Arrogant, supremacist UK Muslim family goes into ‘Litigation Jihad’ mode against Christian school that stupidly accepted their daughter

UnknownA Greek Orthodox school is being taken to the High Court for banning a Muslim pupil from wearing a hijab (headbag) to class, even though the school had advised the parents that ‘no headgear of any kind’ was permitted in the school before she was admitted.

Croydon Today  The nine-year-old girl’s parents were so incensed at the decision they have pulled her out of St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy, in Thornton Heath. (Good, now take her out of the country. for good)

St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy is determined to fight attempts to overturn the ban on the pupil wearing a hajib

St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy is determined to fight attempts to overturn the ban on the pupil wearing a hajib

Now they have applied to the High Court in an attempt to force the school – the only one of its kind in the country – to reverse its ban on their daughter wearing a hijab (headbag). The parents believe it would be a sin for her head to be uncovered because she has reached puberty and is in the presence of male teachers.

Head teacher Kate Magliocco said the uniform policy was made clear to the parents when the girl arrived in Year 3.

It was not until she moved into Year 5 in September that they wanted their daughter to start wearing a hijab, a traditional headbag worn by Muslim women which represents the Islamic principle of modesty. Her parents complained to the governing body, which upheld the ban with the support of the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain.


“The decision not to allow her to wear a headscarf was taken by the governing body. The school has a very particular uniform policy which is shared with parents and, as head, I must follow the plan.

“The pupil in question came to us from a private school. Her parents actively chose us and, before she arrived, we held a meeting which included details of the uniform plan. We are the only Greek Orthodox Primary School in the whole country. The parents actively sought our school. They must have done so with their eyes open.”

Girls are required to wear a dark blue coat, an optional blazer, a skirt, a white blouse, a navy blue pullover and navy blue or white socks and black shoes. Shuiab Yusaf, trustee of Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre, urged the school to reconsider the ban.

He said: “We encourage schools to be a little less strict and allow Muslim girls to wear headbags if that is what they want to do,” he said. (How about if Catholic kids come to your Muslim school wearing crosses?)



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  1. Probably the plan was the whole time to take the school to court, another “stealth and deceit” move by the “peaceful religion”! Another example of shoving Islam down Christians’ throats. I’m praying the school won’t cave and the court will actually throw the Muslim case out the window!

  2. See what I mean about turning the other cheek. Extend your hand to viper and it will strike, extend your hand to a mohommedist and it will cut it off.

  3. We need special “sue-them-for-suing” laws to curb the Muslim mania for tying up the courts just to assert themselves. There is a similar law in partnerships where if one partner tries to force his partner to sell out, whatever it is he is offering becomes the amount that the other partner can demand to gain full control if he so wishes. In other words instead of the defendant simply winning by having the litigant’s case thrown out, the litigant must automatically pay whatever it was he sued the defendant for. Of course, additional satisfaction might be obtained by setting fire to the litigant’s property.

  4. Again.
    No Christian school should ever, ever accept a Muslim student. And if they do, it should be with the condition that the student will take classes in the Christian religion with the expressed purpose of conversion in the following Lenten and Easter season.

  5. Foolish, stupid. You don’t enroll your Muslim child in a Greek Orthodox or any kind of Orthodox school. The Orthodox Christians know that they don’t worship the same God as Muslims, and they teach this. The hijab has no business in a Christian school. If anything, the student must be forced to 1. take off the hijab, 2. learn Classical Greek, 3. convert to Christianity and 4. to learn Western History, Civilization, languages, and the roots of modernity in Western history.
    Nothing less.

  6. The Muslim game plan in all Western countries they move to: LEGAL JIHAD (one of many jihads):

    Apply for a job or school that have clearly defined rules of dress. Arrogantly break the rules. Then sue HATED infidels for LOTS of money. The other extremely important goal: FORCE despised infidels to OBEY supremacist Muslims.

  7. No, your scarf is not a threat to democracy as long as you use it and wear it in the fashion normally accorded a scarf. Such as, removing the scarf indoors, removing it to eat, to socialize, to appear in court etc.

  8. I worked at a small private Christian school from 1978-1996. We had the occasional Muslim enroll in the classes there. None of them ever expected to be allowed to wear a hijab, carry a Koran around, etc. All of these Muslim students were very well behaved and sociable. But they all had one serious flaw that we had a time with: they cheated on tests — and thought that it was fine and dandy to do so. In fact, they were PROUD of their ability to cheat. We had a terrible time getting them to stop that cheating; only the threat of expulsion did the trick.

    What is surreal to me now is that Muslims have gotten damned pushy since 9/11.

  9. Dirty pigs,im.starting to see this in my part of belfast some of our catholic maintained schools are educating somali pirates and all other manner of mohamads mob

  10. those people cann’t live in our western countries. They come not to enjoy the freedom, to give better future to their kids, they simple hate us, they want kill all infidels, however they live in infedel account. Simple if they don’t like, take the aeroplane and go to live in 56 islamic paradises!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Your headbags not only accentuate your eyes, but also the abject fear you have behind your eyes, of the very men born out of your hate infested wombs. Think about it, if you have anything in your head to think with.

  12. The school should also cite the difficulty of detecting head lice if a studesnts hair is totally covered. That is not to state that the girl HAS head lice, just to say that they may creep into other students heads from such a nice, warm habitat if they are present. And who can tell if they are present. Seeing women and girls with their heads wrapped up always makes me itch. Can’t you just imagine the busy little critters crawling about under there ? FOOGIE !

