MUSLIM BNI Reader wants to know…

Haji Sham bin Bakri asks, “I am still wondering who are you the people behind this hate Islam website Bare Naked Islam? And I am still wondering why are you so full of hatred towards Islam. But, what I am certain is surely you aren’t Muslims.” (Well, you got one right)


FROM: Haji Sham bin Bakri

Now, ISLAM HATERS, what you don’t realise is that you are actually incorrectly directing your hatred. How can this be, you may ask? Ok, if you are Jews, who are actually your enemies? The answer: the Christians.

Why? Christians accused your ancestors killed Jesus. Your ancestors were strewn all over Europe because of the Christian hatred of you Jews, the Christ killers. Millions of Jews were massacred by the Christians, not only in Jerusalem itself but also in Spain (during the Inquisition) and other parts of Europe. Not forgetting the millions of Jews wiped out of Germany by the Nazis.

Now, the question is: Has Islam not persecuted you Jews?

The answer: No.

When the Islamic Kingdom was set up by Prophet Muhammad SAW in Yathrib (present day Medina), Muslim citizens were outnumbered by non-Muslims, the majority of whom were Jews. But with justice, the Muslims did not face any problem in administering the country.

Unfortunately, some of the Jewish tribes were hypocritical. They contrived with the mushrikin (idolaters) of Mecca to stab the Muslims from behind. This was why they were driven out of Yathrib.

When Spain was under Islamic rule, the Jews progressed admirably. The achievements of the Jewish scholars were documented.

But when the Christians conquered Spain, mass murders of the Jews were carried out. Those Jews who survived the assassinations were forced to become Christians. Most of the Jews sought protection in Muslim countries such as Morocco, Libya and Egypt and were never persecuted.

So, if you Islamic haters are Jews, please look at history. Islam has never persecuted you. From Abraham right down through Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon etc, Islam has never disputed the teachings that they spread and they are all recognised as prophets of Islam.



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  1. Again am saying that I came on this sight accidentally ,am repeating that as Moslem ,am completely against those criminals and killers who are takin Islam as a shield for their barbarian acts and killing innocent people all over the world,this has nothing to do with Islam at all,we are worshiping one god and the same god(SWT) who has send us Judaism ,Christianity and Islam ,who ordered us all to love each other ,in spite of what is your religion or without religion even,god gave everybody the freedom of faith.

  2. Lot of the things he said is true for a time we lost our way. But these people still live in the dark ages . They need to take their heads and rocks out of their ass and join the rest of us. Why do they feel they need to lie to other people about things they do. Because they know its wrong.

    They want to kill everyone not of Islam and expect everyone to kiss their stupid asses. We don’t teach our kids to hate they do. They need to face the fact Allah is the devil and hes lie-ING to them. Like he tried to lie to Jesus in the desert. Now their new Revelation Mohamed is Jesus bothers. A Jew and a Arab are bothers.

    Yet they say if Mary ans Joesph were alive today and having Jesus they will kill them. But these people are so stupid they killed their own prophet today. That was Muammar Gaddafi he knew who Obama was and he praised him. So they raped and killed him like they did to our ambassador.

    So they are so sick they don’t only rape the living but rape the dead. Why because they abuse their women its not worth having sex with them. As for the 70 virgins sex is of the flesh not the soul . Our soul is going to heaven or hell our bodies rote here on earth because we are part of the earth. So why would our soul be interested in virgins out soul will have nothing to work with.

    Cool it be that is a torment of Allah in hell. You follow me do as I say and for eternity you be able to look but not touch. Is that why the terrorist before bombing the twin towers they went to a strip bar. And is that why they hate homosexuals but go with little boys in dresses. They need to wake up and see that they are living in there own lies.

  3. Haji, salaam ale cum! Oh, but how can I wish one peace who teaches his children that Jews come from apes and monkeys? How can I wish peace for one who follows a prophet who celebrated death for others but was so fearful of it he prayed hundreds of times the day of his death? How can I wish peace on someone who will gladly murder my peaceful Muslim friends because they are apostate dogs? How can I wish peace on someone whose religion allows homosexual sex with little boys and then hangs them when they become men? How can I wish peace on someone whose religion has brought war, murder, butchery and terrorism to every country it infects like a disease?
    Now do you understand?

    • Just want to point out Kenneth that be careful what you say! I don’t know if that is the exact wording, but according to the theory of Evolution, we all came from some kind of monkey or ape! Maybe Muhammad was the first to indoctrinate the theory of evolution? I don’t want to hurt your feelings if you don’t believe in that theory but besides for this thing mentioned above, Islam goes along pretty well with Science. I don’t know where you got that gay part in, but here is what the TEACHINGS say on it. I don’t care about the ACTIONS of some obscure people who call themselves Muslim (muzlem).

      (LINK DELETED. Muslims are not allowed to post links here. —BNI)

      I am not looking for a fight, just wanted to set you straight on homosexuality in Islam (which to the casual reader, it is forbidden).


        Islamic “science”?

        mohammadan intelligence!

        The theory of evolution does not say “we all came from some kind of monkey…”

        We ARE “monkeys.” We are the most successful species of primates on the planet. Opposable thumbs and all.

        Stay away from the “sciencey” stuff, mohammadan. You are far too stupid to actually grasp it due to your “islamic science.”

        It does not “go well” with science. It makes a mockery of true science.

        Seriously, how dare a people, who are so scientifically challenged that their mahdi in the White House has to ORDER the director of NASA to make “muslims feel better about themselves” claim their ideology that causes their scientific shortcomings “goes well with” the actual science.

        Oh yes, you little junior jihadi of the pen, please do bring up the “1001 inventions of muslims” myth. I need some typing practice and will gladly indulge it refuting, with truthful facts, those myths.

        • I apologize, madam. First of all I don’t want to hear anything about “taqqiya” or anything. Second of all, I didn’t want to insult my fellow human beings (Christians) who may have been offended by the evolution remark (or Jews). That’s why I said some kind of monkey or ape. I should have just said it. I am glad that you at least are thinking about that kind of stuff.

