? Because He loves his creation, and hell was made for the devil and his angles, not man. This is God’s light shinning through to the truth. Muslims should ask themselves why it is they are emmulating Muhammed, who was a sinner? Muslims should pray and ask the God of Abraham to reveal His truth to them.

    • AMEN sister, AMEN. I love how u clarified all of that. :) I wish those backwards idiots would realize this too, sadly they follow the dark one, not the light of the world-Jeus Christ. I agree with everything you just said. Thank you again :)

    • You folks wanna know how Pagans see Christmas?? Well, the capitalization is a clue. 😉
      Solstice is a time of light and love against the darkness and cold.
      Well…a certain talented Carpenter who kicked ass in a Church is the Incarnation of that, yes?
      Okay..because of time and such, Christian and Paganic elements blended, alloyed…and we have Christmas.
      I Like it for the Commonality between Christians and Pagans.
      “OMG why aren’t you offended as a Pagan that the Christians stole it from you?!”

      Uh…no one stole a thing. Paganism is always evolving, we borrow elements from other faiths and ideologies that ‘fits’ into our overal and Christianity in many ways did the same. Melding, blending…yeah, originally it was an effort to wipe out our beliefs, didn’t work and the Past is the Past.
      Thus, we leave the Past lay as Lessons and enjoy this Tradition and Celebration that took a very long time to steep and grow.
      Yeah, sounds kinda hippy right now…but you folks know me…hold on a moment.

      Recently, after learning that facebook was making an effort to eliminate and suppress nativity Scene pics on people’s pages, I loaded the cannons and levelled them at Facebook, directly and Publicly–ON facebook.
      I pointed out to them that Christmas is a shared Holiday between Christians and Pagans, and that despite the crap the leftists keep drivelling, it’s very inclusive and folks of many other faiths also keep Christmas.
      THEN I made damned sure, in NO uncertain terms or language they understood that if they didn’t speak against Channukkah (My apologies if I got the spelling wrong, no offense is intended) or the muzzie ‘holidays’ involving blood sacrifice, then working against Christmas was flat-out, plain and simple persecution and discrimination.

      Then I told them that in doing so, they’d be facing Christians and Pagans…and told them what i would do and how I’d do it regarding their stock prices and investor confidence if they didn’t cease their assails vs. Christmas.
      I made sure they knew that I CAN and WILL burn them down in the key stock exchanges right before a significant closing date as a reply vs. the threat they pose to a jointly held cultural tradition and as penalty for their discrimination.
      So far as I know, all the fuss over Nativity scene pics has died right off.

      To you Christians, I say this;
      Merry Christmas!
      Joyous Yule!
      Blessed Solstice!
      Happy Holidays!
      Please note the one I started with. :-)

      Pagans, folks, DON’T take nonsense from Leftists, islami, or other weakling invertebrates of such ilk. They want to come against Christmas and think ‘Oh it’s ok, it’s only Christians.’
      Well…Christians practice ‘the way of the Lamb’ and Pagans admire the Strength and Resolve, make no mistake.
      Ours is the way of the Lion, among others…
      You folks turn the other cheek, and that’s fine, it’s good.
      WE on the other hand will grab the bastiche by the neck, teach them WHY going against others because of their Faith is a bad idea, then make them apologize, or run.
      Normally this wouldn’t be an issue…but the muzzies are determined to cause problems and have started this War.
      Treacherous cult-minded monsters that they are.

      “Oh but you should be tolerant of other’s religions!”
      We are, but NOT islam.
      It’s not a genuine or bona fide religion in any way, shape or form. It’s an atrocity-exhibition and an abomination against Humanity.
      Also, how tolerant is islam with other religions again?
      Okay…the night of my Initiation, the Pagan Enclave was assaulted by gunmen, and yes, they were muzzies. Husband was one of those who volunteered as a Guardman for that night, as the desecration of the Grove made it clear the muzzies wouldn’t tolerate any Pagan Rites being performed and had to be dealt with before my Initiation. Yes, they were shooting at us during my Initiation, me and the Elders performing the Rite.
      About a week ago, they assaulted the Enclave again, and this time they managed to wound a few folks pretty seriously including the Elder instructing me. They also brought along, and used, incendiary-explosves to do considerable damage to anything that iffended muzzie sensibilities. Like blasting a statue of Lyllith into rubble and blowing up a fountain. food storehouse, etc..
      Yes, we’re ‘misunderstanding’ islam…right?
      it’s ‘only a few’.
      ‘Those weren’t muslims’.

      Pagans shoot back. Tolerance ends the instant a muzzie raises hand to do violence for any reason.
      The surviving gunmen of the recent assault will be standing Trial after they recover well enough.
      Under Pagan Tribune.
      We DON’T extradite.

      So, with all that said, you can imagine my views on this filth-encrusted, unclean and islam-befouled invertebrate on the video and how Bad an idea it is to say ‘kuffarmas’ around Husband or me.
      The putzlim on the video best start watching his mouth.
      Or someone’s going to put their fist in it and out through the back of his head.

      To all you putzlims and islami…
      If Christmas ‘offends’ you…don’t celebrate it. But if you assail it, well, you sloppy, stupid, putrid cowards…you’re NOT dealing with Christians anymore.
      We don’t CARE if you’re offended.
      We don’t care about the Leftists.
      We don’t do PolCorr.
      We could not care less what the courts you’ve so biased have to say and will not heed the words of those who are your sympathizers.
      We could not possbly care any less than we do right now about what the media has to say…what drivelling morons say is of no concern to us.
      The same point about the media applies also to the UN.
      Bet your big-book-of-lies has NO mention of our Return, does it? Guess allah-the-all-seeing-imaginary-friend-of-mohammed-the-impotent missed that point.

      We stand with Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Taoists as well as all the other faiths on this world that you’d try to put to the sword and flame.
      And we will Fight you,

      Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter
      Witch of The First Circle. Consecrated To Hecate.

    • DragonfFire01, shameful. You forgot to include their other Holidays!
      Dousing Women with Acid Day, Genital Mutilation Day, Stoning Your Woman Day for Burning Your Toast Day and, their most sacred day of Ashura, Self Mutilation Day!
      Ho, Ho, Ho.

  16. ha, ha, ha, ha – I love telling muslimes “Merry Christmas” if I see them in a store. They get a blank look on their faces.
    This guy is just another muslime asshole.

  17. We’re quit happy for you dirty muzzie c*#ts to not celebrate our glorious festive holiday of Christmas. In fact we are quite happy for you muzzie camel f*#kers to not partake in any part of our western lifestyle, to such a degree that we truly and absolutely invite you dirty rat camel f*#king ba*#ards to either take a very long walk off a very short pier, or we invite you, to f*#k off back home too whichever islamic s*#thole, hellhole from whence you crawled your way out from. When will you dirty camel / goat f*#kers (I don’t want to discriminate here, not sure from which tribe you come from. Your either a camel f*#ker, or a goat f*#ker though), get it, we don’t want you here, we have never wanted you here, and we will never want you here. Now do everyone a favour, and f*#k off !!!

  18. Muslim need to mind their own business and stay out of everyone else’s affairs. Maybe if they wren’t such savages we wouldn’t have to police their shitty countries.

  19. That’s right bro! We don’t want you celebrating it either! Go bang your heads a few times on Christmas Day; know yourselves out!

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