  13. “Is my scarf a threat to democracy?” better still is democracy a threat to you muslim women? why do you go around in terrorist headgear and black tents your men claim protects you from rapes and then they rape kuffar women. You cocooned zombies of mullas who buy you & treat you just for the piece of c*nt you are should trot back to saudi arabia, where you can lick the puss off your husbands wounds, ride camels, cleanse you arse with odd no of stones, and compete for his attention with his other wives, camels & sheep. Fornicating with dead women, aunties, children, etc is what your prophet taught you

  14. Your own fake prophet says that women are deficient in intellegence. These parents should have understood the rules and also understood the concept of a “uniform”. You don’t get to pick and choose which part of the dress code to ignore. Sometimes I wonder if these people just enroll their kids in schools like this or take jobs so they can complain and scream “discrimination” to get attention.

  15. This is just another testing of the waters -an issue of creeping -sharia-what’s on her head -offendeds me-what’s on her mind -frightens -me.

  16. It sure seems like alot of what this group does is planned out for the direct purpose of challenging the status quo and getting their own rules in place, all without consideration for others. This party knew the rules of the school, just like the others know the rules of a country prior to immigration. I can only conclude this is a far reaching plan to destabilize our way of life. We must give ourselves permission to seem nasty as it will be essential for our own protection. This is not a fair “war” and we can’t be worried about how w appear. Many lawsuits are coming…

  17. “Judge me by what’s IN my head, not ON my head.” surely there’s half of whats in a non muslim woman’s head, your (fake) prophet said you’re worth half of the man, 2 women are worth one mans testimony and muhammad also said women are delinquents and most residents of hellfire are women, so you better burn that anti rape gear, because your men like to rape non muslim women and demand obedience from you and if disobeyed, do honor killings.

  18. It was a set-up from the beginning, in one of millions of efforts to demonstrate Islamophobia — as if such a thing could possibly exist.

    “We (Muslims) will offend you all we want, and when you say anything about it, we will pretend in loud voices that the worst possible offense has been committed against us — maybe even have a riot if we can work that out.

    We will define you as bigots and as taking away our religious freedoms. We cannot lie to you or mislead you anymore than we could lie to or mislead a tree stump. You are, after all, dhimmi, and you are there to be used in the service of Allah. When you are no longer of use to us as a symbol of Islamophobia, you will either convert to Islam or be slaughtered. Take your pick.”

    • I recently learned of a situation here at a junior college wherein the whole escapade appeared to be a set up by CAIR. Muslims are so full of seething faux outrage all the time, however, so it’s difficult to know what’s a set up and what’s just their typical tyranny of professional victim hood.
      The moment any Muslim files a law suit they should be immediately deported.

    • The infidels are read to star killing all of you,…one more time!!! We already did fight against savage and against fascism. We are not afraid to died to keep our freedom!!!!………..

  19. “Is my scarf a threat 2 democracy?”

    Yes. Your scarf is a symbol of Islamic tyranny, and it represents a threat to women in particular. Your scarf shows that you chose slavery over freedom and you want everyone else to do the same.

  20. “Judge me by what’s IN my head, not ON my head.”

    Well, if you chose to wear hijab, niqab, or burqa, I doubt there is very much IN your head. No rational person would willingly subjugate themselves to the tyranny that is Islam, and certainly not a rational woman.

    • Cloths are social signifiers that identify what tribe you aspire/belong to. Always has been and always will be.

      We judge people everyday based on what they wear. Why should we make an exception for Muslims? Especially, when younger Muslim woman (in the UK) have stated they deliberately wear hijab, niqab, or burqa for political reasons.

      As for the school, based on the past conflicts between Christian Greeks and Muslims, I would have asked them over over why they wanted to be a part of St. Cyprian’s?

      IMHO- To deliberately bring a lawsuit against the school.

  21. “The parents actively sought our school. They must have done so with their eyes open.”
    Sure they did — with their eyes open as to what they could get out of you. Next time, make all parents sign the school rules, saying that they have read, understand, and will abide by them, and have their signatures witnessed. But I guess you know that now.

    • Marylou, just don’t allow muslims in. Don’t do business with them, don’t socialize with them, don’t patronize their stores, don’t allow them to touch you in a hospital setting or anywhere else.

      • A good offense would be best, of course, ideally by not letting them into the country in the first place. But, since they are in, I’m trying to think of something that would save that school a lawsuit.

    • guess they thought that warning them about the cloth coffin before they enrolled the girl would be adequate but if there is fuss to be made, moslems will jump on it like mo-pedo on a child

  22. The perfect example of muslims thinking that they are special and deserve special privileges.These special privileges cost us money such as foot baths and seperate prayer rooms for muslim boys and girls in our publically funded schools and so on. The muslims must be given a choice. Go along with the rules or do not apply to the schools. Go along with the dress rules regarding taxi drivers, hotel workers, waiters and so on or do not apply. This is why we must never hire muslims or even let them join in any organization because they immediately want to change things because they think they are superior. No way.

  23. No, your scarf is NOT a threat to Democracy. It IS an assertion of superiority, a deliberate insult to me. Your sign should read “to”, not “2”. If you remove the headbag, you might hear your English lessons more clearly.

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