          Jihadi of the pen, that actually sounds kind of interesting the way you put it! Although I don’t think of myself like that, I actually don’t know what I am doing on this site. As far as this whole Science business, you’d have to give me a little more background about why Islam makes a mockery of Science.

          As far as this whole monkey business, I don’t know what you are trying to get at. If you believe that humans are monkeys anyways, then you should have no problem with that verse. But if you feel as if Muslims cannot believe that, then you are wrong.

          What does ROTFLMAO mean?

        • Oh dear god you painfully obtuse jihadi.

          You really do need to stay the hell away from that sciency “stuff.”

          Your ignorance was not in using the word monkey. It was in claiming that evolotion states we evolved from monkeys.

          We did not evolve from apes. We ARE apes. That’s “sciency stuff” that despite having your ignorance thrown in your face youre *still* too ignorance to understand.

          The fact that 1.5 billion mohammadans believe that the theory of evolution asserts that we are evolved from apes/monkeys is absolute proof that mohammadans and islam are a mockery to science.

          Even Christian/Jewish/Buddhist/Hindu scientists understand “sciency stuff” better than you revolting throwbacks. They don’t make the patently false claim that “the theory of evolution teaches/claims we are evolved from apes/monkeys. While they may not accept the theory of evolution they at least know what the hell it states.

          I have a problem with you jihadis claiming you’re intelligent, evolved, “scientific” beings. You are from it as your woefully ignorant claim of what the theory of evolution is.

          Moreover, god spare us from your “sciency proofs” of bullshi’ite in mein kuranmpf. Proofs such as misquoted, outdated Reader’s Digest articles. Articles which are not written by actual scientists in the first place. Proofs which are nothing more than misdirection, misuse of common word meanings (recusitate versus resurrect; “appear as” versus “are/is”) and butchered, sleight of hand metaphor.

          A group of people who, when given the chance to leave Earth’s orbit courtesy of a group of people who actually are well versed in true science, are most concerned not with scientific endeavor or exploration but with in which direction one should point one’s anus in homage to said groups’ sky monster have no factual basis on which to make the claim that they are compatable with science.

          To choose to be a member of this absurd and backwards group and strive to falsely paint this group as anything but childish, backwards, obfuscating bufoons who have absolutely no right to enjoy the freedoms and comforts of Western Civilization, does indeed make you a jihadi of the pen.

        • I will not argue with you about that, I will agree that we are the most advanced species of “monkeys” or primates on the planet. We are different than other monkeys though, I think we can all agree.

          Islam does not confirm this theory, nor does it refute it. I will not go any further than to say that if Muhammad had actually preached that humans evolved from the same ancestor as a donkey, then what would the people have thought of him? He was not speaking to you in that Hadith. Islam will not serve you and answer all your questions about your theories. If you are looking for that, go somewhere else.

          Sadly you don’t know enough about Islamic scholars. If you want to know more, you should get off this world wide WEB and travel to West Africa and go meet some real scholars. They don’t blow themselves up, but when a protest happens they prefer to read poetry and pass out fliers to the protesters on the “Ethics of Protesting.” Muhammad said the “spider’s web is the weakest of houses.”

      • Enter into peace….

        First off…why does Kenneth have to be careful of what he says? He has the freedom to say anything he so wishes!

        Secondly……It’s called the “Theory” of evolution for a reason….it is only Darwin’s “Theory” that man came from Apes. He never proved it and to this day it is still just a “THEORY”…..more junk science like global warming!! I really don’t want to hurt your feelings if you believe in this theory but… really need to engage the two brain cells you have. If this theory was true why have no “Missing” Links been found around the world? Dinosaur bones are being found all the time…so should the missing link to show how this Theory worked out!

        Thirdly….mohammhead also said from pigs…so which was it apes or pigs?

        Fourth…..are you saying that little boys are not sexually abused by older men? You should care what some muslims actions are cuz it shows badly on your cult of Islam. BTW…..the Holy Bible doesn’t look kindly on it either but God gave us free will. I am not to judge the Homosexual…..I am to hate the sin and not the sinner. Islam hates the sin and the sinner so much they must judge him and kill him! And you say Islam is the religion of peace….PPPFFFT!

        Fifth…..have a very Merry Christmas!

        • First, it did not say that Jews came from pigs, it said that Allah turned them into pigs (and apes).

          Second, I just want to point out that as a Muslim, I neither have to deny the theory nor accept it. But considering that most scientists agree on it and the Qur’an says that we were created from water and in stages, I have a strong opinion of it.

          Third you’d have to read the verse, but it was Allah (God) who turned them into apes and/or pigs. He turned that tribe, not all Jews, not necessarily Jews only. You should read all of the ayahs about Jews in the Qur’an (“O Children of Israel, remember My favor which I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds.”)

          Fourth, just because people do bad things doesn’t mean they are supposed to, or they should.

          Fifth, Merry Christmas.

  4. What is your solution to this “Islam” problem? What should you do about all the bad stuff that has happened? If people are being unjustly killed, then I don’t see the use in just yelling at ignorant people like this guy in the article here. You should do something about it besides just talking about it and glaring at Mozlems on the street, that won’t do any good.

    P.S. I am a Muslim and you don’t have to accuse me of “taqqiya” or anything because I have heard enough of that. I won’t say anything about my religion because you will just ridicule it. I won’t deny any accusations because there is no more “honor” in the world, no reputation. Say what you will. In fact, just by writing that last sentence you will probably just say “oh, you are just afraid of the truth,”. The point is we won’t get anywhere just arguing over hadith and whether or not some historical person killed several historical people. I want to have a polite discussion about solutions please.

    • Peace, you are correct. The solution is not arguing religion. You should live with your people in the Muslim country of your choice and Muslims need to get out of all the non-Muslim countries you are living in. We don’t want you here. There are 56 countries in which you can believe and behave as you wish. That is the only way we can live in peace – far away from each other.

  5. Intelligent sane and informed persons hate Islam because of its immutable evil nature: Islam is perpetual war against the remainder of the human race. I have uttered and published a detailed blog post documenting the fatal fact; it is entitled “What’s Wrong With Islam & Muslims?”. Another blog post: “Islam’s Mercenary Mission”, shows the purpose for which Moe created Islam. Select the titles, right click, select search and obtain a clue.

