MUSLIM BNI Reader wants to know…

Haji Sham bin Bakri asks, “I am still wondering who are you the people behind this hate Islam website Bare Naked Islam? And I am still wondering why are you so full of hatred towards Islam. But, what I am certain is surely you aren’t Muslims.” (Well, you got one right)


FROM: Haji Sham bin Bakri [email protected]

Now, ISLAM HATERS, what you don’t realise is that you are actually incorrectly directing your hatred. How can this be, you may ask? Ok, if you are Jews, who are actually your enemies? The answer: the Christians.

Why? Christians accused your ancestors killed Jesus. Your ancestors were strewn all over Europe because of the Christian hatred of you Jews, the Christ killers. Millions of Jews were massacred by the Christians, not only in Jerusalem itself but also in Spain (during the Inquisition) and other parts of Europe. Not forgetting the millions of Jews wiped out of Germany by the Nazis.

Now, the question is: Has Islam not persecuted you Jews?

The answer: No.

When the Islamic Kingdom was set up by Prophet Muhammad SAW in Yathrib (present day Medina), Muslim citizens were outnumbered by non-Muslims, the majority of whom were Jews. But with justice, the Muslims did not face any problem in administering the country.

Unfortunately, some of the Jewish tribes were hypocritical. They contrived with the mushrikin (idolaters) of Mecca to stab the Muslims from behind. This was why they were driven out of Yathrib.

When Spain was under Islamic rule, the Jews progressed admirably. The achievements of the Jewish scholars were documented.

But when the Christians conquered Spain, mass murders of the Jews were carried out. Those Jews who survived the assassinations were forced to become Christians. Most of the Jews sought protection in Muslim countries such as Morocco, Libya and Egypt and were never persecuted.

So, if you Islamic haters are Jews, please look at history. Islam has never persecuted you. From Abraham right down through Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon etc, Islam has never disputed the teachings that they spread and they are all recognised as prophets of Islam.