The UN’s Ban Ki-Moonbat and the Muslim-in-the-White House condemn Israel for building homes in its capital

FYI: They are NOT settlements, they are homes. And it is NOT the West Bank, it is Judea/Samaria. And there is NO East Jerusalem, it is ALL Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the State of Israel. Got it?

As for peace and a “two-state solution?” Never gonna happen as long as Arabs hate the Jews more than they love their children. –Golda Meir

One of the most beautiful documentaries done on Jerusalem and its position in Biblical prophecy, Click here for details.


13 comments on “The UN’s Ban Ki-Moonbat and the Muslim-in-the-White House condemn Israel for building homes in its capital

  1. If intelligent, rational and literate people would read the Koran: 9:29, 7:167 and Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir of the same followed by Sahih Muslim 41.6985, they would get a God blessed clue leading them to curse and condemn AssWholes such as Ban & Barack who piss & moan about an imaginary “peace process”.

    While there is Islam, peace is impossible.

  2. Jews and Arabs have never and can never live side by side. Negotiating with terrorists NEVER works. And arguing with a fool is a waste of time.

    Proverbs 29:9 When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.

  3. Screw the UN and their Sec. General; they have NOTHING to say about Israel building in their own land! And the HOLY CITY WILL NOT be divided!! There WILL however be that “Peace on Earth Good Will toward men” that we hear about at this time of hear; just as soon as the belligernt muslimes surrounding Israel are wiped off Planet Earth!!

  4. The original mandate of Palestine included Transjordan and the whole thing was a Jewish homeland…then it was whittled down. Enough, already!

    The West Bank is a good place for Jews and Arabs to live side by side in peace with MODERN values.

    Any contract between Israel and ‘others’ is acceptible if the parties are friendly, but the desire to throw the Jews into the sea is purely madness. Madmen cannot make a contract.

    Only modern standards of pluralism, equality and democracy of all the citizens are acceptable.

    The Mozzies have to decide whether they are joining the human race or remaining 7th century savages.

    While they are deciding, build apartments for people to live in.

  5. the muSlime POS Marxist Narcissistic Sociopath in the WH continues to condem, bow and kow! We KNOW who side he stands on and it’s NOT Israel or the United States!

  6. Goldaa Meir was a very smart lady and was so correct
    and i don’t give a frak what Ban ki-Moon or BHO say Israel can do what she wants

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