    We need only read Al-Anfal 8:39, 8:57, 8:60, 8:67 ; At-Taubah 9:5, 9:38-39, 9:111,9:120 & 9:123 to recognize the pure evil. When we add Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387 & 1.7.331, the pattern is completed and impossible to overlook.

    9:29 declares perpetual war against Jews & Christians. 7:167 declares that Allah will continue to send someone to humiliate and torment the Jews until the last day. Sahih Bukhari 4.52.177 repeats the infamous genocide hadith from Sahih Muslim declaring that the gates of Allah’s celestial bordello will not swing open for Muslims until they hunt down and kill the last Jew.

    It is by these fatal facts that we know Haji Sham bin Bakri ti be a Goddamned liar.

  6. Well Muzzie it has been said that everyone should have a taste of power before they are through. Well Muzzie BNI gave you your taste of power for one day- and now you are through. Tawfix Hamid once a Muslim wrote in his 2005 book ‘The Roots of Jihad’ how he and all Muslims were taught to hate and kill Jews. So you see Muzzie, ex-Muslims are telling the truth about evil Islam. And that makes you either a downright liar or a fool. I think you are both. We against Islam are not going to argue with you Muslim fools. We are going to tell you exactly the way it is… to ‘Hell with Islam’ and we give no quarter to all intellectually backward inferior thinking Muslims. The day of reckonimg is comimg- Islam will be defeated and driven from the West. If you are smart you will do what other Ex-Muslims have done… dump Islam convert to something else.

  7. Sham Bakri, you’re either a useful idiot for Islam, knowing nothing about the savage history of your own religion OR you’re stupidly thinking anyone reading here is going to fall for your lying taqiya. We know the truth of the 1400 years of terror your religion has visited on the western world. Go spill your bile elsewhere.

  8. hahaahahahahaaa ! what a shithead ! Typical muslime pig dog !
    I sent him on his e-mail, some of my best photoshops of Islime…hope the haji freak enjoys em !

    Hey Haji ! this joke is for you ——-> What ya call a muslime with 2 brain cells? Ans—–> Gifted !

  9. Listen Up and listen good you insolent, lying, wrong-headed islami slagwit svoluch.

    We KNOW what islam is. We KNOW how it works.
    We’re making sure other folks know it too.
    ‘religion of peace’….not by any sane and rational definition of the word.

    islam assails our cultures, our national identities, our citizens and turns our own social systems against us.
    You’re invaders, and parasitic to boot.
    You persecute and attack Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and everyone else who is Unstained and Clean of islam.
    Leftists and such encourage suicidal ‘tolerance’ of you monsters, willingly blind to the threat you are, the fact that every one of you zakat-paying monsters is funding and knowingly supporting the actions of the terrorists who wield the weapons you buy for them with zakat.
    Yes, we KNOW most zakat goes to terrorism financing and support.

    Problem for you bastiches is this:
    You Didn’t Kill Us All.
    The islamic annihilation of my people missed some, and now long centuries later, we’re returned and stepping forth.
    The other faiths… gentle, mild, and enormously strong in their endurance of those who persecute them.
    Christians call it ‘the way of the lamb’ and it is a thing we Respect.
    The lambs are now watched over by Lions.
    Pagans. You insipid asswit. We have always been and we shall ever Be.
    Run back to your lickspittle Leftists sympathizers and your imams and foul-minded clerics and tell them this.
    We do NOT tolerate you.
    We will NOT negotiate with you.
    We will NOT compromise with you.
    The Leftists have no hold on us, and in fact had best stay out of our way. The social systems you have biased in your favour, we do not countenance nor heed as they are yours now and thus enemy assets.
    You have no respect for treaties, lie, never negotiate in proper faith, refuse rational thinking and solutions. Thus, we will NOT waste time on these things with you as you are plainly too stupid and corrupt from your false ideology to understand them.

    This is a War, you falsity-following halfwit, and islam started it. You weak and impotent bullies declared ‘jihad’, and you become so insulted when people oppose you.
    We’re going to END it, your ‘jihad’.
    Whatever it takes, however far has to be gone and whatever must be endured.
    islam will be expunged from the Western Civilized World and you muzzies will be quarantined in your natural pestholes where you can harm Humanity no longer.
    Or, you will be treated as you have treated so many others including us…

    Leave the Westrn Civilized Nations now, of your own volition, or be forcibly deported.
    Your choice, and there’s NO third option.

    The world belongs to Humanity, Liberty, Freedom.
    NEVER to the inanity of islam.

    Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter
    Witch of The First Circle, Consecrated to Hecate.
    Follower of the Ancient Ways.

  10. Islam is peace said the muslims when they slaugthered the pagans in Saudia Arabia
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they invaded Egypt and subducated the Kopts
    Islam is peace said the muslims to the Zoroastrians as they fled to India
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they killed and expelled the Jews and the Christians from their lands and countries
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they slaugthered the Hindus & the Bhuddists
    Islam is peace said the muslims while they were exterminating the Sikhs & the Armenians
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they tried to invade Spain and Vienna
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they blew up the ancient Bhudda statues in Afghanistan
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they sliced of the heads of the infidel
    Islam is peace said the muslims when the Danja Weed & Al Shabab were cutting of the hands and feets of the Africans
    Islam is peace said the muslims when they flew into the WTC at 9-11

    Islam is peace said the muslims because ? _____________________

    Fill in the blanks there is so much islamic ‘peace’ we can choose from.

    But all the world should know that :
    Islam is peace with more than 270,000,000 people murdered since aD 610 and counting…………….

  11. Wow. This durkity durk is trying to create a wedge between jews and christians by claiming that it’s not muslims but christians who hate jews.

    But he inadvertently shows the reason he’s doing it is because he assumes the people behind a website he hates must be jewish. Hmmm. I Wonder where he got that bizarre obsession with jews from? It’s almost as if he sees them behind every rock and tree.

  12. Read the filthy hateful Koran dreamed up while your lying looting robbing raping maiming murdering prophet was having sex with his nine year-old “wife”, and that should give you a clue why rational civilized people loathe Muslims. But please don’t take that personally, we hate Nazis, too.

  13. Love? Tolerance? Peaceful?

    The sacred words of Mohammed!

    Bukhari:V1B1N6 “Just issue orders to kill every Jew in the country.”

    Ibn Ishaq, p.369: “Kill any Jew who comes under your power”.

    Ibn Ishaq, p.992: “Kill (all) those who disbelieve in Allah.”

  14. Why do we hate Islam? The answer is so obvious it is elementary. Islam wants only to conquer, subjugate, plunder and rape non-Muslims. Mohammed was first and foremost a warlord no different from Genghis Khan and Attla the Hun but unlike those two warlords he made a religion out of his lust for blood and pillage. There is no Hunnism or Khanism, but there is Mohammedanism.

    • Quite right Linda!! And while we are on the topic of truth I’d just like to say
      “Hey Haji, pull your head out of your arse and recognize the TRUTH, that being that the CHRIST Jesus you arselifters say you revere, you deny His Deity and call him illegitimate in the piece of crap you call a “holy book”, furthermore you’re Perv Prophet wrote in that SAME “holy book” that it is “blasphemy” for any of us “infidel” Christians to say that Jesus is God, or the Son of God, and under your Sharia law “blasphemy” is punishable by death; so, don’t EVEN try to tell me that you muslimes are brothers to us Christians because THAT is a great big load of manure!! How do I know this, you ask? I have on my desk here a copy of your “holy book” that I just rechecked from my local library!!….Oh, and just in case no one else has told you yet, Haji, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON THIS SITE, So —- OFF!!

  15. haji Bakri doesn’t understand the reason for the hatred of islam? i guess he hasn’t bothered to look at his ideologies history. PUTZ

  16. Haji Sham bin Bakri

    So often mohommedists think they are Islamic and want to ride the wave of history of Islam as being theirs and to claim it all for themselves. However it is not theirs to claim. Once Mohammed started to move throughout the land, raping and pillaging, and demanding that the Islamists follow his dictates, instead of the scriptures, except when it was necessary to correct a misunderstanding in the reading of the quran. “REAL ISLAM”, followed scriptures for generations, the gradual demise of Islam ensued.
    Now, one has to wonder what happened to make Islam so venerable to this nut case and his moon god. Fear as always. We all suffer from that at one time or another. Then you had the problem that Mohammed was being told what to do by his personal demon. Success was almost inevitable with the help of Satan.
    Once Mohammed stole what he needed from the Israelites/Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, he incorporated it all into the new faith of mohommedism.
    There are reams of material on the subject, including the Hidith the quran ETC. plus the secular material of the nations involved through the time of Mohammed to the present. When looked at through the eyes, that Satan has guided this cult since Mohammed, than it makes since on how and why the destruction of one of the three great religions of the world was eaten by Satan. Remember the Israelites where cousins with the Islamists at the beginning. Then along came Jesus Christ with the idea of teaching with compassion and love within the law of Moses to the Jewish faith and out of that came Christianity. Meanwhile Islam was still reading scripture and following the word of GOD.
    The Second World War put the final death throws on Islam with the joining of mohommedist and the SS.



  17. Islam is an ideology of hate and violence. It is not, nor has it ever been, a religion.
    Satan is the author and finisher of their faith, keeping over a billion muslims in bondage, and headed for hell. This is beyond sad. But what can you do when they refuse to listen? You just fight their lies with truth, pray for them, and hope they get saved. If not, hell will be chock full of them and they will have nobody to blame but themselves.

  18. To Haji Sham bin Bakri,
    So its only Christians and others of the world who hate and have murdered the Jews, Muslims under Sharia law, accept the Jewish people? You have it wrong!

    Here’s just one example of Muslims killing Jews, the Grand Mufte of Jerusalem, Haij Amin al-Hussaine. He supported Hitler and signed a pact with Hitler. Their was an all Muslim Nazi unit based in the Middle East, made up of Muslims. After meeting with the Grand Mufti, Hitler said, “that it would have been better if Germans had been conquered by Islam” – Hitler liked Islam, thought it was a great religion. And the Grand Mufti, he murdered Jews in the name of allah, and encouraged Muslims to do the same. Also, neither Hitler or the Nazis were Christian. Hitler believed in the master race, the “German” people. True Christians fought Hitler, hid Jews and paid for it with their lives. Detrrick Bonhoffer and CorrieTenboom are just two who lost their lives or the lives of their family members. There is a list of Christian who died trying to save Jews.

    As for your statement that Christians murdered Jews down through history, the answer is, No! People who said they were Christians, and who, in the name of Jesus, murdered Jews. The truth is that Jesus came to the Jewish nation and fulfilled the law of God, brining slavation to the Jews; and the gospel was first preached to the Jews. The Bible never teaches the destruction of the Jews by gentiles and Jesus never preached killing in His name. So, what we have is people who did the “evil” of their hearts and tried to call it godly; but their action are not supported by the Bible.

    Islam on the other hand was founded on hatred and intolerance. The Qur’an is a book of hatred and teaches intolerance. Muhammed proudly boasted, “I have conquered by the sword” – and Muslims have been conquering by the sword of war since. Which is why this site was formed.

    I ask you, why does Islam have to subjugate, through Shariah law the whole world? Why is Islam so intolerant towards others, murdering, raping, torturing them and destroying them? Why the geneocide of 50 to 100-million Hindus? Why the Christian Armenin massacres by Muslims? Why the massacres of Jews by Muslims? The Middle East used to be a land where many religions resided, and for the most part they resided in peace. There were Jews, Christians, Hindus, and others in the Middle East, now it is for the most part Islamic. The Middle East didn’t become Islamic peacefully, it because that way violently, through war and conquest! People died, because Muslims brought Islam to them.

    You need to do some research, to on the internet and search for the truth. The world doesn’t hate Islam, its Islam that hates the world. The people of the world, for the most part, would be happy to allow Muslims to peacefully worship. The key word here is peacefully. This war, is a war that Islam is waging against the non-muslims of the world.

    The only Hate for Islam is because of the intolerance and hatred Islam showers on non-muslims.

    • Jews were expelled in Spain and England because of common sense: a house divided can’t stand. Pogroms were the result of ignorance and not commanded by Jesus or the Bible like the Quran commands muslims to murder non-muslims. It’s time to acknoledge these facts and stop apologizing for them.

  19. My head hurts from reading all that stupid.

    My eyes ache from all that jumping around from fragmented bullsh!t to incoherent appeals to the lowest common denomenator.

    This muslim supremacist jihadist really doesn’t deserve an answer, but its egregious historical revisions certainly do.

    The Spanish did not *conquer* Spain. That is a gross and insulting yet typical muslim and leftist supremacist historical revision. Spain was always the land of the Spanish (Visigoths if you want to pedandent) until muslim supremacists known as Moores *violently* conquered Spain and viciously treated the native Christians and Jews as third class citizens in their own country under a series of vicious caliphates.

    The Northern territories of Spain that did not fall to the muslim supremacist hordes eventually rallied and gathered enough steam to under the leadership of Catholics Isabella and Ferdinand.

    Yes, they did expell Jews from their *re* conquered homeland. They also expelled Christians. What our egregiously obfuscating muslim supremacist historical butcher fails to mention is that the people expelled from Spain were dhimmis. Those who had co-operated with, aided, and abetted the muslim supremacists during their brutal 400+ *occupation* if non-islamic Spain.

    Cue the Inquisition. The Inquisition was a *direct* result of the muslim-supremacist occupation of Spain and the aiding and abetting of said supremacist occupiers by Christian and Jewish dhimmis. Yes, the inquisitors went overboard, but, know this: the same or worse has happened to collaborators throughout history and will happen again when muslim supremacists are finally expelled for good from the entire Western world.

    Mild example of this reaction to betrayal: After the end of the nazi occupation of France, French citizens rounded up, shaved the heads of women who had dallied with the nazis, then paraded them naked through the streets while citizens who had resisted their occupiers pelted the traitorous whores with rotten fruits and vegs.

    Many countries, the United States among them, have penalties for treason up to and including death. Therefore, the cry of “look at what Christians did to Jews in the Inquisition” is nothing more than a bit of childish moral relativism. It’s also historical butchering by failing to note that Christians tortured and killed more Christians than Jews whom they suspected of still being loyal water carriers for their muslim supremacist masters.

    Now onto the cannard that “Christians accuse Jews of killing Jesus.” There’s so much wrong with that oft cried lie from muslim supremacists I don’t know where to start but will give it ago.

    Let’s start with crucifixion. Jews have *never* used crucifixion as a form of punishment. Crucifixion was the punishment of choice of *Romans* who were neither Jew nor Christian at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. They were pagans. Therefore, anyone, who makes the claim that Jews killed Jesus is quite frankly a historical fact-challenged moron who should never be without adult or police supervision.

    Moreover, the morons who make the claim that Jews killed Jesus are *always* from the ranks of the Jew-hating white supremacists. Examples: Mel Gibson, David Dukes and our new poster boy for white supremacy idiocy; Mike Harris. These folks are by no stretch of the imagination *Christian.* Christians not only acknowledge the fact that the one they call their lord and saviour was himself a Jew, their Bible recounts, in detail, how it was the Romans and not the Jews who killed Jesus.

    To top off his bullsh!t sundae, our junior jihadi, throws out the “Christians killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust.” NOW a muslim-supremacist is even acknowledging it happened? Really? Schools in England and France have stopped teaching about the Holocaust because students are offended by it because they *deny* it happened. Which students you ask? Christians? Oh hell no, muslim supremacists! So, as part of their twisted beliefs, muslim supremacists are adament Holocaust deniers. However, as part of their doctrine of taqiyya the allow themselves the luxury of lying and claiming it happened. This should be enough to convince people that muslims are twisted, evil, dishonest cretins.

    Our little muslim supremacist jihadi also omitted the truth by failing to recount his putrid prophet’s out and out *genocide* of the local Jewish tribes. Instead he engages yet again in historical revision by claiming the Jews of mo’s time lived in a virtual utopia with the muslim supremacists. Call me crazy, but being murdered for my gold, murdered for speaking critically, murdered for not converting to a madman’s cult, raped and enslaved for not being a muslim-supremacist is not a utopia yet junior jihadi here would have you believe none of that happened to the Jews at the hands of muslims.

    So, junior jihadi, you whiningly ask why “we” whom you wrongly assumed are all Jews, hate muslims. Then you launch into full on lies about history and Christians.

    You answered your own question yet I have no doubt that your brain is too atrophied by your vile ideology to allow you understand that fact.

    To put it simply: It is human nature to absolutely loath others who consistantly lie. It is human nature to hate others who consistantly lie about and make excuses for their own bad choices (your choice to be a muslim supremacist). It is human nature to hate others who blame their own evils on others.

    muslim supremacists, you included, have given Jews or others abolutely no reasons NOT to hate you.

    • Istanbul_Chick

      Works for me! Thank you for a good overlay of history. Most miss how barbaric the mohommedist were during the 400 years of occupation of the Southern European Continent and the results of their Barbarism.

    • The Visigoths were german invaders who ruled Spain but nonetheless assimilated into the roman-celtiberian (Spanish) population and converted to Catholicism, they were exterminated by the invading moor during a massacre known as “La noche Toledana”. The Spanish ordered the Jews to convert or be expelled because they were instrumental in muslim conquests serving as accountants, translators, physicians, foremen, slavemasters to the muslims, that’s one of the reasons they were received by the Turks after the expulsion decree. The Jews opened the gates of Jerusalem to the muslim armies and conspired with the Turks at the time when the Ottomans took over Constantinople, Hungary, Bulgary, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, Southern Italy and even Austria. So, for the Spanish nation to be strong in these times it needed to be united politically and religiously, the Kingdoms of Castille and Aragon fused together in what’s known as Spain and the state religion was Catholicism. See how fragmented Europe’s religious map is these days, and how well it has worked to turn Europe into a shambles?

    • @Istanbul_Chick,

      It is a little late, but today is the first time I came across your reply.

      Bravo and Brilliant.

      Round of applause to you.

  20. To Haji Sham bin Bakri,
    I’m not fan of Islam, and I admit that I find the religion of Islam evil, vile and disgusting to the core. The world is not againt the peaceful persutes of Muslims, and has no problem allowing them to worship as they choose. The world as a whole isn’t concerned with the worship of peaceful Muslim, its concerned with the acts of Islamic jihadist terrorism; of the murder and destruction that jihadists following the Qur’an cause. Also, there are 1.6 billion Muslim in the world. So, the claim that the peaceful religion of Islam has been hajacked is a lie. Why? Because where are all the millions on millions of peaceful Muslims who oppose the jihasists? Good question. The truth is that “to not act is to act, and to not speak is to speak” – so by their silence, peaceful Muslims have shouted their support.

    The truth is, its Islam that’s hateful and intolerance. Its Islam that mandates that “All” the world be under Shariah law. Which subjugates all non-muslim to a status of 3 or 4th class personhood. The war that is being raged is because, Islam and Muslims have declared war on the world, and Western civilization. Its Muslims and their hatred and their intolerance, that is the problem.

    My question to you is, Why Muslims won’t allow Jews the right to their nation, to live on their ancestrial homeland? After all Jews have lived in this area as long as Muslims have lived there; and there was a nation of Jews, there was never a nation of Palentinians. There are over 300 million Arab Muslims living in the Middle East, and only, 6 to 7 million Jews. Why is it that Muslims can’t live in peace with Israel, that Muslims can’t allow Israel to exist? Why must Muslims and Islam dominate and subjugate Jews? Also, why are Muslims determined to commit geneocide on Jews, worldwide? If your answer is because of the Qur’an or Muhammed, then its Muslims and Islam that have the hateful and intolerant problem.

    Then there’s this issue with Shariah law which the Qur’an and Mohammed mandates must be instituted worldwide. You may love Shariah law and the Islamic faith, but I don’t, and millions of others worldwide don’t either. What Shariah law represents is slavery and subjugation. Why is it that You and Muslims can’t live in peace, respecting others faiths and views?

    Islam has a history of murder, rape and destruction, it has murdered over 280-million people worldwide since its beginning. Islam dosen’t just proselytize to the people of the world it wages war against them to subjugate them. The argument that “jihad” is being waged, only because of Western encrochment into Islamic countries is false. The history of Islam and its expansion has been accomplished through war, bloodshed, rape and destruction. Mohammed said is best, “I have conqured by the sword”. Is that the only answer Muslims can give, sword?

    As a Christian, I see Islam differently. I see a relgion which enslaves people, which murders, rapes and destroys in the name of their god and prophet, and then calls it not only acceptable, but good. I don’t hate Muslims, but I do hate what they do and what they stand for. And what Islam stands for is, intolerance, hate, murder, rape, destruction and every vile, evil thing.

    Chrstianity is based on the Bible and the teaching of Jesus, which are love and peace. Islam is based on the teaching of the Qur’an and Mohammed, which are hate, war, intolerance and destruction.

  21. Islam has the habit of replacing the existing cultures and religions via Islamo supremacism. I have no problems with Muslims but I have it with political Islam.

  22. Certainly Christians have an ugly past as regards Jews, cannot be denied. But this was not Christians acting on behalf of commandments in the Bible or from Jesus. The Bible in fact is very much the opposite. Whereas the koran calls Jews names and commands their death and enslavement as does mohammed.

    This guy is just trying to put a wedge between Jews and Christians of today. He would gladly slaughter both Christian and Jew.

    Any hate reflected on this site is a direct result of hate acted out violently towards every non muslim on the planet by muslims worldwide. We use a keyboard not a knife, hatchet, ax, gun or clubs like the muslims are doing.

    Give up the pretense to a moral high road muzzy because you have no morality.

  23. HAJI: Where did you study world or religious history? What books have you been reading? Who supplied these books?

    What you say makes no sense. The opposite of what you say is true.

    Never forget HAJI that yes, some Jews did kill Jesus-Christ but not all Jews. Many many Jews were Jesus-Christ followers. They were divided just like islam is divided. Although rare, there are good muslims, those who have a western education mostly.

    No wonder the planet is in trouble, with uneducated people such as HAJI who believes everything without triple-checking the facts. How sad!

  24. We are people who have read the Qura’n, we are the people in 5-51
    we are the people praying for the security of Christians and Jews in muslim dominated countries. We are Kuffars.

  25. Please look at history. Please be sensitive to ME…. be understanding to ME…walk in MY shoes. Well, little buddy… there is a difference between hate and truth…and you subhumans wouldn’t know the difference if it exploded in your face!

  26. This is a joke right?
    Islam has “never” persecuted Jews?….Sorry, I’m laughing at this ridiculous statement so much it’s hard to keep typing…..
    Of course, how could we have been so blind? It’s the Christians and the Jews who are murdering everybody at the moment, NOT the muslims…Well, am I glad you cleared that up….Turnip head 😀

  27. The poster is mostly correct, though it should be mentioned that Jews left Lebanon during the Civil War and had been protected by the Christians and had not been forced out following the establishment of the state of Israel.

  28. Dear Mr. bin Bakri, Read the previous article…”The mother and uncle of a three-year-old boy named ‘Jihad’ appeared in a French court for sending him to school in a top bearing the words “I am a bomb”. The T-shirt also had the words “Jihad, born on September 11″ emblazoned on the back when he turned up at his nursery school.”

    O 90: “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims” – Reliance of the Traveller (sharia)

    Here is a quote from a modern sheik: “… HATING OUR ENEMIES is part of our Islam, just as fighting our enemies – using force to remove them from our lands – is part of our Islam. The tame, kaffir-imitating so-called “moderate Muslims” may not like this – it might not fit in with their kaffir-derived vision of life – but that is how it is, for those who refuse to imitate the kuffar and for those who submit only to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.”

    Dear Mr. bin Bakri, Are you a ‘kaffir-imitating, so-called moderate Muslim’?

    How does a Moslem know he hates kafirs enough? (I want to know.)

  29. I am not Jewish dumb ass, in fact I am not religious at all, I see what religions make people do. But I can see with my own eyes that even though Christians did have a history not to be proud of at times , that is ancient history, and all the other major religions including Christianity are peacful and dedicated to helping people. While you muscum are a hate filled, murdering, torturing, whiney bunch of pshycos. Where ever you go you make demands to change that sosciety to suit you. You are a burden where ever you go, most being on welfare. You infiltrate once beautiful countries then demand change to make them into the cesspools you came from. And by the way I am not islamaphobic, or affraid of you. Just like I am not affraid of cockroachs or stepping in shit, I just hate it.If you want people to stop hateing you then dissappear.

  30. typical moslem, bring up the past, show us events like those you speak of in TODAY’S world, not hundreds of years ago, when people were less civilised but today, when most, (moslems not included) are more educated, civilised and willing to change, stop defending the worst cult in the history of existence, which still, TODAY commits the worst atrocities known to man, please comment on the mass murder of christians, jews, hindus and any other non moslem by you feral, stone age apes, that are going on right now, not years ago, right now

  31. Massacres of Jews by Muslims before 1948

    More history of moslems treatment of Jewish people!
    In Islam’s Own Writings: Muhammad’s Massacres and Sex-slaves
    by Reason
    22 May, 2008
    Muhammad, the prophet of Islam and the apostle of Allah, had ordered at least 60 raids and wars often involving massacres and personally participated in 27 of them. The exemplary example and the perfection of humanity and the prototype of the most wonderful human conduct that he was—Muhammad massacred, beheaded, tortured, terrorized, raped, and looted in the name of God. Described below are three of his massacres and a partial listing of his sex-slaves from the Muslim holy books and Islamic writings.
    In the Massacre of Banu Quraiza, Muhammad order the beheading of 600 to 900 adult men (determined by pubic-hair growth) and he himself chopped off a few heads. He enslaved all the women and children of the Jewish tribe. The women were kept as sex-slaves with Muhammad himself taking a beautiful Jewish woman as his own sex-slave and sold the rest of the captives into slavery. He also looted the property of the murdered Jews and took possession of all their wealth and properties. Allah, like a godfather and mafia chieftain of the Muhammad’s criminal gang, rejoiced this barbarous and heinous acts of slaughtering the Jews and enslavement of their women and children by creating 5 teachings in the Koran as the Eternal Laws of God.
    At the Massacre of Khaybar, Muhammad brutally tortured a Jewish chieftain for extracting information about where he had hidden his treasures. When the treasure was uncovered, the chieftain was beheaded. This chieftain was the husband of the most beautiful Jewish woman of Khaybar, the 17-year-old Safiyaah. Safiyaah’s family members had been annihilated by Muhammad at the Banu Qurayza massacre. Now having beheaded her husband, the Prophet took Safiyah as his sex-slave and copulated on the same night.
    In the massacre of the Jewish Settlement of Bani Mustaliq, Muhammad captured their women and took twenty-year-old Jewish girl, Juwayriya as his sex-slave.

    READ MORE HERE: Here is the URL for this page:,d.d2k

    Muhammad’s unprovoked, murderous attacks of Jewish tribes described above are acts of utter barbarity. His extermination and genocide of the whole community, such as that of Banu Qurayza, makes it worse.
    His institution of slavery as a divine order of society was one of the worst curse that could happen to humanity. Allowing sex with slave-girls made it worse. His trading of slaves, such as selling some Banu Qurayza captives in Nejd, was another evil institution.
    Muhammad engaged in all these cruel, dehumanizing and horrible acts with the divine sanctions of Allah. Muhammad and his brainchild Allah were the worst evils to befall humankind, the detriment of which continues to afflict humanity with no end in site.


  32. This anus aught to get his facts straight before spewing his garbage. First off, I am a Christian and I and my brothers and sisters in Yeshua love Israel and the Jewish people because the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the God of Israel loves them and has chosen to put his name in Jerusalem. On the other hand, the moslems have had an everlasting hatred for the Jewish people and for any others who would not submit to islam. Its all there in the history books if you are inteligent enough to read which it seems this anus can not do.
    Massacres of Jews by Muslims before 1948
    “Jews lived happily together with Muslims and in harmony before Israel was established.”
    How many times have you heard this said?
    We are indebted to Torbjorn Karfunkel, who has blown the myth of peaceful coexistence sky-high with his pre-1948 ‘massacre map’ of Jews by Muslims (click on the map to enlarge). The map should not be considered exhaustive, but it does go back to the 7th century, when Mohammed’s followers massacred Jewish tribes in Arabia. It reminds us that Jews were murdered in Spain in 1066, in spite of the ‘Andalusian Golden Age’. The cluster of explosive dots over Morocco recalls that relationships between Jews and Muslims during the 19th century were not always plain sailing.
    To this ‘massacre map’ one might add the blood libels which spread like wildfire across the Ottoman empire, often resulting not in massacres, but in individuals arrested, tortured and unfairly accused.
    As the great Tunisian-Jewish writer Albert Memmi has written: “coexistence with the Arabs was not just uncomfortable, it was marked by threats periodically carried out.”

  33. “Hate” is a strong word, but if it has to be used for something, Islam would be a good target. It destroys freedom, a person’s ability to be rational (as laid out so well in your post), and has inspired hate, fear and evil around the world for 1400 years. And none of that is as hateful as how it has billions submitting (“Islaming”) to Satan multiple times a day.

    Islam is a religion of deception and condemnation. The Quran offers no love or salvation to mankind. Jihad is the only secured way to Allah’s false paradise (a luxury whorehouse). Muslims destroy themselves while trying to murder the Jews and «infidels.» Every Muslim’s hands are full of innocent blood, because all Muslims support jihad through the even division of their zakat, the mosque offering and tax. Islam is the enemy of the One True God, Yahweh, God of Israel, God of Heaven and earth. Yahweh taught us to condemn false doctrines, false prophets, and false gods.

    Tolerance of a racist, hateful, intolerant and vicious dogma, whether religious or political, will only lead to the murder of millions. YOU need to study history and learn to appreciate the consequence of accommodating bad ideas: Islam, Nazism and Communism.

    Anger can be a good thing when it’s directed at a bad thing. I hate Islam because of all of the horrible things the religion is responsible for as an example:

    270 Million Murdered Since 610 AD, I Wonder By Whom?

  34. In surah 29:46 Allah tells Mohammad to speak nicely to people of the book (Christians and Jews), “And argue not with the people of the scripture unless it be in (a way) that is better (with good words and in good manner….we believe in that which has been revealed to you, our god and your God is one..”
    While in surah 9:29, Allah tells him to fight the people of the book, “Fight those who believe not in god not the last day…not acknowledge the religion of truth (Islam), (even if they are) of the people of the book.”
    Haji Sham: this is just one of many contradictions in the Koran. Notice, that the ‘friendly’ surahs have been abrogated and replaced by the extremly hateful, criminal and vicious surahs. Note, that your Mohammad targeted ALL non-Muslims, especially the Jews and Christians.
    A question for you, why Muslims CANNOT discuss and debate Islam (the Koran) in civil manner. The answer is: because they have no grounds to support their claim “Islam the religion of peace”. Quite the opposite Islam is a religion of war and hate.

  35. well haji sham bin bakri, sad thing is that your allah and your Qur’an tells you to kill us, that is a simple reason to despise Islam. Islam is full of taqiyya, only to pretend to be friends so you can kill us, like Mohammad encouraged when he wanted someone dead.

    You are mistaken, the Jews killed Jesus Christ, God’s Son because it was in prophesy, and satan (allah) wanted it to happen because satan (allah) thinks he is God. So they aren’t enemies to us. In fact, contrary to what Muslims are indoctrinated with (untruths they are forced to learn) Jews helped the US during the Revolutionary War by giving us guns, then after the war by Haymen Solomon giving us his own personal money and getting loans from other Jews to help fund America.

    We hate Islam because Islam creates terrorists, bad people that want to kill everyone and rule the world, and try to fool the world into thinking Islam is a fair, tolerant, and peaceful religion, when Islam’s actions are totally different then what Islam tries to portray.

    If Islam was an actual religion, and acted like other religions in the world, actually peaceful and not killing or trying to take over the world…instead of being a violent, political ideology…then thing might be different…but Islam chose the path it chose, just like the Inquisition, the world doesn’t care to much for Islam.

    May the true God, (and not the moon god of Islam) show you the correct path, and my Jesus Christ, God’s Son come into your heart so you can see the sinfulness of Islam.

  36. Are you aware Islam put out propaganda this year claiming an Indian woman named Sunita Williams, a NASA Astronaut, while on the surface of the moon in “2011” she saw the earth as black through her telescope except for two places on the Arabian Peninsula. All communications with earth ceased, yet she still managed to hear the call to prayer and upon her return to earth converted to Islam.

    She in fact reaffirmed her faith as a Hindu and married her Hindu husband and more interestingly, there hasn’t been a manned NASA mission to the moon since 1972 and nor has a woman been to the moon.

    You lot should be ashamed of yourselves if you think we are as stupid as you clowns. You know where you can bash your ideology!

  37. I think he honestly believes the crap he’s spewing! I am a Christian and I LOVE the Jews…my saviour is a Jew. Islam has persecuted the Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc. for 1400 years Haji-boy.


  39. Muslims are terrified of the truth. The truth is not “hate speech”, the truth about Islam will set muslims free from their hideous false belief system and their sex and hate obsessed mullahs. The truth about Islam is the best thing that could possibly happen to Islam

  40. so haji, are you denying that Muhammad himself killed over 800 Jews?? if so I think you need to go back and read your haddith and your sira and your
    Quran… poor ignorant Muslim.

  41. Oh, who are these haters of Islam? Must be the Jooos, and ‘we’ never hated the Jooos. Look on history. Well guess what? It dosnt take a Joooo to hate on Islam, it only takes someone who has One Speck of Sanity. No Sane person wants to live within 7th Century beliefs, be killed for leaving a religion, live as a barbarian, or force others do do so. We reject Islam as a political movement, in fact have no issue with hatred towards sharia and Islam’s constant whining influence- which are contrary to western values and belief in equality, freedom and prosperity. You can take your pity party back to ANY Islamic shithole you have already created for yourselves, but dare you here you will find adequate opposition. No, we do not accept your fake Jihad and taquiyya. We are not bowing dhimmi’s, we dont believe your lies. We will not subjugate women, put them in tents , kill them or cut off their genitals, because WE are not Barbarians, like you are. You can lie, cheat and steal from us, things which seem to come naturally to your culture, but we are watching you and we will fight, to our dying breath -to defeat Islam in the West.

  42. Haji Sham bin Bakri, your taquiya doesn’t fool anyone. Christians are being persecuted in Iran, egypt and other Muslim dominated countries. We have seen from videos from your own countries, what is happening. We have heard your Imams preach evil against non-Muslims. We understand your agenda to dominate and turn the world into a caliphate. We are not sheep, we do not believe you, and think your prophet is false.

  43. Oh please Sham Bakri, how stupid do you think BNI and her Subscribers are? I mean trying imply that Muslims respected the Jews since your conception is preposterous. Your idiotic and out right shameless lies only works on the gullible.

    BTW, thank you for giving me another good reason for becoming an Apostate.

  44. These muslims just dont get it. We are not ignorant 3rd worlders, we are educated people and you muslims cant baffle us with bullshit. Take your innocent victim moaning retoric and shove it up your holy arses. We are not going to lay down without a fight, You want to take over the world? Well you better have bullet proof G-strings on because you’re going to need all the protection you can get.

    • Albeit. My friend. I live in a third world country & Muslims talk bullshit like this everywhere. And just like you said they easily fool people.

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